This is my first series I've ever written. Please be kind. This story is an alternate future for B'Elanna and Tom. I'm sorry if this has already been done, though I doubt anything with my ending has been. What's my ending? Well, you have to read it to find out. This story is copyright 1997 by Tammy Lee. Paramount has the rights to the USS Voyager and her crew, no copyright infringement intended.

Another Night
Chapter 5
By Tammy Lee

"Kes, would you please watch Lily for the night?" Torres pleaded. Ever since Lily had been born, it seemed like Tom and B'Elanna never got any time alone together.

"One night. One night, only. If you ever want another night alone, it's up to you." Kes agreed.

"Thank you. I promise, I'll make this up to you, somehow." Torres smiled, and quickly headed out, careful not to wake the sleeping Lily in Kes' quarters.


Paris and Torres had waited three years for this moment. Three years before they could be alone. Three years; it had to be worth it.

They had just gotten situated on the couch, when something terrible happened. A red alert. There was no way to escape it. They had to go to the Bridge.


An attack. It was the last thing they needed. It was the first thing that happened. The ships came from out of no where. Dozens of them. Firing rapid shots that pierced the shields like tiny needles through thin silk. Consoles burst like fireworks did on the Mall at the Fourth Of July. Ops went. Then Tactical. Then Engineering. Sparks flew everywhere, scalding the already dead body on the floor. Torres' already dead body. Paris dove from his seat at the helm, to take one final look at Torres, just in time. The Helm burst into one giant flaming disaster. But, all Paris could do was think of her. Questions pounded at his mind, throbbing for answers. Everything was out of reach.

"B'Elanna." He whispered into her lifeless ear.

"B'Elanna. B'Elanna." TBC