Title: Tom and Chak Get a Kat
Author: KayTrek (KayTrek@Yahoo.com)

Rating: R overall
Codes: J/C/P
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Disclaimer: Star Trek and everything related is owned by
Paramount/Viacom, this is just a not-for-profit fun fic.

Dedicated to: CatHeights, who insisted I follow up this silly
title with an actual story. And then she even betaed it for me,
the wonderful dear!

Summary: Tom and Chak go on shoreleave, and Kathryn joins
them. I think you can figure it out from there.

Tom and Chak get a Kat

Chakotay finished gathering their things for shoreleave and yelled
to his partner, "Tom, hurry up! We are going to be late! I'll meet
you in the transporter room!"

Chakotay heard muffled thumps from the bedroom, and, satisfied,
went out the door of their quarters toward the transporter room.
While in route, he ran into Voyager's captain, Kathryn Janeway.

"You look you are going to have fun, Chakotay," she said,
grinning at the assortment of materials in his arms. "I take it
Tom won out on where you are spending your vacation?"

"Sort of, Kathryn," Chakotay responded, chuckling. I wanted
seclusion, he wanted a beach, so we have found a secluded
beach to camp out on. Hence," he said, gesturing with his chin, his
hands being full of supplies, "the camping gear and scuba gear.
Tom can go diving, and I get to meditate on the beach. I think it
will work," he continued, grinning.

"Sounds good, Chakotay. You two are learning to compromise,
I take it," she said grinning herself, remembering their stormy initial
courtship. "We wondered for a while if the two of you were
going to make it, you know. I sometimes wondered if I was
going to wake up in the morning and find one of my senior officers
in the brig for killing the other."

"It was never that bad, Kathryn," Chakotay responded, shaking
his head. "We just had to learn to trust each other to put the
other's best interests first. We comprise very well, like this mini-
vacation. Speaking of which," Chakotay continued, intending to
change the subject, "what about your shoreleave, Captain? Have
you found a place you fancy yet?"

"Oh, no, Chakotay. You and Tom will be off the ship and so is
Tuvok. I can't leave the ship," Kathryn responded, her sense of
duty obviously firmly in place.

"Tuvok will be back in a few hours, and we are in orbit of a
friendly planet. I'm sure even our security chief will agree the
Captain can have a few hours, or even a day or two, planetside,"
Chakotay responded, determined she would take the rest she

"Oh, and do what? Tour museums like Tuvok and the Doctor
have been? Hit the shops and bars in Celes City like most of the
crew? Go hiking alone? No, I am more content here on the ship, I
can always take a few hours of holodeck time," Kathryn said,
shaking her head.

"You can always join us, Captain," Tom said suddenly from
behind her. "You can just lie on the beach, get some sun, read
a book. It really would be good for you," Tom wheedled, knowing
Chakotay's campaign to get their commanding officer to take
some leave time and attempting to help.

"Oh no," she replied, "I would never intrude." She smiled at the
Wildmans as they passed in the corridor, Naomi beaming after
obviously returning from the planet.

"It wouldn't be an intrusion, Kathryn, really. This is not," he
said, his voice firming, "some sexcapade like everyone seems
to think. Tom and I are not always in bed together," he insisted to
her smirk. "We do a lot of things together out of the bedroom,
and this little trip is about our spending time together, not sex.
You are quite welcome to join us. Just bring your own tent. I'm
not willing to share a tent with you -- something just might happen
after dark," he admitted sheepishly.

Tom just grinned as the trio entered the transporter room,
afraid to say anything to make Chakotay's little statement sound
worse. He had, thanks to Chakotay, learned when to keep his
smart mouth shut, and this was definitely one of those times.

"I'll keep it mind," Kathryn said, shaking her head and chuckling
as the two beamed down, their arms full of camping and beach gear.

Several hours later, Kathryn was exasperated. Tuvok and the
Doctor, upon their return, were insistent that she take some time off.
But the museum tour they had undertaken sounded exhausting
to her, and she was not in the mood for crowds and excitement.
Chakotay and Tom's beach was beginning to sound better and better . . .

"Captain," Samantha Wildman said, as she and Naomi approached
her table in the messhall, "as we returned I know I heard
Commander Chakotay inviting you to join him and Tom. You really
should take some time off, you look tired," she continued.

"What is this? Is all of the crew ganging up on me?" Kathryn
good-naturedly complained about the latest assault.

"No, Captain, they are just concerned about your health, as am I,"
the Doctor responded as he glared at his reluctant charge.

"Where were the Commander and Mr. Paris going?" Tuvok inquired.

"A secluded beach, to do some sunbathing and swimming and
diving," Kathryn responded, only realizing her mistake as the words
exited her mouth.

"It sounds restful," Tuvok responded.

"Indeed, just what the Doctor ordered -- and you have already
been invited!" exclaimed the Doctor joyfully.

And the next thing Kathryn knew, she was beaming down with
an armful of camping and swimming gear.

