Title: Halloween Tricks and Treats
Author: KayTrek (
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NOTE; This is in answer to two challenges: Rabble
Rouser's ASC challenge for a Halloween story containing
"vampire, roses, and tears"; a challenge at Jupiter Station
for a Halloween story: #183 "Write a Halloween story
where Tom or Kathryn are able to scare the other".

Summary: Paris gets himself, Janeway and Chakotay
together for Halloween.

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Kathryn stood in front of her closet, trying to select
something appropriate for the Halloween party Neelix
insisted upon throwing in the messhall. Then she had
to put in an appearance at a "bridge officers only" party
Tom was throwing on the holodeck.

She pursued her closet closer, hating to waste replicator
rations on a costume. She refused to do Queen Arachnia
again; she had had crewmen drooling over her for days
after the last time. Finally, a velvet gown in the back of the
closet drew her. She had replicated it for one of her
holonovels, but had never had a chance to wear it.

She pulled it out. Victorian, cut low in the front to accent
the bustline, narrow-waisted and ankle length, it would
do quite nicely. The dress was a light ice blue that always
brought out the color of her eyes. She had a cameo from
her grandmother that would fit nicely on a light blue ribbon
to go around her neck. She had blue satin slippers that
would match. Satisfied, Kathryn went to her dresser to
look for the undergarments to finish the outfit.

Meanwhile, Tom stood in his bathroom, making the
final adjustments to his vampire costume. He had
slicked back his hair to attempt a widow's peak, and
had used powder to make his complexion even more
pale than usual. Fake teeth, installed with the Doc's
assistance, despite much muttering, black leather pants,
a flowing white shirt, laced up the front, and a black satin
cape with red lining completed the outfit. Tom grinned at
himself in the mirror, and artfully added a drop or two of
"blood" to his face. Hopefully, his costume would distract
a certain set of senior officers from his real goal of the

In a third cabin, the First Officer sighed as stood at the
replicator. He couldn't see the sense to Halloween; it
certainly didn't honor one's ancestors, and if anything,
seemed to encourage juvenile behavior. There had
been "scare" pranks all over the ship all day, some setting
off the security alarms and getting on the nerves of even
Tuvok's Vulcan calm. Chakotay simply wanted a quiet
evening, but instead contemplated what he could wear.
Perhaps he could make a quick appearance at both the
messhall and the holodeck and still get back in time to
meditate before bed.

Chakotay decided, finally, to wear what no one would
expect. He was sure that they all expected him to appear
in some sort of ceremonial, ancestral costume; well he
would surprise them for sure. Tom had been running
"serials" on the holodeck movie screen, and Chakotay
had gone with him recently to watch the cowboy and
Indian ones. He had been trying to support Tom since
his quick wedding, and even quicker divorce, to B'Elanna.

Chakotay grinned. They might expect "Tonto" -- as if he
wouldn't know it meant "idiot" -- but never the Lone Ranger.
He quickly replicated the whole outfit, down to chaps and
spurs. It seemed to him that the jeans were a bit tight, but
decided the chaps would cover most of them. He donned
the mask, white cowboy hat, a western shirt with lariat tie,
and proceeded to the first party.

Neelix was ecstatic at the turn out in the messhall. Naomi
and Icheb were in awe of the varied costumes that had
appeared out of closets and replicators, and most of the
off duty crew members were crowded in, enjoying the
party. He had outdone himself with the decorations and
the food, if he thought so himself. Cobwebbing, bats and
spiders hung from the ceiling, many of the foods were
served in pumpkins and gourds, and the whole room was
a contrast of orange and black.

The Captain's entrance had delighted most of those
present, especially the male crew members. Jenny
Delaney, dressed as a harem girl, didn't seem to
appreciate the costume, however. The shock of the
night, however, had been Chakotay's entrance. Neelix
really didn't understand the problem, until Harry took
him aside and explained. So the Indian was a cowboy?
Neelix shook his head, still baffled at the vagaries of the
Alpha Quadrant denizens, and passed out more "bloody
punch" and "finger sandwiches".

Tom grinned in the corner, knowing Neelix was pleased
at the turnout. But on Tom's mind was the later party.
What the Captain and Commander didn't realize was
that they were the only bridge officers invited to the "party"
on the holodeck. Tom had quite a surprise for them, in
more ways than one.

Seeing that the Captain and the Commander were
both gracefully attempting to extract themselves from
the party, Tom patted Neelix on the shoulder and slipped
out ahead of them to holodeck two, so that he could get
his program up and running in plenty of time.

