Ritual Reality
LA Koehler

Takes place immediately after the honeymoon in Drive.
Klingon Mating rituals—the sweating, the heaving, the wild abandon. Which begs the question…


Copyright June 2001, LA Koehler

"Okay, Ship's Services, beta shift has just commenced!

"The usual routine tonight; we hit the old, familiar places (Chell, stop humming that). Also, the Captain needs her replicator components compartment micro-vacuumed—says her coffee temp's been off lately, might be dust in the casing.

"Oh, and one last item…the Delta Flyer needs to be cleaned, now that the Lieutenants are back, *cough*…"

"Oh, I am not doing it."

"Don't look at me."

"I am SO not doing that."

"The replicator casing awaits. I'm off!"

"I'll help you hold the light."

"Yep—might take us til gamma shift to finish…"


the end