Part 16
Kathryn Janeway stood in the middle of Davinci's workshop.  It was
silent except for her movements.  That was probably because she had
deleted the master so she could think.  She moved around the work table
that was strewn with diagrams, notes and dirty dishes.
*He might be a genius,* Kathryn thought, *but he was definitely a slob.*
She sighed as she sat down by the window and looked out.  *Michael.*
She sighed again, and looked back at the workshop.  She didn't want to
go to dinner with Chakotay and Tom.  She didn't want to talk.  She
didn't want to be cheerful.  All she wanted to do was walk into
Fairhaven and have Michael, her Michael, wrap her up in his arms and
hold her.  She wiped the errant tear from her cheek.
Michael was gone.  There was nothing that could restore their memories
of each other, and the times they had shared together.  Oh, she had
reloaded her matrix of him, but it wasn't her Michael.  It was someone
who hadn't shared with her that first time, that had held her when she
had found out about Tuvok and Harry.  The one who had helped her wait
out the hours when Chakotay and Tom had been missing, who knew all the
secrets she had whispered.  He was her bare bones program and they had
shared so much since she had made those changes.  Slowly Kathryn leaned
her head against the window jam and cried.
Tom and Chakotay quietly walked into the holodeck.  Both men felt a tug
at their hearts when they saw Kathryn weeping.  Without a word, Chakotay
moved forward and gathered her into his arms.  In true Janeway fashion,
she tried to pull away and deny what they had seen.
"It's all right, Kathryn," he said gently.  He held her in his arms
until he felt the Captain of the vessel relax, quietly weeping her pain
and loneliness.  He met Tom's eyes and saw his pain for her.  Chakotay
gentled cradled her to his chest, and nodded.
Tom activated his comm badge, and ordered a site to site transport for
them directly to Chakotay's quarters.
He waited to be released from the transporter and then turned and gently
set Kathryn on the couch.  She sighed and rolled over.  Tom came out of
the bathroom with their medkit.  He prepared a hypo, and looked at
"It's just a sedative.  She needs to rest."
Chakotay nodded as Tom gave her the shot.  Together they put out the
candles and moved to the bedroom.  As the two of them sat on the edge of
the bed and looked at each other, they heard the faint chirp of a comm
"Bridge to the Captain.  Captain, we are being hailed by someone."
Chakotay sat up straight and hit his comm badge.  "Greg, it's Chakotay.
Who is hailing us?"
"I have no idea, Commander.  According to the sensors, there isn't
anyone out here with us."
With a look, Chakotay and Tom both threw their uniforms on and headed
for the bridge.  Tom confirmed that Kathryn would be out for a good
eight hours and to wake her up now would leave her feeling groggy and
confused.    As they exited the turbolift, Tom made a bee line for the
helm and Chakotay turned to take the command chair.  Greg got out of his
"Status," Chakotay demanded.
"According to the scans, there are no other ships in the sector," Seven
reported calmly.  "However, by triangulating the communication
transmission, there is a ship mirroring our movements."  She pressed
several buttons and looked up to meet Chakotay's gaze.  "Four hundred
meters off our port beam."
That was close, too close, especially when they couldn't see their
visitors.  Chakotay looked to Ops and a very nervous Baytart.
"Nothing, Commander.  Our sensors aren't reading anything.  Not an
anomaly, not a flicker, nothing."
"Calm down, Ensign."
"Commander, they are hailing us again," Seven stated.
"On screen," Chakotay ordered, sitting down in the command chair.
"It is audio only."
Chakotay cocked his head slightly to the side.  Why would a culture
obviously advanced enough to cloak from them so completely only transmit
an audio signal.  He had that feeling, the one that said they were being
set up.  He adjusted himself in the command chair; maybe he could buy
some time.
"Then put it on the speakers."
"Unknown vessel, prepare to be boarded."  The voice sounded mechanical,
maybe altered.
"This is Commander Chakotay of the Starship Voyager.  Do not, I repeat
do not board this vessel.  Any attempts to do so will be met with
Chakotay grabbed the arms of his chair as Voyager rocked violently.
