Title: Kiss Me, Kate
Author: KayTrek (
Part: 1/1
Rating: PG
Codes: J/P
Archive: ATPS, Jupiter Station, the Tom Paris Dorm, anyone else
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Disclaimer: Star Trek and everything related is owned by
Paramount/Viacom, this is just a not-for-profit fun fic.

Summary: An answer, finally, to the "Kiss Me" challenge
- start a story with the words "Kiss Me"


"Kiss me."


"Just kiss me, quickly, Tom."

"Um, Captain?"

"Do it! And don't call me Captain!"

"All right -- Kate." Tom proceeded to grab his Captain and kiss her,
bending her backwards in a romantic fashion, to the surprise of the
aliens and crew around them.

"Thank you, Tom," Kathryn responded as she straightened up from
the mind-blowing kiss her pilot had bestowed upon her.

"Why?" Tom asked, sotto voice, as he put his arm around her,
continuing the charade she obviously wanted.

"Do you see the Facosian diplomat over there?" she asked.

"Um, yes, you mean that knarly grey one?" Tom winced. The being
looked like a knotted pine log that had sprouted limbs.

"Exactly. He has been coming on to me all night, and he was headed
over here again. I'll do a lot for my ship, but kissing THAT is not on the

list," the Captain said, drawing Tom closer to her side. "It was all I could

think of to keep him away from me. I told him I was already involved

with someone on my ship, but he obviously didn't believe me. I had to

make it look good somehow."

"I'm happy to oblige, Kate," Tom said, grinning as he accompanied the
Captain across the reception area, noting all the looks they were
receiving. "But why not Chakotay?"

"First, because Chakotay beamed up to the ship a little while ago,
to check on a minor engineering problem. Second, should I really
be encouraging him in that fashion?" she said, smiling.

"Oh, but it safe to encourage me?" Tom shot back, grinning in response.

"Love'm and leave'm Paris? Oh, please, Tom, I know you'll just have
some fun with it tonight. I think you are the one man on the ship I am
safe with," Kathryn responded, handing him a glass of the local
equivalent of wine she had scooped off the banquet table.

"I'm hurt, Kate, really hurt!" Tom responded, mock pouting. "I'm
capable of a relationship! What do you call B'Elanna?"

"I called that a mistake from the first, Tom," she replied, "but I knew
I had to let you make your own mistakes."

Tom snorted. "Next time, just tell me straight. Don't let me waste
that much time, o.k.?"

"O.k., Tom, I promise," Kathryn said in all seriousness.

"Uh oh, tall, grey and knarly is headed over here again," Tom said,
turning the Captain around and heading her in the opposite direction.
"Maybe I'm not enough protection."

"Geeze, what do I need, Ayala and a security squad? Do whatever
you have to do to convince him to leave me alone, Tom," she muttered.

"Are you sure, Kate?" Tom said, grinning.

"Yes!" She glanced over her shoulder to see a grey trunk ominously
headed in her direction. "Although you are pushing this 'Kate' thing!"

"Then dance with me!" Tom dragged her onto the dance floor, picking
up the patterns of the alien dance with unbelievable speed, and somehow
guiding her along in the intricate steps as well. At least, thought
Kathryn dizzily as Tom once again spun her in a circle, the Facosian
ambassador seemed to have backed, off, now having B'Elanna cornered
by the refreshments. Let him try to kiss B'Elanna, she thought in a
lightheaded moment as Tom practically spun her off her feet in another
complicated move. She was emphatically glad that Tom had such a firm
grip around her waist, because she knew without it she would have landed
on the floor long ago.

Finally, laughing, the pair left the dance floor. Tom gallantly got them punch --

although he thought neon orange was a little strange for punch, but he decided

it couldn't be worse than some of Neelix's concoctions -- and guided his

Captain to seat far from the obnoxious diplomat.

"How much longer are you expected to stay?" Tom asked as he sat with
his Captain, giving her a chance to recover from the dancing.

"Almost to the end, I'm afraid, or I'll insult our hosts. Why, Tom, are
you getting bored baby-sitting me?" Kathryn responded, smiling to
take the sting out of her words.

"On the contrary, Kate, I am having the time of my life! Just wanted
to know how much longer I have until the fun ends!" Tom said, grinning
an outrageous smile at her.

"Oh, yes, pretending to be the Captain's boyfriend is much more fun
than playing tonsil-hockey with one of the Delaneys. I know you are
being nice to me, Tom," Kathryn said, swirling the orange punch in
its glass.

"Now how do you now I haven't wanted to get you right where I have you
now for a very long time?" Tom asked, all humor suddenly gone
from his demeanor.

"Tom?" Kathryn asked, confused by the sudden change.

"Never mind, Kate, never mind," Tom said, and led her back to the
dance floor, as a certain grey form was again approaching. They
spent most of the rest of the night dancing, the dance floor being
the one safe place from the Facosian diplomat, until it was time to
return to the ship.

"I've had a nice time, Tom, seriously. You are a wonderful dancer,"
Kathryn said as they prepared to beam up.

"Despite what you might think, Captain, I have had one of the best
times of my life tonight," Tom said in all seriousness moments before
the beam took them.

Once on the ship, Kathryn turned to Tom as she stepped off of the
transporter pad, and said, "I really owe you, Tom, I'll do anything I can

to repay you, within reason."

"I only want one thing, 'Kate'," Tom said, smiling softly. He stepped
closer to her, and leaned down slightly, to meet her face.

"Kiss me, Kate."

As Kathryn did so, she realized that she had gotten in over head this
night. Tom Paris was definitely the one man on the ship she was _not_
safe with. And then she stopped thinking for the night.