Title: Radiance and Shadows
Author: KayTrek (
Part: 1/1
Rating: PG
Codes: P/K, C/P implied
Post/Archive: VSPS, ATPS, the Tom Paris Dorm,
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Disclaimer: Star Trek and everything related is owned by Paramount/Viacom, this is just a not-for-profit fun fic.

<sigh> On rare occasions my muse sends me bad poetry. I think
this was only ever posted to VSPS. Enjoy.

Radiance and Shadows
By KayTrek

Tom was radiant today,
A Nova going off,
Sun rising over the rim of the Moon,
Liquid Gold in sunlight.

I only wished,
I only hoped,
That wonderful radiance
Was for Me.

I'll not pine away
For his Heart.
I had My chance,
And Cast it Off.

Perhaps his radiance
Could not shine,
With Me -- was sucked
Into my Nevermore.

I fool Myself, and say
It was only because today
Was his wedding day.
But I know better.

With me he descended
to Darkness and Despair
And then lunged free
In Desperation.

And how could I blame him?
I've sought, my life long,
Such freedom
Such radiance.

I delude Myself
Only Harry's innocence could produce
The bright shining copper newness
I scry.

But the murky depths
Of My soul say Neigh.
I could have captured
That brightness.

But turned away from the flame
Afraid of being burned to the core,
Afraid of casting off
The shadows that cloak My essence.

And I drift back
Still Afraid that fire
Will reveal too much
Of the Darkness within.

I'll not pine
I delude Myself
While the Shadows wrap tighter
About my Soul.

The Others bask in that radiance,
The flaming Brightness of his soul.
And see not the shades
Nipping at my heels.

His light afar
Alone I'll have
At least he escaped
The Well that draws Me In.

the end