Title: Revelations
Author: Leone
Part: 11/11
Rating: PG-13
Codes: C/P
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By Leone

Tom and Chakotay sat in the Mess Hall, having dinner and
talking quietly. Or, more correctly, they were *trying* to talk.
However, crewmembers coming over to congratulate them on
their new relationship kept interrupting them. They didn't mind
so much. Both men knew that it could have been much worse.
In fact, Tom and Chakotay knew that if they had gotten together
a few years earlier, the crew would probably have reacted
with some degree of hostility, especially towards Tom.

What dismayed the two officers, though, was that practically
every person who came over to their table to offer their best
wishes, told Tom and Chakotay that it was about time they got

After the last person left, Chakotay looked at Tom, and said, "It
appears that Ken Dalby was right. Everyone on board knew
that we were attracted to each other."

"Mm-hmm." Tom swallowed his food, then sighed. "If one
more person says "it's about time", I'm going to open a commlink
to the entire ship and tell them that we *know* it's about
time we got together," he said, clearly exasperated.

Chakotay chuckled softly, although he was getting as annoyed
about it as the pilot. "Actually, I was thinking more along the
lines of having the next crewman who says that cleaning all the
jefferies tubes. With a toothbrush," he said.

"That's evil," Tom said. Then he grinned. "I like it."

Chakotay snorted. "You would," he said with a smile.

Amazingly, no other crewmembers came over while the two
men quickly finished their meals, and a short time later, they
rose from the table and went to the recycler with their trays.
Then they left the Mess Hall and went to the First Officer's

Since they had become lovers, Tom practically lived in Chakotay's
quarters, only going to his own to change his clothes.
However, Tom's clothing was slowly, but surely, finding it's
way into Chakotay's closet.


When the door to the First Officer's quarters closed behind the
two men, Chakotay turned to look at Tom. "Are you sure
you're ready for this, Tom? We can wait, if you want. There's
no rush," he said, wanting Tom to be sure.

Tom considered it solemnly for awhile. This morning he'd told
Chakotay that he wanted to contact his spirit guide. It had been
a week since the vision, and Tom really wanted some answers.
He looked at his lover with a gentle smile. It was so like the
man to make sure that Tom was ready. "Yeah, I'm sure," he
finally answered. He kept his eyes locked with Chakotay's, letting
the other man see his seriousness.

Chakotay nodded. "Okay. Then why don't you change into
something more comfortable while I prepare everything," he

Tom flashed his lover a quick smile and headed into Chakotay's
bedroom to change out of his uniform. When he was undressed,
Tom decided to take a quick shower before donning
the outfit he'd chosen for the meditation session.

Fifteen minutes later, Tom returned to the living area. Looking
around the darkened room, he noticed that Chakotay had
spread a blanket out on the floor. With a smile for his lover,
who was carrying a cup of what smelled like tea, Tom went
over to sit cross-legged on the blanket.

After accepting the cup Chakotay handed him, Tom drank his
tea, then put the empty cup on the floor beside him and looked
at his lover. Seeing the man watching him, Tom smiled. "Well,
let's get this started," he said, a little impatiently.

Chakotay nodded and began the incarnation that would send
Tom into a trance.


Tom opened his eyes and looked around the garden, searching
for his spirit guide. It didn't take him long to find her. She was
sitting in the same tree as the first time he was there. He smiled
softly and walked over to sit beneath the tree.

As soon as Tom was seated, the falcon flew down to sit on his
shoulder. She rubbed her head against his cheek in greeting.
[Hello, Child,] she said into his mind.

Tom lifted a hand and stroked her feathers before he answered.
[Hello Spirit Sister,] Tom greeted, remembering what Chakotay
had told him.

[You are feeling better,] the falcon observed.

[Yes. I have some questions, though,] Tom added.

The falcon seemed to sigh before she spoke again. [About your
vision.] It was a statement.

Tom wasn't surprised that his Spirit Guide knew what his questions
were about. She seemed to know everything. [Yes, it's
about my vision,] he confirmed. He hesitated for a moment,
then asked, [What was that about? Is that something that will

[That 'vision' was actually something that happened in an alternate
universe,] the falcon told Tom. At his startled surprise,
she elaborated. [Yours and Chakotay's spirits were transported
to an alternate universe. You were actually present, in spirit,
when this... incident took place.]

