Title: The Prince
Author: Leone
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Summary: See part 1

Warning: This is about a relationship between two men. If you
don't like that, don't read it.


The Prince
By Leone

Part 11

Captain Janeway sat behind her desk and looked at the two men,
who were seated across from her. Her First Officer and Senior
Pilot had just returned from visiting their new daughter in

As soon as they'd arrived on the bridge, the Captain had ordered
them into her Ready Room. The doctor hadn't had time to comm
her about the child, and Janeway was dying of curiosity. "Well,
gentlemen?" she asked expectantly. "How is the child?"

"She's fine, Captain," Chakotay replied. He looked at Tom
briefly, then turned back towards his Captain and continued.
"She hadn't eaten anything for a few days and is suffering from a
virus." At Janeway's concerned expression, he hastened to
reassure her. "It's nothing serious, Captain. The doctor said that
the virus is common among children. We also managed to get
some formula into her. We should be able to take her home
tomorrow," he finished.

Kathryn Janeway smiled in relief. "That's good to hear," she
said. Then she realized something. "It's a girl?"

This time, Tom answered. "Yes, Captain. A beautiful little girl.
Doc says that she's sixteen months old. She's got long white hair
and dark pink eyes. And her face. She looks like an elf."

Kathryn smiled gently. Tom had obviously fallen in love with
the child. "Does she have a name?" was her next question.

"We asked her, but she didn't know," Chakotay replied. "So we
gave her a new name."

"Two, actually," Tom chimed in.

The Captain looked from one man to the other. "So, what are

"We've named her Tahira Shendra. Tahira after Tom's mother.
Shendra after my sister," Chakotay said. "She can't pronounce
either name, though, so we'll call her Tarra. That was the closest
she could get to say Tahira."

"Tarra," Janeway repeated. "That's sweet. Do you know what
species she is?"

The pilot and First Officer looked at the Captain sheepishly.
"No. We forgot to ask the doctor about that. All we know about
her is that she's sixteen months old," Tom said.

"Oh, and she's a telepath," Chakotay added.

Captain Janeway looked sharply at the Commander. "A
telepath? Are you sure about that?" she inquired.

It was Tom who answered. "Yes, Captain. Tarra sent me a
mental picture of a young couple. Her parents, I think."

"A picture of her parents! Why?" Janeway asked, clearly

"She was asking about them. Where they are," Tom said quietly.

The Captain frowned, still puzzled. "How do you know, Tom?"

The pilot looked at his Captain. "Because that's how
Darrbakhian children communicate at that age," he explained.
Then a thoughtful expression settled on his face. "You know, if
it wasn't impossible, I'd say that Tarra is Darrbakhian. She
expresses herself mentally as a Darrbakhian child would. She
understands Darrbakhian belief. Well, as much as any child can
understand belief." Tom hesitated for a moment before he
continued. "And if you believe in Darrbakhian legend, she also
looks like 'The Old Ones'."

Captain Janeway looked at him questioningly. "'The Old Ones'?"
she asked.

Tom was deep in thought and didn't answer. He didn't seem to
have heard Janeway's question. Instead his husband answered
her. "According to the legends, Tom's ancestors were white-
haired with dark pink eyes and fine, delicate features.
Darrbakhians calls them 'The Old Ones'. Tom is right. Tarra
*does* look like them," Chakotay said quietly.

Kathryn Janeway looked at the pilot. "Tom." He didn't react.
"Tom!" Louder this time.

The young man started and looked up at Janeway. "Yes,
Captain?" he asked.

"Are you sure that it's impossible that Tarra is Darrbakhian?" the
Captain asked quietly.

For a minute Tom didn't answer. "No," he replied. He was quiet
again as he gathered his thoughts. "I'm trying to remember what
I was taught about 'The Old Ones' in school. About where they
came from."

Captain Janeway blinked in surprise. "Where they came from?"
she repeated.

