Taste Test
LA Koehler

This is a response to a challenge born of an amusing email from Barbara Watson—use a list of kitschy NC-17 words in an innocuous, happy little family-oriented drabble. Hope you like it—had a HOOT doin' it!

The words are: heaving, throbbing, member, channel, muskiness, maleness, nectar, juices, plunging, mounds, sheath.  [Last-minute addition: shaft.]


Copyright June 2001, LA Koehler

Plunging the blade into the hard-shelled, alien fruit, Chakotay carved a deep channel down its center, releasing its juices onto the dirt below. Each member of the landing party scooped out mounds of pulp and nectar, marveling at its sweetness despite the muskiness of its leaves. Hand throbbing from the effort, the smiling commander re-sheathed the blade, watching his friends' delight.

"Like Mom used to replicate," dripped Paris, with typical maleness.

"Here, here!" Janeway seconded, heaving the rind toward the woods.

"Oh, I think I'm having a religious experience!" was B'Elanna's personal opinion.

"Needs leola root," Neelix declared. "OW! WHAT?"