Once again, dedicated to the little cuddly wuddlies who add light to our lives!

 Warning: Ditto to the first warning. Gotta check for any dental cavity.

 Disclaimer: Chak and Tom belong to Paramount. This story is not for profit, only the satisfaction of the readers!

 Pairing: C/P *grin* and a little pup called Tundra


 Rating: G ...goofiness personifed!

 Tiny Paws II

"Tundra, stop CHEWING my boots!"

 Angry mystic warrior yelling at the top of his lungs. Runs over and rescues his gnawed Starfleet issued boots (once shining with Kiwi shoe polish). Laces look frayed like his nerves.

 The culprit: a cute Siberian husky with puppy eyes and lolling tongue.

 Mystic warrior glares at culprit, shoves his boots to a safe corner. Returns back to meditation.

 <<<*insert new age ocean/killer whale/splashing waves type of music*>>>

 Pant. Pant. Bark. Chew.

 <<<*insert murderous black images*>>>

 "ARGH! My medicine bundle!"

 Culprit still chewing the edges of the bundle happily.

 Mystic warrior controls his temper, deciding to call for reinforcements.

 "Tiger, *your* Tundra is eating my medicine bundle alive ..."

 Blue-eyed babe, fresh out from shower, drips across the floor. Scoops up cute little teething culprit.

 "Aww, Chak. He's only teething ...look, he's growing little canines ..."

 Mystic warrior glowers. "He *chewed* on my boots."

 "Aww, Chak. He's only a pup!" Blue-eyed babe bats eyelids sweetly.

 Yeah, Mystical Warrior thinks darkly. What if he grows into ...


 * * * * * *
30 mins later
* * * * * *


 Blue-eyed blonde babe brings out a yellow dog-dish with Tundra emblazoned on it. Glossy-looking meaty chunks look faintly delicious.

 A ball of thundering Tundra hurls across the room, sees the meaty chunks and gobbles them down.

 "Aww, how *cute* ..."

 Mystical Warrior sighs from his quiet little corner.

 "Tiger, I have been ...thinking."

 Blue-eyed babe knows the tone. It is the Chakotay-Serious tone.

 "I think Tundra is cute ...but look, he's turning our quarters into a warzone ..."

 Indicates frayed cushions, paw-prints and spots of ummentionables.

 Blue-eyed babe pouts, eyes watering.

 "You bought Tundra, you know ..."

 Pout, shiny bright eyes.

 Shit, Mystical Warrior grumbles. He's doing *that* again.

 Normally, strong brave resilient Mystical Warrior loses.

 "Give him another chance *okay*?"

 Mystical Warrior sighs.

 MW: 0.

 Dog: 100.

 * * * * * *
Another day
* * * * * *

"Tundra is growing bigger!"

 Happy blonde haired babe clapping his hands, grinning from eye to eye.

 Yeah, Mystical Warrior thinks. Like the size of a small pony.


 A ceramic vase shatters.

 "ARGH!" Mystical Warrior shouts. "My Aztec bowl!"


 The cabinets shake as big big Tundra runs away, pink tongue rolling around.

 Mystical Warrior fixes blonde-eyed babe a Glare.

 Blonde-eyed babe Glares back.

 <<<*a Glaring match ensures*>>>

* * * * * *
Ten minutes later
* * * * * *

<<<*still Glaring*>>>

 Tundra pounding around, a young energetic growing pup on the move.

 Mystical Warrior gives up.

 "Okay, I give up ..."

 Blonde-eyed babe sighs with relief.

 Big grin.

 "Time to bring him for a walk!"

 Mystical Warrior sighs.

 It is going to be a long long journey.

continues,hopefully, in part three