Title: Just this once
Author: Kez - keztrek@hotmail.com 
Pairing: Paris/Kim 
Summery: Paris and Kim decide seeing as they are both so lonely they will 'comfort' eachother, just this once.  Set after Threshold. 

Disclaimer:   Paramount, Viacom and assocites own them, i'm just lending them and will return them unharmed.  No profit is being made from this, unless you count the extreme happiness of me getting feedback. 

Series: This will be part of a series and even if the plot doesn't seem to be upto much yet  it will become apparent the more you read. 

Dedicated: This is for my mate Dave, you said you wanted a Paris/Kim, so here it is - Enjoy. 

"Hey Harry" Tom Paris said as his best friend came into his quarters, Harry didn't even bother to buzz anymore seeing as Tom had made it clear that no-one on this ship would even give him a first look let alone a second since that incident with the Captain, its not like Tom had meant to kiddnapp and mate with Janeway, he really hadn't been himself.  "Hey Tom, hows it going?" the young asian man asked "same as it was yesterday Harry, how about u, got your self a lady friend yet?" Tom asked, knowing thats not what Harry ment but still enjoying taunting his friend. 

Harry sat down beside him on the couch "Tom, no-one on this ship will go near me either, they all seem to think i'm still pining after Libby" Harry sighed.  At first it had been easy to stay faithful to Libby, but know it was hopeles, she probably thought he was dead and had moved on with her life.  "Ah Harry, what are we gonna do huh, hell if this keeps up we may just have to date each other" Tom said joking, but still it made wheels turn in Harrys head and he found himself thinking what it might be like to be with Tom that way. 

Harry had no doubt Tom would be a skilled lover, and probably gental as well.  Harry found himself think about those long, subtle fingers moving over his body with the same grace they moved over the helm console, or having Tom's mouth lick him the way it did the chocolate Ice cream Harry treated him to every week.  It was driving him crazy thinking about it all the time, he'd been spending way to much time in the company of his hand lately while he thought about Tom, although fantisized would be more acurate a term. 

**Two days later** 

"Tom, do you remember what you said the other day about if we couldn't find someone else soon we amy have to date eachother?" Harry asked Tom as they sat eating in Harrys quarters, Chocolate Ice Cream night, and Harry was watching Toms every move as he eat the ice cream like it was worth its weight in latinum.  "I was only kidding Harry, don't worry I won't jump your bones, well unless you want me to" Tom said with a smile on his face.  Harry was not smiling back, "I think I want you too" he said his face ducking down so that he didn't have to look into Tom's eyes. 

"I, geez Harry, I mean, wow, really?" Tom Paris questioned "No Tom not really I just said it for fun of course really" Harry said still not meeting Tom's eyes.  "Ok" Tom said and Harrys head shot up "what?" he choked out, "i said ok, lets do it, i mean i'm not saying relationship, but i think we both need to let of some steam so why not.  Just this once." Tom said moving closer to Harry, who couldn't garentee his mouth would work and so just nodded. 

Tom took Harrys hand moved them both over to the couch, sitting them both down Tom simply looked at Harry for a few moments before turning the younger man around and starting to massage all the tension that had taken up residence inside of Harrys body.  "Easy Har, we don't gotta do anything you don't wanna, this is just gonna make us both feel good, no strings".  Tom eased his friends nerves and once he felt Harry was less tence he turned him around to face him again. 

Tom lent forward his mouth just entimetres from Harrys breathing the same breath, Harry was look at him his brown eyes wide, both nevous and excited.  Tom let the last small gap close as his lips brushed againt his friends, once, twice before adding more pressure, waiting until he felt Harry respond before he deepened the kiss.  Harry relaxed slowly bringing his arms and holding Tom closer to him, Tom took the signel and let his tongue flick out against Harrys warm lips seeking entry.  Harry granted entry and moaned when he felt Tom's slick tongue mingle with his own, the kiss deepened until both had to pull back for air. 

"Come on Harry" Tom said after a few moments pulling Harry up and towards the bed room.  Pushing the younger man towards the bed Tom stoped just short as his long elegant fingers moved to the clasp of Harrys uniform peeling away the outer layer with ease and standing back for Harry to remove the t-shirt underneath.  Tom took in the beauty of the man before him, soft golden skin, pulled taunt over hard muscles, dark nipples standing out erect even though they hadn't yet been touched. 

Tom was not one for wasting time and quickly brought his hands up to explore the wide expance of chest as he lent in for another kiss.  Hands roamed around Harrys back as Tom moved his kisses down the side of Harry's neck his mouth settling on the plus point and suckling gently, but not enough to leave a mark.  A soft moan escaped Harry as Tom moved further down, his tongue flicking around the hardened nub of Harrys nipple but never quite touched it. 

"Please Tom" Harry begged his friend, eyes closed mouth open in pleasure, moans coming from deep in his chest.  Tom took mercy on his friend and took his left nipple between his teeth as his fingers minupulated the right one.  Harrys streched of the bed needing to be closer to Tom's hot mouth as it drove him crazy with want and need.  Tom moved his attentions over and kept up his attentions swaping over occasionally as he drove Harry closer and closer to the edge. 

