Title: Costume Nights

Pairing: C/P
Rating: PG-13, for m/m implied
Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters written about in this story.
Non-profit fair use, I'll put them right back, I promise.

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Note: This was the first story I ever posted. It was written in answer to a Cha_Club challenge to: Write a short story, about 1000 words long.
Must include the words: 'rose', 'chocolate', 'oyster', 'whips', 'chains',
'bridge', 'orgasm', 'turbolift', 'red', 'blue', 'white', 'rainbow' and 'art'. The second motivation was to help jump start the regency muse for a friend for a wonderful regency piece she is working on. So if things look a bit odd at first, you will know why.

Costume Nights

"Are you coming to the costume party tonight, Tom?" asked Neelix
as Tom contemplated the strange offerings at the breakfast spread in the
messhall. Oysters for breakfast? Red, white, and BLUE Oysters?
What was Neelix trying for, an oyster rainbow?

"No, I don't think so, Neelix," Tom responded distractedly, trying
to find SOMETHING edible. "I'm just not in the mood." Tom was
suddenly impacted by a body throwing itself at his back and shoulder.

"Oooh, Tom, I would think it would take whips and chains to keep
you away!" a breathy voice breathed in his ear, allowing Tom to identify
his attacker as Megan Delaney.

"Um, no, Meg, I'm just not in the mood," Tom responded as he tried
to diplomatically extract himself from the living blanket draped across

"What's the matter, Paris? Can't think of a costume?" came a voice
suddenly from somewhere behind Megan.

"Oh, I can think of LOTS of costumes for you, Tommy," Megan purred.
Tom quietly cursed the cosmos. Megan had been fun at first, but that
was long before B'Elanna. Unfortunately, she took his breakup with Torres
as free rein to pursue Tom. Publicly. Very publicly. With comments about
whips, chains, and orgasms in turbolifts -- or on the bridge.

"Delany, he'd let Chakotay dress him for the party before he would
let you," came another voice from behind Megan. Tom redoubled his
curses. Bad enough Chakotay had entered the conversation; now
B'Elanna was here too. And jealous. She might have decided she didn't
want Tom, but she had made it plain she didn't want anyone else to have
him, either. Especially Megan.

"Now that is an interesting idea," Chakotay drawled from behind.
"My dressing Tom. What do you think?"

"What do I think about WHAT?" Tom exclaimed, finally managing to
dump Megan as he spun to confront his first officer. "Do you really think
I would let you dress me for the costume party?"

"I was talking picking out your costume, not dressing you," B'Elanna
laughed, "but what you boys want to do in private is your own business . . ."
she continued to everyone's amusement. "But, as opposed to Megan
picking out your outfit, or Chakotay, who would you chose?"

"Um," started Tom, desperate, wondering how he had been trapped
in this surreal conversation. "Chakotay, I suppose, but . . ."

Tom never had a chance to finish. "Fine," the Commander responded,
sending Megan a smug look, much to B'Elanna's amusement. "Check your
replicator after the shift -- your costume will be there."

Megan Delany flounced off in a huff, and Tom stood there, dumbfounded,
in the middle of the messhall, wondering how he got himself into these


After shift Tom reluctantly started towards his quarters. Whatever he
found coded into the replicator, he would have to wear, and make at least
a token appearance at the costume party. If he didn't, he would never live
it down.

But at the same time Tom was inwardly cringing. Oh, he and
Chakotay were civil enough to each other, but they had never gotten
close. And he had his sneaking suspicion that the first officer wanted
to get even with him for something. Like dumping B'Elanna, one of his
best friends. Of course, it was B'Elanna who dumped Tom, but no one,
except maybe Harry, had believed that. Tom had been painted the bad
guy in the most public of forums, public opinion, and had withdrawn in
the weeks since.

Tom sighed as he entered his cabin, and immediately went to the
replicator to find out the worst. The outfit seemed to consist of four
pieces -- doublet, jerkin, hose, and a cape. Apparently, Tom mused, he was
supposed to wear his own underwear. Or none. He grinned, wondering
what Chakotay would think of that.

The doublet was in white and a light blue, and had fitted sleeves that
buttoned up the back, with a roll at the shoulder. Further, the doublet was
heavily padded in the shoulders, narrowing at the waist with a slight
Tom's eyes narrowed, wondering at being caught in public in this outfit, much
less appearing voluntarily. The jerkin appeared to fit over the doublet, and
was a bright azure with a high collar.

The hose were another story. Thankfully, though, the upper hose
appeared to be knee-breeches of a sort, but made in a blue velvet to
match the jerkin and blend with the doublet. They were very tight, Tom
noted as he tried them, buttoning at the knee with over-the-knee white
silk stockings to fit underneath, and with fancy garters to hold them up.

Tom then realized there was shirt too -- a white silk shirt gathered
front and back, with separate fancy collars and cuffs, to fit under the
doublet. Then, over top, was a short Spanish-style cloak with a hood.
Tom realized he could wear the cloak thrown back, to accommodate a
sword at his hip. For there was a sword, too, awaiting him in the

Tom sighed. For some reason, Chakotay wanted him to appear
as some sort of Regency gentleman. Fine. He would play the fop, give
everyone a laugh, and retire early to his quarters.

