Betrayed 7/?

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When the punishment finally ended, I breathed a sigh of relief.  I
checked his pulse again.  It was good.  His breathing was good.  I
quickly finished releasing him from the chains.  I knew I couldn't move
him, but he wasn't going to wake up bound to this thing, smelling like

As I moved around the room, gathering what I needed, I went complete
emergency situation.  My heart was racing, adrenaline pumping, but I had
a clear head.  I quickly cleaned him up.  He had managed to tear his
wrists and ankles up.  From personal experience he had pulled several
muscles from fighting the chains.  I considered going and getting the
ointment, but decided against it.  I didn't want him waking up here of
all places blind.  I found myself stroking his face, willing him to wake

I was worried.  The device had gone off, three, no four times, and that
last one had been a doozy.  What damage had it caused?  What was worse
was the damage their words had done.  I'd been called a failure, a
drunk, a lot of things in my life, and I knew how to shrug it off.
Chakotay didn't.  It was going to tear him wide open.  The thing about
the kids.  I could only hope we were rescued before we found out or it
hadn't taken, because I knew Chakotay well enough that he took kids
seriously.  Very seriously.  The thing with Seska almost killed him.  I
remembered the way he winced when he saw her and the look on his face
when Reigh had said that.  He could probably deal with everything, but

I wiped his face off, and found blood at his lips.  Damn it, Chakotay,
you nearly bit through your own lip.  Slowly, he began to come back.  I
put my hand on his shoulder.  Hopefully, that would be enough to
identify me.

"Chakotay, can you hear me?"

"Yeah," he said in a slurred tone.  That scared me to death.  His head
sluggishly moved from side to side.  He groaned and lifted a hand to his

"How do you feel?" I asked as I helped him sit up.

"Like I have a pick through my skull."  He cradled his head in his
hands.  I saw him wince as he moved.

"Come on."  I helped him stand up and led him to the alcove.  "Lay down
and I'll work those muscles out for you."

"How'd you know?"  He sounded like he had been drinking.  My concern
level went to yellow alert.

"Been there, done that."

I began to work the kinks out of his shoulders.  When I suggested I go
get some of the ointment, his head came up.


"Are you sure?  You really tore your wr..."

"I said no."

I sighed, but understood.  Chakotay didn't want to be left alone in this
room.  I finished with his shoulders, and started on the ones in his
lower back.  Despite the situation, I couldn't help but notice the
muscular body, but it did nothing for me here and now.

"Tom, did they really say that?"

I paused.  There was no way to ease the blow.  "About the kids?  Yes."

I heard him inhale raggedly.  He was laying on his stomach, as I worked
the muscles in his back.  I saw his hands in fists as he hit the mat.

"Damn Kathryn Janeway's Spirit to a never ending Hell."

"Chak, what about the contraceptive shots?  Those are good for six

"I stopped taking them after New Earth.  I didn't want to waste the
energy for something I had no use for.  I thought I would know if I was
going to get into a relationship that involved sex."


For two days, Chakotay lived what I had been going through since we got
there.  The continual rapes, the being paraded around like a sex toy,
and the comments about his physical size, was he any good.  I tuned it
out.  Chakotay couldn't and it was killing him.

From the day they abandoned him in the market, they hadn't touched me.
I was Chakotay's keeper, and it was a bitter pill.  I never tried to
touch him again.  I just tried to help where I could.  He pulled farther
and farther into himself.

Late one night, I woke up to him sitting up.


He just turned his head towards me.

"What are you doing?"

"Thinking," he said vaguely.  His speech was still slurred.  "They're
killing me, Tom.  Bit by bit, piece by piece, they're killing me."

I sat up quietly.  There was nothing I could say.

"I had another stroke, didn't I?  That's why I can't talk right."

I sighed.  "Yes."

"I thought so.  Tom, I may not make the thirty days."

"Fine.  You want to go play in the happy hunting ground for eternity, go
for it."

I couldn't fight it anymore.  I wouldn't hold him to his promise.  I'd
tried everything I could think of, even calling in the life debt, but I
couldn't ask him to keep doing this.  I couldn't watch what they were
doing to him, and I could only guess what it was going to him.