"Shields to seventy-five percent, Commander.  From my calculations, our
shields will only be minimally effective in blocking their weapons."
She pressed several other buttons.  "It appears that we are
'outgunned'," Seven stated.
"Unknown vessel that was a warning.  Prepare to be boarded."
"I repeat, do not board this vessel," Chakotay ordered.  "Tom, get us
the hell out of here.  Greg, get your people armed and standing by to
move out.  If they board us, I don't want it to be easy."
"Aye, Commander," Tom replied calmly, and focused his attention on the
helm.  Chakotay watched him kick Voyager up to warp eight, randomly
swinging her from side to side, up and down.
"Security is armed and standing by in several key locations."
Then there was a bright flash of light, a crashing sensation and a
moment later everyone was picking themselves up off the floor.
"Warp engines are off line," Seven calmly reported.  "Shields are at
sixteen percent."
"Helm is not responding," Tom said, pressing one hand against his
temple, as he settled himself back in his chair.
"We have reports of multiple casualties," Greg called.
Chakotay hit a button, "B'Elanna..."
"Forget it, Commander.  Whatever that has disrupted everything.  I don't
even have a guess as to how long it will take to get the warp engines
back on line."
"Chak," Tom whispered, and Chakotay heard several other sounds of
astonishment.  He looked up at the viewscreen to see the entire
starfield ripple and a ship bigger than most cities on Dorvan appeared.
"Oh, shit," Greg said.
"Unknown ship, prepare to be boarded."
Chakotay felt his stomach drop.  They were in trouble.
"Greg, tell the EMH to dispatch someone to my quarters.  The Captain is
asleep there.  Tom, do we have anything?"
"Navigational thrusters, and maybe three-quarters impulse."
"Seven, do you have any information."
"None, Commander.  The Borg has never encountered this species, and what
is even more worrisome, the ship still is not registering on our
Chakotay could have cussed.  "What about weapons?"
"Phasers are off-line and torpedo launchers are, as well."
Chakotay sat quietly and thought for a moment.  "Unknown species.  I
repeat, do not board this vessel.  State your intentions."
"To study your technology and the different species you carry.  Prepare
to be boarded."
"We can transmit medical files, but we will not turn over our technology
or our ship to you."
"Chak, I think if they have a prime directive, it would apply to us
being the lesser species," Tom said, swinging around in his chair to
look at Tom.  Chakotay saw the gash on his forehead, but it didn't
register.  Chakotay knew he couldn't let it register. He fixed a glare
on Tom that expressed the fact he was not happy, and Tom ducked his head
in compliance and turned back to the helm.  He looked past Tom and once
more saw the stars completely obliterated by the other ship.  They were
just about dead in space, this species was obviously more advanced, they
had no weapons....  They were in trouble.
"Unknown Species.  What are you known as?"  Chakotay asked.  Then he
lowered his voice and said, "Options?"
"We are the Culthak.  Prepare to be boarded," the strange voice stated.
"Negative.  We will blow this ship up if you attempt to board us."
Chakotay said. He stood up, unable to hold still any longer.  He looked
at Seven.
"I see no options, Commander."
He gaze swung to Greg.  He just shook his head.  "I'm still not reading
anything to give you a weakness."
"I think you hit on the only one," Tom said.
Chakotay hit his comm badge.  "B'el?"
"Two hours, if everything goes right.  I can have you phasers in maybe
twenty minutes."
He looked around and wracked his brain to come up with any plan.
"Culthak, will you agree to a transfer of information?"
Chakotay watched Tom grab the sides of his head, cry out and then
disappear.  He took three steps towards Tom's chair and almost
simultaneously looked back at Seven, ordering.  "Report!"
That was when he realized, Seven wasn't there.
