The Bonding

K/C/P, T/K

PG-13 - NC-17

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Kathryn paced the deck muttering, "Where the hell is he?" Stopping between her seat and her husband Chakotay's, as she rubbed her expanding stomach with a wirily grin, looking over her shoulder at her calm first officer saying, "You know that if anything happens to our wayward husband, I'm never going to be letting him out of my sight while on shore again."

Looking up at his wife of six years with a grin, she could see a tint of worry clouding his brown depths those he hid it from the crew but over the years she learnt to read both of her husbands moods, "He's with Harry, B'Elanna and the children, you know that he won't do anything stupid with Sammie, Tay and Nika with him or B'Elanna or Harry's."

Thinking of their three children, their five year old twins sons who look just like their daddy with their blond hair and blue eyes, while Sammie looked liked her papa with her black hair and her blue-grey eyes, the doctor did great job of mixing their genes together, they had the right mix of all three of them, but both boys looked like just Tom, they had Chakotay's killer dimples, while Tay was quiet and calm like his papa Chakotay while Nika was full of mischief just like his daddy Tom, so far she couldn't see anything of her in either of them but in Sammie she could see a lot of her in her daughter like the twins Sammie had Chakotay's dimples it seemed to be a trait that the children got from him, even the dimples down further, Tom gave him heaps about that, well if she was honest with them and herself she teased him just as much as Tom did. Shaking her head to clear the thoughts she walked over to him placing a hand on his shoulder it was the only contact she allowed herself on the bridge with both of them, said. "Yes, you're right Tom wouldn't do anything to bring any harm to our babies." Tom was close to all of the children and they thought that their daddy was the best, especially Tay he was the closest to Tom, he worshipped the ground Tom walked on, while Nika was a real momma boy, whenever he could, he would crawl into her lap, if Tom or Chakotay was sitting beside her, he would try and push they aside it was funny to watch a little boy with the help of his brother or sister trying to push them away from her, so he could spread out on her lap, Little Sammie was Chakotay's little angel she could do no wrong with any of them but Chak was the light of Sammie's eye she would follow her Papa everywhere she would try to follow him to the bridge every morning.

Chakotay watched as Kathryn blue-grey eyes clouded over with worry, hoping to calm her down, the doctor had warned them to keep the stress levels down for her, "Kathryn why don't you go and rest, as still as I hear from Tom or he comes home with the tribe, I'll send them to you."

Wiping her brow as she looked over at the Conn where Tom usually sat while working but no one was there since they were in orbit of Garan for some much needed trade and shore leave but Tom was late, they were meant to leave before the Beun Ceremony which started that night, from what she could gather from Laij the Minster of affairs, it was the time for Kaila his daughter to take a mate, her time to bond had come upon her while they were in the middle of Trading and it was a private affair. 

Hearing the Tubolift whoosh open she spun on her heel to watch as Harry, B'Elanna  and children enter the bridge as soon as the twins spotted their mother they broke free of Harry's hold racing towards her, Tay cried out "Mommy, Daddy in trouble." Looking over their heads over at Harry asking, "Harry what happened?"

Handing a unhappy Sammie over to Tuvok, so she could care for her daughter Emma. 

With a gulp Harry wide eyed glanced between Tom's husband and wife then back at his wife at her nod he told them, "It wasn't his fault, we went to the park with children like we told you, when Kaila joined us along with Jusa and T'sa, Kaila asked the boys some questions, we didn't think anything about it not till later, they left and we just had fun with the children." Looking over at Tay who was sobbing into Kathryn's black clan legs with his tiny arms wrapped around them, "It happened as we were leaving to join the rest of the away team, Kaila came back saying that she claimed Tom as her future mate, Tom tried to tell her that he was married and happy but they shot him with something and  dragged him away with them leaving us behind, I sent Tem to follow, while we bought the children back."

Shocked Kathryn untangled her legs from Tay grip swinging him up, placing him onto her hip, while saying, "Hail Minster Laij."

