Betrayed 5/?

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Their moment of quiet was soon interrupted as Shetar came in.

"So Chakotay, are you ready to behave?"

Chakotay turned around to face the voice he heard.  For a moment, he
just stood there, remembering everything.  Remembering being a young man
riding a horse on Dorvan.  The freedom as they both joined in the race,
moving together.  The first time he wore a Starfleet uniform, the pride
he felt as he looked at himself in the mirror.  The first time he
commanded his own ship in the name of the Maquis, the responsibility and
sense of self.  When they had run the Kazon off Voyager, standing there
so proudly.

Then the sight of Tom jerking helplessly in the throes of Shetar's
punishment and the pain it caused.  Their being forced to have sex and
forced to fight and the helplessness of the device in his head.  The
degradation of the steel around his throat and Tom's.  The black hatred
in his heart for the woman he assumed was standing there with her hands
on her hips and that impertinent expression on her face.  He also
remembered the fear in her eyes when he had defied her.

A slow quiet smile spread across his face.  He stood up straight.  He
was Chakotay of Dorvan.  He was Chakotay, the Captain of the Crazy

"I am who I am."

"And what does that mean?"

"That means you either accept me for who I am, or you will destroy me."

"You expect me to cow tow to you.  You are nothing but a slave.  If we
can figure out how to cut out that damned strong willed side of yours or
guarantee a female, I'll breed you like livestock.  I may even do it
now, and just kill any males you throw."

That hit Chakotay hard, but knowing he would not have any male children
raised in this environment, made it bearable.

"All I can say to that is thank you."

Shetar screamed in outrage.  Chakotay remained on his feet, knowing
Shetar would not punish him.  He had no idea what Tom was doing, but he
knew what he had to do.  He heard her approach him, his face whipping to
the side as she struck him with an open hand.  He stood passive, knowing
any aggression would be met with aggression.

"Kneel, you loathsome beast."

Chakotay went to one knee, but refused to go to the second.  He could
feel the anger coming of Shetar in waves.  Then he felt the flutter of
her dress against his face as she turned and stomped from the room.

"That was interesting," Tom said from his left.

"I wasn't sure how she was going to take it, but you were right Tom.  I
am what I am.  A collar, a control device, nothing changes who I am."
Chakotay said, as he stood up.  He swayed to one side, and Tom's arms
came around his waist again.

"Okay, but let's get you sitting down before you fall down."

"That would be good."  Chakotay tried to picture the room and realized
where Tom was leading him to that despicable couch.  "Tom, not there.
You're area."

He knew Shetar had a little alcove where Tom slept some nights, in fact
they had both slept there.  It was small, but comfortable.

"Okay," Tom replied quietly.

In a moment, Tom gently helped him sit down.  They both sighed.
Chakotay tried to stay sitting up, but between the fights, the emotional
upheaval and the drugs, he was dead tired.  Tom lead him to where a few
pillows were.

"What now, Tom?"

"We wait for her to come back,"  Tom said gently pulling a cover over
Chakotay.  "Sleep.  I've got the watch, Commander."

Chakotay was soon fast asleep.

He woke up holding Tom.  He was spooned up behind him.  It was very
nice.  Then reality kicked in.  What time was it?  Was Shetar there?  He
felt particularly defenseless this way.

He shook Tom and whispered, "Tom?"


"You were supposed to be..."

"Chak, it's the middle of the night.  Shetar let you sleep through
dinner."  Tom rolled onto his back.

"So she's here?"  Chakotay started to pull away.  he didn't want to give
her any ammunition to use against them.  Tom's hands stopped him.

"No, she went to Reigh's apartments.  We're alone."


"I don't know.  She didn't ask my permission."  Chakotay thought for a
moment.  Then he felt Tom's hands on his face.  "You feeling okay?"

"Better than earlier.  More clearheaded."

"Good."  But the hands continued to quest.  He felt Tom trace his

Spirits, how long had it been since someone touched him like this, since
he was something more than the Commander to someone.  He caught Tom's
wrist and held it to his chest.

"Tom, why?"

