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Part Twenty-Seven

Tuvok glanced up from his console when he heard footsteps
approaching and then stopping beside him. Seeing who it was, he
silently studied Commander Chakotay's face for a moment,
noticing the barely perceptible anguish.

Correctly guessing that this had something to do with Tom Paris
and that the Commander wouldn't want to talk about it, Tuvok
didn't ask. "Commander," he acknowledged. "I assume you are
here for a progress report."

"You're right, Tuvok," Chakotay replied. "Have you had any
luck disabling Lieutenant Paris' security locks?"

Tuvok lifted an eyebrow, but refrained from commenting on the
term 'luck'. "No, Commander, I have not," he answered instead.
"Lieutenant Paris' security locks are very complicated. So far I
have only succeeded in accessing his message to Mr. Kim." He
paused briefly, then added, "And it does not make sense."

"What does it say?" The question came from B'Elanna, who had
joined the two men with Harry.

Tuvok clasped his hands behind his back and stood at parade
rest, as he recited the puzzling words of Tom's message in his
normal unemotional voice. "It says, 'Hi buddy. I told you that
he'd let me.'"

B'Elanna turned to look at Harry, her confusion obvious. "What
does *that* mean? *Who* let Tom do *what*?" She scowled.
"Tuvok's right. That doesn't make any sense."

Harry darted a quick glance at Chakotay, unwittingly revealing
the identity of the person mentioned. Then he looked at
B'Elanna, his face wearing an "I-told-you-so" expression. "Not
to you maybe, but it does to me and since the message was for
me…." He trailed off, knowing that he didn't need to voice the

"But what does it *mean*?" B'Elanna asked impatiently.

"It doesn't matter," Harry replied. "He did tell me, and he was
obviously right. Besides, the message did what Tom intended."

"Which was to inform you that we had regained control of
Voyager," Chakotay concluded, stating the obvious. He had
known the contents of the message all along. Not only that, Tom
had told him what it meant. It had taken some coaxing to get his
lover to reveal the meaning, because Tom had been afraid of the
older man's reaction.

However, when Tom finally explained the message, Chakotay
just laughed. It still amazed him that the pilot knew him *that*
well. Before he could consider this though any further, Tuvok
addressed him. "Commander, unless we can disable Lieutenant
Paris' security locks, we have no access to the ship's computer
until he gets out of sickbay."

Chakotay focused on the Vulcan. "Actually, Tuvok, we do," he
replied. "Computer, acknowledge the access codes of Lieutenant
Commander Tuvok and Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres,
authorization Paris Gamma Eight Zero, Chakotay Alpha Four
One," he ordered.

"Processing. Voice samples and access codes of Lieutenant
Commander Tuvok and Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres are

"Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, access code Tuvok Beta Five
Three," Tuvok stated calmly.

"Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, access code Torres Gamma Six

There was a brief moment of silence as the computer worked,
then, "Voice prints and access codes verified. Welcome back,
Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and Lieutenant Torres."

His raised eyebrow was the only thing that betrayed Tuvok's
surprise. "Why do you require Lieutenant Paris' code to
authorize access to the computer?"

"Because he's the one who created the security locks and we
didn't know if we had time enough to change it," Chakotay
explained. "Tom is the only one who can alter the program and
he's currently in sickbay, heavily sedated."

Before Tuvok could comment further, B'Elanna spoke. "What
about Harry and the others? Shouldn't you return their access to
the computer?" she asked.

"Harry already *has* access to the computer. Tom made sure of
that," Chakotay answered. Then he looked at the security chief.
"If you move away from the console, I'll restore access for the
others as well." He waited till the Vulcan had moved away, then
activated the computer screen and began entering commands into
the system.


GenA walked into the "Yuzla's" laboratory/sickbay and glanced
around, searching for Dr. JanRy. The OmsCa scientist had
commed him earlier and told him that it believed it had a solution
to the problem with Tom Paris' implant.

GenA had stopped what he was doing and hailed Voyager to
inform the holographic doctor. After a brief discussion about
whether or not to wake the pilot to see if Dr. JanRy's solution
worked, they had decided not to. Instead, the EMH would take
continuous readings of his patient's pain levels. Only if they
dropped would he awaken the pilot to be certain that he was

The sound of footsteps interrupted GenA's thoughts. He looked
up to see the scientist approaching. "Dr. JanRy," he said by way
of greeting. "You said that you have a way to turn off the device
implanted in Tom Paris." Although it wasn't a question, the tone
of his voice made it clear that it was a request for information.

"Yes, GenA," Dr. JanRy replied. "I asked SuelLo to bring me the
controller because I wanted to see if I could repair it."

"I take it you were successful."

Dr. JanRy nodded in confirmation. "Yes. Now I just have to turn
off the implant, then you can bring Tom Paris here so I can
remove it."

GenA didn't comment on this because he knew that Dr. JanRy
was the only one who could safely remove the device, and the
scientist had explained earlier that the equipment it had to use
couldn't be moved. When he had explained this to Voyager's
EMH, the hologram had understandably objected. He had been
reassured, however, when GenA said that he would be present
during the procedure.