Kathryn peered around with some trepidation as she materialized,
sure that, despite Chakotay's protestations otherwise, there would
be some "sexcapades" going on. Sexcapades! Kathryn
chuckled to herself again, wondering where her solid First got such
terms! Obviously from his young lover, she mused to herself. She
was amazed that Tom had not leapt into the conversation
at the mere mention, but had to admit to herself that Chakotay had
seemed to be a stabilizing influence on him.

As Kathryn walked along the beach to the place where she saw a
tent, she admitted to herself that Tom and Chakotay had chosen a
perfect spot -- there was white sand, blue water, an obvious coral
reef farther out that isolated the bay they were on, that would keep
out any large water predators, and lots of turquoise trees that
reminded her of palms and willows. She admitted to herself,
she could really let herself relax here, if the boys didn't mind . . .

As she approached, she saw the side of the tent rustling, and
sighed to herself. Of course the boys were busy in there, they
certainly weren't in sight - and she knew just what they were
up to. This was not a good idea --

To see Chakotay backing out of the tent in a pair of shorts.

"Um, hello, Chakotay," she said hesitantly, unsure of her welcome,
and of whether there might be a naked Tom in the tent.

"Kathryn!" Chakotay exclaimed, turning and looking delightedly
at her. "You decided to join us after all!"

"Um, well, yes, I am afraid that the Doctor and Tuvok insisted,"
she explained, still eyeing the tent uncertainly. "I did bring my
own tent . . ."

"Good! I'll help you set it up right here next to ours!" Chakotay
responded, clearly wanting to be helpful now that she had joined them.

"Um, well, Tom . . ." Kathryn questioned helplessly as Chakotay
took the tent from her arms and started to expertly set it up.

"Oh, Tom is off diving, and as long as he stays within the reef, he's
safe, there's nothing big to eat him," Chakotay said, grinning. "Inside
the reef, he can dive with just a mask and a small air tank. And I
figure he has a half hour of air left. So I'm not about to worry about
him yet, he won't come back until the last breath is gone. Do you
dive? I'm sure Tom would take you down later, he said there are
some beautiful coral formations down there, and unusual fish. He
promised Doc he would take holopics down there. I even may go
down with him for a little while tomorrow."

"No, I don't dive. I thought, maybe, um, he was in your tent . . ."
Kathryn responded, still looking at the boys' tent.

"What, Kathryn, do you think the first thing we did when we
beamed down was hit the sheets? Spirits! Tom couldn't wait
to hit the water, I was just finishing setting everything up, and then
was going to meditate a while," Chakotay said, mock-glaring at his
commanding officer.

"Oh, no, of course not," Kathryn responded, reddening. "Go
ahead and meditate, please. I brought a book, I'll just sit here
and read."

"No, now, Kathryn, I am not going to leave you alone. Let's just
get your stuff set up, and you can change in my tent in the meantime.
No reason sitting on a beach in your uniform," Chakotay stated,
pulling the rest of Kathryn's camping gear out of her unresisting arms.

"All right," Kathryn responded, eyeing Chakotay and stepping
over to his tent with her spare clothes. She supposed shorts and
a t-shirt would be o.k., she mused, as she stepped in the tent,
and looked around. But there wasn't anything incriminating laying
around, like a tube of lubricant, or, dear Indiana, silk briefs or a dildo
or something . . . She quickly changed and exited the tent to help
Chakotay finish setting up the camp. She did insist on doing most
of the work on her own tent -- Chakotay had already set up his
and Tom's, after all.

As they finished, Tom arose from the water, dripping. Kathryn
was reminded why she had really wanted on Owen Paris'
ship all those years ago -- the Paris good looks. Tom looked
like a young Greek god arising from the ocean, water sheeting
off the rounded planes of his muscles, hair catching the sunlight
in a golden halo, blue eyes that matched the water sparkling,
diving tank and mask dangling loosely from those long thin fingers,
that goofy grin on his face when he saw their guest . . .

Kathryn drew herself together. All she needed was to be
attracted to her "reclamation project", as Chakotay had
jokingly called him! Although, she admitted to herself, it
wouldn't be hard, admiring the play of Tom's thighs as
they rose from the water, the small sleek swimsuit barely
covering a tight, rounded rear . . . Kathryn quickly turned
to her First Officer, needing to get her eyes off of Tom.
Only to be stunned again -- Chakotay had changed in the
proceeding few minutes, and stood by the tents in a very
small, very black bathing suit, that left very little to Kathryn's
imagination. If she didn't know better, Kathryn thought to
herself as she tried to catch her breath, she would think
Chakotay was flirting with her, but he was so in love with
Tom that was ridiculous . . .

But Kathryn could not take her eyes off of Chakotay. That Maquis
rame had filled out -- he had been too skinny when he came
aboard for Kathryn's liking, but now she could see that decent
meals and hours in the gym had definitely filled out his physique.
If anything, she mused to herself as he stepped away to the water's
edge to meet Tom, his ass was as nice as Tom's, and his
shoulders definitely broader, and then there were those dimples.

