Title: Tommy on ATPS
Author: KayTrek (
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Rating: PG-13
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NOTE: This is answer to Meg's challenge to tell us
what Tommy thinks of this list: Write a Story at least
500 words detailing Tom Paris' thoughts about the
ATPS. funny, angsty, sexy, whatever. You can use
any and all Voyager characters and for those who
like them, here is your chance to write a Mary Sue
to end all Mary Sue's I'd love to see your takes on
how Tom perceives this 'benevelent' association!

Dedicated to: Mordhena and Haggis, for keeping this
place running!

Tommy on ATPS

"Hey, lover, what are you up to?" Chakotay asked as
he came into their quarters and saw Tom frowning over
the terminal.

"Remember that research I was doing into early
cyber-cafes?" Tom said distractedly as the ship's
handsome first officer leaned over his shoulder.

"Sure, Tom. But this doesn't look like that . . ."
Chakotay said as he peered over the shoulder
of his lover and nuzzled the short blond hair.

"No, it isn't, I've gotten sort of sidetracked," Tom
responded, frowning, slightly moving his head way
from the tickling breath on the side of his neck.
"Apparently a lot of people went to them to check
e-mail. There were tons of e-mail lists people would
belong to, they didn't just get e-mail from friends and
relatives. They made friends all over the world by
joining lists that had subject matters they were
interested in."

"Yes, so?" Chakotay said, advancing his seduction
by beginning to nibble on Tom's ear. This was all
amusing in its own way, he always enjoyed Tom's
little rambles into the Twentieth Century, but Chakotay
definitely had other things on his agenda for the evening.

"Well," Tom said, subtly shifting over in his seat, because
as much as he enjoyed Chakotay's intentions, he had
some work to finish first, "I started looking at the subject
matters of the lists . . . "

"And," Chakotay breathed in his ear, as his right hand
began to slide down between Tom's back and chair and
start a light massage.

"_And_," responded Tom, getting slightly annoyed, "I was
amazed by the subject matter. Anything and everything
was fair. And there were lots of lists making male lovers
out of the characters from the favorite TV shows of the
time, especially sci fi and cop shows and the like."

"Sounds like fun reading," Chakotay responded,
starting to caress Tom's cheek with his left hand.
"But could we read some later? I'm sure you've
found us all sorts of good hints, like you did from
those racy vids you downloaded last month . . . "

"I'm not talking handcuffs and fur here, Chak,"
Tom said, starting to shift away from his lover's
attentions again. As amorous as he was to go to
bed with his big handsome top, he was more
perplexed by what he had found in his research.
"Some of these shows were really familiar, and the
stuff that was written about the characters . . ."

"Such as?" Chakotay responded, deciding to get
more aggressive, starting to suck on Tom's neck
and run his right hand down across Tom's buttocks.

"Like Kirk and Spock from the Enterprise . . ." Tom
responded, frowning, leaning forward, away from
Chakotay's manual assault.

"They weren't lovers, Tom, and how would they have
known about Kirk and Spock in the Twentieth Century,
anyhow?" Chakotay responded, not deterred, moving
his hand to more fully embrace the firm globe he was

"That's what I'm trying to figure out, Chak, and from the
subtext they explore, I'm not so sure . . . there sure is a
lot of evidence otherwise, if you read between the lines.
Like how did Spock survive Pon Farr without a female
Vulcan mate all those years, hmm?" Tom moaned,
leaning back despite himself, as Chakotay's teeth made
contact with the top of his shoulder blade. He could never
resist that spot, and Chakotay knew it. The Indian wasn't
playing fair!

"Well, we can discuss it all you want, but maybe the
bedroom would be a better place, Tom," Chakotay
mummered against Tom's neck. "I'm sure there were
all sorts of interesting things we could explore from
those stories. . . "

"But then there are the stories about us, Chakotay!"
Tom exclaimed, and yelped when Chakotay
accidentally bit down on his shoulder in shock.
"Shit, Chak, watch where you are biting!"

"Us?" Chakotay said in shock, and straightened to
peer over Tom's shoulder at the terminal, his romantic
intentions suddenly forgotten.

"Yeah. This place is my favorite. Look at the homepage
for the list . . . The ATPS, or The Adopt Tom Paris Society."
Tom grinned at Chakotay's shock.

"Are you sure this dates from the Twentieth Century,
Tom?" Chakotay said in wonder, skimming the page,
and then, when Tom changed the screen, all the
messages that were posted as Tom skimmed down.
"How did they know about us?" Chakotay asked.

"I'm not sure they knew everything. Details change
from story to story, you see . . . some talk about Caldik
Prime, some make my father out to be a really abusive
bastard, some have me paired with you, some with
Kathryn, some with -- can you believe this? -- B'Elanna,
some even with Harry or Tuvok or Seven. There are an
awful lot about us, though. There seem to be a lot of
what they call hurt/comfort -- like I get hurt and you rescue
me, and I'm grateful and we get together, or we are
stranded together, or you help me out in the Maquis,
stuff like that."

"So do you like it?" Chakotay asked, dropping into the
chair next to Tom. "I mean, all those ideas about you,
all those stories . . ."

"I _think_ I like it, Chak. I mean, they all apparently cared
about me a great deal, to write these stories about me.
They all seemed to want me to end up happy and in love
with someone, even if they put me through hell first. I guess
it isn't so bad. I just wonder how they knew about me?"

"Anyone would love you, Tom. You are so gorgeous,
and intelligent, and have such wonderful hands, and
those eyes. . . "

"Yeah, they liked the eyes," Tom said, grinning. "I think
it mostly women, though, Chak," he said, seeing he was
making his lover jealous. "People like Meg, she ran the
list, and Morticia, and T'Pam -- what was a Vulcan doing
on Earth at that time anyhow? And then there's Haggis
and Helmboy, they sure liked me, I _think_ they're girls,
and I think Mel is too, but its sort of hard to be sure. And
then there was Kimbo and Robin and Jeanette and
Ayesha , Isa, Elli, Ann, and Judy, and a few guys like
Adam X and Nigel . . ."

"Did they write about us in the bedroom?" Chakotay
asked, as he remembered his initial purpose and
renewed his assault on Tom's senses.

"They sure did, and they had it right, too, with you on top,
Big Man," Tom sighed as he gave into Chakotay's

"Did they know why you call me 'Big Man'?" Chakotay
asked, grinning, as he scooped up Tom to carry him
into their bedroom.

"Oh, I think a few did, but why don't you remind me,"
Tom replied, grinning, as Chakotay laid him on the bed
and began to strip, showing Tom certain studly attributes
that left no question of where the nickname came from.
The ATPS was soon forgotten by both lovers as they
descended into ecstasy.

(Sorry, but hey, there is only so much the Big Man
wants public!)

The End