Title: Changes: Morning Interlude
Author: Leone
Part: 9/11
Rating: NC-17
Codes: C/P
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Dedicated to my twin Kym, who begged me to do this. I
couldn't resist. She's just so damn *cute* when she begs. Also
to my beta reader. Hope this makes up for ending part eight
where I did.

Changes: Morning Interlude
By Leone

Chakotay looked into Tom's darkened eyes. He knew what
Tom was asking and answered the younger man's silent question
with an inquiry of his own. "Are you sure you want to do

Tom nodded. "Yeah, I'm sure," he answered. When Chakotay
bent his head down and nibbled on Tom's ear, Tom returned to
his task of trying to undress the older man. He found it a bit
difficult, considering the distraction Chakotay's mouth on his
ear provided. "Chakotay," he gasped.


"I think... we're... wearing too much," Tom got out in-between
moans and gasps.

Chakotay lifted his head and looked at Tom for a moment. Finally
he nodded his agreement, then rolled off of Tom and
stood. Holding out a hand, Chakotay then helped Tom to his
feet. "I think it'll go faster if we're standing," he said huskily,
and proceeded to strip Tom naked.

Tom's hands weren't idle, making quick work of Chakotay's
uniform. As soon as they were both undressed, Tom slid his
arms around Chakotay and kissed him. Soon, the two men fell
to the floor, their bodies entwined, Chakotay on top.

When the need for air became a necessity, Chakotay broke the
kiss and trailed his lips down to Tom's neck, kissing and licking
at the sensitive spot he found there. Suddenly, he bit down
hard enough to leave a mark, making Tom jerk.

Lifting his head, Chakotay studied the bite mark he'd left on
Tom's neck. Then he bent down and kissed, nibbled and licked
his way down over Tom's chest, pausing to feast on the nipples.
When Tom's nipples were rock hard and almost too sensitive
to the touch, Chakotay continued down the pilot's body,
bypassing the straining erection, to nibble Tom's inner thighs.

Tom gasped and moaned. Chakotay was trying to drive him
crazy, he decided. And doing a damn good job of it. Tom felt
like he was going to explode at any minute, not something he
was too thrilled about. No hands weren't really his style. "Chakotay,"
he moaned.

Chakotay looked up at Tom. "Something wrong?" he asked
innocently, then moved up to kiss his lover.

Tom just growled into Chakotay's mouth. Then he flipped
them over without breaking the kiss. After a moment, Tom
pulled back and trailed his lips down to Chakotay's collarbone,
nibbling at it, making the older man moan.

A moment later, Tom moved further down to torment Chakotay's
chest and nipples with lips and teeth. His hands were also
busy, stroking any part of Chakotay they could reach, causing
Chakotay's moans to increase in volume and frequency.

Moving down, Tom swirled his tongue around Chakotay's navel
in an ever-decreasing spiral, then dipped just the tip into the
small indention. Then Tom moved his mouth further south and,
without warning, engulfed Chakotay's erection in the wet heat
of his mouth. Chakotay gasped and bucked, causing Tom to
grip his hips and hold him still.

Tom ran the tip of his tongue over the head of Chakotay's erection,
eliciting a near-scream from the older man. Tom chuckled
around the cock in his mouth, then plunged down until his nose
was buried in the dark hair at Chakotay's groin. Bobbing his
head and creating a strong suction, Tom hummed as he
worked, much to his lover's delight.

Chakotay moved his hands to Tom's head and ran them
through the blond hair in soft caresses. When Tom moved a
hand down to fondle Chakotay's balls, the Commander removed
his hands from Tom's hair and gripped the soft material
of the bedrolls tightly.

Tom brought Chakotay right to the edge, then he suddenly
stopped. Removing his mouth, causing Chakotay to cry out
from the loss, Tom looked at his lover's flushed face for a
moment. When Chakotay opened his eyes, Tom smiled mischievously
at him. "Don't go anywhere," he said teasingly,
knowing that Chakotay wasn't in any condition to get up. "I'll
be right back," Tom added.

Chakotay blinked slowly, trying to clear his mind from the sensual
fog Tom's actions had surrounded him in. "Wha...?" Chakotay
watched Tom as the younger man moved to the shuttle's
replicator, where he ordered tube of lubricant.

Once the requested item materialized, Tom picked it up and
returned to Chakotay's side. Lying down beside his lover, Tom
kissed him and put the tube in Chakotay's hand. Then he kissed
a path to Chakotay's ear and whispered sweetly, "Would you
please fuck me, now?"

Chakotay blinked in surprise. He'd assumed that Tom was going
to fuck him. Apparently, he'd been mistaken. Chakotay
leaned over and gave Tom a brief kiss before moving down to
lie between the pale thighs.

Once there, Chakotay turned his attention to Tom's balls, licking
and nibbling at them before trailing his tongue down to the
puckered entrance to Tom's body. Chakotay ran his tongue
around and over the small hole, then pushed just the tip inside,
causing Tom to gasp and moan.

After a while of this, Chakotay lifted his head to see what he
was doing as he opened the tube of lubricant and squeezed a
generous amount onto his fingers. Then he pushed one finger
into Tom's tight ass. Moving it in and out, Chakotay was soon
able to add another finger, then a third.

When Chakotay deemed the muscle loose enough, he squeezed
more lube onto his had and  smeared it over his cock. Then he
moved up to kiss Tom again. "Wrap your legs around my
waist," he instructed when they broke the kiss. When Tom
complied, Chakotay moved his cock to Tom's opening and
pushed until just the head was inside. Then he paused, waiting
for Tom to let him know that it was all right to continue.

A moment later, Tom nodded and Chakotay pushed slowly and
steadily until he was completely buried in the tight heat of
Tom's ass. Then he lay still, kissing Tom while the younger
man got used to Chakotay's bulk.

When Tom began to move, Chakotay withdrew almost all the
way, then thrust back in. The two men quickly found a rhythm
and pretty soon, Tom pleaded for more. "Faster, Cha...
Harder... Yessss... Ahhh..."

Chakotay changed his angle, making him go deeper, while at
the same time increasing both the strength and the speed of his
thrusts. It didn't take long before Chakotay felt his orgasm approach,
and he moved a hand down to stroke Tom's erection.

Tom climaxed with a low wail, and his contracting muscles
tightened around Chakotay's cock, sending him into orgasm
with a roar.


A few hours later, after they had regained their energy, taken a
short nap, and cleaned themselves up, Tom and Chakotay were
having breakfast and discussing the repercussions of their new
relationship. They both knew that they had to be discreet. Captain
Janeway would expect it of them; not because she objected
to relationships, but because they were both senior officers.
She would expect them to behave professionally in public, and
even to some degree when they were off duty.

Chakotay looked up from his meal and caught Tom's eye. "We
need to tell Captain Janeway about the change in our relationship
as soon as we get back to Voyager," he said.

Tom nodded his agreement. "Yeah, she should be the first to
know." He thought for a moment, then added, "I'm going to
tell Harry and B'Elanna. They're my best friends. They'd be
hurt if they didn't hear it from me."

Chakotay nodded. "Do you want me to be present when you
tell them?" he asked.

Tom thought about it for a moment, then smiled. "Yeah. That
way they can embarrass *both* of us with their questions," he
said with a wicked smile.

Chakotay laughed. "I'm sure they will," he agreed.

The two men finished their breakfast and cleared away the
utensils before heading out to get the last of the minerals for