Warning: the following story will contain a m/m relationship. Warning, Will Robinson! Warning!

Disclaimer: Chakotay and Paris belong to Paramount Pictures. Also any misinformation about the breeding habits of seahorses can be attributed to author’s lack of knowledge. 

Author: Ki (Ki Chng or Ki Slash).

Series: none. 

Categories: humor/parody, spew-warning! This is a silly piece of fluff!

Summary: Inspired by the talk on male pregnancy on CeePee4Mee. To all my lists on CeePee4Mee, Cha_Club, cpsg and VSPS. Chakotay and Tom talk about pregnancy and the miracles of life. 

Rating: PG.

Title: “Seahorses do it too!”

 **** *** ****
Seahorses do it too!
**** *** ****
“Ahem. What are you reading, Chak?”

 Screen went blank, replaced by screen-saver. Sheepish grin on culprit’s face, making him look totally fetching with his dimples. 

“Nothing, tiger.”

 “You are so *bad* at lying,” Tom grinned and pressed a panel. Lines of words appeared, marching across the screen boldly. Chakotay groaned and hid his face. His partner peered closer and began reading: “The male seahorse will store the eggs in his egg-pouch so that he can incubate them for a given number of days...”

 Silence in the quarters. A muffled sneeze could be heard, coming from next door. Tom read it again, let it sink into his brains... and began laughing. His face turned red, his ears a delicious shade of tomato. Chakotay sat crest-fallen and wished that his own blush would go away. 

“Why are you reading up on the breeding habits of seahorses?” Tom stifled his laughter, noting how somber his partner had become.

 “Well,” Chakotay said slowly, turning to face Tom. “Some folks in the newsgroups are apparently talking about male pregnancy.“

 “What have seahorses got to do with male pregnancy?” The blue twinkle was back with a wicked edge. 

The muffled sneeze could be heard once more. 

“Seahorses do it too,” Chakotay stated. “The males store the fertilized eggs inside them.” 

“So, in effect, they *are* pregnant males,” Tom said levelly. He gazed intently at Chakotay. “Why? Do you want to become pregnant?”

 “No! No...err...”

 “You want me to be *pregnant*?” Snort of disbelief. 


 “Chak, a baby is not something to be taken lightly. We need to plan, work something out. Remember when Sam had Naomi. She told me that she wanted to get her tubes tied!” 

“You don’t have tubes,” Chakotay grinned, his dimples deepening alarmingly. 

“Sure enough, bud. I am a man. A *male*.” Tom said, getting a little agitated. “I have a willy. Not an uterus!” Seeing Chakotay’s expression, he pressed on. “And I am definitely not a seahorse!” His tiny speech done, he sank down into a chair and rubbed his face. 

“Do you remember the vid you showed me once?” 

“Huh?” Blue eyes indicating a wee bit of irritation. 

“Remember ‘Junior’?”

 “Chak, don’t you dare get me started...”

 The two men became quiet once more, the discussion having taken a nose-plunge of sorts. Chakotay went back to his reading. Tom contemplated on the miracles of life. 



 “Tell me more about seahorses...”

 Chakotay’s mouth quirked in a small smile. 

“For educational purposes...”

 The smile disappeared.