Tay wrapped his arms around his mother's neck sobbing into her neck Kathryn looked over at Nika who had climbed into Chakotay lap wailing his little heart out to witness their daddy being dragged away was tearing them apart, rubbing Tay's back to calm him down while saying, "Honey we'll get daddy back."

Nika wailed, "Mamma she gonna bond wit' daddy." Looking up at his papa asking, "She can't do that can she?"

Looking up at his wife as she grasped, "No baby she can't,"

Sammie wailed as she gripped Tuvok's shoulder, "Da, Da whe' da?"

Samantha Wildman who was at Harry's usual station cut in saying, "Minster Laij is out of his office Captain."

"Damn, Harry please take the children to Neelix and explain to him that we might be late in picking them up and to put them to bed." Looking down at Tay saying, "Sweetie go with Uncle Harry and stay with Uncle Neelix till we come and get you."

Shaking his head, "No me wanna stay with you and papa till daddy come home."

Looking up over at the adults chewing on her bottem lip as she watch them tend to the children who were all close to Tom whether they be his children or Harry's, their families had join and became bigger, B'Elanna and Harry children Emma who was four years old and little one month old Tom-Chakotay T. C for short, named after her husband's.

Tom paced his cell muttering, 'If I'm meant to be her, mate you would think she could cough up for a room,'  Feeling as if the room was growing smaller Tom sank down to the ground whispering, "Kat, Chak, come and get me."

Wrapping his arms around his legs thinking, 'Thank god Har and B'El got the children back on board with Kat and Chak, if anything happened to them because of me, I'd never forgive myself.'

Stiffening when he heard the creak of the door refusing to glance up he knew who was to prepare him for the bonding Jusa she was Kaila other mate they needed a male to carry their child, that was all he got before they slammed the door shut and that male were a lower than females of their race, males were treated with respect since they were needed to carry the next generation, Kaila father rule was fake his first mate ruled the planet with an iron fist, they figured out that other races deal better with a male so Kaila father became a fake ruler while his mate made all the decisions.

Jusa smirked down at him while saying, "You should be honored that Kaila chose you over everyone else to bear our child."

Glaring up at her hissing, "What part of, I'm married do you not understand? Ohh right none of it,"

Backhanding him, Tom flew back into the wall with a grunt, "I can't bond with Kaila or anyone else for that matter."

"Liar, you have no markings to bear claim to." Jusa back at him.

Holding up his left hand pointing to the two rings twisted so it made one made out of gold and silver, sitting on his ring finger saying, "In my cultural this is all we need to bear witness that we are married." Pausing watching as Jusa thought over what he told her and then told her.

"No you're lying, Kaila wishes you to be the bearer of her children once she has started the bonding, your body will change according to carry the future princess of Garan. Nothing you can say will change it."

With a frustrated sigh, "Gee I can't use that excuse either."

Jusa clicked her fingers and in came three big muscle bound men, shrinking back against the wall with fear written over his face, Tom yelped, "What are they here for?"

With an evil smile, she told him, "They'll here to get you ready for the greatest day in history for the Garan."

Wide eye Tom began shaking as they moved closer to him, Tom begun to scream, "Kat, Chak, Help me."

Kathryn along with her family moved over to her ready room while Harry and Tuvok tried to reach Minster Laij, Chakotay paced and smoothed Sammie at the same time Kathryn sitting on the couch with the twins on either side of her when Tay said, "Mommy?" 

Looking down at him, "Yes Tay."

"Do you think daddy scared?"

Throwing a trouble looked over at Chakotay who had stopped dead in his tracks at his words, not sure how to answer her son question she was glad when Tuvok Commed her, "Sorry Captain for interrupting, Minster Laij is hailing us."

Jumping up from the couch Kathryn told him, "Lets go and find out shall we?" Holding out her hands for both of the boys to grasp once they joined her the Paris-Janeway-Chakotay clan walked out of the ready room to face what the Delta Quadrant threw at them as a family, minus an important member of their family.