Kathryn secretly fanned herself. If these two didn't put some
clothes on, she didn't know if she would be able to restrain herself!
Knock it off, Kathryn, she told herself. Neither one is interested;
they are too interested in each other. But she could dream, she
sighed to herself, seeing Chak greet Tom in a lip-searing kiss.
Maybe, she mused to herself, it would be enough if she got a
glimpse of those sexcapades Chakotay was joking about earlier . . .

What was she thinking! Any more thoughts like that and she
would make herself return to the ship! Although she didn't know
what she would tell the Doctor and Tuvok -- that she was having
indecent thoughts about her First Officer/best friend and his true
love, the best damn pilot in the Delta Quadrant? Doc would
certainly drag her into sickbay for a psych eval after that! She
would just have to do her most to make the best of it, and she
quickly moved to her tent to get her pad with her book.

"Would you like to come swimming, Kathryn?" Chakotay
suddenly asked from behind her as she bent over and dug around
in her tent for her pad.

"Um, no, that's o.k., Chakotay, you two have fun," Kathryn
responded quickly, making a shooing motion at the two of them and
the water! Anything to make them and their itsy bitsy swim suits go
away! Kathryn definitely thought the beach was too hot as the two
walked into the water.

Kathryn threw down a couple of towels and settled in the shade
of the tent with her pad. Only to be reminded that she was reading
a romance book, and not the sweeping moors of Scotland, but a
South Sea adventure with pirates ravishing fair young maidens.
She sighed to herself, but there was no work to do -- Tuvok had
forbidden her to bring reports, and the remainder of the bridge
staff had looked like it would do its damnest to enforce it, especially
Ayala. So it was the South Seas and imaginary men, or watching
the real men in front of her romp in the ocean. As she looked up,
Chakotay tackled Tom in the incoming surf, and didn't seem inclined
to let him up.

Chakotay chuckled as his pinned Tom down in the surf.
"Give up yet?"

"Never," Tom laughed, and wiggled provocatively under
Chakotay. "I meant what I said -- that sexcapade remark was
SO stupid! WHAT were you thinking! Now all she is doing is
watching us, have you noticed! Probably thinks we are going to
strip and have mad passionate monkey love right in front of her!"

"Maybe we should," Chakotay said, grinning as he used his hip to
pin Tom down more firmly in the sand. "Maybe then she would
get a hint."

"Of what -- that she should lock us in the brig and throw away
the key?" Tom sputtered in response.

"Would you mind that?"

"Are you crazy?"

"You'd be with me, and we'd have nothing to do but have hot
monkey sex and scandalize the guards . . ."

"Well, when you put it that way, maybe I wouldn't mind, much . . ."
Tom said, reaching up to pull his lover more firmly on him, and meeting
his lips in the spray of surf.

"What I meant," Chakotay responded finally, when Tom let him up
for air, :was the idea that just maybe she needs a lover too."

"But who?" Tom asked as he nibbled on Chakotay's neck. "There
aren't many left on the ship who haven't paired off in a relationship,
and I don't think Tuvok is interested, and Harry'd freak at the idea . . ."

"It wouldn't have to be a member of the senior staff," Chakotay
responded as he began to work his way down Tom's prone form,
licking and nipping.

"IF you don't stop soon, Chakotay, we ARE going to end up
giving her a show," Tom moaned warningly. "And do you really
think she would consider anyone outside of the senior staff?"

"That's true," Chakotay said as he sat up reluctantly and offered
Tom a hand to pull him up out of the sand, which Tom refused,
causing Chakotay to recline beside him.

"Really, the two most appropriate members of the senior staff, for
her, are you and me," Tom responded, brow furrowed as he thought
about the dilemma.

"You don't say," Chakotay said, and looked over at the Captain,
who was obviously trying to read, and ignore the two men, but not
succeeding very well.

"Well, yeah, except . . ."

"Except what, Tom?" Chakotay responded as he eyed the Captain,
an idea beginning to form in his head.

"Well, we are together, of course," Tom responded, clearly upset at
how dense his lover was.

"But that doesn't mean we can't seduce her -- together, does it?"
Chakotay responded, and Tom's eyes widened.

Part 2 -- see disclaimers in Part 1

"Chakotay," Tom practically squeaked, "are you suggesting what
I think you are suggesting?"

"Do you have any objections?" Chakotay said, chuckling, as he lay
on his side in the surf and ran his hand idlely over Tom' chest.

"Um, you mean, do I have an objection to a threesome? Or
about Kathryn in particular?"

"Both, either -- I wouldn't' do it unless you went along with it,
Blue Eyes," Chakotay responded, studying his partner' face.

"Look, Chakotay, I adore Kathryn, I think I fell half in love with
her the moment she rescued me from Auckland, but look -- she's
the CAPTAIN -- she WILL throw us in the brig for something like
that! And just where are you going with this -- some shore leave fun,
or something long term?" Tom said, simply laying in the surf and
staring at Chakotay.

