Title: Interlude
Author: Leone
Rating: [NC-17]
Codes: C/P
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Summary: PWP

Dedicated to Krystyne for sending me a cyber gun to hold to my
muse's head. This is the result.

Also dedicated to everyone who's waiting for the next part of 'The
Prince' for being so patient. It's on the way. I promise.

Last, but not least, this is dedicated to VSPS, because you're such a
nice bunch of people.

* * *

By Leone

* * *


Kathryn Janeway turned from the window and looked at her First Officer
and Senior Pilot, who stood side by side, looking slightly pensive.

"Yes, Commander?" she asked.

"Would you mind if Tom and I beamed back to the ship?" Chakotay
asked quietly.

The Captain frowned and looked from one man to the other. "Why? Is
there something wrong?" she asked.

Chakotay hesitated and seemed extremely uncomfortable. "No, nothing's
wrong," he finally answered. After a quick glance at Tom, he
looked back at Janeway and continued. "We just think that it's better if
we leave now, before we offend anyone."

The Captain's frown deepened and she looked at her pilot, suspecting
that this had something to do with him. "Tom?" she asked. "What

Tom Paris suddenly seemed as uncomfortable as the Commander. He
averted his eyes for a moment, then looked at his Captain. "Well, we
were talking to The First Minister's daughter," he began hesitantly. He
grimaced and continued. "All of a sudden she was coming on to Chakotay
pretty strongly. We tried to dissuade her, but she wouldn't stop,
so I finally told her that we're lovers. Unfortunately she wasn't convinced,
and said that if it were true, we'd have to prove it."

Captain Janeway lifted an eyebrow. "Prove it?" she repeated. When
Tom nodded, she asked, "How?" and then blinked in surprise when
both men blushed. "Gentlemen?"

Tom and Chakotay glanced at each other, then looked back at their
Captain, their embarrassment obvious. For a long moment neither man
answered, then Tom moved closer to the Captain and whispered
something in her ear.

Janeway's eyes widened in surprise and she coughed to cover her
laughter. For a moment she couldn't speak, then she regained her
composure and said, "All right, gentlemen. Beam back to the ship. I'll
make your excuses to the First Minister." She hesitated as she fought
control her amusement, then added, "And you better stay on the ship
while we're here."

"Yes, Captain," Chakotay said. As Tom nodded his agreement, the
Commander tapped his commbadge. "Chakotay to Voyager. Two to
beam up," he said.

A moment later the two men disappeared. Kathryn Janeway chuckled
quietly for a moment, then made her way over to the First Minister.
She needed to inform him that her second-in-command and chief
helmsman were needed on the ship.


When Tom and Chakotay materialized on Voyager, they both heaved
a sigh of relief. They stepped off of the transporter, and with a nod to
the crewman at the controls, the two men left the transporter room.
They were both off duty, so they headed straight for the First Officer's

Once they were in Chakotay's quarters, Tom sat down on the couch
while the Commander went over to the replicator. Standing in front of
it, he turned to Tom and asked, "Do you want anything?" When the
young man leered at him, Chakotay rolled his eyes and smiled
slightly. "To drink?" he amended.

The leer on Tom's face didn't disappear. If anything it deepened, making
Chakotay sigh in exasperation "From the replicator," he clarified,
although he was aware that his lover knew what he meant.

Tom chuckled softly, then decided to stop teasing the other man and
answered, "No, I don't want anything... from the replicator." His leer
changed into a devilish smile as he continued, "What I *do* want is
you... under me... writhing and moaning in ecstasy."

Chakotay's eyes darkened and his breathing sped up. "I think that can
be arranged," he said huskily before he moved over to the couch and
pulled Tom to his feet. After gazing into the darkened blue eyes of his
lover for a moment, Chakotay leaned in and captured Tom's lips with
his own, kissing the younger man passionately.

The kiss seemed to go on for an eternity, but finally the two men
broke apart. For a moment they just stood, staring into each other's
eyes and panting for breath. Then Tom leaned back in and kissed his
lover again. Opening his mouth slightly, Tom licked Chakotay's lips
until they parted to allow his tongue access inside.

Chakotay's hands rested on Tom's ass, pressing the pilot's erection
tightly against his own. Tom buried his hands in Chakotay's hair, his
fingers entwined in the crisp, dark strands as they kissed over and
over. Finally, the older man, his voice hoarse with desire, pulled back
and murmured, "Bed."

Tom nodded and stepped backward towards the bedroom, never releasing
his lover. When they stood beside the bed, Tom moved his
hands down to Chakotay's chest and slowly undid his shirt, covering
the exposed flesh with a flurry of soft kisses.