Chakotay shifted Sammie so she sat on his hip as they left the captain's ready room squaring his shoulders going into commander mode he followed his wife out of the ready room and on to the bridge.

Once standing in the middle facing the screen Kathryn stared at Laij who looked a bit on the nervous side looking a lot like a Human about from the unusual eye color varying among them like most races did Laij yellow stared out at her flicking off to the right as if he had someone standing next to him making him uncomfortable looking a bit farther her guess was right she could plainly see another shadow along with Laij on the wall behind them.

Pasting a fake smile onto her face, "Greetings Minster Laij."

With a bow of his head he returned her reply, "Captain I thought you had left Garan the Beun Ceremony had just started I'm meant to be over seeing it."

With a glint of what her family called the Iron of Steel look on her face she replied, "That's what I wished to talk to you about."

"Oh?" With a quick glance to his right listening to whoever was standing there at his nod he returned with a faint frown, "Captain I understand that it's one of your crew members who had the honor of joining my daughter, My mate and I invite you to witness this glorious joining."

Holding her hand up to stop him and said, "I wish to stop this glorious joining of yours."

Chakotay stepped closer to his wife to offer his support without voicing his concerns aloud. Laij face changed from happy shocked then anger uttered, "It can't be stopped."

Without flinching Kathryn told him, "The member of my crew who your daughter has chosen to bond with is my husband."

"Your husband? How could this be?" Laij stuttered, "Isn't that man beside you your husband?"

Without looking as Tay whimpered at Laij tone of voice Kathryn said, "I know your customs do not frown on having more than one mate, mine doesn't as well Tom is my husband and so is Chakotay."

With an icy looked Laij turned towards his mate saying, "Did you know that this young man Kaila chose was already joined?"

T'sa growled, "It's not your place to question me Laij we questioned him, he has no markings to prove his claim, look we even asked the children who their father was they told us that Chakotay was their father."

Laij shook his head as Kathryn growled at her, "Of cause he is, they always call Tom daddy and  Chakotay is Papa or Father."

At her shocked looked, T'sa told them, "We can stop my daughter but we can't stop the bonding you both have to come down and take her place."

Looking at her Chakotay asked, "What will happen if the bonding is not finished?"

At their shocked looked Laij responded, "Death."

Chakotay grasped that was the last thing he expected to hear, "Death?"

At his nod he said, "I can explain it later if you wish to keep him alive you need to take my daughter place."

Kathryn placed the boys into her seat while Chakotay handed Sammie to Tuvok, Tay called out, "Papa?" Knowing his parents were in a hurry he rushed on, "Bring daddy back home."

"We will be good." With that they disappeared into the lift that was waiting.

Down on the planet Kathryn and Chakotay beamed into an office which looked like the one Laij had hailed them the first time, standing before them Laij and his mate T'sa.

T'sa nodded at them saying, "We have to explain the bonding to you before we take you to Tom." With a wave of her hand, "Please have a seat."

Clasping Chakotay's hand tighter as they moved to the chairs sitting beside each other no letting his hand go Kathryn sat down leaning on the arm of the chair she found sitting that way help relieve the pressure off the baby she knew that it wasn't proper in meeting but proper be damn she wanted to be comfortable and in being comfortable she had to lean to the side.

Chakotay felt Kathryn leaning against him with a look of worry he mouthed, "Are you Ok?"

At her nod he gave her hand a quick squeeze.

Tom screamed as R'pod, Mey and Huas dragged him toward the upraised platform wide eyed, he saw Kaila standing just below the bed of Ple'wad, to Tom they looked like Rose petals, Kaila was dressed in a see through robe turning his head as he was poked in the side yanking his arm free he tried to throw a punch before his arm was held again in their tight grip.

Kaila stunned at Tom's appearance turned to Jusa asking, "Why is he fighting? This is a great day for our people doesn't he know that?"

Jusa looked at the struggling human saying, "I told him, the It'sasw had a tough time getting him ready."