"What do you think about it?" Chakotay said, in all seriousness.

"I think I need to think about it for a while, Big Man. Sheesh,
I knew you had your kinks, but . . ."

"This isn't about that at all, Tom. It's about caring about Kathryn,
and seeing her alone all the time, and hurting. It's a long trip to be
alone the whole way, Tom. And like you said, other than you and
me, who else is there for her? This is about compassion . . ."

"And the fact that your bi ass still lusts after her," Tom shot back,

"I told you from the beginning how I felt about her, Tom. . . ."

"Yeah, I know, but you also told me you had given up on her,
that you weren't going to wait forever, and that a certain flyboy
could make you just as happy," Tom said, still smiling to take the
sting out of his words.

"And you do, Tom, you do. You make me indescribably happy.
And I love taking care of you. I need that, to be able to take care
of someone. I love that you let me. She never would, I know that.
I've come to realize that Kathryn and me, we would never have
made it home, alone together. She is too self-absorbed, self-sufficient.
I need someone who wants me around all the time, lets me take
care of him -- you, Tom. You worry sometimes that you come
across too needy, I know -- but you don't. I need you to need me,
don't you see that, Tom?"

"I do, Chakotay, I do, and I do need you. But where would
Kathryn fit into that equation?" Tom asked softly.

"I don't know yet, Blue Eyes. But are you at least willing to
try to find out?" Chakotay responded in all seriousness.

"You know I can't deny you anything, 'Tay. We'll try -- but
YOU figure out how to seduce her!" Tom responded, laughing,
eyes flashing, knowing he was going to have too much fun watching
Chakotay try to bring Kathryn around.

"Oh, I think I already know," was Chakotay's response, and he
pulled his lover out of the surf to walk with him back to the tents.

Kathryn had not made it past one page in her novel. She had only
used it as a shield, watching the two men romp, and then talk, in
the surf. She knew now she had made a big mistake -- with both
of them. Chakotay she had kept pushing away in the name of duty,
until he gave up, and turned to greener pastures. She admitted to
herself, it had shocked her that he had chosen a man, and Tom
Paris of all men. But she could see them together now, all too well.
Tom had blossomed under Chakotay's attention, and while the
flirty flyboy still made an appearance, he had become much more
self-assured and even quieter, but in a good way. And Chakotay
had seemed much more content, centered, with Tom at the center
of his life. Kathryn had consoled herself by telling herself it was for
the best -- Tom needed Chakotay and let him take care of him the
way she never would have -- but she still wondered in the middle
of the cold nights, alone, if she had made a mistake.

And she wondered about Tom as well, about the fumbling
attempts she had gently diverted at the beginning of the trip, not
sure if Tom just wanted friendship, or more, or was offering
himself to the person who had rescued him from Auckland --
but simply knowing she could not take advantage of the young
man, especially one of her junior officers, like that. But as much
as she had been attracted to his father as a younger man, she
had been attracted to Tom too, from the first moment she had
seen him in Auckland. And she often wondered if he was as good
a lover as the Delany twins and others on the ship seemed to
suggest . . .

Kathryn was suddenly startled out of her reverie by the appearance
of two practically naked male forms before her. Chakotay
grinned at her startlement, dimples in evidence, and said, "we
thought we would invite you to come swimming again, but you
seem awfully caught up in that story. What is it about?'

"Never mind, Chakotay, never mind," Kathryn replied quickly,
holding the padd to her chest. "I suppose I could come swimming,"
she answered, to see Tom's eyes light up. "As long as the two of
you promise not to drown me," she said mock-warningly, knowing
what the devil light in Tom's eyes meant.

"Now we would never think to drown our commanding officer,
would we, Tom?" Chakotay said, grinning as well. Kathryn rolled
her eyes, but moved into her tent to change into her swimsuit.

How, Kathryn reflected to herself, did she let them talk her into
swimming? as she thought changed into her suit. Her, thankfully, one
piece navy blue rather plain suit. She did have that bikini, from her last
shoreleave with Mark, but she had left it on the ship. The navy one
piece should be captainy enough, she thought, and she didn't need
to swim long, just long enough to be sociable.

She exited her tent to Chakotay's wide grin. "What,
Commander?" she asked with a mock frown.

"You look wonderful, that's what," Tom said, grinning.

"This old thing?" Kathryn said, and frowned, attempting to
look down at her suit.

"Yes, that old thing," Chakotay said, and reached out a hand
to draw her down the beach.

Kathryn had thought for a moment that the boys were flirting
with her, but then decided she was imagining things. Yes,
definitely her imagination -- her imagination that had been running
wild over her First Officer and Chief Helmsman.

Kathryn had slowly waded out at first, looking into the crystal
clear water and marveling at the small fish swimming by. But then
a large "SPLASH!" distracted her, causing her to look up, only
to see Chakotay flailing in the water and Tom grinning wide and

"Having trouble, Commander?" Kathryn asked innocently,
unable to resist, to Tom's delight.

