In honour of pets (and their cuteness ...) *grin*

Warning: the following story contains 100% sweetness. Be prepared to go to the nearest dentist to check for cavities ...
Disclaimer: Chakotay and Paris belong to Paramount Pictures.
Pairing: Chakotay/Paris
Alternate Universe
Rating: G (G for "general goofiness")

"Tiny Paws"


 "What's this?" Blue eyes watch sparkly dog collar suspiciously.

 Grinning boyfriend grins even wider. "Just close your eyes."

 So blue eyed babe shuts his eyes and hopes for a miracle. Hears boyfriend running into bedroom and running out again.

 "You can open your eyes now!"

 Cracks open one eyelid and sees a pup. A cute fluffy-looking pup. Grey, white paws. Liquid intelligent eyes. Tiny big tongue.


 "Chak, is this a joke?"

 Boyfriend suddenly looks crest-fallen. "I thought you liked dogs ..."

 "I do! I do!" Blue-eyed hunk quickly apologises, noticing puppy-dog eyes (not from the canine). Scoops up the pup and holds it gently.

 "It's a Siberian husky pup ..."

 "Good Lord, do you think Kathryn is going to LET us keep the dog?"

 The pup chooses the moment to pee.


 "The carpet!"

 "My shirt!"

 After ten minutes of frantic looks and tissue paper, the trio finally settle down, away from the indiscreet brown spot on the carpeted floor.

 "I think I used up the entire can of air-freshener ..." Blue eyed babe sighs and strokes the little pup who yawns mightily.

 **How cute ...** Happy boyfriend smiles at the sight of lover and pet together. Sunlight streaming in and coating the two would make the picture look more wholesome.

 "We need to get the pup good pet-food ..." A happy grin. "And I will call it Tundra ..."

 * * * *


 Tired partner wakes up to find shocked boyfriend literally jumping up and down.

 "What's wrong?" Tone of infinite patience.

 "Look ..."

 Sees only the little pup sleeping on the bed.

 "I am NOT sharing the bed with Tundra!"

 "There's nothing wrong with Tundra, tiger."


 Partner haughtily marches off to the sitting room.

 * * * *

 End of "Tiny Paws", Part One.