 "When you get there he will most likely be roughed up, the second is always for some reason a Yud'le that means they like to be rough and the only one who can stop it is the first T'sa stops Jupe from hitting me but some let their second go to far, we have lost some because a Yud'le went to far or the first has no control over their second and I have a feeling our daughter second, Jusa will be hard to control and she controlled the It'sasw they are the ones who prepare the male for the Beun Ceremony and she would have had treat him rough it's not uncommon for the second to use the male and to let the It'sasw to Yut'sdam them." Laij watched as his news sunk in, Laij spat out at their horror, "You call it rape."

Kathryn breathed as she buried her face into Chakotay shoulder she heard Chakotay demanded, "Take us to him."

Wrapping his arm around his wife she could feel the anger flowing through his body, his body was stiff and  rigid.

Just then a female stormed into the room breathless she leaned towards whispering something in her ear, T'sa jumped up from her chair exclaiming, "What?"

T'sa barked out, "Follow me, we have no time to explain the bonding, Kaila ignored me she has carried on with ceremony."

Jumping up from his chair, Chakotay followed them as they lead them down winding corridors with Kathryn gripping his arm tightly as she panted unable to catch her breath breaking his glance from Laij back his face filled with concern, "Kat are you Ok?"

Unable to answer Kathryn nodded, not believing her Chakotay swung her up into his arms saying, "Hold on Kat."

Wrapping her arms around his neck as they raced down the halls following behind Laij and his mates.

T'sa entered the Sacred Hall, pausing just inside the door way taking in everything glancing at her mate and the mates of Tom Paris before calling out, "BEA'LOP! STOP!"

Kaila stood facing her mother shocked that her parents were stopping her from bonding stepping down off the platform anger written over her face, "What the meaning of this Huma? You know that once the bonding has started it can't be stopped."

"Enough I gave orders to stop this bonding a cycle ago. You disobeyed my orders and carried on with the bond."

"What? I received no orders to stop." Kaila snapped.

Jusa backed away knowing that she was in big trouble, she had been given the orders just before entering the hall but chose ignored them, believing that they were being lied to again, Tom had been raving about his supposed mates, while they got him ready, she even took the ring from his finger, she literally ripped it off his finger tearing the skin when it got caught on his knuckle. She felt the ring as it sat in her pocket placing her hand around it as she backed out of the Great hall.

T'sa turned to Jupe asking, "Jupe who did you give the order to?"

Jupe told her, "I told Jusa."

T'sa slowly looked around the room spying the second inching her way towards the great doors leading to the gardens, "Halt Jusa."

Swearing under her breath for getting caught stopping and turned to face her Ruke, lowering her eyes as she slowly made her back to her first and her Huma standing beside her first waiting for T'sa to start what she knew she deserved.

T'sa glared at her saying, "For now Tom is more important than you, once the bonding is completed I'll deal with you Jusa."

One of It'sasw pushed his way forward saying, "Ruke pardon this simple male Fual for what he has to say,  had wronged the bonded she took something off his finger," Pausing his eyes flickered over at her before saying, "He insisted that he couldn't bond with the honored Kaila because within his race they wear what he calls a rings to state whether they are bonded or not, once he showed her Jusa ripped it off his finger."

Jusa glared draggers into his back as T'sa turned to face Kathryn asking, "Is what this Fual has told us correct?"

Kathryn torn her eyes off the slump figure on the platform looking at her with fire in her eyes as she nodded not daring to open her mouth, clutching Chakotay's arm as she looked back at the slumped form of her husband.

Chakotay what to tear them apart for what they have done to his beloved, from where he stood he could see the blood dipping from between his legs he was glad that Kathryn was shorter and couldn't see everything that he could, Chakotay stepped forward demanding, "Where is his ring?"

Fual stepped back in fear as the big man stepped closer to him stutter, "She still has it."

Glaring at the woman in question if looks could kill she would be dead at his feet, hissing at her, "Where is it?"

Straightening her back, she returned his glare, "How dare you talk to me like that."

Kathryn stepped in between them invading Jusa personal space, spat out, "Where is it?" 

