Title:  The Talent Show
Author:  JJ
Pairing:  C/P implied
Rating:  PG-13

Summary:  What happens when you accuse a Commander of being boring.

Disclaimer:  I don't own them.  Someone else does.  I'm not making any
money, just having fun.


Stoic?!  They called me stoic.  I couldn't believe it.  They said I was
unimaginative.  Harry, Tom and B'Elanna.  They didn't think I could do
anything for the Talent Show?  I admit, it's foolish, but that stung.
In fact, it's downright childish, but I couldn't believe they thought
that about me.  Hell, to come up with some of the plans that I had in
the Maquis, I had to have some imagination.

I had been walking by the observation lounge and heard Tom.  Tom, my
lover, my partner, call me straight laced.  And I had stopped and
listened and gotten my feelings hurt.  Yes, me.  Chakotay, First
Officer, able to handle anything, Chakotay.  Is that really how they saw
me?  Is that how Tom saw me?  I was playful in the bedroom, I thought
defensively.  So what had I done?  I had joined the Talent Show,
threatening Neelix with extreme physical pain if he put my name on the
list prior to the last possible moment.

Well, I thought as I got ready, we would see if anyone dared called me
stoic after this.  I couldn't believe I was doing this.

*This,* I heard my father's voice echo, *is what your pride gets you.*

I smiled and adjusted my glasses and called for a site to site

I appeared behind the curtain for the Talent Show.  I almost chickened
out when I saw the look on Neelix's face.

"Did I make it in time?" I asked, not giving the gaping Talaxian a
moment to process what I looked like.

"Uh...uh...you're up next."


I waited for the Talaxian to step onto stage and called for the final
touch.  This would put a drain on my account, but it was a must.   I had
absolutely drained my account getting this together and considering I
had built up quite a little stash for myself, that was saying something.

Then I heard Neelix.

"And now, the final act.... Commander Chakotay."  I heard a smattering
of applause.  Oh man, what was I doing?


Harry, B'El and I sat at the very end of the stage having a great time.
Harry had played his clarinet and I had played some pieces on the piano
until I had the crowd going.  We were all waiting to see what Chakotay
was going to do for a 'Talent Show'.

I had really been surprised to see his name on the list this morning,
and we all admitted we were absolutely clueless as to what the Mystic
Warrior would do for his act.  I had even tried to wheedle the
information out of him, but he was shut up tighter than a clam.  I was
intrigued..., no I was downright curious as to what my lover was up to.
He was up next.

"Commander Chakotay,"  Neelix had announced and we had all clapped
politely until we heard the heavy duty engines of an old time low rider
fire up.  I was on my feet before I knew what was going on.  I know I
looked shocked as Chakotay slowly rode a Harley onto the stage.

"Oh, shit," I exclaimed, as I looked at a Chakotay I had never seen.
*Oh, my lord, look at him.*  He was in a mirrored glasses, a black
leather jacket, leather pants and black riding boots.  He even had the
chain going from his pants to his wallet in his back pocket.

He slowly rode the bike around the stage and then stopped it.  When he
turned it off, the first notes of an old Earth song started to play.
Na, nanana Na.  It was...oh my God, Bad to the Bone.  I watched as he
slowly slid the jacket off his shoulders displaying a broad chest
tightly encased in a black t-shirt.  I licked my lips.

Chakotay turned around and looked directly at me.  How did I know since
I couldn't see past his mirrored glasses?  I have no idea, but I was
pinned where I stood by *that* glare.

He started to walk towards me with the most seductive swagger I had ever
seen him use.  He stopped about five feet from me and swung his hips in
a way that would have put that old singer...Elvis Presley to shame.  Oh,
shit, this was Chakotay, this was my lover and damn, those pants looked

I heard B'Elanna squeal when Chakotay turned towards the Captain and did
the hip swivel again.  Kathryn smiled, blushed and saluted him with her
wine glass.  I heard a wolf whistle and a scream that sounded like "Take
it Off," come from the Delanney twins.  I fixed an angry glare on them,
until I heard Harry mumble something.  I looked back to be greeted with
the view of Chakotay, my lover, my lover's ass being flaunted for
everyone to stare at, and according to some of the screams and claps I
heard, everyone was staring.

Then Chakotay straightened up and slid a hand slowly pulled his shirt
out of his pants all the while moving to the music.  I watched his hand
slide over his ridged stomach, as he inched the shirt higher and
higher.  I groaned as his other hand strayed to his ass and for a moment
he seemed lost in his own pleasure.  Then both of his hands went to the
t-shirt and ripped it off.

Sue Nicoletti stood up and started towards the stage with what looked
like an old dollar bill in her hand.

"Sit you ass back in that chair!"  I ordered.  Kathryn herself couldn't
have done a better job.  Sue shot me a dirty look, but sat back down.

I turned back to the stage.  There he stood in black leather pants and
mirrored glasses.  Oh, he was going to pay for this little display, I
thought as my dick started to swell in my pants.

Then the music changed to a low driving beat, a pole appeared near
Chakotay and his boots disappeared.  I took a swallow of the drink Harry
pressed into my hand, as my lover grabbed the pole.  I finished the
drink in two swallows when he leaned back and then slid his body up and
down the pole, his eyes glued to mine.  I could not get over what those
pants did for his ass.  Geez, this was better than warp 10.  I watched
my lover, Chakotay for god's sake, touch that pole as if it were me.

The he turned to me, leaned back against the pole, and hand slid into
the front of his pants.

"Is he gonna do it?"  B'El asked.

"He's gonna do it," Harry confirmed.

"Tom?"  They both asked at once, as Chak slipped his thumbs into the
waistband and started to walk towards me.

I met his eyes, and winked and smiled.  "Do it, Big Boy," I taunted.  He
smiled the wickedest smile I had ever seen him smile.  Then in one fluid
movement, he grabbed the belt loops and the pants split down the side.
The Holodeck went nuts.  I caught Meghan before she made it on stage and
pushed her back.

"Mine," I said firmly, as I pushed her towards her chair.

Greg moved to the other side of the stage and kept people back and
Kathryn simply raised an eyebrow at anyone getting between her and the

I looked up to see the pants dropped in front of me and Chakotay
standing in front of me.  I looked up and with a great show of personal
strength kept my hands to myself.

"Come on, Chak.  Show 'em what you got."


When Tom said that, I knew he knew the power I was feeling.  I had been
amazed at the reaction I was getting.  These women knew I was gay and
involved with Tom and they didn't care.  In fact, I have a feeling the
'show' would have gone a lot farther if Tom hadn't caught Meghan, but as
I slowly danced in front of Tom, the rest of the holodeck disappeared.

His eyes were on me and I danced for him.  I felt the beat and I knew
Tom was as excited as I was.  Sue came up beside Tom and she gave him
the bill.  I smiled and stepped back, making Tom come onto the stage.  I
saw the glimmer of mischief in his eye as he considered where to put the
dollar.  He behaved.  He slid the dollar from my lips to the elastic of
the waist band.  Then using his body to shield the view, he slid it into
the waistband and caressed me at the same time.

That was when I kissed him, and I let him have it.  We were both hard
when I let him go.  Tom stood there breathing hard as I danced in front
of my lover.  Harry, however, gently led Tom off the stage, and I danced
my way back to the bike and rode it off stage, amid my now screaming and
adoring fans.

The last thought I had as I rode off the stage was.  Boy, is the morning
meeting going to be interesting tomorrow.