This is my first series I've ever written. Please be kind. In case you haven't noticed, I skip around a lot. This section is after the baby was born. This story is an alternate future for B'Elanna and Tom. I'm sorry if this has already been done, though I doubt anything with my ending has been. What's my ending? Well, you have to read it to find out. This story is copyright 1997 by Tammy Lee. Paramount has the rights to the USS Voyager and her crew, no copyright infringement intended.

Another Night
Chapter 3
By Tammy Lee

Lily Carnie Paris was beautiful. Though her parents were unmarried, everyone could tell that Lily was the pride and joy of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres. Lily's blond hair was shoulder length. It looked very similar in style to her mother's. But, Lily had her mother's eyes. Chocolate, brown, call them what you may, but they were Torres'. Lily slept soundly most of the time.

That was amazing compared to most of the terrible tales Paris and Torres had heard about children. Maybe it was kids like her that made couples want more then one child. Or, maybe those were accidental. But, that was beside the point. Torres couldn't believe it had been a year since that Pon Farr incident. Lily was three months old, and a sweet child. Everyone loved her. Torres going to return to duty as soon as she could find someone to watch her daughter. She had someone in mind. Two people, actually. A young dating couple; Harry Kim and Kes. Torres had timed it correctly so that she could ask Kes when she was with Harry. B'Elanna walked to Kes' quarters, Lily in her arms. Kes soon answered the door.

"B'Elanna. I wasn't expecting you." Kes blinked. She couldn't tell B'Elanna to leave, but Kim was there, and Kes felt a little nervous.

"I'm sorry. Am I intruding?" Torres was trying to be polite. Secretly, she knew that Harry was there. Secretly, she wanted him there.

"No. Not at all. Do come in." She took a step back to let Torres in. Kim glanced up at Torres, and immediately stiffened.

"At ease." Torres joked.

"So, why did you come here?" Kes queried.

"Actually, I was wondering if you would be able to watch Lily so I can go back to work." Torres handed the baby to Kes, and took a step back. "It would be great practice for you two."

Kim flashed a glance at Kes, then to Torres. Kes looked up from the baby in her arms, and just smiled.

"Is that a yes?" B'Elanna asked Kes.

She nodded.

"Thank you." Torres took Lily back, and hurried home.


Torres had put Lily in her room, and was resting on the couch. She was catching up on some work she missed in the many months she had been on leave. Before long, Paris came back from work.

"Hi, B'Elanna." He walked over to her, kissed her, then sat down.

She put her PADD down, and smiled at him. "I finally found someone to watch Lily. Now, I can leave these quarters and get back to work."

"Wonderful." Was the only word Paris could utter. They kissed again. Not like a cute childhood sweetheart kiss. Not like a husband and wife kiss when the kids are around. No. It was a lover's kiss.



Very Klingon in more ways then one. Very painful for Tom, even. But he could stand it. Anything for Torres. Paris leaned forward, pushing Torres onto her back. She didn't mind. She held him close with her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist. Sometimes, Torres wondered what would happen if they got married. Would they lose this feeling? Would they lose these experiences? She decided that they didn't need to risk it.

Everyone on Voyager considered them just as close as married, and in Klingon terms, they were married. Interrupting Torres' thoughts, came Lily's crying.

^Ignore it.^ She thought. But that only worsened the situation. "I'll be right back."

Paris nodded. He watched her go. He though they'd always be together. He thought nothing could tear them apart. He thought.