"Tom.........oh please, pleassse need, want.........ahhhhhhhhhh" Harry couldn't from a thought let alone a complete sentance but Tom seemed to know what his friend wanted and moved down kissing and nipping at the tightened stomach muscles, pushing Harrys Uniform and boxers of as he moved, sliding them off his legs to revel Harry naked before him.  Tom smiled as he made his way to Harry's pulsating shaft, eager to see if it felt and tasted as good as it looked, but not just yet.  Tom edged around the target, licking and nibbling at Harrys thighs and moving his head lower to capture Harry's balls in his mouth and suckle on them causeing Harry to move restlessly beneath him. 

Knowing Harry was close and wanting to taste him Tom moved up and flicked his tongue to capture the drop of pre-cum that had escaped Harry's hard cock.  "Arrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh" Harry half screamed and Tom knew he was going to cum very soon, moving in he took Harry inside him in one go, sucking hard until he felt the salty liquid that was Harry's cum fill his mouth and he swallowed it all greedily as Harry screamed his name loud enough for at least half the deck to hear.  Thankfully since Harry was a musician his quarters had been sound proofed by B'Elanna to stop his neighbours complaining. 

"Har, you ok?" Tom asked moving up beside his friend and softly nibbling at his neck.  "I.......oh geez Tom that was.....wow" Harry just couldn't find the words to discribe it.  "Glad you liked it" Tom teased "oh I liked, but you........" Harry gestured to where Tom was layed against him with a very prominant bulge.  "Well i guess we do need to take care of that.......but if you don't want to, you don't have to do anything you don't want to" Tom said making sure Harry knew he didn't have to feel obligated.  "Oh but I want Tom, I want......" Harry smiled shyly, his cheeks crimson for a moment but then looking Tom in the eye he just decided to go for it "I want you to fuck me senceless Tom, NOW" Harry said, an Ensign he may be but Harry knew how to give an order and that was definitly an order. 

Tom grinned moving in quickly to capture Harry in another seering kiss before moving back of the bed and getting rid of his restrictive clothing.  Harry openly gawked at Tom when he was naked, the slightly fuzzed chest, the muscles that Tom's lanky form hid very well, but mostly Harry was drawn to Tom's erecftion, tall and proud standing up in the mass of light blong hair covering the base of Tom's shaft.  Harry couldn't help it before he had time to even think he lent forward and took the cock into his mouth suckling gently for a few moments until Tom pushed him back.  "If you keep doing that we won't get to the fucking you senceless part" Tom joked kissing Harry hard. 

"Lube" Harry gasped out when Tom relesed his mouth "Top draw" he said pointing to the left hand side of his bed to the small unit placed there.  "Well someone was well prepared" Tom teased him as he retrived the tub of lube and set it closer at hand, before dipping down and claiming Harry's mouth once more.  Hand moved everywhere searhing pleasure points and soon Harry was once again hard and begging.  Tom wasted little time, coating his fingers in the lube his hand slid around Harry's waste and he slid one slick finger along the crack of Harry's butt cheeks running his finger around the small puckered opening before sliping it inside. Moving it around allowing Harry to get use to it before adding a second and third finger, by the time Tom added the forth Harry was panting heavily and begging Tom for release. 

Tom covered his own erection with lube, careful of the fact that he ws very near compleation himself.  Getting Harry on his side he slid forward postioning himself at the entrance to Harry's willing body and sliping inside, inching in slowly well aware that Harry had never done this before and wanting to cause his friend as little pain as he could.  "Tom, please" Harry begged trying to push back onto Tom's hard cock but Tom stopped him and continued moving in slowly.  "easy Harry, I don't wanna hurt you" Tom ordered him. 

A moan escaped Tom when he was finally buried inside of Harry completly.  Moving slowly coming almost all the way out before pushing himself back in they quickly built up a rythem.  Niether could form words but the moans they made were enough to show the pleasure they were feeling.  The movements became faster, more frenzied as they neared the end both screaming out with in second of the other, first Harry and then Tom.  They lay still not quite wanting to break the link just yet but Tom soon moved back, his softening shaft sliping out of Harry's body.  Tom kissed the back of Harry's neck, wrapping his arms around his friend as they both feel asleep. 

**The Next Morning** 

"Morning sleepy head" Harry greeted Tom when Tom eventually surfaced from bed, Harry was already showered and was just eating breakfast but had left Tom alone to sleep.  "Morning" Tom said moving to the replicator "Coffee, Black, One sugar" he said.  "There are currently not enough rations in your account for that order" the computers mono-tone voice said.  "Big surprise there, Computer transfere 25 rations form the account of Ensign Harry Kim to Lt Tom Paris account" Harry ordered and Tom's coffee appered.  "Thanks Harry" Tom smiled before joining his friend on the couch.  "How you feeling?" he asked the younger man, "good, it was nice" he answered and the smile that came with the statement was enough to tell Tom that it was genuine. 

Tom left soon after to change before his shift "don't want people thinking there is more to our friendship than friendship" he laughed as he left.  "Yeah" Harry wispered after Tom had gone "after all it was just this once............" 

The End