The pain had stopped, Tom thought as he opened his eyes and looked
around.  He wasn't on Voyager any more, that was for sure.  He moved his
head experimentally and found there wasn't any pain, but when he touched
the spot where he had hit his head, there was still a bump and what felt
like a scab, so they had obviously been here for a while.  He looked
around the cell and found Vorick, Chell and Tem.  He moved to them and
checked them out.  They were okay, just unconscious.
"Can anyone hear me?"
"Captain?" Tom called, turning towards the opening.
"Yeah, it's me."  He got to his feet and moved towards the opening on
his cell.  "Are you all right?"  He tried to look up and down the hall,
but all he saw was the grey metal on the other side of the corridor.
"I think so.  The last thing I remember is the EMH waking me up and
telling me there was an emergency.  Then there was this horrible pain in
my head.  I just woke up a few minutes ago."
"Same here, except I was on the bridge.  I wonder how long we've been
"Are you alone?"
"No, Vorick, Chell and Gerron are here. Are there people with you?
"Yes, B'elanna, Naomi and Seven."
"That's an interesting mix to grab off the ship," Tom said.  He turned
as he heard a groan from behind him and saw Vorick move, then Gerron,
and then a loud whine from Chell.  Tom definitely thought if there were
one person on board Voyager that he didn't want to be caught on an alien
ship, Chell came in a close second to Dalby.
"Captain, I think they're waking up."
"Same here, Tom."
A moment later, he heard Naomi cry out for Sam, but then he heard the
Captain shushing her.  He could mentally see her holding the little girl
in her arms comforting her.
He checked the people in his cell out, and everyone was okay.  All
except for Chell who was complaining he had to have a concussion or
something.  They all checked their cells and couldn't find a way out.
"Options, people.  I want options now," Kathryn announced.
"Sit back and wait for them to show their hand," Tom said, crouching
down and leaning back against the wall.  He closed his eyes and saw his
lover's handsome face.  He wished he had Chak with him now.  He needed
that calm strength.
"Well, you definitely have more experience in cells than the rest of
us," Chell stated.
Tom bothered to open one eye and glare at Chell, but he was pleased to
see Gerrron slap Chell in the arm.
Tom smiled at the glare Gerron fixed on Chell.  "Don't worry, Gerron.  I
can handle Chell, but thanks anyway."
The young Bajoran just nodded with a look of quiet pride lighting his
For hours they sat there and no one came to the cells, no one was taken,
no questions were asked, nothing.
"This isn't making any sense," Kathryn said.  Tom could her measured
steps and knew she was pacing back and forth in her cell.  "Tom, what
did they say they wanted?"
"Information, Captain.  They wanted to study the species represented on
Voyager and our technology."
"Damned unusual."  A pause and then a click, as she stopped and brought
her other heel down.  Tom could see her hands on her hips, as she shook
her head.   "Well, they have about every species we have, but why 3
humans, and why not Neelix..."
"Captain, perhaps I can explain more fully," a voice said from outside
the cells.  Everyone went to the opening.
"Harry," Tom whispered.
About that time on Voyager, Chakotay had taken over science and was
doing his best to try to penetrate the aliens shields.  When he slammed
his fist against the console, Greg cleared his throat.  It was enough to
bring Chakotay back to the present.
"I guess we wait then," Greg said, looking over at his former Captain.
"Chakotay, just be patient.
"Patient?  The Captain, B'El, Gerron and Tom are over there.  Who knows
what they are doing to them."
"So, what do you want to do?"
"Let's see how they're doing in engineering," Chakotay said, heading for
the turbolift, but he caught Greg's look of frustration and disbelief
out of the corner of his eyes.
"Lieutenant!  At ease," Kathryn Janeway ordered, as Tom watched Harry's
head snap back when his body came in contact with the adjoining wall
between the men and the women's cell, hard.
"Fuck you, Paris.  I was under orders," Harry replied, shaking his
head.  Tom figured he was trying to clear the cobwebs, if Harry's
loose-handed stance and weaving posture was any indicator.