Kathryn, after leaving the messhall, went straight to the
second party and stepped up to the holodeck doors,
only to have them slide open to admit her. She paused
at the blackness that initially confronted her, wondering
what Tom had concocted for the senior staff. Realizing
she would not see more until she stepped into the
holodeck, she mentally prepared herself for Tom's
hijinks and went in.

As she entered, she found a carriage awaiting, with
a headless driver motioning her to enter. Shrugging,
she stepped inside, to be whisked away up a steep
trail to a castle overlooking the spot she had entered.
She had only glimpses of a castle, dark and foreboding,
as the carriage swayed on the switchback trail through
mist and moonlight. She assumed it to be their

Shortly thereafter, Chakotay entered the holodeck to
a similar scene. Shrugging, Chakotay entered the
second carriage, to be treated to a similar ride. Unlike
Kathryn, who had grown up on spooky nighttime
campfire stories, he was relatively unfazed by the
setup as he proceeded to the castle.

Kathryn unlighted from the carriage to find herself
alone at the foot of a winding staircase to the front
door of the castle. She gamely started up the stairs,
only to have the doors open of their own accord. She
grinned to herself. Tom had outdone himself with this
program, and was certainly putting her in the Halloween
mood. She thought she might just enjoy this private party
after all.

She began to roam through the hallways that led from
the front door. The more she roamed, though, the
more lost she got. Most rooms were empty except
for cobwebs and covered furniture, but strange noises
and shadows seemed to follow her, and she turned
corners to find odd suits of armor or stone gargoyles
and similar creatures lurking. The candelabra she had
picked up to guide her progress was of little help.

Finally, she turned another corner and peered into what
appeared to be a grand ball chamber. She had just sat
foot into the room when a hand descended upon her

"Kathryn?" Tom said, grinning as she gasped and spun,
only to be confronted by his vampire costume. Oh, she
had seen the costume earlier in the messhall, but there
it was amusing; here, in his haunted castle, it seemed
almost sinister.

"The party is upstairs," Tom said softly, offering her his
arm. "May I escort you?" Kathryn simply smiled, took his
arm, shaking her head, and let him lead her up a nearby
set of stairs.

Kathryn was impressed as she entered the small parlor.
The gothic theme was still present, but softened by roses
on table, crystal goblets full of wine, and soft throws over
the furniture. Tom bowed her into the room, and made
to leave her.

"Is it safe here, my count?" Kathryn asked jokingly.

"Only until I return with the other guest," Tom responded,
waggling his eyebrows and leaving her to explore the room.

Chakotay had left his carriage to follow Kathryn's pathway.
Indeed, he could see her footprints at times in the hallway
dust. He, too, had begun to feel the sinister mood of the
castle and had jumped at noises, spinning to find
nothing behind him, and feeling foolish. He hardly felt
like he lived up to the hero's costume he wore. But he
kept on prowling the halls, wondering where the party,
and the rest the senior officers, were.

Part 2, see disclaimers in Part 1

Suddenly he heard a soft footstep behind him and
spun around, to see Tom artistically lounging against
a gargoyle. "Well," Tom said, "Kathryn's costume was
more in keeping with the theme, but you'll do."

"I didn't know there was a theme," Chakotay responded,
taking in Tom's costume for the first time.

"Well, I couldn't tell you, or I'd let the surprise out, you
see," Tom responded, motioning Chakotay to follow
him. "The party, and Kathryn, is waiting upstairs."

"Are you letting all of your guests wander around the
castle?" Chakotay asked as they proceeded up the

"Only you and Kathryn," Tom said, grinning. "You two
are my only guests."

"But I thought the party was for the whole senior staff,"
Chakotay responded as they entered the parlor to find
Kathryn reclining and trying the wine.

"Well, actually, I had something a bit more intimate in
mind," Tom said, gathering two more goblets and
offering one to Chakotay.

"Tom," he responded warningly. "I don't think the
Captain and I are up for any of your tricks."

"The only trick was in getting you here," Tom said,
motioning Chakotay to sit as he brought plates food
over to the table in front of the couch where Kathryn was.

"Then what do you have planned for us tonight, Mr.
Paris?" Kathryn asked, helping herself to the delicacies
he was offering. "You've certainly gone to enough trouble
to get us here tonight."

"Yes, I have, Kathryn," Tom said, leaning over the
low table towards her from his seat on the opposite
side. "But I promise, the rest of the night is preserved
for treats."

Kathryn drew in her breath as she saw the look in his
eyes, smoky with wanting. "Tom," she warned, pulling

Chakotay, from where he had seated himself besides
Kathryn, assessed Tom's look, and responded. "You
had better mean that, Paris," he said, reaching out
towards the food and slowly allowing his hand to brush
Tom's. "We wouldn't appreciate any more tricks, or
teases, tonight."

