Title:  The Medicine Bundle
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Pairing:  C/P, Voyager
Rating:  NC-17, implied NC/violence
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Summary:  Tom comes across Chakotay's medicine bundle in the holodeck

It wasn't beta'd - so all mistakes are my own.


Lieutenant Tom Eugene Paris hit his com badge.  "Paris to Chakotay!"  The
exasperation in his voice would have caused anyone to ask what was wrong.
"Damn!  Computer location of Commander Chakotay?"

"Commander Chakotay is in Holodeck 2."  came the inflectionless response.

Tom left the Commander's office, his long legs eating at the distance
separating them.  People got out of the blonde's way, knowing the signs of
a pissed off pilot when they saw it.

"Meet me in my office at 14:00 hours.  I show up and where is the
Commander?  Off playing in the holosuites,"  Tom muttered angrily as he
stepped into the turbolift.

Luckily no one was there to hear the blond pilot growl, as he turned to
face the front of the lift.  "Deck 8."

Blue eyes flashed, arms crossed, toe tapping as his anger reached a higher

"Just 'cause he's the First Officer, does not mean I have to chase him all
over the ship to have my ass eaten out over a report."

When the doors opened, Tom started down the corridor.  He was leaning
forward as he strode angrily towards the holosuite.  Tom was livid.  You
could tell from the angry flush showing on his face, to the clenched fists,
to the set shoulders.   It had been a bad shift.  The Captain had given him
a public reprimand for daydreaming at the helm.  Tom had taken it with a
quick nod, catching the smile from Harry, and a definitive snort of
amusement from B'Elanna.  Then he had been commed by Chakotay not 15
minutes later saying he wanted to 'discuss' Tom's report.  It was bad
enough to be called on the carpet by the Captain, but Chakotay too?  Who
was next, Tuvok?  He was going to tell Commander Chakotay off and do it in
a big way even if it ended him up in the Brig!

He rounded the corner and entered the holosuite.  Then Tom came to a sudden
stop.  This was not one of his programs.  This must be one of the
Commanders private programs, and it was - beautiful.  Absolutely wonderful.
 He looked at the deep green foliage, the bright flowers, the bluer than
blue sky and felt the thermal heat from the sun.  Tom inhaled deeply and
took in the scents:  wet dirt, a fresh breeze.  This was absolutely

He saw a path and began to walk down it as he remembered why he was here.
He came to a small clearing.  The grass was soft, the ground dimpled with
rays of sunshine, a small creek ran nearby.  Then off to one side, he saw a
small blanket and Chakotay's medicine bundle.  Tom sighed.  Well, at least
he knew the Commander was here.  He wandered over and sat by a tree near
the items to wait.  He knew Chakotay wouldn't leave his medicine bundle

As Tom waited, he leaned his head back against the tree and looked around.
The medicine bundle had his attention.  It was probably Chakotay's most
precious and fiercely guarded possession.  He looked at it closely.  It was
a small leather bag, probably about 15 centimeters round, tied with more
leather.  He wondered if it would be a *sin* to touch it.

'Probably to Chakotay,'  Tom reasoned.

He leaned his head back and let his mind wander.  Paris relaxed  with one
knee drawn up and an arm resting over it.  The Commander was not from
Earth, but he was a humanoid.  A Captain aboard a Maquis vessel.  They were
at war with the Cardassians, an ally to the Federation.  Chakotay and his
little band of renegades aboard the Crazy Horse were the reason they were
stuck 70 light years from the Alpha Quadrant and desperately trying to get
back.  Voyager had been sent to catch Chakotay and the Crazy Horse and
bring them in.  A chase had ensued through the badlands and a spacial rift
had sent all of them to the Delta Quadrant.  Through a series of mishaps
they had to combine crews, the Crazy Horse was destroyed and now they were
all one big happy family.  The one problem was - Chakotay and Tom really
didn't like each other very much.

The Commander was tall, heavily built, dark-skinned, dark eyed and as
enticing as any man Tom had ever met, but he was also stubborn,
self-righteous and had the obnoxious habit of never getting upset, never
loosing his cool.  He was from a proud people, a lot like the native
Americans.  He had a tattoo on his forehead that for some perverse reason
had captured Tom's attention.