"Orders, to do what you did to Chak?  Get a fucking grip on reality,
Harry."  Tom threw a punch and very happily felt blood well over his
fist as he broke Harry's nose.  "Orders, to make people hate me and then
pretend to be my friend?"  He drove his fist into Harry's stomach, and
felt it go deep.  He let Harry drop to his knees and moved away to get
his temper under control.  Harry retched, and Tom didn't feel the least
bit of regret for causing it.
Then he heard a cry of warning and stepped aside and gave Harry a push
into the steel wall as he rushed Tom.  Harry collided headfirst with the
wall and collapsed to the floor.
"Thanks, Gerron."
"You're a fool, Paris.  Now they'll bring Tuvok and we'll all die."
"Shut up, Chell," Gerron hissed, "Before I smack your head into the
"Lieutenant Paris, get yourself under control," Janeway ordered.
"Yes, Ma'am," Tom responded.
"I will assume that the situation is under control then."
Tom looked down at Harry unconscious on the deck, and with a smile and a
wink at Gerron, he replied, "Completely."
"I am glad to hear that."
"I hope you made it hurt, Tom," B'Elanna responded.
"Not as bad as you would have, but I did my best."
Harry groaned and rolled over.  Tom watched with glee as his ex-friend
winced and tried to breathe through his nose.  Then Harry rolled over
and looked at them.
"You sorry, fuckers," Harry hissed through a clogged nose.
"Ha!" Gerron said, sitting beside Tom.
"Harry," Kathryn Janeway called.  "How long have you been here?"
"About three weeks, Captain."
"Where is Tuvok?"
Tom was surprised when he saw Harry's eyes well with tears.
"He's...he's been tested, Captain.  He's probably still in our cell."
"What happened to Tuvok?" Tom asked.
"They hooked him up to their damn machines and ripped into his mind."
"Sounds like a just reward to me, after what he did to Tom and
Chakotay," B'El called.
"No!" Harry cried uncharacteristically.  "Tuvok never did anything like
that to anyone.  It was necessary with Tom and Chakotay.  They just
destroyed his mind.  They ripped everything out."  Harry snorted loudly,
and touched his nose gently.  "He's a fucking vegetable, okay.  They
destroyed his mind."
"What do you mean, Harry," Kathryn asked with a calm, soothing voice.
"He's a vegetable, Captain.  He doesn't speak, he doesn't do anything
unless you tell him to.  Shit...I have to feed him, Captain.  He's just
a shell."
Tom almost felt guilty when he saw the tears streaming down Harry's
"Then why are we here?" Seven asked.
"Because they want to study us more," Harry cried.  "They've never seen
humans, or Bajorans or Klingons or Vulcans.  They tore the information
from Tuvok's mind and wanted to study us more, so they followed
Voyager.  And they really don't like the Borg, Seven, so you better be
A few hours later, Tom felt a weird sensation, and then he was standing
in a room naked.  He was even more surprised to see Kathryn standing
beside him in the same condition.
"Uh..." he stated as his hands fluttered across his groin.  It was only
a minor irritation to him that he didn't know how many aliens were
staring at him, it was definitely his Captain's presence that was
causing him the most discomfort.
"At ease, Lieutenant," Kathryn said, her own face showing faint tinges
of red.  "Just our natural condition."
"Yes, Ma'am," he said dutifully and then added mischievously.  "Well,
you look better this way then you did as a lizard."  Tom smiled brightly
as Captain Janeway blushed.
"Humans," a voice called.
Tom and Kathryn both snapped back to a viewscreen of some sort.
"That's the voice that hailed us," Tom whispered.  "They call themselves
the Culthak."
"Culthak, I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Starship Voyager.  Why
have you kidnapped us?"
"We wanted to study your races and your technology."
"They threatened to board Voyager and wouldn't accept a trade of
information.  Chakotay tried, Captain."
"We had two of your species and said you would reveal more information
but only in depth study would answer our questions."
"I'm gonna kill, Tuvok," Tom muttered under his breath.