"Why do you want to stay alive, Tom?  Is there something here you
enjoy?"  His voice was dead, devoid of all emotion.  It chilled me.

"No," I said just as lifelessly.  I got up quietly and went to the table
where the bowl of fruit was.  There was the knife.  I picked up the cold
piece of metal.  "Let's go to the baths, it'll be quicker, and less
painful there."

I couldn't believe I was contemplating murder.  I couldn't believe I was
actually convinced it was the right thing, but after the last two days,
I couldn't bear to watch another day.  I'd take him to the baths, get
him relaxed and then slit his throat.  He'd bleed out quicker in the
warm water.

What other choice did I have?  Sooner or later, Chakotay would have a
stroke bad enough to incapacitate him, and I wasn't sure if Reigh and
Shetar wouldn't just keep going.  No one deserved that.  I knelt down to
help him to his feet.

When I touched him, he went stiff, and cocked his head to the side.
"What was that?"


"I heard something."

I glanced over at Shetar, she was sound asleep.  Then I heard a
distinctive tone.

"Where is it?"  I cried.  I dropped the knife.  All thoughts of the
previous moments forgotten.  We started rummaging around.  We both
searched around quietly.  Then my hands closed on the most glorious
piece of equipment I had ever seen.  A comm badge.  "I got it."

"Double click it.  If it's B'El she'll know to sit tight."  Chakotay
said  quietly.  He sat stock still after I did it and listened for a
moment.  "Balcony."

We both moved silently to the balcony and pulled the doors shut.

"You answer it.  If it's Janeway, chuck that thing as far you can."

With a mixed feeling of dread and anticipation, I pressed the button.

"Tom?"  B'El's voice never sounded so sweet.  "Is Chakotay with you?"

"Right here, B'Elanna.  What's the status?" He asked calmly.  I looked
up surprised.  Commander Chakotay was back.

"We have a lock on your position, stand by to be transported."

"B'El no.  We have implants.  You removed us from this city and we are
dead.  Dead the Doc can't fix."

"Stand by."

We stood out on the balcony, shivering in the pre-morning chill.  I bet
we looked like a couple of idiots.  Two naked men, leaning close
together in the moonlight.  I almost started laughing.  Chakotay's hand
closed on my arm.  I leaned over and hugged him, pressing my lips to his

"We're going to make it."

"We aren't out yet, Lieutenant."

That was like a bucket of cold water.  "Right, Commander," I said very

"That isn't what I meant."

But further conversations were cut off by Seven.

"We are detecting two implants a piece, Commander."

I saw Chakotay recoil from her voice.  I grabbed his arm to keep him
from backing over the railing.  Just what we needed, him killing himself
seconds before rescue.

"That's right, Seven," I answered.

"There is no danger in beaming you up.  There is a circular field around
the city that would trigger the devices, beaming you up will cause you
no harm."

"B'Elanna, verify those readings," Chakotay ordered.

"Verified.  Beaming you up won't trigger the devices."

"Then get us the hell outta here," Chakotay said.  "Transport us both to


I was never so glad to feel a transporter beam in my life.  The moment
of nothingness passed and the next thing I knew I was facing the EMH.

"Please state the nature of your..." His eyes dipped and then came back
up.  "Perhaps clothing would be in order."

"That would be good, Doc.  Real good."  I smiled feeling alive for the
first time in a long, long time.  I felt Chakotay squeeze my arm, and I
covered his hand.

"You were right, Commander.  They came back for you."  For a moment, I
saw something I thought I would never see.  A tear slid down Chakotay's
cheek, and I felt a part of my own heart die.

The Doc worked on Chakotay first.  I had been right, he'd had a stroke.
In fact, he'd had three.  Two were much more recent and I think they
were from his two days of having Shetar and Reigh going after him.  The
Doc said he could repair all the damage.

B'El came down and took me off my feet, with a Klingon bear hug.  The
Doc told her to stop before she broke my ribs.  Harry just shook my hand
for about 25 minutes.

When I asked about her, they told me Janeway was in the brig.  I wanted
to know more, but the Doctor told B'Elanna that she could make herself
useful and remove the implants from me while he worked on Chakotay.

I had to admit, it was difficult being put in a stasis field, flat on my
back, but I had to be motionless.  But, as I watched B'El and Harry
working side by side, and then with the skill of surgeons remove the
both of the devices from me, I was grateful.  The Doc quickly
regenerated the areas and I was released.