Seeing that no one was going to back her up she reached into her pocket and threw the ring into her face, "Here have the stupid thing."

Before anything could get out of hand Fual picked up the ring and handed it to Chakotay saying, "You have to bond with him now, he's dying while she taunts you."

"How dare you overstep your place." Jusa hissed at him.

Kaila in shock looked at her saying in a low voice, "No how dare you," Looking at her with yellow eyes icy, "You disobey orders, I here by banish you from my house pack your gear and be out by time the bonding is over." Turning to face Chakotay and Kathryn lowing her head saying, "I'm sorry for my transgressions but Fual is right you need to hurry if you'll let me, I'll guide you through the bonding."

Tom could hear people talking one of them sounded like Kat, trying to turn his head, he could make out a crowd gathered at the doors, staining his eyes to see what was happening, he wish that he could move without pain or them catching him, he could escape but as faith would have it, he couldn't move a muscle, Spotting his Beloved head thanking the spirits that they were taller than most Garan male not wanting to believe his eyes he tried calling out, "Chak?"

Chakotay heard his name faintly over the noise, only two people called used that shorten version of his name one was standing in front of him and the other laying on the bed of roses, pushing past everyone he walked up the stepped leading to the bed kneeling down beside the bed with a faint grin he looked down at him, "Hey beautiful."

Starring up at his husband of six years with tears flowing down his cheeks, "Hey when do we blow this pop stand?"

Kathryn followed Chakotay as people parted for him standing behind him she reached down cupping Tom's cheek in her hand she huskily told him, "Not yet hon."

Pressing his cheek into her hand tearing his eyes away from Chakotay's ebony orbs into Kathryn's blue-grey ones, "Who looking after the ship and the children?"

With a smile Chakotay told him, "That just like you babe thinking of others, while you're the one danger." 

"They are all in good hands they're missing their daddy though, Tay ordered us to bring you bring home."

Tom fought to keep his eyes open but was losing the battle mumbling, "That my boy,"

Kaila not wanting to intrude in what was a private reunion but knew if they waited any longer they would lose him, "It's time."

Chakotay leant closer, "Tommy you have to hold on for a bit longer, we have to finish what Kaila started."

Tom's eye's widen in fear as he looked at him shaking his head, "No."

"Shh baby she won't be finishing it, Kat and I will do you understand me babe?"

With a sigh of relief, Tom locked his eyes onto Chakotay's asking, "What do I have to do?"

Kaila stood on the other side of the bed saying, "Tom I know that you'll never forgive what we did to you but I have to guide you through the bonding, please do as I tell you."

With a nod, Tom glanced over at Kathryn, "I know I'm being stupid, but tell her that I will do what she tells me."

Smiling at him she told him, "I'm glad that you know it's stupid but I understand." Looking over at Kaila saying, "Tom will do as you say but won't talk to you."

"Understood and Tom, I don't blame you." Looking at the blond man she could see his love pouring out for his mates how did she miss that?

Stepping closer saying, "The start the bond has already be done, so all you need to do is make love when you draw closer to spilling your seed, you all need to place your hands on each other heart and repeat what I say," At their looks she waved her hand saying, "It will just be the four of us in the room, we usually bond in front of our families."

Kathryn asked as the people left the room, "What do I need to do?"

"I see that in your race it's the female that carry the child but in this case Tom body has gone under the change that is while this needs to carry on if we stop a bond on a  Garan male he will not died but we have discovered that doing so within another race the toxins from our bodies can kill them. I know that not what you asked but you just do what you usually do when they make love, I'll step behind the screen, sorry that is all the privacy I can give you." 

Waiting till she stepped behind the screen they begun undressing once naked they climbed upon to the bed lying on either side of Tom, Chakotay hand over Tom's chest tweaking a nipple while asking, "Hon are you alright with this?"

Weakly Tom uttered, "As long as it's you two, I'm fine but I gotta warn you, I may not play as much."