Tom suspected Chakotay and the Captain had something going on between them,
but he had too much respect for Captain Kathryn Janeway to even enter into
the gossip.  Captain Janeway had given Tom another chance at life and Tom
was not going to mess this one up - too badly.  The pilot stood up and
located the stream and got a drink.

'What in the heck is he doing?' Tom thought as he looked around.  He went
back to the clearing to wait.

Chakotay, they had a history prior to Voyager and the badlands.  He had
piloted for Chakotay, which had gotten him caught by the Federation as a
Maquis spy, disowned by his father, Admiral Paris and ended him in one the
meanest High Security Facilities on Earth for 8 months.  Enter Captain
Kathryn Janeway, red-head extraordinaire.  She had offered Tom a chance to
get out and start putting his life back together.

He should hate Commander Chakotay, but really thinking of him as the hard
Commander of his own vessel, he was breathtaking.  He was a man's man, and
had a dangerous side that most of the people on Voyager hadn't seen.  The
Maquis knew, Chakotay ran a tight ship.  You didn't mess with Chakotay or
the Crazy Horse.  Not if you wanted to live and Tom did.

'Nope, no way,' Tom thought as he shook his head in the quiet of the
clearing.  He had done it once and had decided as Chakotay had stared him
down, that he wanted to live with all appendages working properly.

He looked at the medicine bag.  It was like Chakotay, kinda indescript on
the outside, but you never really knew what was inside.  The absurd idea of
looking in it occurred to Tom.  Then common sense took over and he again
decided he wanted to live.  He reached out and touched it.  The leather was
soft, pliant, but there were ridges from whatever was inside it, hard

He leaned back against the tree, trying to ignore the twinges in his groin.
 He thought about the one time he and Chakotay had gotten cross-wise to
each other on the Crazy Horse.  Tom had back talked Chakotay while he was
drunk.  One second he was there with a cocky grin on his face, daring the
Maquis Captain to do something, the next he was being forcibly held 3
inches from the deck by the front of his uniform by Chakotay.  In a voice
that was low, deep and threatening, Chakotay had explained if Paris didn't
want to experience the short joys of being airlocked, he had better change
his attitude.  Tom had shakily agreed, but he had never been able to shake
the feeling of Chakotay's body pressed against his.  Soft, hard, warm, sort
of like his medicine bundle.  Tom felt the warm swelling of his cock.

Tom shook his head and sighed.  'Where is he?!'

Tom started walking the glen.  His mind started recycling memories of
Chakotay.  The fierce strength and control during an emergency.  His
stalwart and stoic demeanor.  He remembered watching Chakotay's ass once or
twice when he had stepped between Tom and the view screen; and, once or
twice at Sandrine's, when he was leaning over the pool tables.  Tom smiled
despite himself, the Commander sure had a fine looking back end.  Tom
laughed as he imagined the Commander's reaction if he came and rubbed his
own hard cock up against him while he was leaning over a pool table.
Or grabbing a handful?  Tom shook his head wondering what the Commander
would do if he knew Tom was attracted to him, despite the anger they always
seemed to bring out in each other.

Then a picture of Tom shooting some pool late one night in Sandrine's came
into his mind.  There was no one but holopeople there.  The door opened and
Chakotay walked in.

"Commander," Tom greeted casually.  He picked up his mug of beer and took a
swallow.  "Sorry, you missed the crowd.  Care to shoot a game?"  Tom
gestured towards the table.

"Not really, Paris,"  Chakotay says walking towards the bar.  Tom who has
had one too many followed.

"What's the matter Commander?  You'll play anyone but me.  Afraid I might
beat you?"

"I've been beaten at pool before."  Chakotay says calmly turning to face

"Then it's me,"  Tom states the obvious.  "Why do you hate me so much
Commander.  Do you really think I turned you in?  Was helping Janeway catch
you?  Do you really think I'm that much of a reprobate that I would turn in
an old crew, even one that deserted me and left me to fucking prison?!"
The hiss in Tom's voice spoke his anger for him.

