Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
Rating: [NC-17]
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Summary: See part 1

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Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 12

It was early in the evening. Tom and Chakotay sat on the couch
in their quarters, holding each other. The two men were tired.
They had spent the entire afternoon re-arranging the First
Officer's cabin to make room for Tarra.

First they'd had to get a bed for the baby. Luckily, that hadn't
been a problem. Naomi Wildman had just gotten a new crib, so
her mother offered to let them borrow the old one.

Having brought the crib home, the pilot and the First Officer
then had to find somewhere to put it. After they had looked
around in the cabin, they decided that there really wasn't
anywhere to put the crib. Except in the bedroom, so they moved
their bed up against one wall, making room for the crib.

While they moved the bed, Tom had made a teasing remark
about this being the end of their sex-life. Chakotay had growled
and said that they just had to be inventive until they got new
quarters. Tom had snorted, thinking that the Big Man didn't
know much about babies.

One of Tom's maternal cousins had had a child when the pilot
was twelve. He remembered clearly how much work it was. He
had also accidentally overheard his cousin complaining to her
mother about her lack of a sex-life since the baby had been born.

Tom's thoughts were interrupted by a gentle mental laughter.
#Baby, I *do* know how much work children are. I've got
plenty of cousins. Not to mention two nephews and a neice,#
Chakotay said.

#Then you should know that babies ruin your sex-life, Love,#
Tom replied.

Chakotay sighed and shook his head. #I don't think they do. Like
I said earlier, we just have to use our imagination. And we can
always get a baby-sitter and go to the holodeck,# he suggested.
#Besides, Tarra gets her own room in our new quarters. Which
means that we can make love when she sleeps. We'll just have to
be quiet.#

Tom laughed out loud. #Chakotay, you couldn't be quiet if your
life depended on it.#

#Sure I can,# the Commander said. #Just because I'm usually
loud doesn't mean that I can't be quiet if I have to.#

The pilot snorted in disbelief. #Oh yeah? Prove it,# he
challenged. Then he turned in his husband's arms and proceeded
to kiss him senseless.

When the need to breathe became imperative, Tom pulled back
and gazed at his beloved's flushed face. Chakotay was panting
and his eyes were closed. Tom found him absolutely gorgeous.

When Chakotay's eyes opened, Tom gazed lovingly at his
spouse and smiled. "You know, you're just as beautiful as the
first time I laid eyes on you," he said gently.

Commander Chakotay, the second-in-command of the starship
Voyager, blushed. Tom laughed gently. It amazed him that even
after their being lovers for more than five years, he could still
make the other man blush. Not that he minded. It really was a
lovely sight.

The older man smiled sheepishly. He knew that he would never
get used to compliments like that. He was just grateful that Tom
didn't make him blush in public. It would be embarrassing if the
rest of the crew knew just how easily Tom could make him do

Chakotay shook off that thought and gazed at his love. The sight
made him smile. Tom looked stunning. His blue eyes were
darkened, his usually pale skin flushed with desire and lips
slightly swollen from their passionate kiss.

"Come on, Baby," Chakotay said and rose from the couch. "Let's
go to bed." He took the young man's hands and pulled him to his

When Tom stood in front of him, Chakotay got an idea. His eyes
twinkling, he swept the pilot off his feet and carried him into the

The lieutenant gasped in surprise, then pressed his mouth
against the First Officer's neck. Tom smiled wickedly when he
felt his husband's pulse-rate accelerate under his lips.

Once in the bedroom, Chakotay let Tom slide down his body.
When the younger man's feet reached the floor, Chakotay leaned
close and kissed him gently.

After they broke the kiss, the Commander stared at his aroused
spouse for a moment. Then he said, "So. You want me to prove
that I can be quiet when we make love." Chakotay smiled when
Tom nodded. "All right. I'll prove it. Do your best," he

Tom smiled mischievously. "Oh, I intend to," he promised
silkily. Then he started slowly undressing the love of his life,
kissing the skin as it was revealed.