"Not for long, Kathryn," Chakotay responded with a growl,
and began to stalk Tom. Tom grinned, then began to circle
as well, carefully moving so that his captain was between
himself and Chakotay.

"No where to run, flyboy, might as well give it up now,"
Chakotay said, slowly stalking further into the water after Tom.

"I thought you wanted me to save that for tonight, Chak, and
the 'sexcapades'," Tom said, grinning, moving up closer behind

"I'll show you 'sexcapades', you madcap," Chakotay said, and
lunged for Tom, who ducked -- and pushed his captain right into
Chakotay's path.

All Kathryn knew was that Chakotay and Tom were horsing
around, joking about the "sexcapades", and next she knew Chakotay
was on top of her in the surf. Definitely on top of her, almost
kissing her, abdomen to abdomen.

"Um . . ." Tom said, "sorry about that, Captain. I guess I
weaved when I should have dove."

"It's all right, Tom," Chakotay said, showing no signs of moving.

"Do you think you could get off of me, Chakotay?" Kathryn
asked her First Officer, still inches from her face.

"Do you really want me to, Kathryn?" Chakotay asked in a
low voice.

"It might be nice sometime this century, Mister," she responded.
"Besides, Tom might mind."

"Tom doesn't mind," a voice behind her suddenly said.

"Of course, Kathryn," Chakotay said, getting up and offering
her a hand to help her rise. First step taken, he knew, thanks
to Tom, but better not to push it too far.

Kathryn was stunned, although she was not about to let Chakotay
or Tom see it. What were the two of them up to? She was
sure that Chakotay had been about to kiss her, and Tom --
Tom hadn't been upset, he had instigated the whole scenario!
She was beginning to wonder if she shouldn't have insisted on
staying on the ship after all, because she didn't know what was
going on around here at all.

"How good of a swimmer are you, Captain?" Tom asked,
beaming innocently at her. Innocent indeed, she snorted to herself!

"Rather good, Mr. Paris, why -- are you up to a race?" she
challenged, determined to wrest back control of the whole situation.

"Whenever you are, Captain, "Tom said, grinning.

"Fine -- to the reef -- starting NOW!" Kathryn responded,
and dove into the deeper water, gaining a few crucial seconds
as Chakotay and Tom stood, stunned, in the surf, and then started
frantically after her.

Of course Kathryn made the reef first, and sat grinning upon it
when the two men finally reached her, bitterly accusing her of
cheating. She responded, of course, that captains don't cheat,
and allowed them to race her back to the beach, just to be fair.
A race she barely won, and then only by playfully tripping Chakotay,
but all was fair in love and war, wasn't it, Kathryn told herself.

"So what do you want to do for the rest of the evening, boys?"
Kathryn said, grinning, glad to have the upper hand as both
glared at her, bent over, obviously out of breath.

"What were you, swimming champion at the Academy or
something?" Chakotay growled when he finally found his breath.

"Something like that, Commander, something like that," she
responded, grinning, knowing that her summers as a lifeguard
had given her a distinct advantage over the two.

"How about something a little less competitive," Tom suggested,
afraid of the competitive gleam he was starting to see in
Chakotay's eyes.

"Like what, Tom?" Chakotay said, a feral gleam in his eyes as
he contemplated his commanding officer, who returned the look
with a teeth-baring grin of her own.

"Um, well, I did bring a beach ball . . ." Tom started uncertainly,
when he saw their savage grins.


"You're on!"

Tom sighed. If he thought Chakotay was competitive enough;
Janeway was ten times worse -- he had seen her play Velocity
with Seven. He knew he was in for a long evening. He knew
they'd come up with something for a net, and soon had, with
several beach towels strung together.

Tom had to admit, it was fun watching the two of them compete.
He had, a few times, offered to the play the winner -- or loser,
when the Captain had glared at him at one point, but soon left
them to their fun and had begun to make dinner. But while doing
so, he watched the competition -- and as much as he found
himself drooling over Chakotay, he had to admit, Kathryn had
a hot, sexy body as well. The more he thought about it, the
more he thought he approved of Chakotay's little plan.
Approved indeed.

As the sun went down, Tom finally moved to stop the
competition. "Dinner, come on, you two, you can't play in the dark!"

"One more game!" Kathryn said, teeth bared at the big Indian
facing her across the beach towels.

"No, dinner! Come on! Or do I have to get Tuvok to beam
down and break it up!" Tom insisted, and proceeded to take
Chakotay by the arm and bodily drag him toward the fire.

"All right, all right, I surrender!" Chakotay said, laughing and
seating himself before the fire.

"Do you really think we need a fire, Tom?" Kathryn asked as
she too gave in and proceeded to join them.

"Oh, I don't know, Captain, tropical nights can get sort of cold,
despite what you might think. We just might want some way to
warm up, you know," Tom said mischievously as he handed her
a plate.

