Title: The Voyage Home
Author: Jen Keen
E-Mail: enchanteddreams@excel.net
Rating: NC-17 for some violence and about 2 sex scenes.
Archive: Anywhere... just let me know... and keep this info...
Series/Sequel: no clue.

SUMMARY: Voyager finds a way home, but will they survive? Paris thinks and
remembers his love left behind.

NOTES: This was a challenge for the doctorandpilot mailing list, and I
thought this would have been a small PWP, but it took an interesting turn,
and actually has some plot, and is majorly A/U. It has a few episode
spoilers for DS9 and I'm not sure about Voyager at all.

ANOTHER NOTE: Some of the DS9 things may seem out of whack here. This is in
my world, and yet things from the show have happened, they may be out of
sync... but frankly, I don't care. I had fun writing it, and that's the fun
of FanFic... it's your imagination.(Although I try to stay as close to the
show, but for some reason with ST fic and me, that doesn't happen.) One
thing is that this is set in the 7th season... and Kira still has her Major
role(I like Kira as a Major...) The War is not over, so it's set before What
You Leave Behind, but about a year has gone by...(does that make sense?
Technically, we'd be in Season 8... got it now or did I make it more

This is also kinda of a tragic love story. Just read and you'll find out
what I mean.

{{{ }}}= a memory

(THE CHALLENGE:  In case anyone want to write it, it has to be out before
the end of June. It could be two lines, 30 pages. Doesn't matter.
The only thing I ask for is that the following words are in it:

Cuffs, chocolate, "kiss me", ocean, blue, red, bed, idiot.)

Tom Paris sat staring out the window into a space that was lightyears away
from home. A wistful smile spread across his lips as he remembered the man
that stole his heart away from him.  Tom wondered what he was doing right
now, 'did he miss him? Was he sitting staring into space thinking about
him?' Tom didn't know, and at this point, couldn't dwell on his love, for he
had to go to a staff meeting.

"Tuvok and Belanna believe they have found a way home. Explain it to us
please." Captain Janeway said as she looked over at her two officers. She
hoped they were right, because she didn't want to fill her officers with a
false hope.

"Yes, well, we found an anomaly not far from here.  From the looks of it,
it's a worm hole leading into the Gamma Quadrant. It's stable, and the only
thing we have to worry about after getting through it is finding the Bajoran
worm hole to go through." Belanna said as she called up a map on the LCAR
screen, pointing to various spots.

"Ok. Let's do it then. Paris, you'll be piloting Voyager through, and let's
gets the rest of the ship ready then." Janeway looked at her crew and
smiled. They might just make it after all.


Tom pushed his food around on his plate, in deep thought. He didn't hear
Neelix plop in the chair next to him.

"Tough day Mr. Paris?"

"Huh? Oh, Neelix, no, just thinking about an old lover."

"Ah. Contemplating on seeing her after we get home?"

"Yes and No. Remembering the time we spent together, wondering if our love
for each other will survive. I mean, I have interests here, who knows
Neelix, I may get back and find out that my lover might be married, have
kids, or may not love me anymore. I'm also confused too... I love Belanna
with all my heart, it's just..." Tom said as he smiled sadly.

"Contemplating the 'what if's' eh?

"Yes. I'm confused Neelix!" Tom frustrated said as he pushed away from the
table to go do his shift duty.

"Alright people, let's go through this worm hole, and pray that it leads us
to where we want to go. Enter the worm hole Paris."

"Aye Sir." Tom looked up with awe as Voyager entered the worm hole, gold,
white, and purple swirling all around them. The worm hole spit them out into
the Gamma Quadrant, closing and disappearing.


Voyager sped through the Gamma Quadrant running into no problems. 'This is
too easy.' Janeway thought. Just after that thought was completed, the ship
was jerked out of warp, two warrior ships appeared on screen and they were
being hailed.

"I am Weyoun. You are in Dominion Space, Federation. Be prepared to
surrender your vessel and to be boarded." The Vorta said, his eyes piercing
into Janeway's.

"No. We will not surrender. We are lost and making our way back to the Alpha
Quadrant." Janeway said as she smiled tightly wondering why she had to jinx
their chances.