I watched as they did the same thing to the Commander.  I helped with
that regeneration.  I think the Doc saw me touch Chakotay's face, and I
know he heard me whisper,

"You made it, Big man."

Then it got quiet, and the Doc said we needed to rest.  He wanted me to
stay for observation, so I got on the bio-bed next to Chakotay's and
went to sleep.

I woke up to chocolate eyes staring down at me.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey to you too, Tom."  He stressed that word, and it felt good.

"How're you feeling?" I asked, as I started to sit up.

He nodded his head, and said, "Decent.  Tom, I have to go back down

"What?!"  I was sitting up straight now.

"I have to know if they are carrying my children.  I will not leave any
of myself on that planet."

I shook my head trying to clear the sleep induced cobwebs.  This was
just like him.  Everything that had happened was forgotten.  We were
back on Voyager, life as usual, business at hand, fuck anything else.  I
stared at him for a minute, and then asked,

"And what if they are?"

"I don't know."

"Are you nuts.  You just want to go running off on this wild goose
chase?  You need to think about this."  I got off the bio-bed and went
to the replicator. I got us both a cup of tea.  I couldn't think about
drinking coffee at this particular moment.  I took a sip and took a
moment to calm down

"First of all, it was only three days.  The chances that they're
pregnant is slim."

"What about Shetar?  She and I had a lot"  He was
standing stiffly, just holding the tea.  "The only thing we can do is go
down there and scan them.

I shook my head in disbelief.  He had decided on a course of action and
it was all ahead.  "Hell, Chakotay why don't we just kidnap them and
bring them up here and do the same thing."

"I don't want them to see the technology up here."

"Okay, you've obviously been thinking about this.  What's your plan."

"Maquis type mission.  Go in tonight, scan them both and then get the
fuck out."

"Which rooms are Reigh's?"

"I was hoping you knew."

I shook my head.  "That messes that plan up.  Next option?  Go in
phasers blasting until we get to them?"

Chakotay smiled a dangerous smile.  "Don't tempt me, Tom."

I gave him a droll look.  "Okay, how about we beam into the main hall at
dinner.  They won't be expecting it.  A few phaser blasts at the ceiling
should make them think twice about moving.  Then we can scan them."

He was quiet for a moment.  Then he nodded.  "Sounds good."

I was stunned, I really thought we'd talk a little more about the
"Then what?" I asked.  "What do we do then?  Force them to abort?  I
thought life was precious to you.  Kidnap them until they deliver?  Stay
in orbit for 9 months?  What?"

"I'll decide that after we find out whether or not they're pregnant.
That's the first order of business."

I could see it in his face.  There was no stopping him, I gave in.
"Okay.  I'll be ready."


"Yeah, me.  I was part of this too, remember?  I'd kinda like to face
them again without a freaking control device in my head.  I'll run the
tricorder.  You do the big, bad maquis thing.  Show 'em what you really

His face got tight for a minute.  "We need to talk."

"Whenever you're ready, Big Man."

We stood on the transporter pad.  I was nervous.  They knew we were
gone.  They had hailed us numerous times, well really they commed
Janeway.  We had maintained our silence.

B'El, Harry, Greg, Chakotay and I had a meeting.  They offered the ship
to Chak, but he turned it down until this was finished.  They asked if
we wanted to deal with Janeway, and we both shook our heads.

"What happened up here?" Chakotay asked.

"Perhaps I can explain," Tuvok said, coming into the conference room
with Seven behind him.  Chakotay came to his feet, and I was right
behind him.  I put one hand on his arm, whether to follow him into a
fight or stop him, I wasn't sure.

"Chakotay, they didn't agree with the Captain either.  They helped,"
Greg said, slowly standing up.  It looked like Greg might try to
intervene, but he moved very slowly and carefully.  Chakotay glared at
all of them.

"Okay, I'll listen."  Chakotay slowly sat back down.  "In fact, tell me

"The Captain had obviously been working on this for a while.  She locked
us out of the bridge, and took us out of orbit as soon as she came
B'Elanna started the story.