"Is this Neelix's cooking?" she asked suspiciously.

"No! Mine! Despite what the big lug over there might imply, I
am pretty handy around the house, and am a mean cook, too,"
Tom responded indigently.

"Um hum, makes me a fine little wife," Chakotay said, grinning.

"Wife, hell, I'll give you a wife -- I just may have a headache
tonight, 'dear'," Tom spat back playfully.
"You two make me so comfortable, I'm glad I joined you. I
guess I really did need a break," Kathryn said, sighing and
leaning on her side by the fire.

"I know you did, Kathryn," Chakotay said, watching her
over the flames. "You are welcome to join us any time,
you know."

"I don't want to intrude."

"You're not intruding -- Chakotay and I were talking before,
we may be the only ones you really can relax around, you know?"
Tom said innocently. "I mean, it's not like you and B'Elanna
would ever be best friends, and Harry'd freak at 'relaxing' with
the Captain, and well, Neelix is Neelix, and Seven can't even
make polite conversation yet. And Tuvok's Vulcan. Who else
do you have to hang out with and talk to besides us?"

"It's not that bad, Tom," Kathryn said, looking into those too
innocent blue eyes.

"Oh, of course not, Kathryn -- so why did that biosciences
ensign spill his drink on himself when you made small talk with
him at that gathering in the mess hall last week?" Chakotay said.

"Just what are the two of you boys up to?" Kathryn said, her
suspicions aroused again.

"Going to bed, I think," Chakotay said, grinning, content that
the groundwork had been laid. He grabbed Tom by the arm
and pulled him after him to their tent, their "Good Night, Captain"
teasing her as they went to their tent. Kathryn shook her head and
headed for her tent as well, knowing that the two would manage
to have her up early.

Several hours later, Kathryn reflected to herself that she should
have known that they would have her up late as well. Somehow,
her tent had ended up so that the boys tent was between her
and the fire, giving her a wonderful silhouette show. In the beginning,
she had been very amused, as she could hear the two of them
good naturedly tease each other. But then things had quite
clearly gotten hot and intense in the other tent, and she had
practically had a front row seat.

Between the shadows, and the moans, and Chakotay's roar
at the end, she might as well have been participating in the
"sexcapades," Kathryn bitched to herself. The two had certainly
left little to her imagination, and she had confirmed to herself
that Tom was definitely the bottom of the two. Although he
did beg and moan in the most delightful fashion . . .

Kathryn moaned herself, turned her back to their tent, and
attempted to get some sleep, despite her increasing frustration.
She began thinking of ways she could get even with the boys.
Maybe she should have that bikini beamed down in the morning
-- she was sure Samantha would do it for her . . . .

Part 3 -- see disclaimers in part 1

Chakotay said nothing, simply grinning as Kathryn joined them for
breakfast the next morning in a very skimpy white bikini. Score one,
she thought to herself, as Tom's eyes widened at her outfit.

"We were going to go diving for a while this morning, Kathryn,"
Chakotay said. "Do you want to come along?" Tom's quite
experienced, and it is safe within the reef.

"Sounds like fun," she said, grinning and helping herself to the cup
of coffee in Tom's hand, to his chagrin.

"I promised Doc I'd take holopics down there for him," Tom
said as he poured another cup of coffee, and moved out of Janeway's
reach with it, to her amusement.

"What equipment do we need," she asked, stretching to reach the
toast over the fire, knowing it would display her chest to good
advantage to Chakotay, who was on the other side of the fire pit.

"Just masks and small O2 tanks that attach," Tom said. "It's really
quite shallow, and warm, its not like you need wetsuits and lots of
scuba gear. If we needed all that, I wouldn't suggest this without a
few lessons first. But this is nothing more than snorkeling, really.
You wouldn't need anything at all except I'm sure you'd like to stay
under more than a minute at a time. There are some really cool
coral formations, and some neon-glow fish that remind me of some
of Neelix's more colorful dishes," Tom explained, clearly warming
to his topic.

"Must be really colorful fishes," Chakotay said, standing and
stretching as he got ready to go. Kathryn secretly glared at him,
just knowing he had chosen to stand and stretch in that pose to
show off his physique. Well, two could play that game.

"Tom, I'm not sure I got this knot tied right in the back -- could
you check it for me?" Kathryn said, standing and turning her back
to Tom and reaching back to untie the one strap that held her top on.

"Um, well, it's definitely undone now -- let me fix it," Tom said,
grinning, coming over to tie the knot securely. "We wouldn't want
it come undone in the water," he continued, and leaned over her
shoulder to ask, "how does that feel now?"

"Just fine, thank you, Tom, and I think I am ready to go," Kathryn
said, smiling sweetly, knowing that Chakotay was sending her daggers.