"Get in line, Lieutenant, I get a shot at him first," Kathryn
whispered.  Then louder she said, "Culthak, you studied two members of
our crew that were put off because of their actions.  They have deceived
you as well.  Allow me to speak to my ship and we will give you detailed
files of our culture.  This is our way, to share information."
"They said it was because of their lifestyle that you put them off."
"That's a lie!" Tom cried.  "We put them off because they betrayed us!"
"I'm sorry, Captain," Tom stated, putting a quick cap on his temper.
"You act the same way they did, except you are male and female."
"There is a rank or chain of authority in our society.  Tuvok was higher
in rank than Harry as I am a higher rank than the Lieutenant," Kathryn
said calmly.
"Do you have sex with this human?"
"No," Kathryn said.
"But you are a pairing that could procreate.  Why not?"
"The Lieutenant is involved with another member of my crew."
"We are intrigued, you have multiple partner couplings, you same sex
couplings and you have mixed sex couplings.  May we study you?"
"Take me," Tom said, stepping forward.  He remembered Harry's word about
what happened to Tuvok.
"We will study all of you."
"No, leave her alone.  I won't let you hurt her," Tom said, stepping in
front of the Captain.
"Interesting.  Even though he is not your mate, he protects you.  We
will not hurt you.  The male, the Vulcan, resisted our scan, we warned
him not to fight with us, but he did anyhow.  We did not mean to harm
"How do you know you won't hurt us?" Kathryn asked quietly, touching
Tom's arm.
"We have studied the other and we have caused him no harm. And we wish
to see how your couplings are attained."
Tom looked at Kathryn and her cheeks were still flushed, but he
suspected his were as well.
"Uh, it doesn't quite work that way," Kathryn said, her cheeks flaming
Then Tom heard something, he heard a hawk scream.  He looked around, and
wondered what Rahea was trying to tell him and how come Chakotay never
warned him that Spirit Guides could just all of a sudden make their
presence known.
*Heal the crew.*
Tom smiled and nodded to himself.
"Will you let us go if we share our information about our species and
we...uh...demonstrate?" Tom asked, hoping Chakotay could understand why
he was doing this.
"Uh, Tom.  I'm not sure this is the best course of action," Kathryn
"Got any better ideas?" he asked, without looking at her.
Chakotay looked down at Greg, laid out half under the main warp control
panel.  He smiled to himself, it had been a long time since he had even
thought about Greg that way.  A serious binge on a small planet, too
much pressure during the previous weeks and two lonely men.  One night,
but boy had they both walked funny for a day or two.  He shook his head
and got back to work.
They had walked into a disorganized Engineering and Chakotay, in his
best pissed off Commanding Officer voice, had barked out enough orders
that everyone was stepping and fetching to get everything working.
Chakotay was studying schematics, and directing people.  Then he
crouched down by where Greg was.
"How's it going, Greg?" Chakotay asked.
"Almost there, Cap," he said, as he began to replace a board.  "Give me
the sonic resonator, so I can align these."  He reached out blindly and
his hand closed around Chak's as he put the tool in his hand.  Greg
smiled, and gave Chakotay's hand a quick squeeze as he took the
resonator.  He met Chakotay's eyes.  "It'll be okay, Cap.  Only thing
that ever took us down this bad was the wave that brought us here."
Chakotay just nodded and let some warmth show in his eyes.  Greg was a
friend and a comrade.  They would be there for each other, and they both
knew it.
"Tom, I can't do this.  My god, this is a personal sharing, not some sex
"Captain," Tom said quietly.  "If we don't, who's next?  Gerron and
Seven?  What about Naomi?  I can do this, can you?"
"Well, as far as the physical act, yes, but...Tom."
"Captain, I just need you to relax and imagine you're somewhere else."
"Tom, what about you and Chakotay?  I can't intrude on that."
"Captain," Tom said, gently kissing her forehead.  "Where do you think
we were heading?  Just relax.  We aren't here, we're in your cabin." Tom
ran his fingers into her hair and pulled her up close.  He was semihard,
but if he let his mind stray to their surroundings he would loose it.
