Warning: the following story contains m/m contents. STOP NOW if you are below 18 or are easily offended by homoerotic relationships.

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount Pictures. This fic is not written for profit.

Pairing: C/P

Fandom: ST: VOY.

Summary: Takes place after Tom's death, sequel to "No Angel Ain't Gonna Greet Me" and "Requiem". Chakotay's thoughts.

Warning: This fic is written in the wee hours of the morning, induced by a night of reading my Masters stuff. I hafta let off steam! Warning, character deaths.

Rating: PG.

"When Angels Cry"

Hello Tom. How are you?

Its okay if you don't answer me straight away, tiger. Take your time, I will not leave you.

Tom, do you know what day this is?

Well, tiger, its the day you first met me. Do you still remember that day? Yeah, that day in the Maquis camp.

Tom, you are awfully quiet. I miss your voice, your laughter. Spirits, I miss your sarcastic wit, the twinkle in your eyes when you make a joke. Do you know, sometimes, your eyes sparkle like sapphires?

You must be laughing. I have gone maudlin in my old age.

Look, its raining outside.

You must be wondering why.

So much things have happened I really wish you are here with me, enjoying every moment, every joy.

Tom, Voyager has crashlanded on this M-class planet. Yes, the old girl crashlanded. Made the loudest splash the entire Delta Quad had ever encountered.

Tiger, I wanted you to fly Voyager.

You know when its raining, angels are also crying. Look, tiger, the heavens are crying.

I really miss you, Tom. You should have been here, right beside me. The picture of health that I want to hold forever in my heart, my soul.

We call the cove Voyager Bay. Its turning into a shanty town; we are salvaging parts of the ship as much as we can. Its the only way we can do to honor the ship. Cannibalize her and utilize her for our own benefit. The roof is actually the bulkhead of the Bridge.

I imagine you standing next to me on the Bridge, your face mobile with laughter.

Tom, Kathryn died. She simply refused to abandon her ship. And she went down with Voyager. I tried, Tom. I honestly tried. I tried to save her, Tom. Now the only memorial we have of her is the picture of her and Molly Malone. Her grave is next to the statue we have erected to the Voyager dead.

You would have loved the statue, tiger. Its a statue of a phoenix. Harry and I carved it ourselves. Yeah, we used Voyager metal. You know, the phoenix. Bird of immortality and renewal. She flies, Tom. And she is carrying all the souls across the heavens.

Its still raining, Tom.

Voyager Bay is surprisingly growing. Babies are popping up everywhere, Tom. B'Elanna has twins and you know something? Joe Carey is the father. Yeah, they were almost killing each other in the beginning of the journey. But now, you need to use a spatula to separate them. Seven is pregnant too; Harry married her a year after you

Tom, they wanted to make you the kid's godfather.

Spirits, I miss you, Tom.

Are you flying in the heavens like the phoenix? I like to think that you are. Free, beautiful, fiery. Immortal. Eternal.

I don't think we are ever going to get to back to the Alpha Quad. Voyager has lost everything. Warp core, warp capacity, flight. Everyone. We are one half of the combined crew, Tom.

You know something, Tom. After you died, I felt as if someone had ripped out my heart. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. Kathryn tried to help me. Everyone did. You should have seen Neelix

Yeah, Neelix. He's Voyager Bay's favorite counsellor.

Then, tiger, the pain eased to this dull ache and I plunged myself into work like a demon. Anytime to ease away the pain.

I miss you, Tom.

Its still raining. From where I am standing, the raindrops look like tears. Like your tears when you first turned up in my quarters and wept. I swore to protect you then.

Just to hear you laugh again, tiger.

But I am staring at this impersonal blue urn. Its not talking to me. Its mute.

Please talk to me, Tom. I know you are out there.


You know something, tiger? I want so much to join you in your eternal flight. But I can't. There are ties here at Voyager Bay. I am now 'village head' of this shanty town. Dammit, Tom

Tiger, wait for me, will you?

Harry has grown to become a mature man. He speaks with authority now; he will make a good leader. Tuvok tells me that Harry will be promoted soon. About time. But will ranks work in Voyager Bay?

Talk to me, Tom!

I am sorry, tiger. I don't mean to raise my voice at you.

Forgive me?

Still raining. Spirits, I wish it to stop!

Dammit, the rainwater is coming in.

There, I have wrapped the urn with a piece of clean cloth. Actually, its a remnant of my uniform. We have lost replicators too. So, Tom, if you ever see me now, I am as shabby as they come.



I love you, Tom. No matter how. You are in my heart. I can see you smiling at me as I walk up to you. Your eyes glisten as I take you into my arms and kiss you tenderly.

I miss you, Tom.

Whenever there is rain outside, I will always think of you.

You know something? Angels are crying now.