Disclaimer and summary: See part 1

Note: Since people seem to get confused about the aliens'
names, I thought I'd better explain.

First we have the female leader, who is called MoZdee. Her title
is SicA. She is OmsCa and possibly LecSe

The blond alien that MoZdee chose for her mate is called
NabTel and his title is GenA. He is the son of the PreeVo regent
and married to SuelLo. He also has a sister, RiKaH, who joined
him on the current 'mission', taking over Voyager

Lastly, we have one of the alien guards (that I had forgotten all
about) who is called G'REtchK. Not sure if we'll meet that one
again, but you never know

Part Eighteen

MoZdee sat in front of the computer console in her quarters on
"Yuzla". She was searching through PreeVo law, certain that she
could find a way to avoid marrying GenA. After awhile, she
reached the PreeVo Marriage Law. Quickly reading the
headlines, she then chose the one called PreeVo/OmsCa Pairings.

MoZdee frowned slightly as she scanned the familiar text
forbidding an OmsCa to be included in a purely PreeVo
marriage. The punishment for doing that resulted in forfeiture of
*all* wedding vows for those involved. The marriage was
dissolved and the PreeVo who broke the law couldn't become
married again ever. As for the OmsCa, he/she was banned from
PreeVo territory.

{I already *know* this,} MoZdee thought, then let her gaze slide
over the rest of the text. She stopped when her eyes caught

"Addendum for the Royal Family."

Her frown smoothing out, MoZdee ordered the computer to
display this part of the PreeVo marriage law. After a brief pause,
the text appeared and she read the headlines, hoping that there
was something she could use. There were links to
PreeVo/OmsCa marriage laws for the regent, the regent's
siblings, other family members and finally, at the bottom of the
screen, one for the regent's children. MoZdee chose the last one
and after another slight pause, read the information that emerged.

"If the Regent has more than one child, the oldest child *must*
be wed before any of the other children can marry an OmsCa. As
punishment for breaking this law, the Regent's child will be
disowned and banned forever from PreeVo territory. The ban
will include his or her descendants."

There was more, but MoZdee didn't read it. This was what she
needed because unless she was very much mistaken, GenA's
older sister, MeLsiO, had yet to choose a mate. Just to be certain,
MoZdee asked the computer. "Computer, marital status of
MeLsiO, oldest child of the PreeVo regent."

"MeLsiO, oldest child of the PreeVo regent is currently

MoZdee smiled for a moment, then frowned again as she thought
of something else. It had been awhile since her fleet had left their
home world and if MeLsiO had officially chosen a mate before
they left, it was possible that she was married by now.
"Computer, has MeLsiO chosen a mate?"


With a smile of satisfaction, MoZdee turned off her console, rose
from her desk and left her quarters to return to Voyager. It was
time to talk to GenA.


"So, it's agreed, Joe and Sam stay here and take care of things,"
B'Elanna said and looked at the two in question. "I also think
you should ask Neelix to help you. Remember, you have to keep
an eye on Janeway as well." She waited until Joe and Sam had
nodded their agreement, then continued. "The rest of us will take
some of the others in three shuttles and find Voyager. Baytart
will pilot one and Hamilton the other." She frowned slightly and
looked at Baytart. "Who else do we have? It needs to be a good

"Isabelle," Baytart responded immediately. "Paris was training
her before we evacuated Voyager. He said that she's actually a
better pilot than Hamilton." Baytart grinned. "Paris told me to
watch out or she'd replace me as his second-in-command."

B'Elanna, Joe, Samantha and Greg were amazed. Coming from
Tom Paris that was high praise. Tuvok was also surprised, but as
always, he didn't allow it to show. Harry just smiled. Tom had
actually told him that with practice, Isabelle could become
almost as good as Tom himself.

"She's really that good?" B'Elanna asked. When Baytart nodded
in confirmation, she smiled. "Okay, so Isabelle will be our third
pilot. Then we need someone from security. Tuvok, Greg," she
looked at the two men. "Who would you suggest?"

"I recommend that we bring Ms Layla, Mr. Rollins, Mr. Jarvin,
Ms Kyle and Tal Celes. They are all very capable individuals,"
Tuvok said.

"We should also bring Jeanette," Greg added with a quizzical
look at Tuvok, who nodded his agreement.

"Jeanette?" Harry asked.

