Warning: the following story contains semi-explicit m/m contents.

Disclaimer: Chakotay, Paris, Ayala and Geron belong to Paramount Pictures

Pairings: C/P, Ayala/Geron

Fandom: ST: VOY

Rating: NC-17

Category: angst, violence, m/m sex

Warning: violence, DARK thoughts

Summary: Ayala's thoughts on our favorite pilot and his relationship with our favorite Commander. **Strong content** A short fic. 


I have been on this ship long enough to know who you are. Yes, I do know you. Everyone talks about you. The female population onboard whisper and point behind your back. Yes, you with the blonde hair and the blue eyes. The one who is handsome and arrogant. 

Yes, you. I am talking about you. 

You strut along the corridor like some peacock. You know, a peacock? All flash and all talk. Makes a lot of noise so that you get the maximum attention. I hate it, do you understand that? I hate it when you parade your looks in front of everyone. 

I wasn't surprised when Chakotay fell in love with you. He always has a certain weakness for the fragile and delicate who elicit his protective instincts. Even in the Maquis. He did it with Seska, venomous she-snake she was. He did it with any damsel in distress. 

He fell in love with you. 

You, the Maquis traitor. Yeah, you act the cocky rebel most of the time. Oozing sarcastic wit and charm. Yeah right. As if I believe you. Go ahead, make me. I long to break your bones, see bruises spead across your pale skin. 

Nobody listens to me, the security guy. Nice Ayala, married with kids. Mr Unassuming who pretty much stays in the background. Yeah. Ayala who does his job without any complaint. I am the typical nondescript guy whom nobody cares about.

Nobody listens to me, except for Geron. He listens to me rant privately about you. At least, he listens, nodding as I talk about you and Chakotay. Even after sex, he is still willing to stay on and listen. He is young and impressionable, eager to please me. 

I can just imagine you lifting your eyebrow in silent challenge. You seem to see anyone ...everyone as a stumbling block. Challenge me, Maquis traitor and Starfleet washout. Yeah, I know your history. Your father hates your living guts and doesn't give a damn about you. You are also jailbait. You actually faked your testimony during your court-marshal. You are pretty slick, do you know? 

Chakotay has fallen heads over his butt in love with you. It must be your 'hurt inner child' look. The abused kid who needs a lot of love. Yeah right. You can keep on fooling the captain and the entire ship. But you can't fool me. 

You are a peacock. Pretty. Flashy colors. But you are useless at the end. Pluck your tail feathers and you are nothing. Strut all you can. Your time will come when you fall from the sky.

Geron says that my dislike for you has gotten a little too weird for him. Poor kid. His Bajoran sensibility is easily offended. I wonder as I fuck him late at night, how you will look when you are having sex with Chakotay. Do you scream out like Geron when I enter him from behind? Do you grimace with pleasure and pain when you feel your lover's hot throbbing cock ramming into your nice butt? Do you? Do you obey your lover's commands when he orders you to suck on his organ? Do you sigh with delight like my Geron?

You. Mr Peacock. 

You are annoying from the start. You talk too much. You are overrated. I was really surprised that Captain Janeway took the opportunity to give you parole. I would rather leave you there, let you die a jailbait. I am not sure what she saw in you. As if I care.

I am advised to talk to somebody about my problem. Yeah right. What problem? You are the problem. 

I really wonder how Chakotay makes love to you. The guy truly likes you, you see that? I simply can't imagine his mouth moving down your chest. I can't imagine him parting your legs and squeezing your balls. As if you have balls. You are only a peacock. All talk and no balls. 

Geron says I am getting obsessive. Damn it. I am not obsessed, Geron. Open your eyes, kid. 

What do you have what I do not? Even Geron is attracted to you. 

Damn you, peacock. I will wring your neck one day if I find the chance. I will make sure of that. I don't care if Chakotay comes after me with a phaser rifle. I am Nice Ayala who is married with kids. Who will suspect me? I am the quiet Security officer who is content to stay at the back. 

Geron. That kid has listened to me way too long. 

Yet, Geron comes to my bed willingly. I will call and he will arrive promptly, standing in front of my doorstep. Do you do that too? Geron is obedient and I have trained him well. How about you? Does Chakotay train you? No. Chakotay is too weak. His love has made him into a sissy. You know something? You made him into this wimp and I will never forgive you. 

Geron ... 

He looks at me with a mixture of worship and fear. He dares not defy me, even though I hit him with my hand every night. Geron is a nice kid and I want to keep him next to me. 

But you ... 

I hate you, Tom Paris. Peacock.