When Chakotay was naked, the pilot took a few steps back to
admire his husband. {I'll never get tired of looking at him,} Tom
thought. After a moment the young man stepped forward again,
then he dropped to his knees and engulfed the Commander in
the heat and wetness of his mouth.

Chakotay moaned softly and gripped Tom's shoulders to keep
from falling. The pilot moved his hands to his husband's hips to
hold him still. Then he sucked hard on the big cock in his
mouth, intending to make Chakotay come fast.

The First Officer was awash in sensation as Tom's wonderful
mouth once again performed its magic on him. He tried to
control the volume of his cries, but when the pilot added his
tongue and then slid a finger into his ass, Chakotay exploded,
screaming his beloved's name.

Tom swallowed every drop of his husband's essence, then he
licked him clean. With a last parting kiss to his lover's softening
hardness, the young man rose and put his arms around the
Commander, holding him gently until he came back to his

Finally Chakotay returned from the height of pleasure. He
opened his eyes and looked at his young spouse. Smiling
lovingly the First Officer kissed his beloved. "Thank you, Baby.
That was incredible," he said softly.

Tom returned the loving smile. "You always say that, Love," he
answered. Then he got a devilish glint in his eyes. "You also just
proved my point. They must've heard you on the bridge." The
pilot grinned evilly.

The Commander blushed. Apparently Tom was right. He
couldn't be quiet during lovemaking. At least not when the pilot
made love to him. But then...

"I'm not the only one, who's loud," Chakotay informed his
slender spouse with an evil smile.

Tom snorted. "Maybe not, but I'm not *nearly* as loud as you
are. That would be impossible," he retorted. "And *I* can be

A spark of challenge flared in the Commander's eyes. "Oh yeah?
We'll see about that," he said. Then he quickly stripped his

When Tom was naked, the First Officer laid him on the bed and
settled beside him. Then the older man proceeded to drive the
pilot crazy with desire.

Starting with Tom's neck, Chakotay kissed, bit, licked and
sucked his way down the young man's body. He avoided the
straining erection, but stopped briefly to gently nip the scrotum.
Then he resumed his journey.

By the time he reached the pilot's feet, Chakotay sat up and
looked at his beloved. He smiled at the sight. Tom's eyes were
closed, his lips were parted, and his head was thrown back on
the pillow, exposing his throat.

Tom was lost in sensual delirium, his moans and whimpers
continuous. However, when the lack of sensation penetrated his
lust-fogged brain, he opened his eyes to gaze at the other man.

Chakotay's smile widened when Tom opened his eyes. "Turn
over," he ordered. "And don't move until I tell you to."

The pilot nodded his understanding. Unable to form words at
this point, he did as ordered. When he was positioned on his
stomach, Tom lifted his hands to grip the headboard. He knew
that he was going to need something to hold onto. That done, he
lay completely still.

When Tom was settled, Chakotay resumed his sensual torture.
He kissed and licked his way over the pilot's back until he
reached the firm ass. Here he stopped.

The Commander reached up and grabbed the lubricant from
underneath his pillow, then he returned his attention to Tom's
ass. Putting the lube on the bed beside him, Chakotay bent his
head and kissed one ass cheek. Then a devilish smile crossed his
face and he gently bit the place he'd just kissed, making Tom
jerk involuntarily.

When the pilot moved, Chakotay frowned. "I said don't move. If
you do it again, I'll stop."

Tom grimaced. "Sorry," he mumbled. He knew that his husband
was serious. Chakotay *would* stop if Tom moved again. It had
been a reflex, though. He hadn't been prepared to be bitten,
*however* gently. A current of pleasure had gone through his
body, making him jerk. He wouldn't do it again.

When Tom was still again, Chakotay moved his hands to the
pilot's ass and parted the cheeks. He wasn't going to bite his
beloved again. He knew that his spouse had only jerked because
the bite had been unexpected. However, he *had* told the young
man not to move.

The Commander glanced briefly at the pilot's flushed face, then
bent down and inhaled the familiar musky scent of his husband.
After a moment of just breathing in the smell of the younger
man, Chakotay moved his head closer and, using just the tip of
his tongue, licked the pink puckered opening to Tom's body.