He kissed the Captain, Kat, he reminded himself.  This was Kat, his soon
to be lover.  More blood raced to his groin.
"We have phasers, Commander," Baytart announced.
"What about warp?"
"Not yet, but we have full impulse," Greg announced.
"Photon torpedoes?"
"The launchers have been repaired."
"Keep working on the warp drive.  Greg, let's see if we can find a weak
"So soft," Tom whispered as his hands skimmed over Kat's ribs and
stomach.  She pushed out with her hips.  Tom knew the sign well and
allowed his hand to stray lower.  He almost jumped when Kat bit into the
ridge of his shoulder, but he did groan as her small hand closed around
his dick.
"Yeah, Kat, that's good."
He was surprised when he found that she was wet.
"Harmonics?"  Chakotay asked standing beside Greg, studying the data.
"Yeah," Greg smiled.  "Their shields appear to be powered by magnetic
harmonics."  He pointed out the pattern, and then Chakotay saw it
"So, all we have to do is introduce a discordant wave and it will weaken
"Yeah, the problem is how?"
"Get on it," Chakotay answered as he moved forward to the helm, checking
in with engineering.
Tom lowered Kathryn to the deck.  "Look at me, Kat."  Her eyes met his
and Tom saw the gleam of passion.  "Take the top."
When her small body settled on top of him, Tom jerked involuntarily.
She was just sliding on him, not taking him inside.  He leaned up and
began to knead and suck on her breasts, and he felt her shudder.
"I love that," she whispered.
Tom wanted to roll her over and drive himself into her.  She had him as
hot as a phaser on overload.  He wished he were leaning against a wall,
so he could be more active, but he was more or less at Kat's mercy right
"Spirits, Kat I need you."
He groaned as she leaned down and then drove Tom's cock deep inside her.
"I think we have it, Chak.  We've located everyone," Baytart announced
They had been slowly feeding discordant magnetic waves towards the alien
vessel, and it had just barely weakened their shields, but it was enough
to scan them.
"Great, let's get ready to do the magnetic blast, one torpedo, grab our
people and get the hell out of here," Chakotay said, sitting at the
"Wait one minute," Greg announced.  "Something's wrong."
"What, Greg?"
"I just ran a quick shipwide on them and they have 2 Vulcans and an
extra human."
Chakotay slowly stood up, and faced Greg.  "They have Harry and Tuvok?"
"Looks like it, Cap.  I mean I don't have any hard evidence, but that is
just too coincidental."
Chakotay stood there silently for a moment.
"What do you want us to do, Chakotay?" Greg asked quietly.  "Bring 'em
back or leave them there."
"Can you tell me who is who?"
"No, just basic configurations."
"Bring them back, but I want Harry and Tuvok locked out of the system."
"Working on it."
His hands were on her hips, his feet flat on the floor as he drove his
cock up to meet he sharp downstrokes.  He wanted more, he wanted to
cover her, and piston in and out of her.  She was hot and wet.  Tom had
forgotten how good a woman could feel.  He shifted his position to where
he was rubbing on her more fully, and he heard her cry out and all of
her internal muscles gripped him.
It took a moment before he knew he wouldn't follow her over the edge,
but even as Kathryn was relaxing, Tom rolled her over and drove deeply
inside her.  Kat's eyes snapped open, and Tom smiled, and took up a
punishing stroke until she was arching her neck in pleasure.
"Are we ready?" Chakotay asked from the con.
"Yes, we have all of them," Baytart responded.
Chakotay looked at Greg.  "Ready when you are, Chak."
"On three, Baytart you interrupt their shields.  Greg when it's weak,
fire the torpedo, and then I want them beamed back.  When the transport
is complete, we are out of here."
There was sweat sliding down his face, Kathryn was twisting and lifting
herself to his strokes.  He was so close, and just about the time he
felt the wave begin to crest, and his orgasm begin, he also felt the
familiar tingle of a transporter, but it was too late, he couldn't stop
now.  Kat cried out at almost the same moment.  Oh, this was going to be
so embarrassing.