"Kofoed," B'Elanna answered. "She's ex-Maquis, as is Layla."

Harry frowned in thought for a moment, then smiled when he
remembered who the two were. "Okay, so how do we do this?"
he asked.

"When we find Voyager, we'll scan for Tom and Chakotay's life
signs from the shuttles," B'Elanna began. "Then we'll beam on
board the ship, and it'll be your job, Greg to rescue Tom and
Chakotay. You'll take Layla with you," she added, knowing that
Layla was fiercely loyal to Chakotay and would refuse any other

Ayala nodded in acknowledgment. He was aware of what was on
B'Elanna's mind. He was thinking the same thing. "Sure thing,

B'Elanna smiled briefly, then turned to Tuvok. "I want you to
secure the bridge," she told him. "You'll have to choose who to
help you as you know the security people better then I do."

Tuvok considered the matter for a moment, then said, "Ms Kyle
is the best choice for helping me secure the bridge."

B'Elanna acknowledged Tuvok's decision with a quick nod
before addressing the former Ops officer. "Harry, you and I will
secure Engineering. We'll take Rollins and Jarvin with us."
Seeing Harry's questioning look, she explained her reasoning.
"We don't know how many of the aliens are in Engineering and
we might need the extra help."

Harry nodded in understanding. He knew that B'Elanna was
right, better safe than sorry. "What about Tal Celes and Ms
Kofoed?" he asked.

"They'll go to sickbay and help the doctor," B'Elanna replied.
"Any questions?" She asked and paused briefly. When no one
said anything, she called an end to the meeting. "While Harry,
Joe and I fetch some of the other engineers to help us with the
cloaking devices, Tuvok, Baytart and Ayala inform the rest of
our rescue team and get ready to leave." She turned to Samantha
Wildman. "Sam, I'll let you tell Neelix that we're counting on
him to help you and Joe take care of everything and keep a close
eye on Janeway."

Samantha nodded in acknowledgement and turned to leave.
Before she had taken more than a few steps, she thought of
something and turned back to B'Elanna. "He'll be hurt," she said

B'Elanna looked at Samantha. "What?"

"Neelix. He'll be hurt."

B'Elanna frowned in puzzlement. "Why?"

"Because you didn't include him in the rescue team," Samantha
answered softly.

"I see." B'Elanna thought for a moment, then her frown
smoothed out as she had an idea. "Tell Neelix that, aside from
cooking, I want him to look after Janeway and make sure nothing
happens to her." She noticed Samantha's quizzical look and
explained. "That's what Tuvok does, and he's told me that she
mostly alternates between anger and severe depression. We're
afraid that she might try and hurt herself during one of her bouts
of depression."

"You want Neelix to make sure Janeway doesn't hurt herself,"
Samantha concluded. Then she frowned as another thought
occurred to her. "Is she dangerous to others?"

"I don't think she'd do anything to Neelix," B'Elanna replied.
"He still brings her meals and she doesn't seem to be angry at
him. At least, that what Tuvok tells me, but just to be sure,
Neelix can bring someone with security training with him," she

Samantha nodded in relief. "I'll tell him that," she said and
turned to leave.

"Sam." B'Elanna waited until Samantha turned back to her
before she spoke again. "If Neelix wants to bring a guard with
him when he visits Janeway, tell him to bring one of the former
Starfleet. I don't think they would do anything to her, but I'm not
sure about the ex-Maquis. They're still angry enough that they
wouldn't hesitate to harm her if they get the chance."

Samantha's eyes widened in surprise. "They are?" When
B'Elanna nodded 'yes', Samantha said, "So, basically you're
making Neelix responsible for Janeway's safety."

"Yes. At least until we get Voyager back and can let the doctor
have a look at her."

"All right. I'll tell Neelix," Samantha said. "Anything else?"
When B'Elanna shook her head in negation, Samantha turned
and left to find Neelix.

B'Elanna watched with a frown as the other woman left. Her
anger at Janeway's actions had dissipated and been replaced with
worry about her former captain's mental stability. As the days
had passed and Tuvok had reported Janeway's behavior,
B'Elanna's concern had increased. She really hoped that the
rescue team could get Voyager back soon. It was obvious that
Janeway needed help. A help she couldn't get on this damned

B'Elanna sighed and shook off her thoughts, then left the
clearing to help the other engineers with the cloaking devices for
the three shuttles.