Title: Second Chances
Author: KayTrek (KayTrek@Yahoo.com)
Part: 1/?
Rating: R overall
Codes: C/P
Fandom: Voyager, minor DS9 crossover
Archive: Cha_Club, VSPS, ATPS, Tom Paris Dorm,
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Disclaimer: Star Trek and everything related is owned by
Paramount/Viacom, this is just a not-for-profit fun fic.

Dedicated to: CatHeights, beta extraordinare

Summary: Ten years after Voyager returned home,
Chakotay is released from prison, and he and Tom
deal with some demons from their past.

Second Chances

Tom stood at the gate of the maximum security prison
on Kappa Prime.

The years in between had been long and hard, but today
was the anniversary of Voyager's return to Earth, ten
years ago. That meant today was the day Chakotay
would be released, and nothing in the universe could
have prevented Tom from being here this day.

Tom ignored the glares he was receiving from the
gate guards. He might not be allowed inside, but
there was no law saying he couldn't wait outside the
gates. He had dealt with prison guards before,
sixteen years ago, in Aukland. Oh, they might not
have been the hulking brutes used here on Kappa
Prime, but he knew the type, and knew the best
thing was to ignore them and bide his time. It was
nearing sunset. Chakotay would be coming out
soon, and Tom intended to be waiting.

Finally, in the twilight, the gate opened, and several
people walked out. Bajorans, a Kilgilian -- where
was Chakotay? And then one final figure emerged,
silhouetted in the sunset. Tom's breath caught. It was
Chakotay, he knew it from the tall, proud frame, the
upright carriage of the shoulders. Then the form started
forward, and Tom gasped.

The ten years had definitely taken a toll on the once
robust Commander. Away from the sun's silhouette,
the shoulders were not as broad or as proud as Tom
remembered. If anything, they were stooped from hard
labor. Precious weight had been lost -- Tom had thought
that Chakotay was rangy in the Maquis, only gaining his
proper, muscled form on Voyager, but in comparison,
Chakotay was simply gaunt now. The face was drawn,
the hair almost all silver. As Chakotay drew nearer,
not seeing Tom in the shadows, Tom's heart dropped
as he saw the haunted look in the former rebel's eyes.

Tom stepped forward, unable to bear this apparition
of his former Commander another moment.

"Chakotay? Chakotay, I came to meet you," Tom said
softly, stepping out into what light was left from the dying

Chakotay froze as Tom stepped before him. His eyes
slowly raked over the lean form before him. The ten
years had taken a toll on Tom as well, but not in the
same manner as Chakotay. If anything, Tom's form
was more solid, not so slim, hard-earned muscle
through the shoulders and chest. The stance was
more confident, evidence of a long-fought battle for
his self-assurance finally won. The eyes were no longer
as brightly blue, the fair hair shot with grey as well, but all
in all, Tom was definitely the one in better shape.

"Tom?" Chakotay said in a voice worn from the years.

"Yes, Chakotay. I came to meet you."


"Because someone should be here. So I came.
I met some of the others, too. Some, like B'Elanna,
and Dalby, wouldn't even speak to me. But Geron,
I took him to Bajor. And I took Ayala back to the DMZ.
I'll take you wherever you want to go," Tom stated
softly, not wanting the man to reject him, to push him
away, as too many of the others had.

"Why?" Chakotay asked again.

"Because I was the lucky one. And because I have
a ship. And because I, at least, still remember," Tom
said in the same soft voice, and held out a hand.

Chakotay simply stood still for a moment, studying the
man before him. And then reached out, and took his

Tom grinned and said, "Come on, let's blow this
popstand. We can be off planet in an hour."

"An hour too long," was all Chakotay said, and he
followed Tom into freedom.