Child of love 17

Chakotay sat on his couch as the others poured of the file still deciding to do with everyone in the packed brig, it was narrowed to Throwing them all out airlock or leaving them on some planet, Chakotay knew which one he'd vote for.

When his door slid open, there was a blur of motion as Tommy raced in throwing himself on to the couch and then onto Chakotay lap say excitedly, "Cha, Tom home soon."

Looking sadly he was glad that Tom was coming home but on the other hand he was going to miss the tyke being around, Tommy took note of Chakotay feeling leaning in closer saying for his ears only, "You're not losing me Cha, you gaining the both of us as it is meant to be, soon Tommy and Tom will merge into one person as it was meant to be, but the both of us was to scared to let go, this time with you has shown Tommy that he can be love. I know that I'm younger than when the pain begun in our life's but Tom was protection his inner child which is me."

Chakotay eyes widen as he listened to Tommy taking note that Tommy was speaking perfectly not a misspoken word in fact he sounded alot like Tom would sound.

Before he could ask about it, a bright light appeared before him sweeping over his living area emerging from to stand before him was the most beautiful woman with long raven black hair that swung free to her hips looking up he saw that she had dusky skin tones and soulful brown eyes if he didn't know better he could believe that she was Indian maiden of the old world.  

Holding out her hand towards Tommy saying, "It's time to return young Thomas, it time for what is to return, you did well everything is as it is meant to be."

Tommy slowly moved towards her as Chakotay asked, "Why did this happen?"

Looking at him she replied, "If we did not he would have died, we sensed his pain and his time was near, those others were going to kill his beauty and we could not allow that, we knew his heart and sent him to you, now it is time for the one you love to return. He did well his pain is gone, it's time for them to return together. Chakotay have no fear you are not losing either of them. For the new one to return we need to merge them together they are one but now they are free to love freer and to live the life that is meant to be. Take care of you mate."

Reaching for Tommy hand the other in the room watched in amazement once she touch his hand he seem to grow as a glow covered Tommy's body as she let go of his hand the glow dimmed and standing in front of them was a softer Tom Paris with a huge grin Tom saw Chakotay before anyone else in the room since he had moved during the rejoining moving over to him Tom threw himself into the big man arms with a laugh, "I'm home."

Chakotay stunned as his arms filled with an excited Tom Paris tighten his hold Chakotay looked over at the alien saying, "I can't express enough or to find the words to thank you for bringing Tom back to us."

"He was never gone, he was always here." Stepping towards them she took both of their hands saying, "You are mates from this day forth."

Chakotay wasn't sure but he felt that she had just married them, looking at her with a questioning look, as she told him, "I did." With that she stepped back into the light and disappeared.

Rushing forth everyone tried talking all at once, Tom turned so that he faced them with a smile, "Woah give a guy time to breath would ya."

Stepping out of Chakotay arms saying, "Boy I'm glad to be back, and yes I'm find and no I don't need to see the Doc but I know that he'll insist that I do but he can wait for a while. Now questions."

Harry shook his head as he said, "Same old Paris never change."

Hold up his hand as he sat down saying, "Ahh Harry, Harry that is where you're wrong, I have change and for the better."

Moving over to the couch Chakotay sat beside him drawing him closer to him as Kathryn sat on the other side of the younger say touching his cheek as she asked, "Are you sure you're okay Tom?"

Snuggling deeper into Chakotay arms saying, "More than okay Captain but I sure did miss you all."

 "We missed you as well Thomas." Tuvok responded as he stepped forth laying a hand on his knee, Tom nodded as he laid a hand on top of the Vulcan's hand giving it a friendly squeeze.

"Do you remember what happened?" B'Elanna asked him.

"I highly recommending spending time with Fluffy and Wings as they can support you through anything as you find yourself."

Tom hid his smile as the roomful of people repeated, "Fluffy? Wings?"

"Yup Fluffy and Wings helped me to muddle through that thing called my life,"

"It would seem it worked for you." Kathryn told him.

Nodding Tom smiled at all of them saying, "It did, I've found what I've been looking for."

Hugging Tom tighter as he kissed the top of Tom's head, glancing around the room he asked, "So what are we going to do."

Jeanette spoke up then, "Hey Tom glad to have you back, now that you're back maybe you can help us decide what to do with them."

Closing his eyes he smiled as he remembered what Fluffy and Wings told him to do about them, opening them back up he told them, "Wings and Fluffy told me that there is a planet not far from here that is safe to leave them but they also said that not all of them are bad that they were pressured into doing what they did and are able to be saved, to find which one they will step up when the time is right."

Sam still in a state of shock asked, "Okay just who is Fluffy and Wings?"

Grinning Tom explained to them, "I can't tell you, I promised them that I wouldn't, but believe me they live up to their names and they my friends, that's all I can tell you."

"Then it has to be enough." Sam lean down pulling him out of Chakotay's grip wrapping her arms about him saying, "I'm glad that everything worked out whatever it was it agrees with you, welcome home love."

"Thanks Sam I hear that you and Jean helped alot thanks to each and everyone of you for helping to get me back."

Jeanette knelt down at his feet saying, "Anything for you Tom, you know that."

Drawing her into a one handed brace along with Sam saying, "I know and I'll do everything in my power to help your man to change."

Nodding her understanding Sam and Jeanette stood up saying, "Thanks but he needs to change on his own but to be honest I don't think he ready to make that change, we're no longer together."


"Never mind I've found someone better."

Surprised everyone looked at her asking, "Oh who?"

Blushing as everyone stared at her saying quietly, "Pablo Baytart."

Tom nodded before he left he had begun to notice the looks he had be sending her way, "He's a good man, you can't do any better than him, well you can but he taken."


Hours later, after visits to see the Doctor who confirmed that he was in perfect health from his long stay where ever he was staying since no knew where Tom's body was during that time, after having his nearly broken from all the hugs he received. Finally finding himself alone with Chakotay wrapped up in his arms, he knew that he'd face the others when he was really so he could find out why they decided to do what they did, so he could finally have closure to that part of his life and that he can start looking to the future with Chakotay, without wondering why.

Chakotay was content just laying on the couch with Tom in his arms, he had to admit that he liked this Tom alot better than the one before and was glad that he didn't lose any of that Tom since that was the Tom he fell in love with, but this Tom was alot happier and more confidence with himself and others, he could tell that right from the start.

Tom turned so he was lying chest to chest with Chakotay saying, "So Cha are you ready to have a honeymoon to remember?"

Chakotay felt Tom's harden length brush against his, capturing his mouth, Chakotay let his hands roamed over Tom's back till they reached his firm ass, pulling back, "As much as I want to, I think we should have Kathryn marry us."

Pouting Tom claimed Chakotay lips again and begun to move his hips rocking against Chakotay as they deepened the kiss, only to break the lip lock when they ran out of air, pulling apart to quickly remove their cloths, they moved back into each others arms.

Looking up at the his flushed lover above him as they rocked against each other, his hands full of Tom's ass cheeks, feeling his climax drawing close, nibbling on Tom's neck as he threw back his head as he in full throes of his ecstasy he rode the waves of his climax, he always loved watching Tom come, letting himself go with a drawn out groan, Chakotay joined Tom in heaven.

Breathing  hard Tom slumped down he uttered, "If that a proposal, I accept." Laying a gentle kiss on his panting lover below him.

Smiling up at Tom with a grin, "You know we all ready are."

"I know, you're my husband for always and forever."

"Now tell me who are Fluffy and Wings?"

The end.