With a chuckle, Chakotay leaned in to kiss him, hands roaming his body feeling hands on his back nails light scratching his back moaning in pleasure rolling till he was on top of Tom and closer to Kathryn's roaming hands.

Breaking the kiss so they could breath, Chakotay looked into Tom's flushed face, "God you're beautiful Poocuh."

Grinding his groin into Tom's moaning, "God Tom, I need to feel you."

Thrusting his hips up into Chakotay's while feeling Kathryn licking and nipping his neck, turning his head as she pulled back, he claimed her lips with his, licking her lips with his tongue seeking permission to enter, once her lips parted his tongue darted inside running his tongue over her teeth.

Chakotay watched as his wife and husband kissed each other, lifting Tom's legs up to his shoulders, he torn his eyes away to drink in the sight of Tom's gift knowing what laid deep inside, frowning at the sight of blood there, he grabbed up the corner of the sheet to wipe Tom's opening, dropping the sheet Chakotay lowering his head, he kissed the pucker, flicking his tongue over the opening raising his eyes so he could see Tom whither with pleasure.

Breaking off the kiss with his wife, Tom moved his mouth to her breast before latching onto the teat he moaned, "Chak, I need you."

With a moan Kathryn held his head to her breast locking her eyes onto Chakotay as he lined up his cock to Tom's opening, she loved to watch them both when they were entering each other knowing the feeling herself of filled, reaching between Tom's legs she begun to stoke Tom's hard length.

Waiting for Chakotay to set the pace Kathryn watched as he moaned as he entered Tom watching as he deepen the thrust timing her stoke to match Chakotay's thrusts.

Chakotay felt as if he entered heaven pressing into Tom's tight passage, thrusting into his mate he could feel his climax building he wasn't going to last much longer, calling out to Kaila, "Oh god, Kaila if you wanna start anytime soon before it's to late." Looking down he watched as Kathryn released Tom's cock to place one hand over Tom's heart and her other on his, wondering how he was going to full fill his part of the deal then smiled as Tom wrapped his legs around his waist to hold him up, placing one hand over Kat's heart and inter winding his fingers with Kat's making sure that his fingers touched Tom skin, watching as Tom and Kathryn did the same, "Kaila ready when you are."

Hearing him, Kaila begun to recite from the ancients text, "From this day we become one, from this day forth my heart belong to you." 
Chakotay felt the familiar sensation radiating through his body, his balls tightening against his body, the room begun fade away, only the connection between their joined bodies and their hands over their hearts remaining. As he thrusted harder and deeper into Tom, he felt his hand begin to tingle as his climax drew closer. Deepen his stoke once, twice his come erupting into his lovers body, screaming louder than he ever had in his life. 
Kathryn watched as Tom came with a scream erupting over his chest without any aid.
Catching Chakotay on his way down, Kathryn laid his head on her lap, as Kaila finished the last of text, "Ruis bless this bond with a child."

Tom weakly rolled to his side throwing an arm around Chakotay's waist, while Kathryn pulled up a sheet to cover them, resting his head on Chakotay broad chest he welcome the darkness that waited for him.

Kaila stepped out from behind the screen nodding saying, "It's done. We just need to check that Tom is with child and that your link is working."

Shocked Chakotay, who had been resting with his eyes close and enjoying the feel of Tom's puff of breath tickle his chest, "Link what link?"

Kaila frowned, "How much do you know about the bond?"

Kathryn said, "Your parents were explaining it to us, when Jupe told us that the Ceremony was still going."

"What do you know of the Bond?"

"Not much they had just told us about the second things that lead up to the Bond."

Taking a deep breath as she checked Tom over running wand over him, she frowned at the readings, "It seems my second used him and let the It'sasw use him as well, after I told her not to no one but me was to touch him," Wiping the sweat that was gathering around Tom's hairline looking over at them with sorrow, "I'm sorry, I know that not enough for the damage that has been done for this misunderstanding and I know that there is nothing I can so to make up for it, I hope that you don't judge my race through my actions."

Looking at the wand again, brightening a bit saying, "The Bond was a success he is with two girl children and the link is working."