Once the shirt was completely unbuttoned, Tom pushed it off of Chakotay's
shoulders. Then the pilot bent his head down to kiss and suck
on Chakotay's nipples, causing them to tighten into hard points.

A few minutes later, Tom bit down gently, making the Commander
moan in pleasure. Then he knelt, kissing and licking his way down
Chakotay's chest and stomach, only stopping his ministrations to undo
the pants and push them over his lover's hips.

Chakotay toed off his shoes and socks, then he stepped out of his
pants. He hadn't bothered to put on any underwear earlier, and Tom
took full advantage of the fact that his lover was naked by taking Chakotay's
erection into his mouth and his throat, creating a strong suction.

The Commander put his hand on Tom's shoulders, bracing himself as
the pilot pleasured him. Then he closed his eyes and let his head fall
backward, moaning when Tom's teeth gently scraped over the head of
his cock.

A few moments later Tom let go of his lover's cock and rose to his
feet. He looked at Chakotay and smiled when the dark eyes opened,
revealing the older man's burning desire. Tom gently pushed his lover
down on the bed and quickly followed, covering Chakotay's body with
his own, kissing him and rubbing sensuously against him.

After a while, Tom broke the kiss and reached into the dresser drawer,
pulling out the lube. Then he kissed his down over Chakotay's body
until he reached his groin. Settling down comfortably, Tom ignored
his lover's erection, instead licking and nibbling at the scrotum while
he opened the tube of lubrication and squeezed a generous amount
into his hand.

Moving his mouth up to gently nip at the base of the brown cock, Tom
slipped a lubricated finger into his lover's body, sliding it in and out,
loosening the tight muscle and making Chakotay moan loudly. After a
moment he pulled out his finger, squeezed some more lube into his
hand and then pushed two fingers inside his lover.

The Commander was lost in the sensations Tom generated in him.
When the younger man's fingers scraped against his prostate, Chakotay's
hips bucked and he let out a low wailing scream.

Tom chuckled at the scream and pushed a third finger into his lover's
body, gently finger fucking him into readiness. He soon had Chakotay
begging him for more.

"Fuck me! *Please*, Tom... Fuck me... *Now*," the older man

The pilot chuckled again and said, "Just a minute, Cha... Just a minute."
Tom removed his fingers and quickly lubed up his aching cock.
Then he moved up, settling between Chakotay's legs, positioning his
cock until it rested just outside the opening to the other man's body.

Chakotay wrapped his legs around Tom's waist and the young man
slowly pushed into the tight heat, moving with gentle thrusts until he
was all the way in. Then he lay still, letting the Commander get used
to the feeling of being filled.

They rarely made love this way, what with Chakotay being the dominant
partner in their relationship, so Tom was always *very* careful
when his lover was on the receiving end. The pilot also knew that the
other man wasn't especially fond of being penetrated, which made the
times when Chakotay allowed this all the more special. Tom always
thought that it was a good thing that he himself loved to be fucked,
otherwise they'd have a problem.

Tom's thoughts were interrupted when Chakotay pushed against him,
silently telling the younger man that he was ready. Tom looked down
into his lover's dark eyes and smiled, then pulled almost all the way
out of Chakotay's body before pushing back in, hard. When Chakotay
moaned, Tom repeated the movement, changing the angle of his thrust
so his cock rubbed over his lover's prostate.

Chakotay's moans were fast becoming screams, and Tom's voice rose
in response as he pounded into his lover's body. When Tom felt his
orgasm approaching, he wrapped a slender hand around Chakotay's
cock, stroking it hard and fast, in time to his thrusts.

A few moments later Tom froze when he felt his lover's ass muscles
clench around his cock. Chakotay roared, and his seed spurted into
Tom's hand.

The intense stimulation of his cock triggered Tom's orgasm, and he
came with a scream of his own, then collapsed on Chakotay's chest,
exhausted. For long moments the two men just lay there, trying to
catch their breath. Then Tom pulled out of his lover's body and moved
to lie beside him.

Chakotay turned slightly and put his arms around Tom, pulling the
younger man into his embrace. They cuddled for a while, then Chakotay
reluctantly let go of his lover and rose from the bed. After glancing
briefly at Tom, the Commander walked into the bathroom and took a
quick shower.

When he was finished, he wet a cloth, then went back to the bedroom
and gently cleaned up a half-sleeping Tom. That done, Chakotay
threw the cloth in the general direction of the 'fresher, then climbed
back in bed. Pulling the younger man into his arms again, Chakotay
instructed the computer to wake them at 0600. With a last kiss, the
two men fell asleep.

The End