"Very well." Weyoun disappeared off the screen and the Jem'Hadar battle
ships fired into the hull of voyager. Captain Janeway, Chacotay, Tom Paris,
Belanna, Harry Kim, Neelix, Seven of Nine, and Tuvok were beamed off of
Voyager just as the ship blew up.

The remaining Voyager crew looked around as saw they were in a force field
on one of the Jem'Hadar ships. Janeway stood tall as the Varta Weyoun walked
into the room followed by two Jem'Hadar.

"I warned you. You are prisoners of the Dominion and will be taken to an
Internment Camp where you will stay probably for the rest of your lives."


The eight prisoners of the Dominion were marched into the camp. Janeway,
Chacotay and Neelix were led into a small cell. Harry, Belanna and Tuvok
were led into a different cell a few doors down, and Paris and Seven were
pushed into a cell across and a few doors down from the others.  Tom eyed
the cell warily and felt apprehension as he saw blood on the floor.

A few hours later Tom sat with his head against the wall, eyes closed,
thinking about how close they were to getting home, the people he missed,
and the person who had been dominating his thoughts recently. Tom soon fell
asleep dreaming.

{{{ "Tom!! I need you, come here!!"

"Ok! What do you need?" Tom asked as he walked into his lover's room.

"I need YOU!" His lover growled and bounded directly into Tom, kissing him

"Hmm... u... Julian... you, oh gods!"

"Shut up Tom, I want to ravish you with my kisses lover. I want you, need

"Someone's horny?"

"Very. It's been one week since we saw each other. Parent's Break was
horrible! You try spending a week with my parent's, traveling all over the
galaxy instead of going home cuz your father's Ambassadorial duties were far
more important to him than me. Besides, that holovid you send me a couple
days ago from your Mother's got me very... uh, hot for you!"

"I thought it would. Now, enough talk, and more kissing!" Julian laughed as
they both fell to the bed, limbs entangled and soft moans...}}}

Tom opened his eyes, a very lazy smile on his face and saw Seven of Nine
staring at him intently, with concern in her eyes.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes. I was just having a dream Seven." Tom said groaning as he sat up.

"From the noises you were making and the bulge between your legs, I'd say
you were dreaming about sex." Seven said as she gestured towards his pants.


"No need to elaborate. I have had some rather... stimulating dreams myself."
Seven said as she tried to get comfterable on the floor. Any comments Tom
had were silenced as the door opened and two Jem'Hadar threw an unconscious
man into the room.

Tom Paris rushed over to the inert form, Seven right next to him.  Tom and
Seven turned the man over to gauge his wounds, blood streamed down his face
and covered his starfleet uniform, his face and body bruised and battered.
Tom froze as a groan of pain came from the man, Tom narrowed his eyes and
gasped as he recognized the bruised, pale face.

"Julian." Tom whispered as he stared horrified at the sight of him.

"We have to get him cleaned up Lieutenant Paris." Seven said as she ripped
off a clean part of Julian's pant leg, wiping the blood away from his face.

A few hours later Tom sat next to the still unconscious Julian Bashir, lost
in thought as he stared at the face of his former lover. Tom sighed deeply,
anguished eyes running over the body he knew so well.

"Paris. He is awakening."

"Ugh... umm..."

"Relax Julian. You took a pretty bad beating." Tom said quietly as he put
his hand on Julian's shoulder.

"T-Tom? I thought you were... lost..." Julian said as he focused on his
former lover.

"Voyager was. We found a stable worm hole that lead from the Delta Quad to
the Gamma Quad, so we took a chance and went through it. We had hopes to
find the Bajoran worm hole, but this Dominion got to us first, blowing up
Voyager, taking most of the Senior staff prisoner."

"Oh man. That sucks. You'll soon wish you were dead."

"How long have you been here Jules?" Tom asked as he pushed a piece of brown
hair out of Julian's face.

"About three months I guess. I honestly don't know. I was at a medical
conference on Bajor and the next thing I know, I woke up here." Julian said
as he pushed himself up against the wall.

"Doesn't anyone know your here? Surely people will miss you!"

"Not if I'm replaced by a changeling. If that happens, then I'm as good as

"A changeling? What's that?"