The three proceeded to gather their diving gear and the holocamera
and waded out into the surf. Tom took pains to make sure that
Kathryn's mask fit correctly, and the air tank was working correctly,
but was only cursory with Chakotay, much to Kathryn's amusement
and Chakotay's chagrin. He was beginning to wonder if his plan was
backfiring on him! But he knew it wasn't, really, that Tom was
merely taking advantage of the situation and playing along, and
that Kathryn was attempting to make him jealous, which he took
to be a good sign. If there were sparks, even he could build a fire,
Chakotay thought.

The diving turned out to be a great adventure for all three of them.
Taking advantage of his preliminary diving the day before, Tom
guided the three to some spectacular sights under the water. The
coral formation was not the same as on Earth, Kathryn knew
immediately, and insisted on investigating, much to the boys'
amusement. But it did function the same, was a beautiful glowing
turquoise that blended with the waters to create a fantasyland
under water. And the fish were as unusual and colorful as Tom
had promised, a riot of color and clearly unafraid of their presence.
Many had a cursory resemblance to Earth fish, but the color
combinations were much more colorful than was typical, and the
exaggerated fins, tails, and appendages were utterly breathtaking.
To Kathryn, it looked like peacocks and birds of paradise had
taken roost underwater!

Long rainbow-colored sea snakes came out of the reef to coil
around them, but were clearly harmless. Tom took great delight
in snapping a picture of three attempting to coil around Kathryn
as she squirmed underwater, trying to shoo them away. Chakotay
they caught with a small orange fish with a fantastic fan tail
attempting to suck on his tattoo, and Kathryn snapped a shot
gleefully. Finally they pushed Tom into a school of bright yellow
and green fish that swirled in circles with oversized fins, and got
a picture of him half-hidden in the frenzy.

Then a large neon pink fish, with long thin fins and an iridescent
tail approached them, rubbing up against Kathryn like a cat.
Tom chuckled to himself and took another picture, knowing he
could caption it "Kat with a SeaCat." Kathryn finally shooed
it away, only to discover another one approaching, which she
pushed towards Chakotay, who had to swim backwards for
twenty feet to escape it, while Kathryn and Tom attempted to
laugh under water. But he got his revenge when more sea snakes,
green and black this time, came and coiled around Tom and
Kathryn, trying to pull them together as if they were lovers, and
he was able to snap several pictures, much to their dismay.

Then Tom led them to another part of the reef where the coral
formed a pseudo-maze, and he dove in daring them to follow.
Grinning, Kathryn and Chakotay took off after him, but soon
lost him and each other in the coral grottos, stopping in amazement
at the formations and the unusual types of plants, animals, or
other sealife that lived in, on and around the formations.
Kathryn began to wish she had a month to dive and study the
ecosystem of the reef -- it was as diverse or even more so than
the reef systems on Earth before the end of the 20th Century
and the damage that had been irrevocably done to them, from
which the Caribbean and Australian systems still had not fully
recovered even in their time.

Somehow, the dive became a game of tag as they caught
glimpses of each other in the maze of the reef, and the three
began to take great delight in sneaking up behind each other,
bestowing a pat or a kiss, and taking off again before the victim
could respond. Kathryn several times snuck up behind Tom
and Chakotay and gave them firm pats on the behind and took
off, much to her amusement. Chakotay began to retaliate by
catching her from behind and grabbing her long enough to kiss
her cheek or her neck, and once, kiss her fully on the faceplace,
being unable to reach her mouth. Tom teased by pulling her hair,
or once, threatening to untie her top. Kathryn soon realized that
if the boys caught each other, there was considerable groping going
on, and decided not to complain about her own treatment for the

She had had about enough, however, when Chakotay pinned
her to the reef abdomen to abdomen, in a repeat of their positions
in the surf the night before. She squirmed away quickly, giving a
swift kick in the shin as she gained momentum. At her next sighting
of Tom, she made a grab for his trunks that put him on the defensive,
and then dove further into the maze.

Finally, the three came together just outside of the maze, their air
almost gone, and the holocamera almost full. With nods, they
agreed to head for the surface, and the beach.

"So what was all of that about?" Kathryn asked as she waded
through the surf towards the beach, taking off her face mask and
tank. A few of the final "tags" under water had gone just a little
too far, and she was determined to get to the bottom of this once
and for all. Bottom -- she knew one of them had had their hand
in her bikini bottoms at one point! She had had enough.

"About diving, and having some fun, Kathryn, what in the world
are you talking about?" Chakotay asked, with a perfectly puzzled
and innocent expression.

"Oh, please, I wasn't sure at first, but I am now, after your
games down there -- just why are you two flirting with me?
Getting bored with each other?" Kathryn said with a glare, and
Tom grinned, then looked down at the surf at the steel-eyed
glare he obtained from her.

"Perhaps you are misconstruing some innocent, friendly gestures,"
Chakotay said, stopping to look at her.

"Or perhaps not."

"Or perhaps not," Chakotay repeated back to her, nodding.

"Um, Chakotay," Tom started, and then, seeing the glare back,
he subsided.

"Just be quiet, Tom, I know you didn't instigate this -- HE did,"
Kathryn spat, pointing at her First Officer. "Just what kind of
games are you playing?"

