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D E C I S I O N ,   T H E
(VOY, P, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG)
Tom tells BE'lanna a story about how he almost quit Starfleet Academy during his first semester. Set during the seventh season...
[indexed 16.04.2002 | Review Story]
K I D N A P P I N G   O F   T O M   P A R I S ,   T H E
(VOY, P, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG)
After Tom wakes up from a bad dream, he tells BE'lanna about a woman who saved his life when he was kidnapped when he was nine years old. Set after Lineage.
[indexed 17.06.2002 | Review Story]
P A C K I N G   U P
(VOY, P, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG)
As Tom packs up to leave Voyager, the Doctor comes to see him and tries to convince him to finish his medical training.
[indexed 01.06.2002 | Review Story]
R E A L I T Y                                                                 NEW 
(VOY, P, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG)
Tom wakes up in a strange room and he is told that he never left the Federation Penal colony. Set in season six.
[indexed 16.07.2002 | Review Story]
V I S I T O R   F R O M   H O M E ,   A
(Voy, P, P/T, 1/1, Rated PG)
A holographic visitor from Starfleet Command comes to help Voyager modify their engine. Is it a visitor Tom does not want to see...
[indexed 02.04.02 | Review Story]
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