"It's a shapeshifter. Most of the Alpha Quadrant is in the middle of a war
with the Dominion. I think the only ones who aren't are the Cardassians. The
Federation has taken some pretty damaging hits from the Dominion, and
Changelings infiltrating strategic places, most likely what's happening now
on DS9 due to my being in here... well, it's getting pretty bad Tom. I'm
guessing that DS9 will be sending a search team for two children from DS9
who are being used as bargaining chips, who most likely haven't been sent
back as changelings. I'm their source for info, fun to beat up on, and the
changeling can get some pretty damaging info from being me. Who's she?"
Julian asked as he looked over at Seven.

"I am Seven Of Nine."

"Your Borg."

"I was Borg. Captain Janeway and her crew separated me from the collective.
I am now Human, only with some Borg implants that cannot be removed." Seven
said as she looked at Julian critically.

"That's fascinating. Must have been hard to reintegrate yourself into social
things, human rituals, and to get used to the collective not being in your

"It was hard. At first. Janeway and some others in the crew took me under
their wing and helped me progress."

"Oh!! Seven, what happened to the doctor? I mean, did he die when Voyager
blew?" Tom asked as he looked over at her.

"No.  Captain Janeway and I discussed an alternative a few years back. We
downloaded his program onto a chip that can be inserted into a computer, or
his arm band that enables him to be anywhere. We downloading him once a week
so if the Doctor made any changes to his program, we would have the updated
version." Seven said as she took out the doctor's arm band and inserted a
chip into it.

"Please State The Nature Of The Medical Emergency."


"This isn't Voyager. Where are we Seven? Lieutant Paris?"

"Were in an Internment Camp Doc. Voyager blew up, the rest of the Senior
staff are being held here too. Seven and Janeway saved your program on a

"Oh. Who are you?" The Doctor said as he knelt next to Julian, cataloging
his injuries.

"I'm Dr. Julian Bashir. You were made by Dr. Zimmerman weren't you?"

"Yes I was. Why do you ask?"

"You look a lot like him. You don't have his attitude though."

"I did at one time. How do you know him?"

"I was chosen to be the model for the next LMH."

"Oh brother! More people to put up with you!" Tom said rolling his eyes

"Hey! I'm not that annoying, well, at least not anymore."

"Sure Jules." Tom said as he smiled at Julian mischievously.

The light banter was broken as the door clanged open, the doctor
disappearing, and the Vorta Weyoun walking through the door, the female
Founder right behind him, and 4 Jem'Hadar following. The female shapeshifter
looked over the group and smiled unpleasantly.

"We have gained much information from you Dr. Bashir. We no longer need your
services." The female nodded to the Vorta and the Jem'Hadar. The Jem'Hadar
closed in on Julian, raising the struggling man to his feet, Tom and Seven
watching helplessly as two Jem'Hadar kept them from fighting back.

"Thank You Bashir. It has been fun. My favorite part was listening to your
screams, relishing in your pain... watching you slowly go crazy in solitary
confinement, your pathetic attempts at refusal to surrender. Hmpf, I will
miss you." Weyoun said as he smiled evilly, plunging a knife deep into the
stomach of Dr. Bashir.

Tom screamed as his lover grunted in pain, blood starting to stain the
floor. Julian smiled at Weyoun and spat blood in the smirking Vorta's face.
Weyoun left, followed by the Founder, and the Jem'Hadar let Julian go,
gliding after the Founder. Once they were all gone, Julian groaned as he let
his body fall to the floor.


A few days later Tom Paris held Julian's cold hand staring at his pale ashen

"Jules... just hang in there. People are going to be coming for us."

"No. Nobody coming. Wanna die. Please... they finally did what I begged,
pleaded, and instead of quick, it turns out long. Please!" Julian groaned as
he stared at the ceiling, his pale face bringing out the agony and pain in
his eyes which were starting to lose focus.

"Doc, isn't there anything you can do for him?" Tom asked helplessly.

"No. Nothing. All we can do is hope someone finds us before he..."

"Why the hell aren't any of these Dominion people in here to torture us,
to... damn it!"

"First step... leave you alone waiting, then when you don't expect it they
will be there." Julian said quietly as he looked at Tom, blood dribbling
from the corner of his mouth.

