The Lady and the Unicorn

Hear, my lords and ladies, the words of Ki, who, when she has the opportunity, does not squander her talents.

 Hear the words from my mouth as I will relate briefly a tale which I know to be true. This tale is an adventure of love and courage.

 So listen, those who are worthy and courtly. 


At that time the proud ship Voyager roamed the stars. The ship had a worthy captain who was at once beautiful and wise. The captain had an able first officer. His name was Chakotay. He was at once brave and handsome, beloved by everyone. But Nature had done him such a grievous wrong that he never displayed the slightest interest in love. There was no lady or maiden on the ship however noble or beautiful, who would not have been happy to accept him as her lover, if she sought her love. Yet he showed no visible interest in love and was thus considered a lost cause by stranger and friend alike.

On the proud ship was another able officer who was also the pilot. His name was Tom Paris. The young man was wise, brave and loved by everyone. His hair was flaxen gold and his eyes were blue as rare sapphires. His beauty was admired by all. 

Then one day, the brave Chakotay saw the beautiful Paris and his heart was instantly smitten. All his friends rejoiced for him, seeing that he had finally found love. Word reached the ears of the young pilot who had won the heart of the first officer. He was delighted and pleased. But he acted so exceedingly cold and aloof that Chakotay became distressed. The first officer complained to the stars, ' Alas.' He sighed sadly and pined away.

Chakotay was very much in love and either had to receive relief or be forced to live a life of misery. His blight was witnessed by a mysterious being who appeared to him secretly. This being was well-versed in the arts of sorcery. 'I will help you and teach the young man a lesson in love,' said the mysterious being. 'How?' asked the puzzled Chakotay. 'Have you heard of the unicorn?' The sorcerous being asked. 'Yes,' replied Chakotay.
'So be it, ' the impish being laughed and snapped his fingers. Chakotay disappeared in a flash of light and in his place was an unicorn, pure white in color. A pearly horn shone on his forehead. The mysterious being laughed once more and was gone, leaving behind the creature who, shocked by the sudden change, hid himself in seclusion.

The news arrived to the ears of the haughty Paris that Chakotay had not been found. A pang of guilt began to trouble the young pilot. 'I have been too harsh to the brave Chakotay,' he thought sadly and sighed. He was so distraught that he locked himself in his quarters and refused to come out. He too was tortured by Love. 'Brave Chakotay, where are you ?' He breathed softly, staring out into the stars. At this point, I think, the mysterious being appeared once more. Paris was frightened by this apparition who only smiled and lifted a hand to placate the trembling young pilot.

'Fear not, ' said the mysterious sorcerer. 'I know where Chakotay is. Come with me.' So they went, in search of the first officer. They came to the portals of the Holodeck and the stranger led the pilot into its bowers. They stepped into a sun-dappled forest. There were flowers of all colors and shapes. Fallen leaves covered the ground. Sunlight streamed from the tops of trees. 

'Sit here,' the stranger commanded and so Paris sat on a boulder, covered by the warm sunlight. 'Sit here and wait.' Again, the mysterious being was gone like magic. 

Paris sat on the boulder for a while and he got impatient. He believed he was the subject of a cruel jest. He was about to leave when he heard hoof-beats. Aroused by curiosity, he went to investigate and spied a most beautiful animal drinking at the gentle stream. The creature had a sharp horn on its forehead. Its coat was pure white. 'An unicorn, ' Paris said to himself in surprise. He sat down to watch the beautiful creature. It turned around and saw Paris sitting in the sunlight. It trotted over, as if it had seen a loved one, knelt down and rested its head on Paris's lap. 

The young pilot was startled by the unicorn's sudden act. But he began to stroke the creature's face. He realized the beast meant him no harm. The purity of the animal touched him and he thought of Chakotay. He sighed and said, 'If only Chakotay is here ...' Behold, there came the sound of soft harp playing and lo, the unicorn became Chakotay who still rested his head on Paris's lap. The first officer looked up and saw his beloved. Paris gasped in wonderment and the two embraced. They pledged their love there and then.

There was much rejoicing on the proud ship Voyager, no doubt about it. The adventure you have heard actually took place. The story was composed to be remembered forever more.


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