Part 18
Kathryn stood at her closet trying to decide what to wear.  That was too
frilly, she thought looking at one dress.  That was about as asexual as
she could get.  That was to business like.  No, she didn't look good in
green.  Then she hit on an idea.  Giggling to herself mentally she went
to the replicator.
Tom and Chakotay were just finishing their shifts.  Chakotay had made
the announcement that Kathryn was on a temporary leave and that he would
maintain his rank as First Officer, but take over the position of
Captain until Kathryn was back on duty.  It had gone reasonably
smoothly.  It was towards the end of their shift that Kathryn had commed
him and requested they join her for dinner.  He had accepted for himself
and Tom and then told Tom.  They had sat in his ready room for a few
"Figure she's reconsidered?" Tom asked.
"It's either that or a Dear John dinner.  We'll know when we get there."
"What does she want us to wear."
"Informal," Chakotay said distractedly.
"Should I wear underwear?"
"Tom," Chakotay warned.
"Just checking," he chuckled.  Then as Chakotay stood up, Tom came
around the end of the desk and kissed Chakotay deeply, pushing him
against the wall.  Chakotay was a little surprised by Tom's actions, but
quickly realized Tom was nervous.  He pulled him close and held him,
taking control of the kiss.
"It's okay, Tom.  What are we up to now?" he whispered in Tom's ear.
"Oh yeah, "S"…I won't let you go."  He moved Tom's turtleneck and bit
until Tom squirmed for him.  "Yeah, baby.  No matter what happens
tonight, you are mine."
"I just get…worried.  I don't like being handed around."
Tom yelped when Chakotay's hand met his ass.  "Compare me to Becker
again, and I will paddle you."
"Oh promise?" Tom asked with a leer.
Chakotay rolled his eyes at the bright smile Tom graced him with.  Then
he kissed him, wanting to claim him there over the desk.  He understood,
a little worried that Tom might prefer Kathryn.
Kathryn stood in front of her mirror and nodded.  Good Lord, it had been
a while since she had done this.
Chakotay rang the chime to Kathryn's quarters.  The door opened and they
stepped inside.  As the doors closed, Kathryn stepped out of the
bedroom, and Chakotay felt a lightening bolt run through his body.
Kathryn stood before them in skin tight blue jeans, a silky black shirt
the clung to the small curves of her body, the buttons unbuttoned to
expose the sides of her breasts, a choker at her neck and her hair
hanging loose around her face.  She wore makeup that was no where near
what she wore on the bridge; a scent that was spicy, yet soft filled the
She walked, no swayed towards them, and Chakotay felt himself stir as
she got near him.
"I've been thinking, Chakotay," Kathryn said in a low seductive tone.
"Maybe Tom has the right idea."  She put her hands lightly on his
shoulders and trailed her fingernails down his chest.  "If I have to
lean on you, I can't do that as the Captain, but here." She gestured
around the room.  "Here, I can.  Teach me to lean, Chakotay.  Teach me
to lean."
"Oh shit," Tom whispered, standing behind Chakotay as Kathryn leaned her
whole body against Chakotay's and offered her lips to him.  Chakotay
leaned down and wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her fully
against him, and kissed her deeply.
Chakotay ran his hand into her hair, controlling her head as he
plundered her lips.  He had one chance at this and he had to take it for
Kathryn's sake, not that he had one problem with it.  He felt her
stiffen, when he first took control, but he had felt that before on New
Earth, he ignored it.
Chakotay used ever ounce of knowledge he possessed to excite Kathryn
Janeway.  He showed her he was excited by gently rubbing himself against
her smaller leg.  He bit and licked at her chin, and throat, exploring
until he found the spot she made noises for, her ear.  Her nails bit
into his shoulders, and she made small noises as he continued his
He used his teeth on her neck and felt a shudder pass through her body.
He almost asked what exactly she wanted, but he knew to ask would be to
ruin what she wanted.  Spirits, he just went with what felt right,
hoping Tom would understand.
He turned and laid her out on her own couch and covered her with his
body.  He rubbed at her with one hand and she groaned and pushed back
against his hand.  He kissed at her exposed cleavage while he rubbed and
stroked her breasts with his other hand.  He almost pulled away as her
hands fastened in his hair, but was surprised when they left and he
heard a small cry escape her.  He looked up, and was shocked to watch
Tom restrain her hands above her head and kiss her as well.
"Do you like that, Kat?"  Tom asked quietly.
Chakotay looked at her flushed face, and met her eyes when she glanced
at him.  Then she looked back up at Tom.
Tom and Chakotay shared a glance and then they both returned to what
they were doing.
By the time they were finished with her.  Kathryn's hair was spread out
in disarray over the couch, her shirt had been ripped open by Chakotay
so he could play with her breasts more, and she had opened her pants to
his roving hands.  She had arched her body to him as he excited her
watching Tom alternate between her breasts and lips.  Her hands were
wound deeply into his hair, demanding and moving his head where she
wanted the attention.  She jerked as Tom nipped at her breasts and
groaned as he stroked her upper body.