Tom entered the holodeck with some trepidation. He was just waiting
for B'Elanna, or worse, some of the Maquis to spot him in this get-up.
But everyone was admiring the Captain's period gown, with the decoupage
cut oh so low, although authentic, and thus were completely oblivious to his
presence. That was, except for Chakotay.

Tom suddenly turned his attention from the Captain's gown to
Chakotay as the man approached him. Tom suddenly forgot to breath.
Chakotay's outfit was very similar to Tom's, but somehow even more
formfitting, with less padding. And the colors were very different, in
russets and burgundy. Tom might feel stupid, but Chakotay looked strong,
confident, and delectable in the costume. The doublet just brushed the
top of his thighs, leading Tom's eyes to the tight knee-breeches. . . . Tom
tried to distract himself from those thoughts by looking the first officer in
the eyes. And got the surprise of his life.

"Tom," Chakotay said, and Tom looked, really looked, for the first
time into those dark expressive eyes. And lost his soul. Suddenly, Tom
wanted nothing more than to loose himself in the universe he saw in those
eyes, to press himself against the broad chest, to gently press his lips
against the plush ones inches from his own. . . Tom moaned to himself,
again cursing the cosmos. He had loved Chakotay for years, since the
Maquis, when he had been too messed up for the dynamic Maquis Captain
to notice him, except to yell at Paris for screwing up again. Tom had given
up hope, here in the Delta Quadrant, after the Ocampa homeworld. If
saving Chakotay's life hadn't been enough to make his dark dream notice
him, Tom had decided, nothing would, and he had tried to move on . . .

Only to have those old feelings suddenly come rushing back on
him in full force.

Suddenly, Tom realized that Chakotay had been talking to him:
"I'm so glad you actually took me up on the costume, Tom. I thought
we could play matching courtiers. That blue -- looks very good on you,
you're a work of art," and the tone of voice registered on Tom, belatedly.
Chakotay's voice was pitched low, the man was practically purring at
him -- flirting with him? Chakotay? No, it couldn't be! Tom stood
there bewildered.

Without a response, Chakotay continued. "You don't mind the
costume, do you, really? I'm sure Megan would have come up with
something much worse. And I knew this would flatter those long legs
of yours . . ."

"My legs?" Tom squeaked in confusion.

"I love your legs, Tom," Chakotay responded, lowering his voice.

Chakotay was flirting with him! Tom stood in a daze, bright blue
eyes hazy, mouth slightly open, staring into Maquis' dark eyes. "You
do?" he responded, still disoriented by the direction this conversation
was taking.

"I've admired those long legs for a long time, Tom," Chakotay
responded, "among other things."

"But what about the Captain?" Tom asked desperately, his mind
refusing to take in the fact that his dream man was making blatant
passes at him.

"The Captain," Chakotay responded, cupping Tom's cheek in a hand,
"can go play governess with her hologram. I'm interested in the real thing."

"Me?" Tom responded quietly, breathlessly.

"You," Chakotay responded, and the two stood staring into each
other's eyes, oblivious to the party starting around them.

Across the room Harry, dressed a samurai costume, nudged B'Elanna,
nodding towards the two Regency courtiers, stock still in the middle of
the dance floor. As they watched, Chakotay slowly took Tom in his
arms and began to waltz, still obvious to the rest of the room. "When
did that happen?"

"When Chakotay picked out his costume for him, I imagine,"
B'Elanna responded smugly, settling her own Klingon armor more firmly
across her back. When faced with Harry's blank look, B'Elanna took pity
and responded, "It's a long story Starfleet, but let's just say, when I let
Tom go, I knew he wouldn't stay available for long. Chakotay just needed
a push, and I gave it to him this morning." She glared delightedly at
Megan Delany, who was across the room in a very revealing can-can
dancer outfit, shooting daggers at the first officer.

"Okay . . ." Harry drawled, still somewhat confused, but content
to wait until morning, when he could corner Tom in the mess hall. He
knew he shouldn't have slept in that morning, day off or not. He'd
obviously missed a bombshell . ..

"So," teasingly began Tom, as the realization finally set in that,
just perhaps, his dreams were coming true, "do you have any
other costumes you want me to try?"

"Lots," Chakotay responded, leaning to nibble on a lean neck as he
slowly waltzed passed a stunned Captain and crew with Tom in his arms.
"But some are, let's just say, not fit for public consumption. Would
you like to take this elsewhere?"

"I'd love to," Tom purred in response, feeling that perhaps his
costume was already too revealing in certain aspects. "It sounds
like a wonderful idea."

"Well," responded Chakotay, as he drew Tom close with an arm
around his waist, to escort him from the holodeck, "I told B'Elanna I
was going to try roses and chocolate, but she's right, this worked
much better."

"Oh yes," Tom said with a smirk. "I think I like costume night
a lot better."

"Oh, trust me, we are going to have lots of costume nights, Tom,"
Chakotay said, as he led his new love from the holodeck into their new life.