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Part Thirteen

B'Elanna entered the Cochran. Baytart had just landed it after a
routine survey of the planet. He had commed her and asked her
to meet him here, saying it was important. B'Elanna sighed
quietly and wondered what could be so important that it couldn't
wait. She would know soon enough she supposed, as she walked
to the front of the shuttle.

Pablo Baytart rose from the pilot's chair when he saw B'Elanna.
He didn't wait for her to ask why he had requested her presence.
"Chief, I picked up a message on the Federation frequency," he

"Has to be from Voyager," B'Elanna said. When Baytart nodded
in agreement, she asked, "Who is it from? Chakotay?"

"No, it's from the doctor."

"The doctor," B'Elanna repeated, startled. "Show me."

Baytart activated the monitor and when B'Elanna moved to stand
beside him, he started the message. The doctor was sitting in his
office and when he spoke, his voice was hushed. It was as if he
didn't want to be overheard, and considering his words, he
probably didn't.

"Captain, I imagine that you're surprised to get a message from
me and not Commander Chakotay or Lieutenant Paris," the
doctor started, then proceeded to give a short explanation of what
had happened since the crew had evacuated Voyager. "I'm
asking you to rescue us. Lt. Paris has been moved off of the ship
and Commander Chakotay has been injected with a mix of strong
stimulants and from what SicA said, I believe that she plans to
keep drugging him. I'm afraid that if these injections continue for
too long, the Commander may suffer from a heart attack," he

The doctor reached out as if to turn off the recording, then
hesitated and added, "I'll try and convince SicA that Lt. Paris is
needed here. And I will, of course, continue to look for a way to
incapacitate the aliens. Doctor out." With that the monitor went

For a moment, B'Elanna and Baytart stared at each other in
horrified silence. Finally, B'Elanna spoke. "Kahless," she
breathed. "This is bad. We have to tell the others and then plan a
rescue mission."

Baytart nodded in agreement. The two of them left the shuttle
and went looking for Tuvok and Harry.


GenA walked into sickbay. He had made sure that the
holographic doctor was alone. He had some questions and didn't
want anyone else to hear, especially his mate-to-be. GenA looked
around sickbay until he spotted the doctor sitting in his office. He
went in and closed the door after him. "Doctor, do you have a

The doctor glanced up from his monitor. "Of course, GenA," he
replied politely and turned off the screen. Then he turned his full
attention to his visitor. "What can I do for you?"

"You can tell me why you would help SicA torture your
Commander Chakotay," GenA answered seriously.

If that request surprised the doctor, he didn't show it. "Why do
you think I'm helping SicA? And what do you mean by torture?"
he added.

"SicA told me of Commander Chakotay's inquiries about Tom
Paris," GenA informed the hologram. "She also said that you too,
led the Commander to believe that Tom Paris left this ship along
with the rest of their crewmates." He paused for a moment, then
continued. "And now you're providing SicA with some kind of
drugs that she's injecting the Commander with."

The doctor was silent for some time, trying to decide what to tell
the blond alien. No matter how much he wanted to tell someone
and maybe get some help, the doctor wasn't stupid. He knew that
if GenA learned what he was doing and why, the alien was likely
to go straight to SicA and inform her. And that would put a
serious crimp in Commander Chakotay's plan. Not to mention
that it would blow the doctor's cover, something that the
Commander had told him in no uncertain terms not to do if it
could be avoided.

GenA studied the doctor intently while the hologram ran a few
subroutines, trying to come up with an answer.  A possible
explanation to the doctor's behavior suddenly occurred to GenA.
He caught the doctor's eyes. "You're acting under orders from
your Commander, aren't you?" he stated more than asked.

The doctor stared at the alien in front of him, shocked that he'd
figured it out. He opened his mouth to answer, but before he
could speak, GenA reassured him. "Don't worry, Doctor. I'm not
going to tell anyone." He hesitated, then continued. "In fact, if
you tell me what your plan is, I'll help."

The doctor stared at GenA in silence for a long time. "Why
should I trust you?" he finally asked.

GenA considered it for a moment, then sat down in the chair in
front of the doctor's desk. When he was seated, he answered,
shocking the doctor with his explanation.


Chakotay woke slowly, rising through layers of sleep and leaving
his nightmares behind in his subconscious. As he got closer to
consciousness, he noticed that he wasn't alone. Someone was
spooned behind him, their arms holding him securely. When he
finally opened his eyes and glanced down, he was surprised to
see long, slender and pale hands resting against his stomach.

Hardly daring to hope, Chakotay carefully turned around so he
could see his bedmate. He was surprised and relieved to see that
it *was* Tom Paris who was holding him in his sleep.

Not yet fully awake, Chakotay just stayed in Tom's arms,
enjoying the sight of the other man's face in repose. He didn't
even wonder where Tom had been or when he had returned. Or
why SicA and the doctor had tried to convince him that the pilot
had left with the rest of Voyager's crew.

After about fifteen minutes, Chakotay sighed quietly with regret
and withdrew from Tom's arms, trying not to wake the blonde.
He got out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve himself
and take a shower.


The sound of the shower woke Tom from the dream that he
*knew* would've turned into a nightmare. He noticed that
Chakotay was no longer in bed beside him, and correctly
assumed that the Commander was in the shower. The pilot
stretched lazily, then sat up. He yawned and rubbed his eyes,
then got out of bed and went into the living room.

Tom walked over to the replicator and placed an order for two
mugs of coffee, plenty of toast and fruits for his and Chakotay's
breakfast. He knew that the other man would ask about his
sudden access to the replicator. He didn't look forward to that.
He had to be careful what he said because he knew that these
quarters were monitored and SicA didn't want Chakotay to know
the truth yet.

When his order materialized, Tom picked up the tray, carried it
to the dinner table and put it down. Then he placed everything on
the table and put the tray on one of the chairs. He sat down and
drank some coffee, still thinking about how to tell Chakotay the
truth without letting SicA know what he was doing.

While Tom was thinking, Chakotay entered from the bedroom,
fully dressed. He stopped when he saw what was for breakfast. "I
didn't hear the guard arriving with our meal," he said as he
walked over to the table and sat down across from Tom.

Tom flinched, knowing that his reply would elicit questions that
he still didn't know how to answer. He took a deep breath, then
released it and said, "That's because the guard didn't bring
breakfast this morning. I replicated it."

Chakotay was reaching for his coffee but at Tom's words, his
hand stopped and he glanced up and into the blue eyes of his
companion. "You replicated it?" he repeated quizzically. When
Tom nodded, he continued. "But we were locked out from the
computer. When did you regain access to it and why?"

"I can't tell you," Tom answered quietly.

Chakotay frowned. "Tom."

"I mean it, Chakotay. I *can't* tell you."

Chakotay realized that for some reason Tom really *couldn't*
answer, and it had nothing to do with not wanting to. "Can you at
least tell me why you can't answer?" he inquired.

Tom bit his lower lip while he considered how to tell Chakotay
that the quarters were monitored without letting SicA know.
Then he brightened when the answer came to him. "Do you
know what starship captains do when they suspect a
crewmember of something?"

Chakotay looked confused at the apparent change of the subject.
Then he thought about it and realized what Tom was saying.
"Yes, I do," he said quietly. "Is that what happened?" He didn't
specify *where* it should have happened.

Tom sighed in relief. "Yes."

"I see," Chakotay said calmly. Then he started on his breakfast,
considering how to work around the fact that their quarters were
monitored. There had to be a way he and Tom could talk without
SicA finding out. It was just a question of finding it.