"It appears that the Captain spent her time on Voyager preparing for the
break out of orbit.  She had most of the systems routed to her voice
control," Tuvok continued, standing on the other side of the table.

I saw a shadow pass over Chakotay's face, I couldn't read it.  "Sit
down, Tuvok."

"Thank you, Captain."  Both of our heads came up at that comment.  "All
the Maquis were locked into their quarters as soon as they stepped into
them, all computer access was denied, and the Captain took us to Warp 9

"It took us a while to get some sort of system set up for
communication," Greg said.  "Tapping on the walls just didn't work real

"It was five days before the Captain let anyone on the bridge,"  Seven
said.  "We had already figured out what had happened, to a degree."

"She had security measures in place.  Ensign Kim was the first to trip
one of her alarms."

"I tried to see if you were in your cabin," Harry said, looking at me.
"She locked me in my quarters, too.  But we didn't know you two weren't
in your quarters.  She had brought your comm badges back and put them in
your quarters, so according to the quick peek I got, you were on board."

I smiled at him.  "Thanks, Harry."

"Anyway, I began to decompile her programs through some alternative
security programs I had written," Tuvok said.  "It took time.  However,
with Seven's help, and several other members of the free crew we thought
we could trust, we overrode her programs, released the Maquis and took
over the ship.  It was then that we discovered that you and Mr. Paris
were not on board."

"Overrode *most* of the programs," B'Elanna said.  "She wrote a fail
safe.  When we tried to come out of warp, it started an overload in the
warp core.  I had to jettison the core at warp."

"That's dangerous," I said.

"That nearly destroyed the ship,"  B'El said sadly.  "It took us nearly
three weeks to repair everything, and retrieve the warp core and get
back on line."

"The rest is history.  We got back as quick as we could," Harry said,
quietly.  "Tracked you down and sent the comm badge."

"How did you find us?  They're humanoid."

"Tom's fillings."

"Excuse me?" Chakotay said.

"Tom has fillings in his teeth," B'Elanna smiled.

"You tracked us down on that entire planet by using less than a gram of

"Took a while, but we had to get you two back."  Harry was staring at
his hands.  I covered them and squeezed.

"Yeah, we weren't leaving without you two," B'El said in a tight voice.

"We were prepared to go down, if it came to that Chakotay," Greg said

When I heard that, no matter what Harry said, I felt very alone again.
Would they have come back for just me?  I sighed.

"I believe I can speak for Tom, and say we are extremely grateful you
came back."

"So what are we going to do?"

And that was why we were waiting to transport down.  They were scanning
the area around the dining hall and once there was no more movement to
the hall we would beam in.  The doors to the transporter room opened and
Chakotay and Greg came in.

He went straight to the sensor panel, and Harry stepped aside.

"Too much movement.  I want less than 5 people in that hall."

I regripped the tricorder and ran my hand over my phaser.  For some
reason, even though I knew they couldn't hurt me, I was scared.  I felt
a hand on my shoulder.

"Easy, Tom, they aren't getting us again."  I turned and looked Chakotay
in the eye.

"Right," I said, and drew a deep breath.  He nodded slightly and then
walked over to B'Elanna.

I looked at him and smiled to myself.  He had worn black.  He looked
good in black.  He glanced back and for a moment our eyes met.
Something passed between us.  Then he winked at me.  He was a handsome
man.  Then I saw B'Elanna looking at me, too.  I lowered my eyes, and
felt very, very guilty.

The team consisted of me, Chakotay, B'Elanna, Tuvok, Greg and Gerron.
They would cover the four sides of the room, and Chakotay and I would
check out Reigh and Shetar.

"Get ready," Harry said.

"Check your phasers people.  High stun.  Anyone moves.  Take 'em down."
Chakotay ordered.  Everyone rechecked their weapons.  "Tom, you ready?"

"Ready," I replied.  It was then that he handed me a hypo.

"What's this?"  I asked taking it, but he didn't let go.  I looked up
and I knew.  It was an abortion agent.  If they were pregnant, he wanted
me to do this.

"You were right, there's more at stake here then my personal beliefs."

I was sorry to hear that, but I thought it was the best decision he
could have made.  I nodded.

"Get ready to transport."

The nothingness of being transported took over.  Then we were standing
in the middle of the dining hall.