Title: Easter Bunny Capers
Author: KayTrek (

Part: 1/1
Rating: PG
Codes: C/P
Archive: ATPS, CeePee4Mee, CPSG, VSPS, anyone else please
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Disclaimer: Star Trek and everything related is owned by
Paramount/Viacom, this is just a not-for-profit fun fic.

Dedicated to: Mordhena, the ATPS listmom, who issued the
following Easter challenge:

Write a story up to 1000 words long starring our darling TP and
use the following words.
Easter buns,
hot cross buns,
kisses and candy

However you must *not* mention the word "chocolate."
References to chocolate can be made but don't use the words
Chocolate Choc or Choccie, just think it makes it more interesting
trying to describe chocolate without *saying* it is chocolate.


Tom stood in the middle of the mess hall, where he had been
helping Neelix and Harry get the Easter party details completed,
when Neelix emerged grinning from the kitchen, holding out a
costume to Tom.

Tom looked at his outfit in askance. "Why," he asked
plaintively, "do I have to play the Easter Bunny?"

"I believe the Commander said something about getting even
with you for making him play Santa Claus, Tom," Neelix said as
he held out the floppy feet to the pilot.

"I think Chakotay decided it was your turn this HOLIDAY,
Tom," said Harry as he helped Tom get his bunny feet on. "He
said something about having to participate in a holiday -- excuse
me, a RELIGION he doesn't believe in," Harry said, grinning.
"I definitely think he is getting even with you, Tom."

"Well, what do I have to do? And do I have to wear the
ears?" Tom asked, deciding he had better make the best of it,
or Chakotay would just find another way to get even with him.
Tom didn't think Chakotay would have waited this long to get
even, but every so often, the big lug surprised him.

"So what do I have to do, pass out EGGS?" Tom asked
as Neelix firmly fixed the ear headpiece on him.

"KISSES AND CANDY too, Tom," Harry said, grinning.

"I thought he liked being Santa Claus," Tom said, still with
a plaintive tone of voice.

"I don't think he liked it when half of Engineering sat on Santa's
lap to tell him their Christmas wishes, Tom," Harry said, grinning,
remembering too well the Christmas Eve party, and how Tom had
almost been strangled by his new lover before the night was over.
Dalby and Vorik on his lap had just beena bit too much, even
for their composed Commander.

"But then the Captain and I did -- I thought he liked that part --"

"But I'm not sure our then forcing Tuvok on his lap was a big hit,
Tom," Harry said grinning, unsure of who hated that encounter
more, the Vulcan or the fuming ex-Maquis.

"Time to go to the holodeck, Tom," Neelix said, joyfully
dragging his erstwhile bunny volunteer behind him.

Later, Chakotay grinned at the Easter Bunny. He knew that
it would pay to wait to get even with Tom. What was the
Klingon expression? -- that was it, 'Revenge is a dish best
served cold.' And he had to admit that Tom was very, very
cute in the bunny suit. Neelix had picked out a perfect pink outfit,
bunny feet, large ears and all. With Tom's fair face and blue eyes,
he was simply adorable -- as most of the female crew had
obviously noticed, from the fawning that was being done over
the Easter Bunny, especially by the Delaney sisters.

Chakotay smiled to himself. He was secure enough now,
after almost six months into their relationship, to know that Tom
was just flirting with the women, and, indeed, seemed a bit
embarrassed by all of it.

Actually, Chakotay admitted to himself, Tom had been
a very good sport about all of it, helping Naomi find the hidden
eggs, giving out candy and eggs to the crew members attending
the party, and even dispensing a few chaste kisses to the Captain
and Naomi and few of his female admirers.

Finally catching his favor squeeze by himself for a moment,
Chakotay sidled up behind the Easter Bunny and, squeezing
some adorable EASTER BUNS, whispered into his large bunny
ear, "having fun, Tom?"

"Oh, Chakotay, you are going to pay for this!"

"Oh, don't worry, Tom, I'll find a way to get even and
FOIL your evil plot," Chakotay said, grinning. "You're paying
for Santa Claus now, aren't you?"

"The suit is pink, Chakotay!"

"Oh, but Naomi is enjoying having a real Easter Bunny so
much, Tom!" Chakotay said, grinning. "And besides, I'll make
it worth your while tonight."

How?" Tom said, suspicious.

"Hmm . . . I believe there is a certain creamy brown substance
you gave up for LENT," Chakotay said.

"Yeah . . ."

"And . . . I believe I could dribble it across certain HOT
CROSS BUNS," Chakotay grinned.

"Just how are someone's buns going to get in that condition?"

"Oh, don't worry, I'll bet I have them hot already," Chakotay
said, giving another squeeze to the firm buns in his hands, "and
well, it is Easter -- isn't a cross a Christian symbol? I did tell you
I was going to dribble something back there . . ."

"How soon can we leave the party?"

"Soon, Tom, very soon," Chakotay said, knowing his revenge
was complete -- because he intended to make Tom wait several
hours for his buns to be hot and crossed.

He just knew the bunny costume would be fun for both of them.