With a smile, she looked down at Tom's still form saying, "From this day forth you will be able to speak without words."


At Kaila nod she noticed their frowns she asked, "Will that be a problem?"

Chakotay shook his head saying, "Not for me but Tom may not like the idea."

Tom moaned, "Tom don't care if he can read your mind or you reading mine, I have no secrets from you two."

"I don't have a problem either, will we be able to read others minds?"

Tom tightening his grip on Chakotay, cheeky said, "Ohh what fun we could have, if we could."

"Behave mister."

"Soil sport, not even Tuvok?"


"Sorry to soil your fun Tom but the link is only between the three of you, so your fun will be limited to Chakotay and Kathryn."

Pursing her lips as she watched Tom take in the news, dreading what Tom would do when suddenly she heard him say, 'I'll behave Kat.'

Looking over at Tom, who was still lying with his head still on Chakotay's chest with a smile, 'I know you will love.'

Kaila watch as they looked at each other in shock with a smile she told them, "It may take a while to get use to it."

Holding Tom to his chest as he sat up, Chakotay asked, "Is it alright if we can get dressed and head back to our ship?"

Replacing the wand back in it's spot saying, "Yes I'll let you get dressed and walk you to my parents, I'm sure they will want to say goodbye."

Waiting for Kaila to leave them before hoping off the bed, Tom wrapped the sheet about him watching as Chakotay and Kathryn got dress admiring the view, he loved to watch them dress or undress in front of him.

Kathryn paused as she noticed that Tom was just sitting watching them get dress, "Tom?"

"Mmm?" Tearing his eyes off Chakotay butt as he bent over to pick up his shirt.

"Just what do you think you're doing Mister?" 

With a grin he looked back disappointed that Chakotay had straighten up saying, "Just admiring the view love."

Totally forgetting that they could hear him, he thought to himself, 'Damn what a fine ass and what was Starfleet thinking making the uniforms like that?'

Chakotay with a grin said out aloud, "Ask them when we get home."

"What?" Tom head shot up asking, "Did I say that out loud?"

Kathryn lean over tapping his head saying, "No you thought it and I agree he does have a fine ass and come to think of it so do you." Watching as Tom's face turned red she loved to make him blush he turned a nice shade of red.

"Kat!" Moving slowly off the bed Tom wrapped the sheet tighter around his aching body not really wanting to move but he didn't want to spend another minute longer on this cursed planet than he had to limping towards the main doors when he heard Chakotay calling him.

"Tom where do you think you're going?"

Turning to face them saying, "I'm not going home wrapped up in this, they can replace my clothes, since they did destroyed what I was wearing."

Chakotay holding his jacket in his hands as he moved towards him saying, "Wait here Love, I'll get them to get you some clothes, I'm not risking them seeing you like that and have them change their minds about you."

"I agree, they have seen more than they should of you."  Kathryn told him as she lead him back to the bed wishing for some chairs for him to sit in, pulling out a tricorder she changed the settings so she could check Tom over.

With a sigh, Tom watched as Chakotay ducked out of the room, worried about Tom placing a hand on Tom's chest asking, "Tom what wrong?"

Looking at his wife's face full with love and concern covering her hand with one of his saying, "How did I get so lucky to get you and Chak in one fell swoop and to top that off three great children and another three on the way?"

With a smile stepped in between his legs Kathryn laid her head on his shoulder saying, "I don't know but if you're lucky what does that make Chak and me?"


Swatting him lightly turning her face up so she could see his face she could see the fear clouding his eyes lifting a hand she cupped his cheek in her hand saying, "Tom?"

"I'm scared Kat, I have no idea what to do, I'm with child, is it ours or hers?"

Chakotay returned with clothes for Tom, he had standing just inside the door watching an unguarded moment between Kat and Tom moving towards saying, "Ours Tom, the twins are yours, mine and Kat's."

