Title: Starting Over
Author: KayTrek (
Part: 1/?
Rating: R overall
Codes: J/C/P
Archive/Post: Cha_Club, CPSG, VSPS, ATPS, Jupiter Station
Disclaimer: Star Trek and everything related is owned by
Paramount/Viacom, this is just a not-for-profit fun fic.

Dedicated to: CatHeights, AbyKitten, Starmei and AlannaRose, who
all insisted I write some more J/C/P, and especially CatHeights
for betaing

Summary: After an alien encounter, Tom has no memory of his
relationship with Kathryn and Chakotay, and they strive to
convince him how much they care for him.

Starting Over

Tom woke slowly, feeling incredibly at peace. He wasn't sure at
first what had brought on the feeling; usually he woke from
nightmares, and even in the morning, there would be some residual
anxiety from his dreams. But not this morning. He felt -- safe.
Warm, cuddled, comforted, protected, and cherished.

He lay half-awake, trying to understand. He could never remember
having felt this way before, although he supposed he might have
as a child, before his mother left. Not even B'Elanna had
brought on these feelings in him.

That vague thought of B'Elanna made him realize that there were
arms around him, strong loving arms encircling his waist and
chest from behind. More confusion. B'Elanna was never a
snuggler. Then he realized there was another form pressed up
against him from the front, head against his chest. Confusion

Tom's confusion was enough to bring him to wakefulness. He
blearily opened his eyes, and realized he was not in his cabin.
The room seemed much larger than his or B'Elanna's quarters. In
fact, the room was not familiar at all. Tom turned his head to
see who in the world was next to him. He could remember nothing
at all from the night before, and feared he had done something
incredibly stupid, Paris-style.

His heart dropped. He realized it was the Captain's head against
his chest, and a peek behind revealed the Commander. How in the
galaxy could he have ended up in bed with both of his commanding

Panic began to set in. He was too tightly held to simply get up,
grab his clothes, and slip away. Before he could even try, he
realized his stirring had caused his bedmates to stir as well.

"Hello, Tom," the Captain said, blue-grey eyes opening as she
smiled sleepily at him. "How are you feeling?"

Tom was dumbfounded. The Captain certainly didn't seem surprised
to find him in her bed, but he truly had no memory of how he
ended up here.

"Um . . ." Tom began, unsure of what to say. Then he felt
Chakotay move behind him and inwardly cringed, knowing he was now

"He's probably a bit confused," chuckled a soft voice behind him,
to Tom's consternation. "He certainly had a rough day

"That's true," the Captain said, reaching out to cup Tom's face.
"Do you remember what happened?"

"Um . . . no," Tom said weakly. "I, um, don't remember much at

"That's o.k., Tom, the Doctor said that you might loose a day or
two, your neurological system was certainly scrambled yesterday,"
the Commander responded, pulling Tom slightly closer to him, to
Tom's dismay.

"Um, I mean it, I really don't remember much . . ." Tom tried

"Like Chakotay said, Tom, it's perfectly natural. We’ll fill you
in on what happened yesterday. You certainly gave us a scare,"
the Captain said, smiling as she rubbed his cheek.

"I, ah, I think I've forgotten more than yesterday," Tom said

"How much do you think you've lost, Tom?" Chakotay asked, his
voice tinged with concern.

"Let me put it this way -- what am I doing here?" Tom asked, and
saw the Captain's jaw drop. He knew he had done it now.

"What do you mean, Tom?" came the soft, strong voice behind him.
He should have known he could trust the Commander not to panic.
It was a good thing someone wasn't, as he had given into panic as
soon as he had realized who he was in bed with. And the Captain
looked like she was about to come unglued.

"Um, I mean, why am I in the Captain's bed? It is the Captain's
bed, isn't it? And why am I here with the two of you,
Commander?" Tom said, deciding to bite the bullet.

The shocked silence that met his questions told Tom that he was
in even bigger trouble than he had thought.