Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: [NC-17]
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Summary: See part 1

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 13


The sound of his comm-badge woke Chakotay. He sighed and
started to stretch, then stopped when he realized that Tom was
still sprawled across his chest. The Commander smiled softly
and tightened his arms around the younger man.


The comm-badge sounded again. Chakotay reached a hand to
the nightstand, where the device lay, then tapped it. "Chakotay
here," he answered and put his arm around his spouse again.

"I'm sorry to wake you, Chakotay," Kathryn Janeway

"That's all right," he answered with a slight smile. "What can I
do for you, Kathryn?"

"I just wanted to tell you that you and Tom are off duty for the
next week," Janeway informed her First Officer.

"All right, I'll tell him. Thank you, Kathryn," the Commander
said, his smile widening.

The Captain heard his smile, and chuckled quietly. "You're
welcome, Chakotay," she said gently. "You'll need some time to
get Tarra settled in and get a routine. Janeway out."

Chakotay laughed softly. She was right, of course. They
*would* need time with Tarra. They were going to pick the girl
up in sickbay later today, then spend some time with her,
introducing her to their friends and colleagues. After that, they
could take her to the holodeck. Tom had made a reservation
earlier in the week and told the Commander that he had planned
a surprise for him. That would have to wait until later.

Chakotay's thoughts were sidetracked as he wondered exactly
*what* Tom had had in mind for them today. His musings were
interrupted by his husband's sleepy voice. "Did I hear the
Captain?" Tom inquired.

"Yes, you did, Baby. She gave us a week off," the older man
informed his spouse.

Tom sighed and snuggled closer to his love. "Hmm. That was
nice of her," he mumbled contentedly.

Chakotay smiled and kissed the top of Tom's head. "Yes, it
was," he agreed. The Big Man tightened his hold on the young
pilot. "She said that we would need some time to get Tarra
settled in."

The blond pilot hummed an affirmative. Then he nuzzled
Chakotay's neck and asked, "What time is it?"

"The time is 0645 hours," the computer replied blandly.

"Big Man. *Why* are we awake?" Tom groaned.

The Commander laughed. "Because the Captain commed me,"
he answered.

"Oh yeah," the younger man said. Then he lifted his head to
gaze at his husband. "Well, since it's early and we're awake
anyway, let's not waste time." Tom smiled flirtatiously, then
lowered his head and kissed his spouse.

When they broke the kiss, Chakotay groaned. "Didn't you get
enough last night, Baby?"

The pilot looked into the older man's eyes. "I'll *never* get
enough of you," he stated seriously.

The Commander's heart melted. "And *I* will never get enough
of *you*," he said, just as serious. Then he sighed softly and
continued, "However, I'm still completely exhausted from last
night, Baby. You wore me out."

Tom considered this for a moment, then looked at his husband.
"What if *I* do all the work?" he asked with twinkling eyes.

Chakotay sighed again. "I don't think even *you* could get a
reaction right now," he replied, regretting the words as soon as
they left his mouth.

"That sounded a lot like a challenge, Big Man." The pilot's eyes
were mischievous. "And you *know* how I feel about
challenges." With that, the young man leaned down and kissed
his spouse passionately, not giving the Commander a chance to

When the need for air became a necessity, the two men broke
apart. Tom gazed at his beloved, his blue eyes almost black with
arousal. For a moment the pilot lost himself in Chakotay's dark
brown eyes, then he smiled wickedly and moved down to kiss
the other man's chest.

The First Officer moaned when, incredibly, he felt his body
responding to his husband's touch. It was as if he was Tom's toy.
The blond just had to ask, and he'd do his damnedest to do
whatever the pilot wanted.

The Indian's train of thought trailed off when Tom moved that
wonderful mouth to suck his nipples into hard points. Then the
younger man slid down Chakotay's body and settled between his

Tom smiled in satisfaction when he saw that his husband was
fully erect. He'd *known* that he could arouse the Commander,
no matter that the man claimed to be exhausted.

The pilot took a deep breath and inhaled the intoxicating scent
of his love, then lowered his head and took Chakotay's cock into
his throat. He sucked hard and damned near got bucked off the
bed in response. Only his hold on the older man's hips kept him
from landing on the floor.

Tom lifted his head and chuckled. "Easy there, Big Man. You
almost sent me flying off the bed."

Chakotay managed a strangled, "Sorry," before the young man
bent and took the Indian's cock in his mouth again.

The young man hummed as he worked on his husband' cock,
increasing the Commander's pleasure and making him moan
constantly. Tom moved up and down on the hard erection in his
mouth, thoroughly enjoying himself.

The pilot brought his spouse to the brink of release again and
again, each time backing off before the Commander could fall
over the edge. Finally, when the older man was begging
incoherently, Tom took the lubricant and coated his erection.
Then he squeezed some lube on his fingers and moved his hand
between his husband's ass cheeks to prepare him.

When Tom deemed the tight muscle loose enough, he shifted to
lie between the Commander's thighs and slowly slid his erection
into the tight heat. Once he was completely embedded, the blond
rested, struggling not to come on the spot.