Resting his chin on top of Kat's head as Chakotay moved closer to them his arms loaded with clothes shoes dangled from his fingers dropping the gear of the bed he wrapped his arms around both of them dropping a kiss on both of their foreheads leaning his forehead against Tom's saying, "Babe you're not going to be alone in this Kat and I will be with you every step of the way."

"I know that I never doubted it but we need to find out how I'll give birth and is this a one time thing." Tom explained to them.

Releasing them, Chakotay said, "Get dress and we'll ask them."

Tom tried to hide the shiver that ran down his spine, saying, "I don't think, I can face them."

Chakotay was proud of Tom to admit that he was scared, over the years Tom would hide his fears behind one of his many masks, it took Kathryn and him two years of tag teaming Tom, to finally break through to him and admit his feelings for them and to break down the walls that he hid behind for to many years, that had been over seven years, "Tom, you don't have to face them, before we leave we can get the doctor to have them explain everything we need to know, to tell you the truth, I don't want to face them either, if I did I might just break some jaws."

Reaching for the clothes Chakotay handed them over to him saying, "They gave these to me for you." 

"Thanks." Sorting through the clothes picking up a pair of black pants knowing that Chakotay had a say in what clothes were picked, Tom asked, "I hope they fit."

"Oh they will I gave them you size for the shirt and pants."

Wriggling into the pants he had given up wearing any form of underwear, when he was teenager, zipping them up picking up the flowing black shirt that had buttons that ran half way down the shirt shoving his arms through the sleeves shrugged into it he begun to button it up once done he held out his arms twirling on his heels, "How I look?"

"Good enough to eat." Was his reply.

"That what I was aiming for, no if none of you mind lets blow this joint." Tom strolled out of the Great hall.

Chakotay called out, "Hey Tom I think you're forgetting something."

With a frown Tom faced him, "Nah I don't. . . my ring, Jusa took it off me, I think she still has it."

Uncurling his fingers with a smile, "One of the males told us about the ring I think his name is. . ."

Looking at Chakotay with tears threatening to fall saying, "Fual, he tried to stop her from doing what she did, she threw him out room."

With shakily fingers Tom picked his ring up with a weak smile he slipped it back on where it belong. With a sunny smile he called out as he strolled to the door, "Last one back has to pay for dinner."

With a shake of their heads at his mood change, they followed him out of the great hall to find Tom standing hopping from one foot to the other standing in front of him was Laij and T'sa standing before him waiting for them to come out.

Once Chakotay and Janeway stepped out, Tom moved to stand behind them with his head down his move didn't go unnoticed by them they stepped closer T'sa held out her hand revealing three rings saying, "These are for you." 

Kathryn told her, "We can't accept theses."

T'sa told her, "These rings are apart of the bond they are made just for you the colors represent each of you." Pointing to the different colors saying, "This light blue represents Tom, this brown is Chakotay and this sliver blue is yours Captain when you bonded the Ruis made these just for you no one may wear them."

Handing them each a ring saying, "I know that this won't make up for what happened, we added more supplies than what we agreed to and Tom."

Tom shook his head saying, "No don't say a word." With that Tom walked away.

Chakotay followed him he heard Kathryn telling them, "Forgive him but this had been hard. . . ."

Laij cut in saying, "No need to explain."

Chakotay wrapped his arms around Tom resting chin on Tom's shoulder saying, "Tom it's OK."

"I know it's hard though." Leaning against Chakotay chest, "I just wanna go home and surround myself with the love of people who care for me."

"Well lets do that then." Kathryn told them, "We are free to go and I know of three little people who are waiting for their daddy to come home." Tapping he badge she said, "Three to beam aboard."

Feeling the familiar tingle as they disappeared from the planet Garan to only appear in transported room two to find Harry and B'Elanna waiting with their children.

Stepping of the pad Tom couched down and opened his arms wide saying, "Anyone got a hug for the wandering daddy?"

With a squeal of delight Tay, Nika and Sammie threw themselves at him Tay told him as they toppled over to the floor, "Daddy I missed you." 

Hugging them to him with a sigh, "I missed you as well."

The End