The pilot nodded and flashed her a quick smile. "Yeah.
Originally my people came from somewhere else. They had to
leave that place, though, for a reason that no one remembers
today. We know that 'The Old Ones' traveled through space for a
very long time, looking for a new home. Eventually they settled
on Darrbakh," Tom explained. Then he frowned slightly. "I'm
trying to recall where they came from."

The Captain frowned. "Do you think that they could've come
from the Delta Quadrant?" she asked quietly.

"They might have, but I'm not certain," Tom answered.

Captain Janeway nodded in understanding and thought for a
moment. Then she said, "Maybe the Sakarans know what
species Tarra is. Remember, I promised to tell Tr'ien'a'sht who is
going to take care of the baby. When I talk to her, I'll ask if they
know *anything* about your daughter. Now, let's get back on
the bridge and get ahold of Tr'ien'a'sht."

The Commander and Senior Pilot rose and walked out of the
ready-room, followed by the Captain. When they got on the
bridge, Captain Janeway turned to Harry. "Mr. Kim, hail the
Sakaran ship," she ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," Harry replied and carried out the order. A few
moments later he looked up from his console and announced,
"On screen."

The Captain, who'd been sitting in the command-chair, rose and
greeted the Sakaran woman. "Tr'ien'a'sht."

"Captain Janeway," Tr'ien'a'sht returned the greeting.

Kathryn Janeway took a few steps forward, and stopped beside
Tom at the helm. "Our doctor has finished his examination of
the child you found. I was informed that she will survive."

Tr'ien'a'sht looked relieved at this, and Captain Janeway smiled
before she continued. "The doctor said that she hadn't eaten for a
couple of days and that she suffers from a virus. She should be
completely recovered by tomorrow."

The Sakaran woman sighed in relief. "I am pleased to hear that.
This virus. It is not dangerous?" When Janeway shook her
head, Tr'ien'a'sht continued, "So, have you decided who will
take care of the child?"

Chakotay rose from his chair and moved to stand behind his
spouse. He laid a hand on Tom's shoulder before he answered
the Sakaran woman. "My husband and I will care for her."

Tr'ien'a'sht studied the two men in silence for a while. Then she
nodded, seemingly satisfied. "You will make good parents," she
informed them.

Tom blinked in startled surprise, and Chakotay lifted an
eyebrow in a silent question. Both were thinking the same thing.
How did she know that?

Kathryn Janeway's voice cut in. "Tr'ien'a'sht, do you know
*anything* about the child? Who her people are?" she asked.

Tr'ien'a'sht shook her head. "No, Captain Janeway, I do not. I am
sorry," she replied quietly.

The Captain sighed in disappointment, then caught herself.
"That's all right," she told the Sakaran. She turned to her Senior
Pilot and her First Officer. "Do you have any questions?" she
asked them.

When they shook their heads, she turned back to the view-
screen. "Is there anything else you want to know?"

Tr'ien'a'sht considered tit for a brief moment. Finally she said,
"No, Captain. There is nothing else. I will say goodbye and
return to Sakara."

Janeway nodded. "Goodbye Tr'ien'a'sht. And safe journey," she

The Sakaran smiled. "Thank you, Captain. I wish you the same."
Then she moved her gaze to Tom and Chakotay, and continued,
"Take good care of the child. Oh, have you given her a name

"We will, Tr'ien'a'sht," the Commander answered. "And we call
her Tarra."

"Tarra," the Sakaran woman repeated thoughtfully. Then she
smiled. "That is a good choice. In my language it means
'Blessed'," Tr'ien'a'sht informed them. With a last smile to all of
them, she cut the connection.

Captain Janeway looked at the two men at the helm.
"Gentlemen, you have the rest of the day off. You need to make
room for your daughter in your quarters," she said. Then she
smiled at them and added, "It will only be for a few days, until
we can prepare a larger cabin for you. As big as the First
Officer's quarters are, they're hardly big enough for a family of
three. Now, dismissed."

Tom stood from the helm and followed his husband to the
turbolift. When they were inside, Chakotay told the computer
their destination. As the 'lift set into motion, the Commander put
his arms around his beloved and held him close for the entire

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