"Oh, don't worry, I intend to deliver on my promises,
Chakotay," Tom purred, his eyes slowly beginning to
appraise the man before him. "And I promise I have
some ideas about those chaps . . ."

"I . . ." Kathryn interjected, only to be interrupted by Tom
pressing a chocolate kiss to her lips. "Don't object,
Kathryn, just go with the flow," Tom said, and followed
the candy with his own lips. "I've dreamed of this too
long," he purred against her mouth, "please don't spoil it."

"I wouldn't dream of it, personally," Chakotay responded,
pushing the table away and pulling Tom over between
them on the couch. "This is certainly the best Halloween
treat I've had in a long time. And a more pleasant way of
spending the holiday than playing pranks all day."

"That's what I was hoping for," Tom responded, turning
to the man behind and offering him the same kisses he
had given Kathryn. Chakotay responded enthusiastically,
leaning back and pulling Tom's lean form against him as
he did so.

Kathryn shook her head, giddy with the headiness
caused by kissing Tom Paris. She was trying to remind
herself why this was a bad idea, when the image of
Chakotay and Tom kissing sunk in. Chakotay had
already pushed aside Tom's cloak, and was working
on pushing up the gauzy white shirt. Meanwhile, Tom
looked as if he meant to inhale the Commander. It was
one of the most erotic things she had seen in her life, and
despite herself, she slid forward and began to run a hand
up Tom's side.

"Glad you decided to join us, Kathryn," Chakotay
growled as Tom began to use his fangs to nip at
Chakotay's neck.

"Hm, well, yes, let's just see what's under this cape,"
she responded, smiling, as she helped Chakotay
completely divest Tom of his cape and shirt.

"The chaps, next," Tom moaned as Kathryn kissed the
back of his neck. She decided to comply, reaching
between two swelling groins to release the clasp of the
chaps, and discovering just how tight the pants of both
men were. Meanwhile, Chakotay had reached up, around
Tom, to cup her cleavage, and had begun to massage her
breasts through the tight velvet. Kathryn moaned, but kept
her hands busy attempting to loosen the tight leathers and
jeans that stood between her and her goals.

Chakotay had his head thrown back, evidence on his
throat of Tom's ministrations, as the psuedo-vampire
began to divest him of his western shirt. Impatient,
Kathryn came around to kneel at the side of the couch
where she could reach both men more easily, continuing
to work on their clothing as Tom leaned over to nuzzle
her neck and reach behind her to unhook her dress.

Chakotay leaned over to help, almost jumping as
Kathryn finally opened his jeans and reached inside.
Moaning, he suggested, "did you program a bedroom
into this monolith, Tom?"

Tom grinned, showing his fangs, and responded,
"Come this way, Cochise. I've just the thing . . ."

"I think he's the cowboy, not the Indian, tonight, Tom,"
Kathryn said, smiling seductively at Chakotay's response
to her ministrations.

"Pretty confident, weren't you?" Chakotay growled as
he stood, pressing Tom against him for a deep kiss.

"Yes, he was," Kathryn responded, pressing up
against Tom from behind, kissing his naked back,
sandwiching Tom between them. "I think maybe
he needs some discipline for this presumptuousness . . ."

"Lots of discipline," Chakotay responded, reaching
around Tom to kiss Kathryn, and then drawing both
of them along through an arch at the end of the room,
where he had spotted a most incongruous, but
sumptuous, bedroom.

"Hmm . . . we will have to be thinking up lots of
punishments for him, I suspect," Kathryn responded
teasingly, drawing her hand down Tom's back and
caressing the top of his cheeks.

"If he keeps up with these little tricks, we will,"
Chakotay said, pushing Tom down on the bed,
trying to decide how to finish getting the leather
pants off of him, the only garment he left.

"Keeps up?" Tom said, finally responding to the

"I'm sure you didn't mean this to be a one time
affair, Tom," Kathryn purred, crawling across the
bed to him and pulling his head back into a deep kiss.

"I wasn't sure," Tom began, gasping from the kiss,
and almost forgot the conversation's point as Chakotay
straddled his legs, drawing the pants down and freeing
him for closer attention.

"Oh, Tom, trust me, we are going to need frequent
treats like this. I'm sure once won't be enough,"
Chakotay responded, leaning to kiss Tom's groin.

"I --" tears in the corner of his eye, Tom simply looked
back and forth between the two. "I thought tonight
would be best I could hope for."

"I think you can hope for much more, Tom. Happy
Halloween," Chakotay responded, Kathryn caressing
Tom in agreement, and the two proceeded to devour
their Halloween treat -- with more than one trick involved.