Warning: the following story contains m/m contents.

Disclaimer: Chakotay and Paris belongs to Paramount Pictures.

Pairing: C/P. 

Author: Ki (Ki Slash or Ki Chng).

Categories: angst, POV, a/u. 

Series: The Plenty series. Side-story/interlude. 

Summary: It is a rainy afternoon. Inspired by the rain outside the window. 

Rating: PG-13. (language)

Title: “Rainy Afternoon”

 *** *** **
Rainy Afternoon
*** *** ***

It is such a luxury to wake up in a cocoon of blankets and clean sheets, to hear the rain falling outside the window. A luxury to snuggle up in bed and look at the sky. The clouds are stained with dark grey and they look watery, with the window-panes covered with rainwater. I watch the rain trickle down the glass, listen to the soft piter-patering of the raindrops. 

I burrow into the bed, feeling deliciously warm. Arms curl around my waist, tighten. There is soft snoring, a slight rasping cough. But otherwise, nothing earthshaking. It is simply bliss. Such moments like these are hard to come by and I cherish them as deeply as precious gems. 

Thunder rumbles across the sky and I can feel its rhythm resonating with the aged timbers of the cabin room. Next to me, the snoring stops for a few seconds and resumes. I close my eyes, enjoying the familiarity of the sound. I have grown to love it. 

A soft meow and Dimitri jumps onto the bed. He pads up the bed and immediately curls up beside my head, his tail tickling my nose. He looks at me with those amber eyes, yawns mightily and tucks himself into a tight ball. I place my palm on his back, feeling reassured by the steady purring. 

Dimitri was a present from Harry. He came to our doorstep in the form of a grey scruffy-looking kitten, mewing piteously. He hated leaving the cage and Harry spent a decent 30 mins, trying to get him out. Now, Dimitri is the king of the household, next to Chakotay. 

I smile to myself. Cat and man are happily asleep. I am content to lie here and enjoy their company. I want to sleep longer but already my mind is starting to wake. Snatches of images and problems appear unbidden and unorganized. Snatches and whispers of the message returning to haunt me. The memory of faces, my friends and the doctor’s, becoming clearer and more insistent. 

Almost immediately, I feel myself tightening up. Mental gates clanging shut. I am not going to think about it. 

Do I really want to pretend to be someone else? Do I really want to smile and act all filial? I spent a whole damned chunk of my life, pretending to be someone else. I am definitely not going to repeat the experience again. I know that I am his son and I have my obligations to perform. But that is about it. Chakotay has lectured me on my attitude, that I am acting exceedingly cold when it comes to Owen. “The man has Alzheimer’s, Tom. Let the past go.” Chakotay’s words echo in my head and I sigh, shaking my head.

 Chakotay never knew how much I went through with that man. 

I have done caring too much and I have already reached my limit.

 Dimitri gives a mew and stands up, stretching himself. His tail flicks, a subtle comment. He rubs his head against my cheek once and pads away, leaping off the bed. I can hear his claws all the way to the kitchen. 

I gaze at the rainwater and close my eyes, pressing myself against the warm body of my lover. Chakotay sleeps like a log. I am glad that he is sleeping. The coughing fits seem to have stopped. At least, Doc’s hypospray formula is working. I dread to lose my closest and dearest of friends. He is not only my lover, he is my only confidante. 

Owen. Chakotay. 

Maybe, I have to start caring again. At least, the psychological bruises have healed. Tender, but healed. 

With another sigh, I decide to go back to sleep. I am not on the ship anymore. I am no longer pilot, lieutenant and officer. I am only Thomas Eugene Paris. Matters can wait for another day.