Part 6

As Chakotay's teeth abraded the sensitive juncture, Tom bucked and
writhed against him.  The small noises Tom made Chakotay want to devour
him.  To have a lover again, to be able to express his need, was almost
more than Chakotay had ever hoped for.  He claimed Tom's lips again in a
soul-searing kiss, but it wasn't enough for him.  He wanted all of Tom
Paris.  They were both reaching the point of no return.  He broke the
kiss and met Tom's eyes.

"Speak now, Paris.  We do this and you're mine.  This is not the time
for games."

"No games, Commander," Tom said, his eyes blue and clear.

Tom had used rank, placing Chakotay above him, he hadn't fought the kiss
or the marking.  Chakotay ran his hand over the side of Tom's face, and
Tom turned into it, and kissed the palm of Chakotay's hand.

Chakotay leaned in and kissed Tom one last time.  Then he stepped back
and pulled Tom's shirt out of his pants.  He reached down and rubbed
Tom's erection through his pants, and he watched Tom's eyes close, and
bite his lip.  Chakotay bunched the shirt in his hands and just before
he pulled it over Tom's head, he said,

"Open your eyes, Tom and watch."  Tom's eyes snapped open.  Chakotay saw
the fire and need.  "Soon."  Then he pulled Tom's shirt off.  Then he
reached down and unfastened Tom's pants.  He watched the shudder pass
over Tom and he smiled.  He opened them completely and let go.  He was
pleased when Tom moved just enough to let them slide to the floor.  Here
he made his first concession to their conditions and his need.  He ran
his hands into the waistband of Tom's underwear.

"No more," Chakotay said, as he reached behind Tom and squeezed his
cheeks before removing the underwear.  Tom stepped out of the puddle of

Chakotay wanted to stroke his own cock as he looked at a naked Tom
Paris.  Everything was the opposite of Chakotay.  He was tall and
willowy, where Chakotay was heavily built and wide.  Where Chakotay
packed muscle, Tom was defined.  Chakotay had no chest hair.  Tom had a
light covering.  Light, dark, thin, heavy.  Even their cocks were
different.  Tom was long, Chakotay's was thick.  Chakotay stepped up
stroking Tom's cock with his hand.  Tom inhaled sharply.

"You're beautiful," Chakotay said.

"Please," Tom groaned.

"Soon," Chakotay soothed, as he released Tom's cock and moved behind
him.  "Have you ever done this?"

"No, I've only wanted it."

"Trust me," Chakotay instructed, as he ran his lips over Tom's
shoulders.  "I won't hurt you." He fitted himself to Tom's back.  His
cock nestled between Tom's cheeks with only his pants separating them.

"Oh, gods Chakotay."

Tom was trembling as Chakotay encircled his cock with one hand, while
the other stroked his chest.

"You're gonna cum for me, Tom.  I want you to be still, but I want you
to watch."  Chakotay kissed the back of Tom's neck as Tom lowered his
head to watch.  He heard the small whimper as his dark hand moved on
Tom's leaking cock.  He felt the twitch as he lightly pinched Tom's

Slowly he explored Tom's cock, sometimes wrapping his hand around it and
stroking it, sometimes an open hand working up and down it.  When Tom
began to move or rock, Chakotay would stop until Tom got himself under
control.  Then a small movement told Chakotay that Tom was ready.  A
small step to the side, opening himself to whatever Chakotay wanted.

"Good," he said.  Then Chakotay began to bite and kiss at Tom's neck and
shoulders as his hand worked Tom's hot cock.

"Oh, gods, Chak," Tom moaned.  "More, please.  I...I want you...gods!
Chakotay, oh shit, yes.  I want you to fuck me."  He started to thrust
into Chakotay's hand, and Chak didn't stop him this time.  He felt Tom's
balls draw up, and he tightened his grip around Tom's waist.

Tom threw his head back, drew his cock back and then thrust into
Chakotay's hand, hard.  He cried out as his entire body tensed as he
came.  Over and over he thrust into Chak's hand.  Chakotay stopped
biting at Tom's neck and gentled it to kisses and warm lips, brushing.
Chakotay held him, as Tom's knees gave way.

