Title: The Joys of Jumping
  Author: Leone
  Rating: NC-17
  Codes: C/P
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  Summary: The smut I was missing in Just Jump Him. This picks
  up where JJH left off. However, it *can* stand alone. You just
  need to know that Seven got Tom and Chakotay alone on the holodeck
  and has put a privacy lock in place so they can't get out

  Authors notes: Thanks to Ped for permitting me to write a sequel
  and helping me when I got stuck. Helping me when I got stuck?
  *snort* Basically, she talked me through writing this thing. And
  thanks to my muses for *finally* letting me write smut again,
  however reluctantly. It's been awhile.


  When Tom grabbed and then kissed him, Chakotay stiffened for
  a split-second, more out of surprise than anything else. In the
  next instant, he wrapped his arms around the slender form of the
  pilot and returned his kiss just as passionately. He opened his
  mouth and traced Tom's lips with the tip of his tongue, silently
  asking to be let in.

  Tom shuddered as he felt his soon-to-be lover's tongue against
  his lips and parted them, granting the other man access to the hot
  cavern of his mouth. His tongue met Chakotay's and the kiss
  grew more heated.

  The two men only broke the kiss when the need for air surpassed
  their need for each other. Panting, they stood in each other's
  arms, their eyes darkened with desire. Chakotay looked at Tom
  and smiled. "I assume you're following Seven's advise?"

  "Oh yeah," Tom purred again, engaging Chakotay in another
  round of tonsil hockey.

  Without breaking the kiss, Chakotay slowly backed Tom towards
  the huge bed. His hands roaming the younger man's back
  through his shirt.

  When the backs of Tom's knees hit the edge of the bed, he let
  himself fall backwards, dragging Chakotay down with him. Tom
  didn't pull away from the kiss until he was lying on the bed with
  Chakotay covering him.

  "Isn't clothing supposed to be optional in a bedroom setting?"
  Kiss. "Usually the less clothing the better?"

  Instead of answering with words, Chakotay unbuttoned Tom's
  shirt. When he was done, he parted it and bent down to kiss and
  nip at Tom's chest until he 'accidentally' grazed a nipple with his
  teeth. Loving the response he got, he did it again, eliciting
  another moan.

  Tom writhed on the bed, enjoying his lover's attention for a
  while. Finally, though, he decided that it was time to get rid of
  their clothes and gently pushed Chakotay away from his new

  Chakotay got the hint and sat up to allow Tom to remove his
  shirt completely and take off his own. Then he unbuttoned his
  pants and got out of them, leaving him dressed only in his briefs.
  He looked back at his lover and noticed that Tom had gotten rid
  of not only his pants, but his underwear as well.

  Before Chakotay could do anything, Tom pounced on him,
  toppling him over and covering his body. Then Tom bent down
  and gave him another breath-stealing kiss.

  After what seemed to be a very long time, Tom released
  Chakotay's lips and moved down to his neck. He opened his
  mouth and bit and sucked on his lover's neck, causing the older
  man to moan. He didn't stop until there was a vivid love bite.
  Only then did he remove his mouth and lifted his head to admire
  his mark on Chakotay.

  The bite was low enough that it would be hidden when Chakotay
  was dressed. A fact that he knew his lover would be grateful for.
  Chakotay was a very private man, and Tom knew that he
  wouldn't appreciate having his love life revealed by that kind of

  Shaking off his thoughts, Tom let his gaze wander down to
  Chakotay's smooth chest. He smiled wickedly, deciding to return
  the favor and pay as much attention to Chakotay's nipples as the
  older man had paid to his earlier. He bent down again, this time
  to kiss, lick, suck and nip at the small brown buttons.

  Now it was Chakotay who writhed on the bed, moaning almost
  constantly. With the small part of his mind that still worked he
  decided that Tom was trying to drive him crazy. And doing a
  damned good job of it. Then Tom left his nipples and moved
  further down, this time stopping to French kiss his navel.
  Chakotay's thought processes shut down on him entirely.

  Tom didn't stay at Chakotay's belly button for long. Instead, he
  slid even further down. When he reached his lover's briefs, he
  growled in annoyance and for the first time used something other
  than his mouth. Using his hands, he quickly, but carefully,
  removed the obstacle to the object of his desire.

  Once Chakotay was completely nude, Tom swooped down and
  swallowed his cock whole, eliciting a low scream from his lover.
  For a few moments, Tom was satisfied with just sucking hard,
  then he released the suction a bit and started bobbing his head up
  and down, causing Chakotay to resume his moaning.