Tom blinked in shock. It wasn't a vision? They'd been in an
AU? He sat in silence while his mind tried to accept that what
he and Chakotay saw had actually happened. Finally, another
question popped into his mind. [If it was an alternate universe,
why have I been dreaming about it since I was fifteen?]

Again, the falcon seemed to sigh. Then she looked directly into
Tom's eyes and answered. [You are a seer. You have had other
dreams about the future. Even though you have never been able
to remember those dreams, your instinct always warned you
when there was trouble.] The falcon waited for her charge to
recognize the truth of her statement, then continued. [However,
I do not know why you had dreams involving the alternate universe.]

[Oh,] was all Tom was capable of saying.

The falcon nuzzled his cheek. [Do not worry. That dream will
not return,] she reassured him. [Now, you can let Chakotay
help you heal. I am also here if you need me.]

Tom just nodded. He didn't know what to say. His mind reeled
from the information he had just received from his Spirit
Guide. After a moment, he gathered his wits and said goodbye
to the falcon. Then he left the spirit plane and ended his meditation.


When Tom opened his eyes, Chakotay studied the expression
in the blue orbs for a few moments. Finally, he rose and held
out a hand to the younger man and helped him to his feet. Then
he led him to the couch, saying, "Have a seat while I put the
blanket away and replicate another cup of tea."

While Tom silently obeyed him, Chakotay quickly picked up
the blanket, folded it and put it on the back of the couch. Then
he went over to the replicator and placed an order for two cups
of tea. When his order materialized, he picked up the cups and
carried them over to the couch. He handed one to Tom, then sat
down and sipped his own tea, waiting for his lover to tell him
what his Spirit Guide had said.


Tom drank his tea in silence, thinking of the best way to tell
Chakotay about his conversation with his animal guide. He was
still in turmoil over the information, but knew that Chakotay
needed to know in order to help him.

Finally, Tom finished his tea and put the empty cup on the coffee
table, then turned toward his silent lover. "It wasn't a vision."

Chakotay blinked in confusion. #What wasn't a vision?# He

Tom answered the silent question. "What we saw. It wasn't a
vision. We were in an alternate universe. Or rather, our spirits

Chakotay considered this for a moment, then asked, "So, it was
real?" When Tom nodded, he asked another question. "Then
why have you been dreaming about it for so many years?"

Tom sighed. "My Spirit Guide doesn't know why I dreamt
about something that would happen in an alternate universe,"
he told Chakotay. He ran a hand through his hair, gathering his
thoughts. "As for why I dreamt about the future in the first
place? Well, it seems that I'm a seer."

"A seer?" Chakotay repeated sounding surprised. "You mean
that you can see the future?"

Tom nodded, indicating it was true. "Apparently, I've had
other dreams about the future, which I couldn't recall," he told
his lover. Then his lips quirked in a half-smile. "But now, at
least, I know to trust my gut when it tells me there's trouble
brewing." At Chakotay's questioning look, he elaborated. "My
animal guide told me that even though I don't remember when
I dream about the future, my instinct about trouble stems from
those dreams."

Chakotay nodded. It made sense. "What about the dream about
the Alternate Universe?" he asked. "Do you know if you'll
have it again?"

"No. My Spirit Guide said that it wouldn't come back," Tom
answered. The relief in his voice was clear. That dream had
really bothered him.

Chakotay's face showed a similar relief. Tom's dream had also
worried *him*, and he was glad that it wouldn't return. Maybe
*now* Tom could return to a healthier sleeping pattern. Chakotay
would help him with that. He'd also help the younger man
to deal with what the two of them had seen.

Chakotay pulled Tom into his arms, and the two men sat in silence,
contemplating the future. They both knew that it would
take time and effort to heal from what they'd seen, but they
also knew that as long as they helped each other, it *was* possible.

The End


Author's Notes: Thanks to everyone who has been following
and enjoying this series. A special thanks to my twin who constantly
encouraged me, and always let me know whether the
scenes worked the way I intended them to. Also, a *huge*
thank you to my beta reader for doing such a wonderful job and
rating most parts. I'm lousy at rating my work unless it's obviously
G or NC-17. ~Leone