"I'm so sorry Julian. I..."

"I know Tom. Me too." Julian said as he lost the battle for consciousness.


A Federation battleship was in orbit, fighting off Dominion fleets while a
rescue team beamed down to free Captain Sisko's son, Jake and Molly O'Brien.
Ezri Dax, Kira, and Odo looked around at the world they were on and
shuddered. They knew exactly where they had to go and headed off into the
camps, trying to be inconspicuous. A few meters down they heard a lot of
commotion and heard a female human voice carry on down the halls. They
couldn't understand what she was saying, but it held a note of urgency. Dax
and Kira rounded the corner quietly to find out what was going on when she
saw the old Starfleet uniforms. Behind her, a Jem'Hadar lay dead at her
feet, the Keraccil White tube slashed.

"Who the hell are you?" The woman in the old uniform demanded of Dax.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Captain Janeway of the starship Voyager."

"Oh my god! We all thought you were lost in the Delta Quadrant!"

"We were. We found a stable worm hole and crossed over to the Gamma Quad. We
weren't prepared for this, Dominion."

"I'm Ezri Dax, this is Major Kira, and Odo, were from Deep Space Nine,
rescuing two children that were captured to be used against us."

"I'm trying to free my crew. Could you please take us with you?"

"Definitely." Ezri answered as she nodded once.

Kira and Odo snuck down the halls to where Jake and Molly were being held,
while Ezri stayed behind to help Janeway get her crew out. The door opened
to revel Tuvok and Belanna sitting in a corner. Harry Kim laying on his back
across from them, staring sightlessly at the ceiling.

"We have to go. Now." Janeway said to the remaining two, forcing her grief
down. Chacotay put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed lightly.

Ezri Dax tried to pick the lock that the rest of Janeway's crew was in, but
it wouldn't budge.  Odo shifted his hand into the matching key, opening the
door with no problem. Ezri smiled and looked back at Jake and Molly.

"Kira. Take Jake, Molly, and some of Janeway's crew with you to the beam-out
site. Were getting too many people."

"Alright. Jake, Molly, come with me."

"Belanna, Neelix, Chacotay, Tuvok, go with them." Janeway ordered.

"Right." Chacotay answered as he ushered the three to follow Kira.


Tom Paris instantly became tense, Seven stood, and the Doctor disappeared.
The door opened and Tom stared at a starfleet officer, a changeling, and his

"Are you ok?" Janeway asked as she overlooked Seven and Tom.

"We are fine. But this man needs medical attention." Seven said gesturing to

Odo and Ezri looked over to where Seven gestured and gasped. Odo sighed

"Julian!  Oh my God!" Ezri cried as she rushed over to him.

"Ez... you came." Julian wheezed as he stared at her.

"What happened Julian? Your..."

"We need to leave now. No doubt the Founder's already know of this plan. We
must go now." Odo said as he looked apprehensive.

"Alright Odo. Let's go." Ezri said as she moved aside as Odo picked Julian
up, shielding him as he did so.


They made it to the beam-out site, but the female shifter was waiting for
them. Odo put a now conscious Bashir down. Julian refusing to sit or lay
down, leaned against Tom absently holding his stomach wound.

"Odo. Come join you people. Why bother with these Solids."

"They are my friends. That's why."

"Come come Odo."

"I said NO."

"Dax to Defiant. Five to beam up."

"Odo!!" The Founder screamed as a group of Jem'Hadar opened fire on the
group just as the transporter beam locked on them, but not before Julian,
with his last remaining energy, pushed Ezri out of the way of a Jem'Hadar
energy blast, his cry of pain halted by the transporter beaming them up.


Captain Sisko hugged his son again and looked over to the transporter
waiting for the rest of his people to reform.  A cry of pain was heard from
the transporter pad, then a thud of a body falling. Sisko walked over to the
pad and saw Ezri Dax cradling a very broken and injured Julian Bashir.

"What the hell?!" Sisko demanded as he looked down at Julian.

"He needs medical treatment now Captain. He's been stabbed, and hit by a
Jem'Hadar energy blast in his shoulder." Ezri said as she looked up at him
with tearful eyes.