Tom gasped in surprise and gripped the headboard tighter,
making his knuckles go white. "Please, Chakotay," he
whimpered. "*Please* fuck me. I don't know how much more of
this I can take."

Chakotay lifted his head and looked for the lube. "Just a minute,
Baby. Just a minute," he promised.

When he located the tube of lubricant, the Commander opened it
and squeezed a generous amount into his hand. After thoroughly
coating his rock-hard erection, Chakotay moved his hand down
and slid a finger into the pilot's ass, stretching the tight muscle.

When the older man was sure that his beloved was ready, he
withdrew his fingers to a moan of protest. Then he aligned his
now-aching cock with the stretched opening to Tom's body and
pushed in slowly.

Once his cock was completely buried in the tight, hot channel,
Chakotay held still to allow the pilot get used to his bulk.
#Come on, Baby, move to your hands and knees,# he said

Releasing the headboard, Tom obeyed, moving so he was
resting on hands and knees. Then he pushed back impatiently
against his husband, signaling that he was ready for more.

Instead of thrusting into the pilot, however, Chakotay slid his
arms around the young man's waist and pulled him up, so Tom's
back was against his chest. Only then did he start to move in and
out of the golden body in his arms.

The change of angle made the pilot moan in pleased surprise.
This was a position of lovemaking that they hadn't used before.
It was wonderful. Tom moved his head back until it rested on
the Commander's shoulder and Chakotay bent to nip at the
younger man's throat.

Tom's moaning got louder. A moment later, when the older man
wrapped a hand around his erection and started pumping in time
with his thrusts, Tom let out a low breathy scream. He moved
one hand to clutch Chakotay's ass, while the other came to rest
on the headboard.

Both men were awash in the pleasure of their union and it didn't
take long before their mental link opened wide. With their minds
joined, the pleasure doubled and tripled. A few moments later
Chakotay bit down hard on Tom's shoulder in ecstasy, making
the young pilot cry out as his orgasm hit, triggered by the mix of
pain and pleasure.

For a long time the two men lay joined, enjoying their mental
and physical union. They only rarely had the time to fully enjoy
this. Usually one or the other had something that needed to be
done, or they were too tired after a long day on duty. So when
they finally had time and energy, Tom and Chakotay were
reluctant to break their connection.

Finally the Commander's softened cock slipped out of the pilot's
body. Both sighed in disappointment and slowly untangled from
each other's mind.

Chakotay shifted to lie beside his husband on the bed. When he
was comfortable, he pulled Tom into his embrace and held him
close. Suddenly he thought of something and smiled devilishly.
"You know, Baby, you weren't exactly quiet," he teased.

Tom blinked, startled. He'd forgotten about their earlier
conversation. Then he snorted. "How was I supposed to be quiet
when you tortured me like that?" he asked.

Chakotay chuckled. "I don't know. But as I recall, I told you to
do your best. I just didn't want to do anything less," he said.

The pilot sighed. "All right. So I can't keep quiet when we make
love. Not when you're doing your best," he conceded. An evil
smile crossed his face. "At least it takes more to make *me*
scream. It hardly takes anything at all to make *you* yell your
head off."

The Commander muttered something rude about cocky, smart-
ass pilots and Tom laughed at him. Then they lay quietly for a
while, just cuddling. Suddenly Tom yawned.

"Come on, smart-ass," Chakotay said gently. "Time to clean up
and go to sleep." He got up and pulled his young husband out of
bed and into the bathroom.

After a quick shower and a change of sheets, the two men were
back in bed. They lay in the pilot's favorite sleeping-position,
Tom sprawled across the Commander's chest, and Chakotay's
arms tight around his beloved. Tom sighed contentedly. "Good
night, Love," he said softly.

The older man smiled and kissed the top of his husband's head.
"Good night, Baby," he murmured quietly.

A moment later the two men were asleep, dreaming about an
adorable little girl with white hair and pink eyes.

To be continued
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