Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: [G]
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Summary: See part 1

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 21

Tom lay in his and Chakotay's bed in their silent quarters. He
missed his family. Both Chakotay and Tarra were in stasis along
with the rest of the sick crew. Goddess, it was terrible. More
than half the crew was in stasis, suffering from some sickness
they'd picked up on some planet.

The doctor had been able to determine that some sort of virus
had infected the crew. That had been all he had been able to find
out. He didn't know why some of them seemed to be immune to
this virus. However, of all the Command staff, only Tom, Harry
and B'Elanna were unaffected.

Tom sighed softly and slipped into a light trance, knowing that
he needed rest. Had it not been for the fact that he was pregnant,
he wouldn't have been here. Instead, he would have been taking
care of the ship and her crew, lending a hand, or an ear, where it
was needed.

Once he had reached the first level of his trance, Tom remembered
back to when it had all begun.


Seven weeks earlier.

Voyager had stopped at an uninhabited planet to pick up food
and a few minerals that they needed. Finding the planet beautiful
and, apparently, harmless, Captain Janeway had approved of
shore leave for everyone. It had been a long time since they last
had an opportunity to have shore leave, and she knew that the
crew needed it.

Tom and Chakotay had taken Tarra with them to a secluded part
of the planet for a short family vacation off ship. Tarra had thoroughly
enjoyed it, and bombarded them with questions. It was
the first time in her memory that she was off the ship, the memories
of the time before Voyager having blurred.

Voyager left the planet's orbit about a week after their arrival,
the crew well rested and in high spirits. Three days later, the
problems began.

One by one, the crew became sick. Everyone evidenced the
same symptoms; high fever, nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness and
a loss of appetite.

The doctor, noting the similarities, ordered everyone to get a
complete physical, and quickly discovered that most of the crew
suffered from a dangerous and potential deadly virus. Having no
cure, he started putting the infected crewmembers in stasis.

Tuvok, Chakotay and Tarra had been among the first to enter
stasis, soon followed by Naomi Wildman and the other children
onboard. Hour by hour, crewmembers joined them.

The Captain had been one of the last to show the symptoms. At
the first sign that she'd caught the virus, however, the doctor had
told her, in no uncertain terms, that either she enter stasis voluntarily,
or he would order her to do so.

Knowing that she had no choice, and that command structure
must remain, Janeway had sent for Tom. When he arrived in
sickbay, she handed the command of Voyager over to the Senior

Tom wanted to protest, but he knew that he was the only one left
who had the training to command a starship, so he remained
silent, save for acknowledging his new responsibility.

He was twelve weeks pregnant and now the Acting Captain of
the Federation Starship, Voyager. How the hell he was going to
run a ship with more than half the crew in stasis, he didn't know.
However, he was going to do his best, and hope to hell it would
be enough.

Tom sighed quietly. The first thing he had to do was inform the
rest of the crew. It was not something he looked forward to. He
had *no* idea what to say to them. He had to think of something
fast. It wouldn't be long before it would be all over the ship that
Janeway was also infected and had been put in stasis.

Tom sighed again. The sooner he got it over with, the better.
"Computer, open ship wide communications." He waited for the
computer's acknowledgement, then addressed the remaining
crew. "Attention all hands. This is Tom Paris speaking. Captain
Janeway caught the virus we picked up on the last planet. Before
she went into stasis, she handed command of Voyager over to

Tom hesitated for a moment, running a hand through his hair as
he gathered his thoughts. Then he continued. "We are all going
to have to work together to keep the ship running until the doctor
has found a cure and can treat our sick colleagues. I know
we'll have to work hard, but I have faith in you. Let's make
Captain Janeway proud. Paris out." As Tom finished his speech,
the doctor came back into the main part of sickbay where the
Acting Captain was.

As soon as the computer informed them that the ship wide
comm-link was closed, the doctor spoke. "Captain Janeway is in
stasis, Sir," he informed the young man. When Tom nodded in
acknowledgement, the doctor decided to mention a few of his
concerns about a few of the remaining crew. "If you have a few
moments, Captain, I'd like to talk to you in private."

"Very well, Doctor. Shall we go to your office?" Tom asked.

The doctor nodded and led the way. When they had entered his
office, the doctor closed the door and gestured for Tom to sit.
Then he sat down behind his desk and studied the Acting Captain
in silence.

Tom endured the doctor's silent scrutiny for a moment, then
asked, "What did you want to talk to me about, Doctor?"

"Well, Captain. With this crisis happening, I have some concerns
about two of the remaining crew," the doctor began. At
Tom's questioning look, he elaborated. "I'm worried about you
and Lt. Torres. Both of you are pregnant, and with more than
half the crew sick, you'll be under a lot of stress. You especially,
but if something happens in Engineering, Lt. Torres will also be
under more stress than she would normally." The doctor paused
to give Tom a stern look. "I'll want to see you both here in sickbay
every day for the duration of this crisis. I will run a few tests
on you to make sure that you don't work too much. And eat

Tom grimaced at this. He knew that B'Elanna wouldn't receive
this news well. {Then again,} he thought, {She won't be thrilled
with me when I tell her that I'm going to leave Engineering to
Joe Carey.} He looked at the EMH. "Don't worry too much
about B'Elanna, Doc. I'm going to give her some of the First
Officer's duties."

The doctor lifted an eyebrow. "Which duties?" he asked, both
curious and pleased when he realized that Tom had taken Lt.
Torres' pregnancy into consideration. {Now, if he would do the
same with his own.}

Tom smiled slightly at the doctor's reaction. "Oh, I'll let her
deal with all the personnel related reports mostly. I'll leave the
rest of the First Officer's duties to Harry Kim," he informed the

The hologram nodded. Harry Kim was a responsible and capable
young man. Tom had chosen wisely. The doctor ran a few
subroutines, then said, "So, Lt. Torres will get the title as First
Officer, but Lt. Kim will, in fact, *be* the First Officer."

Tom chuckled. "You got it, Doc. Of course, B'Elanna won't
exactly be thrilled when I tell her. More because I'll take her
away from her beloved engines than anything." Tom looked at
the doctor for a moment, then added, "I'm going to hold a meeting
in about an hour to appoint the new heads of departments.
I'd like for you to be present." He smiled at the doctor. "Maybe
B'Elanna won't kill me if I have your support."

The doctor returned Tom's smile. Lt. Torres' temper was legendary
on Voyager. "I'll be delighted to attend the meeting. Just
tell me when and where."

"The Captain's Briefing Room, at 1200 hours," Tom said.

The doctor nodded again. "I'll be there."

"Good. Now, Doc, if that's all..." Tom trailed off and looked at
the doctor questioningly. When the hologram shook his head,
Tom rose to his feet. "Then I'll go to the Captain's Ready Room
and send a note to those I want present at the meeting." With a
last smile for the doctor, he left the office, and sickbay, and
headed to the nearest turbolift. There were a few people he
needed to inform about a meeting.