"I think we may be of some help there Captain. Seven, have you been able to
bring the doctor online?"

"Yes. He has been taking care of Dr. Bashir's injuries the best way he could
in the camp." Seven said as she activated the Doctor's EMH band.

"Please State..."

"Doctor. Help Dr. Bashir." Janeway ordered him.

"Of course. By the way Captain, it's very good to hear and see you again."

"Thank You Doctor."


As the Defiant sped though Dominion space, Captain Janeway and her crew,
along with Sisko's rescue team debriefed. Janeway told Sisko about the worm
hole that led them to the Gamma Quad from the Delta Quad, to the attack on
Voyager and it's death.

"Ok, now, why in the world was Dr. Bashir there!" Sisko demanded, infuriated
that a Changeling was impersonating one of his officers.

"I don't know sir. The Changeling definitely fooled me, and that's very hard
to do." Ezri said as she started to feel guilty for not realizing that the
man who she shared her bed with wasn't Julian, but a shapeshifter.

"He says he was taken at a Bajoran Medical Conference, about 3 months ago."
Tom injected.

"The Bajoran Conference was 5 months ago. Damn! Why the hell didn't we see
this!" Sisko nearly yelled as he slammed his fist down on the table. Ezri
winced as she stared at the table.

"Maybe they used the same technique they use in their cloning." Chief
O'Brien said, startling the people in the room cuz he was so quiet.

"How would that be?"

"With the Vorta... they keep the same conscience... no matter what body they
are in, unless they make a mistake like they did with Weyoun Six. Maybe they
got into Julian's conscience, and transplanted it into the Changeling, only
his personality and mannerisms."

"That's a plausible theory. I think we have debriefed enough, I know when we
get back to Deep Space Nine, a lot of people will be asking us questions.
Dismissed." Sisko said as he looked over the people sitting around him.

"Captain, worm hole opening."

"Let's go home Major." Sisko said as he sat down in his chair watching the
blue and white tunnel go by, the prophets whispering in his ears.


Dr. Bashir felt nothing. No pain, nothing. He sat smiling up at the sun,
lying on his back on the soft green grass. A river ran through the area next
to him, and on the other side people were laughing and enjoying themselves.
He wanted to go over to them, but was too lazy to get up.


"Jadzia?! Your dead! Oh... am I?"

"No. You have a choice to make Julian. Do you want to go back, or do you
want to go over there, to paradise?"

"I don't know. I uh..."

"Let me help you decide Julian." Jadzia smiled at him as she took his hand.
Julian looked over at Jadzia as Julian saw himself lying on the biobed, Ezri
sitting by his side, holding his hand, her gold ring that he gave her
shining in the dim light. She was babbling, tears flowing freely from her
expressive blue eyes.

"Ez... I..."

"She can't hear or see you Julian. Betazoids and Telepathy can sense us

"Oh." A few minutes later Tom Paris entered the room and looked at Ezri and
smiled slightly. Julian loved Tom, but he didn't love Tom 'that way'
anymore.  Julian looked at Ezri's tear streaked face, the tilt of her head
as she smiled sadly at something Tom said.

"You love her don't you?"

"Yes I do Jadzia. With all my heart. I've only been in that kind of love
once before, and it didn't turn out very well."

"What happened with your other love?"

"Can I show you?"

"Yes. We can go anywhere you want to Julian. Any unresolved problems you
need to deal with, anything."

"Ok then Jadzia. I'll show you what happened." Julian grabbed Jadzia's hand,
closed his eyes, and when he opened them, the memory came undone.


Julian lay underneath his lover, looking at the beautiful face hovering over
him. Tom grabbed the pair of handcuffs out of the drawer and smiled
mischievously. Tom cuffed Julian's hands to the bed post and began slowly
kissing and licking Julian, driving him wild. Julian arched, his groin
begging for attention. Tom smiled, kissing him hard on the lips. Tom slowly
started to stoke Julian's erect member enlighting a groan from Julian.

"Wanna touch you lover!" Julian grunted as he pulled at the restraints.

"Not yet Jules... not yet." Tom said huskily as he took Julian's penis into
his mouth, fondling his balls. Julian groaned in pure pleasure, head thrown
back, eyes slitted as he watched Tom work his dick like an expert.