After a moment, when he'd regained control over his body, the
young man withdrew slowly. Then he pushed back into the other
man, hard and fast. That felt so good that he had to do it again.
And again.

Chakotay gasped and moaned in pleasure, and moved to meet
Tom's every thrust, occasionally tightening his ass muscles
around the younger man's cock. The Commander opened his
eyes to gaze at his spouse, and saw the effort it took Tom not to
lose control. "C'mon, Baby. Let go," he whispered huskily.
"Tommy, let go. *Fuck* me."

Tom groaned and moved faster, the words snapping his self-
control. He pounded into Chakotay, feeling his orgasm approach
at warp 10. Wrapping a hand around his husband's cock, he
began stroking it hard and fast.

The Commander withstood the double assault for about two
seconds, then he came hard, his ass clenching around the
younger man's erection, milking Tom's orgasm from him.

When they returned from the heights of ecstasy, the pilot lifted
his head from the older man's chest. Gazing down into
Chakotay's eyes, and with a mischievous smile, Tom said,
"Well, Big Man. I'd say that there was definitely still some life
left in you."

The First Officer chuckled tiredly. "Yeah. But you took care of
that," he said and lifted his head to brush a soft kiss across
Tom's mouth. "I don't think I could move now, even if there was
a red alert," he added.

Tom chucked. "That's okay, Love. We have the day off. Hell,
we have the *week* off, and we're not expected in sickbay for a
couple of hours." The blond smiled at his spouse, moved off of
him and got out of bed. "Now, you just lie there and get some of
your strength back. I'll fetch a towel."

The pilot went into the bathroom and cleaned himself, then he
took a towel and wet it before he returned to the bedroom. The
young man sat down at the edge of the bed and cleaned his
husband with gentle movements.

When he was done, he threw the towel in the general direction
of the 'fresher, not seeing, or caring for the moment, where it
landed. Then he leaned down to kiss the other man before he
rose from the bed again.

The Commander looked questioningly at the pilot. "Where are
you going?"

Tom smiled at him. "I just have to get something in the living
room," he answered mysteriously and left the bedroom, feeling
Chakotay's gaze on him all the way to the door.

The Lieutenant went over to the desk and pulled out a drawer.
Rummaging around a bit, he finally found what he was looking
for. Taking the PADD, the young man then closed the drawer
and returned to the bedroom, where the Commander had
regained enough strength to at least sit up in bed.

When the pilot sat on the bed again, Chakotay looked at the
PADD in his husband's hand, then shifted his eyes up to the
glowing blue ones before him. "What's that?" he asked.

Tom hesitated for a split-second before handing his spouse the
PADD. "It's something I wrote for you." The young man
blushed. "I hope you like it," he muttered, suddenly shy.

The Commander's heart melted as he watched the younger man's
blush. "I'm sure I will, Baby," he said softly, then took the
PADD from the pilot's hand and looked at it. "Uh, Tommy?"

The young man lifted his eyes. "Yeah?"

Chakotay smiled gently. "Maybe you could remove the privacy
lock," he suggested.

Tom grinned sheepishly. "Oh yeah. I'd forgotten about that." He
took the PADD and unlocked it, saying, "I put it there because I
didn't want you to read it by accident before it was finished." He
handed the PADD back.

"Oh. Well, now you've got me curious," the older man said with
a smile. Then he lowered his eyes to read what his husband had
written for him. It was a love letter.

"To my beloved Talishen,

 I vowed that I would dedicate my powers
To thee and thine -- have I not kept the vow?
With beating heart and streaming eyes, even now
I call the phantoms of our first hours
Each from his voiceless mind: they have envisioned bowers
Of passionate zeal or love's delight
Outwatched with me the lovely night
They know that never joy illumed my beloved's eyes
Unlinked with hope that thoust would free
Your beautiful soul from dark slavery

Love always,


Chakotay looked at Tom, his eyes blank with tears. "Oh, Baby,"
he said, then leaned forward, wrapped his arms around the
young man and kissed him. When they broke the kiss, the
Commander gazed into his husband's eyes. Seeing the slight
uncertainty in the blue depths, he hastened to reassure the pilot.
"That was absolutely beautiful, Baby."

"So you like it," Tom stated, convinced of the older man's

"Yeah. I. 'Like' it," the First Officer agreed with a smile. He
was about to say something else, when their comm-line
sounded. Tom rose from the bed and pulled on his robe, then
tossed Chakotay his.

The comm-line sounded again and the two men went into the
living room to answer it. Activating the screen they were greeted
by the slightly annoyed visage of the EMH. "Would the two of
you *please* come and pick up your daughter before she
completely destroys sickbay?"

"We'll be there in thirty minutes," the Commander promised,
trying to hide his smile, while Tom coughed to cover his laugh.

The doctor gave the pilot an acidic look and turned to the First
Officer. "Thank you, Commander. Sickbay out."

When the comm-line closed down, the two men looked at each
other and laughed. "It sounds like Tarra is wreaking havoc in
sickbay," the young man said, still chuckling.

The Indian snorted. "Yeah. We better get down there before
something happens."

Tom nodded in agreement and the two men went to shower and
get dressed before they headed to sickbay.

To be continued
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