Title: Recognition
Author: KayTrek (
Part: 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Codes: Julian Bashir/Tom Paris, Voyager/DS9 crossover
Archive: doctorandapilot, VSPS, ATPS, Tom Paris Dorm,
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Disclaimer: Star Trek and everything related is
owned by Paramount/Viacom, this is just a not-for-
profit fun fic.

In answer to Jeanette's doctorandapilot challenge:
(In case anyone want to write it, it has to be out
before the end of June) It could be two lines, 30
pages. Doesn't matter. The only thing I ask for
is that the following words are in it:

Cuffs, chocolate, "kiss me", ocean, blue, red,
bed, idiot.


Tom walked slowly along the Promenade of DS9.
It seemed too strange, to be back in Federation
space, to be looking at familiar aliens. Now
that was a non sequitur -- familiar aliens.

But aliens, no matter how familiar, were not
what Tom was looking for. He passed Vulcans,
Ferengi, Klingons in oblivion. Even Quark's
Dabo girls could not lure him in. Tom had one
goal, now that Voyager had docked at DS9. To
find Julian.

He knew that B'Elanna had been a mistake, that
he had only been fooling himself, trying to make
the sex into much more. They had never connected,
not on the deep, soul-intensive level he had
connected with Julian. Before Julian was sent to
DS9, and before Tom took that ill-fated position
on Caldik Prime.

They had promised themselves they would stay
together, despite their parents' or anyone else's
disapproval. A few months separate, trying to
advance their careers, and they would meet on
Risa. Everyone went to Risa, and no one would
think anything of their taking leave together.
But instead of taking advantage of the pleasures
of Risa, they had intended to take advantage of
the pleasures of each other.

Tom thought back on the fun the two had, as
he roamed the corridors, still hoping to find out
that Julian was stationed here. Red satin sheets
on the bed, velvet-lined cuffs, chocolate kisses,
whispered words of passion. Until Caldik Prime.

Tom knew, now, he should have gone to DS9 as soon
as his father had disowned him, as soon as he
could have after the courtmartial. Tom knew
Julian would not have cared. But at the time
he had been too hurt, too scared, too afraid
Julian would send him away, would have been
disgusted with him too, as everyone else had been.

Tom knew that simple step had led him to the Delta
Quadrant, far from his true love. Starting with the
alcohol, and the drugs, and Marseilles straight to
the Maquis, and prison. But now he was on DS9, and
he would not leave until he had seen Julian. If he
was still here.

Tom was loathe to ask the denizens of DS9 for help.
Either they had totally ignored the Voyager crew,
wrapped up in their own affairs, or had fawned all
over them, smothering them. Tom didn't want to be
recognized now, he wanted time to find Julian.

Finally, he saw a sign for the medical bay of
the station. Tom turned abruptly, ignoring the
walrus-like alien behind him who bobbled at the
disruption. Morn moaned at Tom, but Tom was long

Gone to the medical offices, silently looking in
each one, looking for Julian, or a sign of Julian's
presence. And then he heard the voices in the
main medical bay.

Julian, and a woman.

Tom went stiff, then told himself he was an idiot,
and forced himself to walk into the bay. Just
because he heard Julian talking to a woman didn't
mean that Julian was involved with a woman.

She was Trill, Tom saw, as soon as he stepped
into the medical bay. And she was touching
Julian, his Julian, in a most familiar fashion.
But then she turned to look at Tom, and Julian
turned too.

Tom was lost in an ocean of blue, blue eyes,
bright smile, and bittersweet memories.

"Julian," was all he said.

"Kiss me," Julian said, stepping forward to
sweep Tom into his arms.

Tom was oblivious to the Trill woman, who
stopped, aghast; and then she quietly left,
a wise look of lifetimes in her eyes,
recognizing the love she had seen.