"Oh God Tom!! Please... oh Gods!!"  Julian came with a shout, Tom taking his

"Jules... you have the best dick ever..." Tom said absently as he moved up
to Julian's mouth and started kissing him, while his hands began to stoke
Julian's hardening member. Tom got up suddenly, leaving Julian whimpering.

Tom walked back into the room holding two bottles of some kind. Julian
watched as his lover poured the chocolate sauce onto his body. Tom licked
Julian clean, head to toe of the chocolatey mess, skipping Julian's hard

"You are such a tease Tom..."

"I know, but so are you too..." Tom said as he reached up and undid the
handcuffs. Julian pounced on Tom, kissing him, running his hands all over
Tom's body.  Julian threw Tom face first onto the bed and grabbed the other
bottle. He squirted the oil out of the bottle and gave his lover the massage
of a lifetime. Julian started with the feet, then the legs, then Tom's back,
and then his butt. Julian kneaded the cheeks, gently probing a finger into
the asshole. Tom bucked back, wanting more. Julian entered his lover and
felt bliss... Tom surrounding him... just Tom. The two met thrusts, as one,
and soon Julian and Tom were just holding each other, kissing softly and
touching lovingly after a wild ride of lovemaking. Julian looked down at his
now sleeping lover and slowly got up. Julian always felt creative after sex,
so he started to paint on a fresh new white canvas.

Tom awoke an hour later to see his lover painting. He smiled at the sight,
his Julian naked, with smudges of paint on his body, and his eyes a focused
intent look in them.  Tom got off the bed and surprised his lover by running
a paint brush down his back.

"I didn't know you were awake."

"You get pretty intense when your in a creative mood love." Tom said as he
dipped the brush into some red paint, and started to paint Julian.

"Mmmm... I have an idea..." Julian smiled and pulled a clean canvas down on
the floor. Julian grabbed two buckets of paint, pouring red paint all over
Tom, and blue paint all over himself. The two lovers were soon wrestling,
touching, and making a painting all there own. Blue and red mixing, a swirl
of color and a few blotches, hand prints, and the scent of passion was all
that was left behind.

Tom and Julian walked out of the bathroom, all clean and smiles. The one
thing they didn't expect to see where Ambassador Bashir and Admiral Paris
looking around at the dirty bed sheets, the paint everywhere and finally
resting on the still naked two holding hands.

"Dad! I didn't..."

"Shut Up Julian!  What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"I'm in love Father! That's what I'm doing!" Julian bellowed.

"Go get some clothes on! Now boy!!" Ambassador Bashir yelled. Julian winched
and did as he was told. Tom followed doing the same.

When Tom and Julian were dressed, Admiral Paris grabbed his son by the arm,
dragging him out, throwing an apologetic look towards the Ambassador.

Julian didn't want to be left alone with his father. He stared with wide
scared eyes as Tom looked back.

The next day Julian Bashir looked out into the Ocean that seemed to stretch
forever. Sitting on the sand, his bare feet being licked by the waves that
crashed into the shore, his back and stomach aching from where his father
punished him.


"Don't call me that."


"Listen Tom, I don't care what happens to you, I don't give a fuck. Get the
hell out of my life!"

"Julian! What the hell are you talking about?!" Tom asked as his heart
lurched into his stomach. Julian stood up and stared at him hard.

"I'm leaving. I'm not going to take that position in France. I'm going to be
a Starfleet officer, helping people and doing research instead of just
research. We were idiots Tom. Thinking we were in love! Oh boy oh boy!!
Love! We had LUST, there is no love in this world." Julian spat as he
started to stalk off leaving a bewildered Tom Paris in his wake.

"Julian! Wait!" Tom cried as he ran towards him. Julian stopped for a
minute, an agonized look on his face. Julian turned around, a cold mean look
on his face.

"Kiss me, just one last time Julian. Please." Tom asked as he stared into
those eyes. Julian nodded, walked up to Tom, grabbed him, kissing him hard,
deeply, and passionately.

"Good-bye Tom. I never want to see you again, never want to love you again.
Anybody for that matter." Julian walked away, sad eyes staring at nothing.


