Part 2 - see disclaimers in Part 1

Chakotay simply locked his arms around Tom even
tighter, if that was possible. Kathryn gasped,
then reached out with her other hand to hold Tom's
face in her hands.

"It's all right Tom, it's all right. You belong
here, with us. Give us time to explain. You were
injured yesterday. You suffered a neurological trauma.
The Doctor thought you might lose a day or two of
memories, but otherwise thought you were fine, and
let us bring you back here last night. Chakotay
insisted, and carried you back here. We were afraid
if you woke alone, in sickbay, from the nightmares,
you'd be frightened." Kathryn made sure she went
slowly, in a soft voice, or at least in as soft a
voice as she could manage.

Tom had always told her that her voice was one to
bark orders, or to cry out with passion, not soothe
a wounded child. But it had always worked to
soothe him, until she and Chakotay had chased the
nightmares away. Until they had convinced Tom he
had one safe place in the universe, with them.

"Kathryn is right, Tommy," Chakotay said from
behind Tom, starting to slowly rock Tom back and
forth. Despite himself, Tom found the feeling
soothing. Something did seem familiar, somehow,
for just a moment. But then Tom dismissed the
feeling as fantasy. Him, with the Captain and
the Commander? Everyone on the ship knew they
belonged together, and he couldn't imagine his
agreeing to be a third wheel or sex toy in their relationship. The situation
was just too bizarre
for Tom's scattered brain to contemplate.

"Um, yah, o.k.," Tom began hesitantly. "I can
believe I got whacked in the head or something, my
head is really foggy. But, um, with the two of you?
I have a very hard time imagining that," Tom said,
shaking his head, and then wincing at the pain the
movement brought.

"Well believe it, Tom, and you are not going
anywhere," the Commander chuckled from behind him. "Although, I think, at
the moment, maybe you should
go to sickbay. The Doctor needs to figure out why
your amnesia is this bad. Let's get some clothes
on and see what he has to say."

"That's a good idea," Kathryn responded, her face brightening. "I am sure
that he will be able to
straighten this out." She slipped out of bed and
headed toward the bathroom. Tom suddenly stiffened.
He hadn't realized, until she got up, that she was practically naked, only in
small negligee that left
little to the imagination. He felt his face grow

"It's o.k. Tom, she likes to be ogled once in a
while," the Commander said from behind him. "She
won't be offended, and besides, you've seen much
more of her than that."

If anything, Tom blushed more. Then he realized
that he had on nothing but boxers, and Chakotay
seemed to have a lot of skin pressed against his
back. Tom didn't think the situation could get
worse. Thankfully, from Tom's point of view,
Chakotay gave him one last rib-busting squeeze,
and slipped out of bed himself.

As he moved over to the closet, Chakotay stretched,
and Tom was caught for a moment by the image he was
presented. The Commander only had on boxers as well,
and the muscles that rippled over the broad, bronze
back stunned Tom. Chakotay's uniform hid that
stunning musculature, and for a moment, Tom was in
lust. Then he remembered his predicament, and
firmly pulled his libido under control. Whatever
they insisted, Tom just knew he could not be together
with either one of them, much less both, and he
wasn't about to look at what he couldn't touch.

Tom gingerly slipped out of bed as well. He found
as long as he didn't shake his head, his body was
willing to cooperate. As soon as he had assured
himself that his body functioned, however, he was
struck by a dilemma. Where were his clothes?

Tom turned shyly toward the Commander, about to
ask, when Chakotay held out pants and a shirt to
him. They were unfamiliar to Tom, a light blue
silk shirt and white jeans, but looked like they
would fit.

Chakotay grinned at the puzzled expression on
Tom's face. "Don't remember these either?
They're Kathryn's favorite outfit. She cut back
on her coffee just to surprise you with them."

"She did?"

"Yes, she did, Tom." Chakotay no longer seemed
so amused as Tom gingerly took the pants and
stepped into them. "I know this is hard on you,
Tom, but you have to trust us. We both practically
live here with Kathryn. The three of us are
together, and Kathryn and I care about you very
much. We are going to help you sort this out,
I promise. Just hang in there until we can see
the Doctor."

"Uh, yah." Tom didn't notice Chakotay's frown at
his skeptical response, nor his glance at Kathryn
as she caught the exchange as she came back from
the bathroom, in her uniform.

"It will be all right, Tom, I promise you," Kathryn
said, and took the shirt from Chakotay to hand it
to Tom, who took it hesitantly. "We have been
joking you might as well give up your quarters.
You are never there. You are either here or with
Chakotay, and most of your stuff is here too."
She searched the skeptical expression on his face.
"You really don't remember any of this, do you?"

"No, I'm sorry, I don't," Tom said, ducking his
head as he buttoned his shirt. Tom just didn't
understand -- why were they being so nice to him,
and talking like that? Tom just knew his reality
couldn't be as wonderful as having both of them.
Besides, he couldn't imagine either one agreeing
to a threesome, especially the Captain -- imagine
the impact on the crew!

Chakotay simply shook his head quietly at Kathryn,
and took Tom by the arm. "Come on, Helmboy. Let's
get you checked out." Tom walked with him,
unresisting, out the door, with Kathryn following.

Tom's complacent manner bothered Kathryn more than
anything. Where was their irreverent Tom? It was
a running joke with them, Chakotay calling him
Helmboy. But even that failed to gain a response
from Tom, and her heart started to chill. The Tom
ahead of her walked with his head down, eyes on the
floor, unresisting. The self-confident young man
they had helped nurture, and had grown to love, was
gone overnight. She didn't know what they would do,
if the Doctor couldn't bring him back to them.