Warning: the following story contains homoerotic contents. Please stop reading IF you are below the legal age (that is, 18 years old). IF you are above 18, you can read on. Furthermore, if you are easily offended by male/male relationships or sexual material, STOP reading NOW.

Disclaimer: Chakotay and Paris are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. This story is ONLY a PRODUCT of my imagination. It is not used for profit, only the satisfaction of my readers.

Fandom: Star Trek Voyager

Pairing: Chakotay/Paris(?) (C/P)

Rating: PG

[definitely AU]

summary: Basically a silly story, Chakotay left home alone (or onboard the ship!) and a surprise from naughty prankster of a lover. Inspired by a yaoi manga ...*grin*

"Paris Sex-Droid 2000"

"Take care of yourself, Commander!"

An impish grin, a naughty wink. 

"Don't fool around when I am absent!"

Cobalt-blue eyes twinkling with devilish humor.

* * * *


Boredom so thick you can cut with a butter knife.

Yawns and puts down PADD.

*You are bored, Chakotay. Admit it.*

Scratches nuts. Wonders what wonder boy is doing on Planet X.

*Probably having a great time ...without me!*

The door bell chimes.

Opens door. A pimply ensign grins, pushing a big ribboned box on a trolley.

"Package for you sir. Please sign here."

Blink. Blink. Signs automatically. Pimply ensign walks off.

*Okay, what do we have here?*

Tacky box with FEDERATION EXPRESS on it. Pink ribbon. 

Opens it. Sees only white foam. 

*What's this button for?*


White foam begins to shake. Box begins to vibrate. It looks as if it is going to blow any second.

Tactfully backs away.

A person stands up, tons of white foam cascading off like a mini avalanche.

Brown eyes become the size of saucers. Swallows. Gulps.


Blue blue eyes blink. Eye lashs bat seductively. Red lips pout. Torso wrapped in a tight tight tight white halter top shirt, midriff baring. Torn blue jeans, revealing glimpses of nice white buttocks.


"Tom, is this a *joke*?" 

Megawatt dazzling smile. Steps out from box daintily.

"No. I am *not* Tom, my beautiful master. I am only a synthetic replica of your lover. Let me *introduce* myself. I am your ultimate dream, your ideal toy boy. I am Paris Sex-Droid 2000, especially designed to satisfy your *every* need and pleasure."

Smooth irish bailey cream smooth voice.

"You must be *joking*." Suspicious glare. Darts furtive glance at impressive six-pack midriff. 

"No, my hunky master. I am not joking." Another lightbulb-bright smile, almost blinding. Lifts white shirt to reveal right breast. "Press my right nipple please."


"Don't grunt, my beautifully made master. It does not *become* you." Bat eye lashes.

Reaches out a nervous finger, presses offered nipple.

"OoooOoooooo ..."

Out pops something looking like a control panel with a lot of pretty lights.

"See. I am only a Sex-Droid. With these controls, you can *learn* how to activate all my pleasure centres. I am also programmed to suit your every need."

Throbbing ache in tattooed temple. Rubs face. 

"I also come with my own accessories." Bends over with pretty tush sticking out playfully, takes out another smaller box. 

"What accessories?" Blinks uncomprehendingly.

Slender fingers open box to show a line of dildos. Big ones, small ones. Knobbly ones, glow-in-the-dark ones. Long ones, short ones. With the colors of the rainbow.

"What in the ---"

"Impressed, my sexy master? There are *also* flavored dildos. There is the chocolate one, the banana one and oh yes, the lemon sorbet!"

"Err ..."

"Nervous?" Laughs delicately. "I am also designed for B and D." Lifts out a leather thong the size of a postage stamp. 

Swallows. "You are serious?"

"I am a Sex-Droid and of course I am serious! Your lovely companion made me specifically to surprise you, my delicious master." Coos like miss sweetie pie and leans over, tickles brown-eyed babe's balls.

Brown eyed babe jumps back (of course).

Puppy dog blue eyes suddenly abrim with moisture. Lips tremble, quiver. 

"You hate me, don't you?" Shaking voice, hint of titanic temper tantrum.

"No ...no ..." Quickly soothes sad Sex-Droid. "I don't hate you!"

Big big smile. Clasps hands happily, gushes. "You are not? I am *so* happy! 

"Good ..."

"Come, my magnificently built master. LET me pleasure you!"

* * * *

Kiss. Kiss.

"Did you like your trip to Planet X?"

"I did." Kiss. Hug.

"Hey, I like your present ..."

"What present?"

"You know. The Paris Sex-Droid?"


* * * *

In a corner of the ship, muffled laughter could be heard.

The End