"That is so sad Julian. Why were you so mean to him?" Jadzia asked as she
looked over at him.

"My father helped me along. Beat it into me that love wasn't real. It took
Ezri and this crew on DS9 to make me realize the errors of what I believed."

"You always knew Julian. You were just scared of being hurt the way your
father hurt you again."

"Maybe so Jadzia."

"Julian. You need to make a choice. Do you want to go over there to
paradise, or go back to the people who love and want you back?"

"I want to go back. To see Ezri, to see Tom and tell him I'm sorry."

"Then go Julian. Go." Jadzia said as she smiled at him, letting his hand go.
Julian heard Ezri's voice from above and followed it. He opened his eyes to
see Ezri still holding his hand, looking up and talking to Captain Sisko.

"Ez... mmm..." Julian moaned as he focused his eyes on her face.

"Julian! Welcome back!" She said as she started crying. Her hand squeezing

"Good to be back." Julian said quietly as he grinned at her.


A few days later after all the debriefings, Captain Sisko threw a party in
the honor of Welcoming Doctor Bashir back to the land of the living, and to
the crew of Voyager. Julian stood around with his friends, Ezri at his side.
Quark even gave him a bottle of his favorite liquor, Chief O'Brien gave him
a new holosuite program, and Ezri Dax gave him all he really wanted. Love.

Julian excused himself early from the party. He told Ezri to stay and have
some fun, he just needed a little time to himself. She smiled and nodded her

He sat down on his couch and sighed. He wanted to apologize to Tom for
hurting him so badly all those years ago. His door chime sounded and he
yelled a "Come In." Tom Paris walked into the room looking around grinning.

"Tom. I am so sorry for all those things I said so long ago on that beach. I
should never have hurted you like that."

"It's ok Julian.  I knew a lot of that was your father. Besides, my father
did a pretty convincing job at that also. I see that you have a nice little
thing going here."

"Yeah. I love it here. It's my home. The people..."

"Your Ezri?"

"Yeah. Listen..."

"It's ok Julian. Like you said, what we had was a long time ago. Sure, I
still have those feelings, but they're more 'what if' scenarios. Besides, I
fell in love on Voyager myself."

"Really? What's his/her name?"

"Her name is Belanna."

"The half Klingon, half human? That's great Tom!!"

"Yep. I saw that ring on Ezri's finger. When's the wedding?"

"Next year sometime. I'll be sure to invite you. You can plan the bachelor

"Sure thing Julian. Sure thing!"

Ezri smiled as she saw Julian and his friend Tom Paris walk through the door
at Quark's. She had a feeling Julian would come back to the party. He walked
over to her and he and Tom sat down next to her and listened to Captain
Sisko's speech.

The next day in the staff meeting Julian looked up surprised as Captain
Sisko announced some new additions to the Deep Space Nine crew.

"Belanna Torres will be joining engineering, Tom Paris is getting his own
ship to help defend DS9 against Dominion foes, Seven of Nine is going to be
staying as a Species and Astrometrics Engineer, and the good Doctor will be
DS9's new EMH for when Dr. Bashir needs assistance, is gone, or is unable to
perform his duties.  I know you've been asking to get another doctor on
station Julian, and here you go."

"What's going to happen to Janeway, Chacotay, and Tuvok?" Ezri asked as she
looked over at Sisko.

"Janeway and Chacotay, along with Tuvok and Neelix are going to take over a
Galaxy Class ship, and explore the Galaxy." Sisko said as he smiled at his


Tom Paris smiled, looking out the oval window of his and Belanna's quarter's
and sighed.  He and Jules were alright, yes there will always be the 'what
if's', but frankly, he didn't give a damn. He was happy.  Tom stood from the
couch and strode out of the room, heading for Quark's to celebrate Julian's
bachelor party, and to just have some fun with an old friend, who he
happened to still love deep deep down in his heart.

The End.

I know, I know, I told ya at the beginning, it's kinda tragic! You can take
the ending four ways though... 1. Julian realizes his love for Tom and
leaves Ezri, 2. things stay the same between them now, 3. Julian, Ezri, Tom,
and Belanna all have a go at it, or 4. Let your imaginations come up with
something! :)

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