  Tom brought Chakotay to the brink of orgasm, then stopped and
  reluctantly released his new toy making the older man moan in
  protest. He stroked his lover's flank, calming him. "Shh. I'm
  gonna fuck you, Cha, but for that I need lube," he said huskily,
  then reached over to the table and opened the drawer, figuring
  that Seven would have placed the lubricant there.

  All thoughts of fucking Chakotay momentarily fled Tom's mind
  as he stared into the drawer. //Oh my GOD! Research gal strikes
  again!// Chuckling to himself, Tom grabbed the topmost tube and
  brought it to him. Smirking at the label, he grinned at his soon-
  to-be lover. "You ready, Cha?"

  "What's so funny Tom?"

  "Nothing," Tom replied as he uncapped the tube and began to
  spread the lube on his fingers, getting ready to put it where it was
  *really* needed. When his fingers were thoroughly coated, he
  shifted until he was kneeling between Chakotay's parted thighs.
  Then he moved his hand down to the puckered opening to the
  older man's body and slid a finger inside.

  When Tom felt the tight heat of Chakotay's ass, his cock
  twitched in anticipation, and he had to restrain himself so he
  didn't hurry too much and make the stretching process painful.
  He moved his finger in and out until the muscle was loosened
  enough, then added a second finger and then a third.

  Tom scissored his fingers and occasionally rubbed over
  Chakotay's prostate, causing the other man to moan
  continuously. When he was sure the muscle was loosened
  enough, Tom with drew his fingers, squeezed a generous amount
  of lube into his hand and coated his erection. Then he recapped
  the tube and threw it on the table.

  As soon as Tom had gotten rid of the lube, Chakotay lifted his
  legs and threw them over Tom's shoulders. "*Fuck* me, Tom,"
  he demanded impatiently.

  "Yes, *Sir*," Tom replied with a grin, then placed his cock at the
  entrance to Chakotay's body and slowly pushed himself in.

  Chakotay, however, was much too impatient to take it slow. With
  a thrust of his hips, he impaled himself fully on Tom's erection,
  eliciting a startled gasp from the younger man.

  For a moment, they didn't move, enjoying the sensation of being
  joined. Then Tom's hips jerked involuntarily, causing both men
  to moan in pleasure and Tom started to move. Bit by bit he
  pulled almost all the way out, paused, then pushed back in, hard.
  It felt so good that he had to do it again. And again.

  Tom wanted to stay inside his lover all night, but knew that it
  was way too intense for him to last much longer. He wrapped a
  hand around Chakotay's weeping cock and stroked it in time to
  his thrusts.

  It only took a few pulls before Chakotay's body tensed for a
  moment, signaling his impending orgasm. Then Tom felt his
  erection being grasped tightly as Chakotay came with a roar of
  Tom's name.

  The strong constrictions around his penis and the sound of his
  name on Chakotay's lips sent Tom over the edged. He pushed
  himself as far into his lover as he could and released his seed into
  the other man's body, screaming Chakotay's name.

  For a moment, Tom was still, holding himself up on taught arms,
  then he collapsed on Chakotay's chest, completely exhausted. He
  smiled softly and snuggled into his lover's embrace when he felt
  Chakotay's arms come around him.

  When he'd regained a bit of his strength, Chakotay lifted a hand
  and stroked Tom's hair. And was startled when the younger man
  began to purr. With the sound of his lover's contentment in his
  ears, Chakotay soon fell asleep.


  A bright flash went off, and barely caused the entwined lovers to
  stir. The voice that followed it roused them though. "Goooooood
  morning, Campers! This is your wake-up call! It is now 0530
  hours, you have thirty minutes to shower, copulate, dress,
  whatever your wicked minds what to do. I *do* suggest that you
  start moving though. The thirty minutes will be over before you
  know it, and the comfy bed you're laying on will dissolve when
  the privacy lock releases at 0600 hours. I suggest you don't give
  the next person who has the holodeck a free show."

  Tom grumbled at being woken from his peaceful sleep.
  However, he smiled down into the face of his lover, then leaned
  down to kiss him. Chakotay returned the kiss and soon both men
  had forgotten everything about having to leave the holodeck.

  Pulling away panting, a while later, Tom started chuckling.
  Chakotay looked at him, silently asking what amused him so.
  Tom leaned down and kissed his lover once more. "You do
  realize, *she* will be hell to live with now, don't you?"

  The End