Chakotay reached down, removed his own clothing and then pulled
Kathryn's jeans off her.  He moved to settle between her knees, and
leaned over her body.  Tom moved back but not without kissing Chakotay
and Kat.  Chakotay returned the kiss, stroking Tom's cheek.
"Remember 'S'," Chakotay whispered, and Tom nodded his understanding.
Without further words, Chakotay leaned over, claimed Kathryn's mouth and
slid himself into her deeply.  Her hands came to his shoulders and her
nails bit in deeply, as she cried out and rocked upwards, taking
Chakotay's cock deep within her.
"Oh, Spirits," Chakotay groaned as he pulled out and pulled out and
drove deeply again.
"Oh, Chakotay, more," she cried.
Once more, her hands left his body, and he knew it was Tom again.  He
took up a deep pounding stroke and trying to hold himself in control.
He looked up to see Tom holding Kathryn's hands beside her head, and it
almost sent him over the edge.  She twisted for him and then lifted her
legs and wrapped them around his waist.  He only had a little room to
move and made the strokes hard and deep.  Her cries were incoherent as
Tom leaned in and kissed her, transferring her hands to one of his, Tom
snaked a hand between them and pinched Kathryn's nipples.  It was enough
and Kathryn Janeway tensed and cried out.  The muscles contracting
around his cock were too much and Chakotay came.
She lay there beneath two men who had taken her around the moon.
Kathryn had had lovers, but no one, not even Mark, had brought her this
much pleasure.   She was covered in sweat, her body screaming its
pleasure.  She couldn't stop herself from crying, that had been the most
intense sexual experience of her life.  Then gentle hands touched her
"Kat, are you okay?"
"You must," she laughed and cried at the same time.  "You must think I
always cry after sex, Tom."
She heard both of them chuckle.  "I was beginning to wonder."
Then stronger arms encircled her and Chakotay kissed her.  "Are you all
right, Kathryn?"
"I'm better than fine," she said, meeting his dark eyes.  "That was
wonderful.  Both of you."  She kissed Chakotay and reached out for Tom.
He took her hand and kissed it.  "Thank you."
Chakotay gently kissed her and said, "Welcome back to humanity, Kathryn
A week later, in a computer controlled split second operation, the force
field around the brig was dropped, Harry and Tuvok were once more
deposited on a planet, and Voyager warped out of orbit.   Kathryn was in
her quarters holding onto a pillow.  Chakotay and Vorick there with
her.  Tom was on the bridge.
"When can we expect her to start to have problems?"
"When Tuvok realizes what has happened."
"Meld with us Vorick, please.  I don't want to be alone when he starts
again.  It's so dark, so cold."
"Are you ready, Commander?"
"I am."
Vorick touched Kathryn's face and Chakotay's.
At first, Chakotay balked when he felt's Vorick's presence in his mind.
Then he felt Kathryn just behind it, and relaxed into the meld.  He felt
a dark slinking presence that made him shudder and realized that Tuvok
was trying to force his way into Kathryn's mind.  It was strange.
Vorick stepped between them mentally, and Chakotay reached out mentally
when he heard Kathryn scream.
"I'm here, Kathryn," he said with a calm he didn't really feel.
He felt her mentally curl up in his arms.
"Captain, you must push him out," Vorick said calmly.
"Kathryn, stand against him."
"I don't know how.  We've been linked for so long…"
"Kathryn!" Chakotay said sternly.  "Do you want the Captaincy back?"
"Yes," she whispered.
"Then stand up and fight him off."
"You can't Kathryn, we've been linked for too long.  You can't get rid
of me."
Kathryn weakly pushed back at Tuvok, but collapsed.  "I can't," she
"Kathryn," Chakotay ordered.  "Make your choice.  Tuvok or Voyager."  He
had considered making it himself, but realized Voyager was a much
greater prize to Kathryn.
"You'll be alone, Kathryn.  All alone," Tuvok whispered.
Chakotay saw Kathryn shudder.  "No," he said sternly.  "You won't be
"You can't command Voyager by yourself, Kathryn.  You're too weak."
"You are not alone," Chakotay repeated.
"You need me, Kathryn," Tuvok stated.
"Stand up, Kathryn." Chakotay ordered.  She stayed on the floor.  "Stand
She looked at him.  He held out his hand.  "You aren't alone."
"Chakotay," she said, as she took his hand.
"You wanted me here, Kathryn.  This will cripple you mentally."
"It won't.  You aren't alone," Chakotay said, as she started to climb to
her feet.  "He's weak, Kathryn.  You can do this."
"You'll never be free of me," Tuvok's voice threatened.
"Help me, Chakotay," Kathryn whispered.
"Stand up, and I will."  She made it to her feet, and Chakotay wrapped
her in his arms.  "Shut the door, Kathryn."