"Who said we are playing games, Kathryn," Chakotay said,
and took a heated step towards her.

"I did, because none of this is going ANY farther," she said,
holding her hand up, palm out, warding him off.

"Then why did you wear THAT suit, Kathryn," Tom said softly
as he came up behind her.

"Tit for tat, boys, for that little display yesterday afternoon --
and last night," she said, clearly still angry.

Tom blushed, and said, "I told you we should have tamped
down the fire, Chakotay."

"And what if those displays were carefully orchestrated,
Kathryn?" Chakotay said, watching her closely.

"Then I say again -- just what in the hell are you the two
of you up to?"

"You, Kathryn."

"Very funny."

"It's not meant to be."

"Fine, I'll just get my stuff and beam up." Kathryn started
to stalk up the beach towards her tent.

"Please don't!" Tom called after her, and followed.

"Tom," she said, turning back towards him, "I think this has
gone far enough."

"But you don't understand" Tom said. "It just hasn't gone
far enough," and he reached out to kiss her.

Kathryn was surprised both at the kiss itself, and the nature of it.
The kiss was light, shy, a brushing of the lips, just the tip of his
tongue anointing her lips, but somehow, in that brief contact,
he promised much, much more.

"Kathryn, don't you understand?" said Chakotay, as he came
up beside the two. "We want you," and leaned in and claimed
her with a kiss of his own, the kiss he owed her from the beach
the evening before, when he had had her pinned beneath him in
the surf, a kiss of power and promise and possession, a kiss that,
for a moment, almost stole her soul.

"NO!" She shouted, and pulled away. "You are both insane."

"Kathryn . . ." started Chakotay, and he stepped towards her

"No, wait, Chakotay," Tom said, and reached towards Kathryn
himself. "You don't think we don't already know all the reasons
you are about to tell us?" Tom said to her. "Protocol -- we've
heard that argument ad nauseam. You're the captain? But the
captain is entitled to a personal life too, Kathryn," he said, stepping
closer. "Who else is there? If there is someone else we would help
you in a Borg second -- but we know there isn't. Just because
Chakotay turned to me doesn't mean he stopped loving you -- or
that I haven't cared about you, that I haven't since the beginning."

"Tom," Kathryn said, reaching to take the hand he offered.
"That is all well and good -- but not enough."

"What will be enough, Kathryn? When you are old and grey and
all alone, and full of regrets?" Chakotay said in an angry tone.

"Chakotay --"

"Say no, say no now, Kathryn, say that you don't love us, that
you hate us, that you find us ugly - - or stop these false protests,"
Chakotay said, and took her in his arms.

And if his first kiss had almost stolen her soul, this one bought it,
lock, stock, and barrel. She had never believed the lines in her
romance novels about the world passing by in the depths of the
kiss, of the heights and the depths of the romantic soul a kiss
could take you to -- until this kiss. And before she could recover,
before Chakotay had finally regrettably, released her, for simple
lack of air, Tom had come up behind her, and begun to nibble
on her ear, kiss her neck, and manage to promise oh, so much
more with those simple touches.

"Are you going to say no, now, Kathryn?" Chakotay asked in
a low, sensual voice.

"No, I mean yes, I mean . . ." Kathryn broke off, laughing, and
Tom, behind her, began chuckling too.

"Are the two of you absolutely sure?" she said in an awestruck
voice, looking closely into Chakotay's face, and then twisting to
look Tom full in the eyes as well.

"Oh, yes, Kat, we are," Tom said, grinning.

"Kat?" she said, in a mock-growl.

"I have feeling that you aren't a tame kitty-Kat," Tom said,
grinning, and then began to back off as she began to stalk towards
him, fist upraised. Chakotay laughed, circled around, and grabbed
Tom from behind, to his surprise -- all his attention had been on
the tiny dynamo chasing him.

"What do you want to do to him, Kathryn," Chakotay said,
laughing at Tom's chagrin.

"What do you usually do to him?" she asked, eyes bright.

"Besides spank him over my knee?"


Kathryn started laughing so hard she could barely get her breath.

"Well, there is this," Chakotay said, and swung Tom up
over his shoulder. Kathryn grinned, only to be stunned when
he grabbed her and swung her up as well.

"Chakotay! Put us down this instant!" Kathryn yelled. This
was completely undignified for a captain! Chakotay just chuckled,
and walked to his tent, where he dumped both inside on their rumps.

"That was uncalled for, Chakotay," Kathryn said.

"But is this?" he said, as he began to kiss her again. She could feel
Tom reach around and release that sole strap holding up her top,
and decided she didn't care. In fact, as Tom began to work his way
down her neck, she decided she didn't care at all. She had waited
entirely too long, but these two infuriating, sexy, irresistible men
had taken matters into their own hands, and she decided she
might as well give in, as she began to float away in a haze of ecstasy.
Her last coherent thought was that this was certainly the best shore
leave she had ever taken.