"We didn't desert you, Paris, you knew --"  Chakotay started calmly.

"Sure as hell didn't stick around long after it got bad!" The accusation
rang hard in Tom's voice.  "You didn't care whether I got caught or not."

"Tom, I never abandoned any member of my crew easily.  We were out gunned,
it was a tactical decision.  Leave and save everyone else, or stay and
loose the Crazy Horse."

"You lost her anyway!"  Tom said in a low, angry tone.  But he found his
shirt once more caught in that massive fist.

"Shut up," came the growled directive.  Their faces were inches apart, and,
in his daydream, Tom reached up and kissed Chakotay.  They came together in
anger and shear lust.  Tom found himself pushed against the bar.

"Don't do it Chakotay,"  Tom hissed.

"Why not?  You've wanted me since you were my pilot, Paris,"  Chakotay
growled as he reached around for the fastenings on Tom's pants.  "You want
me to fuck you hard."  Chakotay rubbed his own hard shaft against Tom's
ass.  "Just like I've wanted you.

A moment later Tom's pants dropped to his knees, followed by his briefs
being pushed out of the way.  He felt Chakotay fumble with his own pants,
but as the Commander began to push against him, Tom froze, a choking sound
escaping him.

"Tom?"  Chakotay questioned.  "What in the hell am I doing?"  Chakotay
asked as he stepped back.  Tom turned his head.

"Raping me,"  came the quiet voice.

Tom came screeching back to reality.

"Damn it!"  he said aloud pacing.  "Get out of my head!"  he cried.  He
took several calming breaths, although there was nothing that was going to
calm his cock.  "Paris, you are a basket case.  You want the man, you want
him to take you, and what happens, you freeze up every time, and say the
wrong damn thing."  He threw himself back at the tree, and looked at
Chakotay's medicine bundle.  His hand strayed to his still hard cock.
"Fuck!"  came the explicative.  He reached out and touched it, running his
fingers gently over the surface.  "I wish you were soft like this Chak."
His private nickname for the Commander.  "I wish I could touch you like
this without worrying about being raped like I was in prison.  I wish you
understood."  Tom leaned back against the tree, covering his eyes with his
arm.  "I wish you  - cared."

Slowly, his breathing calmed.  Slowly the birds started to sing and the
sound of the creek entered his mind and he calmed.  How long Tom Paris
leaned against the tree, his uniform sleeve absorbing the moisture from his
tears, he didn't know.  But then he heard a quiet voice asking,

"Tom, why are you here?"

He jumped at the sound and looked up to see Chakotay standing by his
medicine bundle.  He cleared his throat and stood up, hoping there were no
tell tale traces of tears in his eyes.

"You said you wanted to discuss my report with me, Commander."

"Oh, yes.  I forgot about that.  I apologize."

"Yes, sir."

"Do you want to go to my office or we could talk about it here, if you
want."  Chakotay said moving into the glen.  "It was a bad shift, Paris.  I
came down here to relax."

"This is a beautiful program, Commander.  Here is fine."  Breaking out of
the rigid stance he was in.

"Take a seat then,"  Chakotay instructed as he settled on his mat.  "Tom,
we have discussed your reports in the past.  I know they are boring and
tedious, remember I have to read them.  And although I enjoy your humor, we
both know regs and the Captain is insisting we follow regs."  Chakotay made
a conscious effort to soften his tone and drop the Commander attitude.

Chakotay began wondering how he could tell this man, that his opinion had
changed.  That he too wanted Tom.  Chakotay picked up his medicine bundle
and wondered how to show Tom that he too wanted something more than the
hard edges.  He listened to Tom's clipped answer of 'Yes, sir.  I will try
harder in the future.'

He had been in the area for quite some time before he let Tom know he was
there.  He had seen Tom handle his medicine bundle and then obviously drift
off into a daydream, but what had floored Chakotay was Tom's reaction to
it.  He had become excited and then gotten angry, but the words he spoke.
It had spoken to Chakotay's inner self.  He understood.

"Tom, have you ever wondered about this?"  Chakotay asked as he lifted the
bundle.  Why not start where Tom had.

The end.