Shaking off his thoughts, GenA refocused on Dr. JanRy. "All
right, Doctor. Turn off the implant, and let's hope that it works."

Dr. JanRy moved over to a table and picked up the controller,
then pressed the button that would hopefully deactivate the
device. Then the scientist looked back at GenA and said, "The
device has been turned off, but it might take a few moments
before it deactivates." Seeing the quizzical expression on GenA's
face, it explained, "Since the implant has been active for so long,
it might be slow responding to the signal."

GenA nodded in acknowledgement. "That makes sense," he
agreed, then went over to the nearest computer console and
hailed Voyager. "GenA to Voyager."

"Voyager here." It was Commander Chakotay who responded.
What can I do for you, GenA?"

"I need to speak to your doctor."

"Just a moment." The console went dark for a moment, then the
EMH appeared. "Yes?"

"Dr. JanRy has turned off Tom Paris's implant," GenA said
without preamble. "It said that due to the fact that the device has
been active for so long, it might take a few moments before it

"Very well. I'll go and monitor Mr. Paris' condition," the EMH
said. "I'll comm you with a progress report in…" he hesitated for
a moment. "Is five minutes enough?"

GenA gave Dr. JanRy a quizzical look. When the scientist
nodded, he turned back to the holographic doctor. "Yes, Doctor,
five minutes is enough."

The EMH nodded. "I'll call you then," he said. "Voyager out."
With that the screen went blank.

GenA reached out and turned off the console, then turned to Dr.
JanRy. "What happens if this doesn't work?" he asked.

"It will," the scientist reassured, then frowned in thought and
added, "Unless…."

GenA's eyes narrowed. "Unless?" he prompted.

Dr. JanRy met his eyes. "Unless the prolonged activity has
somehow damaged the implant," it answered.


Samantha Wildman studied the readings on the tricorder with a
worried frown. Then she put it down and reached for the med kit.
She pulled out a hypo spray, then rummaged through the kit,
looking for something to stabilize Janeway and bring down her

A moment later, Samantha found what she was looking for.
Taking the two drugs, she put the capsule with the fever-reducing
drug on the floor beside her, then loaded the other into the hypo
spray before pressing it against Janeway's neck and emptying the
contents into her system.

Samantha put the hypo on the floor and grabbed the tricorder
again. She scanned the unconscious woman again and sighed in
relief when she saw that Janeway's pulse steadied. It was still
weak, but at least it was no longer irregular.

Putting the tricorder down again, Samantha retrieved the hypo
spray, loaded it with the other drug and released it into
Janeway's system. While she waited for the drug to take effect,
she put the hypo back in the med kit, then rose to her feet and
turned to Neelix and Roberts. "Could you move her to the bed?"

The other two nodded and moved over to Janeway. The bent
down, and Neelix slid his arms under Janeway's while Roberts
lifted her feet. Then they straightened, carried the unconscious
woman over to the bed and gently put her down.

When Samantha came over, the two others stepped back to give
her room. She briefly smiled her thanks, then sat down on the
edge of the bed and scanned Janeway once more. Seeing that the
fever had dropped some, she closed the medical device and
turned to her companions once again.

"How is she?" Neelix asked in concern.

"She stable for now," Samantha answered. "But we really need
the doctor."

Neelix frowned. "Why? What's wrong with her?"

Samantha sighed. "I'm not sure," she replied. "That's why we
need the doctor. The tricorder says that she's infected with
something, but can't identify what it is."

"Then what was it you gave her?"

"I gave her Inapovaline to steady her pulse and Excedrin to
reduce her fever," Samantha explained. "I wasn't sure if they
would work, but fortunately they did."

"So what do we do now?" Neelix asked.

"I'll have to stay here and monitor her condition," Samantha
said, then frown slightly. "Neelix, would you mind keeping an
eye on Naomi for me? I don't want her to see Janeway in this

"Don't worry, Samantha, I'll take care of Naomi," Neelix
reassured. "She can help me prepare dinner."

Samantha smiled in relief. "Thank you, Neelix."

Neelix returned her smile. "It's my pleasure," he said. "Naomi is
a sweet girl, and you know I love spending time with her."

"I know, Neelix. You're one of her favorite people. Along with
Tom." Samantha's smile was replaced with a frown as she
wondered what was happening on Voyager.

Seeing his friend's frown, Neelix walked over and patted her
shoulder gently. "Don't worry, Samantha. I'm sure Tom and the
Commander are fine," he said. "They probably regained control
of Voyager long before the rescue team got there. I'm sure
they're on their way."

Samantha smiled gratefully. "Thanks, Neelix. I hope you're

"Of course I'm right," Neelix said firmly. "Tom and the doctor
*did* get Voyager back from Seska and the Kazon, remember?
And with the Commander there as well, I'm sure it didn't take
them long to get rid of those aliens."

Samantha smiled again. Neelix's strong faith in Tom and
Chakotay was enough to convince her that he was right. She
glanced at Roberts and the other woman's expression revealed
that she, too, had been convince by Neelix words.