Chakotay gentled Tom down as the tremors wracked his body.  He spoke
quietly until Tom became aware again.  He almost expected a fight, but
instead he felt Tom close in on himself.  He stood up, but Chakotay
could feel he wanted to go pull away and hide somewhere.

Then he felt Tom go completely rigid for a split second, and when Tom
turned around, Chakotay let him.  A pang shot through his heart when Tom
dropped to his knees and reached for his waistband.  Who had taught him
this?  Tom's head was bowed, and it was in shame.  Chakotay realized Tom
had been forced to service men.  Probably Auckland.

Chakotay covered Tom's hands and when he looked up, Chakotay simply
shook his head.  He saw the pain, shame and tears in those blue eyes.
He drew Tom back to his feet and stroked his face.  Tom seemed to have
such a hard time accepting a simple touch.  He kissed Tom again.

"Not with me, Tom.  That isn't it."

"Then what is it?" Tom asked.

"I'll show you," Chakotay said, kissing Tom again.

Tom was so responsive.  Chakotay couldn't get enough of his hot mouth.
Tom was almost desperate for him.  But, whenever Tom tried to become
aggressive, Chakotay would change tactics taking charge of the entir
situation.  Tom objected, wanting more, and trying to take control back

"Stop fighting me, Tom," Chakotay ordered
"I want you so bad, Chak," Tom argued, his hands running lightly over
Chakotay's arms.

"If you want to know what it is, stop fighting me."

Chakotay kissed him again, and this time, Tom reacted but didn't try to
take control.

Finally, Chakotay stepped back and reached for his waistband.  He opened
them and slowly undressed before Tom.  Tom was already getting hard
again, and as Chakotay stripped, he reached hardness.

'Ah, the joys of youth,' Chakotay thought.

"Shit, Chak, you are hung," Tom stated crudely.

He leveled a disapproving stare, and saw Tom drop his head.

"Sorry," Tom mumbled.

Then when he was also naked, he motioned towards the bed.

"Now?"  Tom asked hopefully, moving towards the bed.

"Soon," Chakotay said with a chuckle, at Tom's eager voice.  "Lay down
on your stomach."  Tom got down on his hands and knees.  Chakotay
applied a stinging slap to Tom's upturned posterior.

"Ow!"  Tom jerked up to his knees, rubbing the red spot on his ass.

"I said lay down," he said sternly.

"That hurt."

"It was supposed to," Chakotay said with a smile.

Tom lay down with a huff, and Chakotay moved to straddle Tom's butt.
With strong hands he began to rub Tom's back.  He was glad he had done
this, Tom was wound up tighter than clock spring.  He took his time,
relaxing muscles, hearing Tom moan and hiss.  Then he used his lips and
tongue, and instead of a strong hand, he used a light teasing touch.
Soon, Tom was jumping and twisting.

"Yeah, that's it," Chakotay encouraged.

Then he got up and noticed blue eyes watch him as he went to the
medkit.  He retrieved an oil based tube of antibiotic.  It would serve
two purposes, both of which Chakotay surmised Tom would benefit from.

He went back to the bed, and nestled himself between Tom's spread legs.

"Uh, Chak...I feel uh, real vulnerable like this," Tom stated, shifting.

"I imagine you do," Chakotay said, spreading the lube over his fingers.
"But, I told you I wouldn't hurt you, didn't I?"  Before Tom could
answer, Chakotay stroked his fingers between Tom's cheeks, drawing a
hiss from him.  "You have to trust me, Tom.  I give you my word, I won't
hurt you or embarrass you."

With that, he gently applied a finger to Tom.  He worked slowly and
thoroughly, past experience telling him that this was crucial.  He was
big, and to rip into an unprepared person was excruciating.  He stroked
over the prostate and watched Tom twist and gasp in pleasure.  He
continued until Tom was moaning, pushing back and begging for more.