She stepped up to the door that Vorick had been blocking and grabbed a
hold of it.  Vorick helped her.  They began to close the door, and
Chakotay watched Tuvok begin to fight and scream.  Kathryn screamed and
Tuvok grabbed her wrist.  Chakotay stepped forward, but was thrilled to
see Kathryn bite him.  Effective, a little uncaptain like, but
effective.  Then the room began to waver and shift.
"He's weakening," Vorick stated, as he and Kathryn slammed the door
shut.  "Lock the door, Captain."
Chakotay watched as Kathryn slid a heavy bar over the door.
A moment later, they were sitting in Kathryn's quarters.  Vorick sat
back exhausted.
"Are you all right, Vorick?"
"I will be.  That was most draining."
"I'm sure it was," Chakotay said, feeling one mother of a headache
coming on.  He watched as Vorick got to his feet unsteadily, and left
the room.  He looked back at Kathryn.
"Are you all right?"
"I'm free, Chakotay.  I don't feel him."
"Two days, Kathryn.  If there's no change, then you are the Captain
She nodded, but she had to be as tired as he was, if not more.
"Sleep, Kathryn.  We'll be here."
"No, I'm afraid if I do, he'll get back in."
Chakotay decided to let her do what felt right.
Tom got off shift and headed for Kathryn's quarters.  He came in and
found the two of them talking.
"How far have we gotten, Tom."
"Fifteen light years," he said, kissing Chakotay.  Chak returned the
kiss, but Tom couldn't hide his needs from Chak and didn't need to in
front of Kathryn.  He sat on the floor at his feet, and Chakotay rested
a hand on his shoulder.  "Is it okay if I'm here?"
"Of course, Tom," Kathryn said gently.  "We were just discussing what
was going to happen."
"And that would be?"
"Do you mind me joining you?"
"Not at all, in fact, I kinda like it."
Then come here," Kathryn said, with a smile that made Tom shiver.  He
came over to where she was and kissed her.  "I do have one fetish."
"You, Kat?" Tom asked with feigned horror.  "And what would that be?"
"I like to watch, and I like it in unusual spots."
Tom quirked an eyebrow at her amused at her confession.  "Like where?"
"Like in my ready room, like just before the senior staff meeting…" she
said with a distinctly devilish air.
"You mean like in a hallway that's sometimes used, but not necessarily
in use at that moment?"  He asked and kissed her again.
"Like in your command chair, with the bridge emptied?"
"Oh yeah."
Tom reached down and opened her robe, and stared at her naked body
beneath it.  "Like in your quarters, with your door unlocked and
Chakotay sitting behind us watching with his eyes smoldering?"  He
lowered his head and bit at her breasts.  She gasped and arched her
"Like when you know he's gonna go nuts watching me do this to you?" and
Tom slid two fingers inside her and kissed her at the same time.  Kat
grabbed his hands as he took up a fast pace and brought her to the edge
of orgasm and then stopped.  She cried out angrily, but Tom continued,
as he moved down the couch.
"Like having him watch you come when I do this?" Tom leaned down and
licked her.  He continued with both hand and mouth until, Kathryn's body
was covered in sweat, and then he removed his uniform and covered her.
"Look at him, Kat." When she turned her head, he slid his cock inside
her.  She knew their eyes were locked and he began to bring her to the
edge again.  Just before she came, Chakotay moved to beside the couch
and said,
"Come for him Kat." And ran his finger over her lips.  Tom watched as
she opened her mouth and sucked on that digit.  Tom reached down and
touched her and Kathryn Janeway came.  Tom held back, wanting Chakotay
as well that evening.  He leaned down and kissed Kathryn until she
calmed down.
Then he removed himself and looked at Chakotay.  Chak smiled and
gestured towards the counter separating two of the areas of Kat's
quarters.  Tom went and leaned on it, knowing it was gonna be hard and
fast.  He felt Chakotay behind him and heard him open his pants.  A
moment later, that huge cock was gently but firmly being pushed inside
"You're ready for me," Chakotay groaned.  There were times he had to
stop to prepare Tom for him, but not tonight, Tom was ready for him.
Then Tom's legs were spread even farther and Chakotay was so fucking
deep.  Tom closed his eyes as he adjusted to Chak inside him.
"So good," he groaned as Chakotay moved, but he wasn't ready for Kat
moving towards them and taking his cock in her mouth.
"Shit," he cried.  Kathryn Janeway certainly had an oral fetish as well
as the others.  The night became a frenzy of sex.
"How did he stand this?" Kathryn asked Chakotay quietly on the bridge.
"He squirmed a lot," Chakotay chuckled.
"Now, I know why!" Kathryn responded, as she too shifted in her chair,
the butt plug shifting inside her.  It took control not to groan.
"Actually, that one is much smaller than the one he used," Chakotay
said, scanning a report.
She heard a muffled chuckle from the helm and saw Chakotay fight not to
"At ease, Lieutenant!" Kathryn ordered, trying not to blush.  She was
going to have to get the EMH to figure out how to stop that.  I just
wasn't right for a Captain to blush on her own bridge.
"You were the one who wanted to be in the middle, Kathryn," Chakotay
said quietly.
The End.