By the time he thought Tom was ready for him, Tom was twisting on his
fingers.  He gently pulled out, smiling as Tom moaned an obvious

"On your hands and knees, Tom," Chakotay ordered.  Tom quickly rose up,
and Chakotay did as well.  He positioned himself.  "Hold still."

"Oh, shit," Tom moaned, as Chakotay began to push slowly against him.
He slowly breached and sank deeply into the hot passage. "Chakotay, oh
shit, you're gonna split me in half."

"Be still," Chakotay ordered, as he nudged Tom's legs wider apart and
buried himself completely. Tom was breathing raggedly.  Then he held
still, giving Tom a moment.

"I'm good," Tom hissed.

"Listen to me, Tom, listen close.  This is what I want."  He reached
around and stroked Tom's cock, causing him to squeeze and moan.

"Okay," Tom groaned.  "Shit, yes, I'll bottom for you. Just fuck me."

"Isn't the bottom I want, although that's part of it," Chakotay said,
continuing to stroke Tom's cock.

"What do you want?" Tom almost screamed.

"Do you want me?"

"Yes," Tom hissed.  He tried to buck onto Chakotay's cock.  Chakotay
stopped him.

"Do you like my cock in your ass?" Chakotay asked with a quick thrust of
his hips

"Oh fuck, yes," Tom groaned, dropping his head.  Still, Chakotay worked
his cock.

Chakotay stilled both his hips and his hand.  "Do you need me, Tom?  Do
you need this?  Someone who can control you?  Make you feel good, be in
charge, bend you to their will?"

He felt Tom jerk and his back go tense.  Chakotay held still, another
turning point. "What?"

"Someone else in charge, Tom?  Do you want it?  This is real.  What I'm
talking about isn't senior officer, junior officer, isn't just some game
in the bedroom.  It's a lifestyle.  Do you need me?"

"Yes," Tom whispered.  Chakotay began to stroke in and out of him.

"Tell me."

"Tell...Shit, Chak, I dried out for you.  I flew for you."

"You fly for Kathryn, what's different."

"I fly Voyager for the thrill of flying.  I flew for you, Chak.  I did
what you told me to." Tom moaned, twisting as Chakotay slowly fucked

"Be still."  When Tom stilled, Chakotay said, "Continue."

He slowly fucked Tom, until Tom couldn't form a coherent sentence.  "Do
you want me, Tom?  Do you want me not just as your Captain, but as your
lover in charge of your life?"

Tom was fighting to be still, fighting with himself mentally and
physically.  He rotated his head back.

"Fuck me," he cried.

"Answer me," Chakotay ordered.

"Yes, damn it, I've wanted you since that stupid planet you found me
on.  I've wanted your calm control, your strength, your approval.  Yes,
damn it.  Now fuck me."

"Say it," Chakotay ordered, holding himself still, wanting to pound into
the pliant body in front of him.

There was silence for a moment.  "My life is yours," Tom whispered.

"I accept that responsibility," Chakotay whispered.  "You're mine, Tom."

And with those words, Chakotay brought Tom to orgasm.  He made sure he
stroked over Tom's prostate and waited until Tom tried to reach for
himself.  Chakotay slapped Tom's hand away and wrapped his own hand
around Tom's cock and began to stroke it until, Tom's entire body went
tense.  Chakotay felt Tom's orgasm rip through him.  He heard Tom cry
his name, just before he came himself.  He had enough mental awareness
to follow Tom to the bed as his lover's strength failed.  He held
himself on his elbows until he could pull Tom to him and roll them both
on their sides.

When he slid out of Tom, he checked his lover.  He smiled as he realized
Tom was down for the count.  He climbed out of the bunk and retrieved a
cloth and cleaned himself.  Looking down into the peaceful face of his
lover, Chakotay decided not to clean Tom, it would be a good reminder of
what had happened.  He climbed back into the bed and settled himself and
then pulled Tom to his side.  Tom sighed and settled himself against

He lay there for a few moments.  They had two days before Voyager should
get to the planet.  He wondered if it was enough time for Tom to build
that much trust in him.   Tom threw a leg over his, and Chakotay pulled
Tom a little closer and dozed off himself.