"I need something other than what she does to me."

That was probably a very honest and painful thing for him to say.
Chakotay realized he held Tom's ego in his hand.  The most fragile and
precious thing Tom could give to anyone.  Chakotay gently lifted Tom's
hand to his face, and kissed the palm of his hand.

"I care, Tom."

Chakotay was pushed back to the mat, and Tom rolled up to his side, and
began to touch and kiss him.  Chakotay explored where he could with his
hands and lips.  He felt himself harden naturally, and exalted in the
sudden newness and specialness that entailed.  He felt Tom's hardness as
well and he gently stroked it over and over.  Every time Tom gasped or
bit down in his excitement, Chakotay felt himself get that much harder.

He ran his thumb over the very top of it, and Tom groaned.  Chakotay
gently pushed Tom back to the mat and this time.  He took Tom in his
mouth and began to tease and excite him like an anxious lover.  That was
when he realized he was Tom's anxious lover.  He wanted to share in this
special bond they tried to strip away from them.  That was when Tom

"C'mere."  He moved Chakotay to align their bodies, and he felt Tom take
his cock in his mouth.

"Spirits, so sweet.  So sweet, Tom."

Then he took Tom in his mouth again.  Soon they were both sweaty and
moaning.  Chakotay didn't need his eyes to do this. Neither of them was
in a hurry to finish, but soon the pressure over took them and they were
stroking into each other.  He held Tom's hips down as he swallowed him.
He felt Tom groan and it started a chain reaction until both of them
exploded.  Both made sure the other was completely sated before they
curled up in each others arms again and slept.

The next morning, Chakotay woke to a gentle hand on his arm.

"Chak, she'll be here soon.  C'mon, you need to wake up."

He instinctively tried to open his eyes, but then remembered they were
covered.  Tom helped him sit up and lean against the wall behind them.

"Morning," he said in that low morning voice.

"Morning.  How are you feeling today?"

"Oh, like I took on the three Klingons at the cave entrance hand to

Tom laughed.  "Here, have some coffee."  A cup was pressed into his
hands.  He sniffed at it and sighed appreciatively.

"Tom, about last night..."

"Chak, I appreciate what you did.  If we get out of here, I won't tell
anyone," Tom said, quickly cutting Chakotay off.

Chakotay sat there for a minute, he should have expected that. Tom was
probably not the type of person that stuck around for long mornings

"That's not it," Chakotay said.  He drew a deep breath.  "I was going to
say thank you."

"For what?"

"For sharing that with me.  Tom, they're stripping everything that makes
us human away.  They control everything, but they can't take away our
sharing with each other."  Tom was silent.  "Tom, when I felt myself get
hard because I was enjoying what we were doing, it felt so damn good."

"Yeah, it did, didn't it."

"And I know it was hard for you to open up to me, especially me, like
that.  I've given you a hard time, and I'm sorry."

"I deserved most of it, Commander."

"Maybe, but if I hadn't been such a hard ass...  Well, it might have
been different."

"You know what, Commander.  In a way, I liked it.  I liked being
challenged to be better."

"Stop that."


"Calling me Commander.  You do it when you're...hiding,"

"I'm not hiding."

"The hell you aren't, *Lieutenant*,"  Chakotay said.  "You're hiding
behind rank and rules.  When you're feeling comfortable, you use my
name.  You start getting scared or unsure, and the brat comes out."


"Brat," Chakotay said decisively.  He heard Tom humph and smiled.
"Amazing what you can see when you're blind, Lieutenant."

"Hey, if I can't call you Commander, you can't call me Lieutenant."

"Fine!" he replied with mock indignation, but he felt Tom loosen up a
little.  He finished his coffee.  "Any more?"

"Nope.  That was it."

"So now what?"

"Like I said, we wait for Shetar."

Their wait wasn't a long one.  Shetar and someone else came it.
Chakotay could tell by the multiple footsteps.  He turned and was
immediately slapped with a considerable bit of force.  It was enough to
knock him backwards several feet.

"Kneel!"  It was Reigh.

Chakotay bit back his temper and went to one knee.  It was the kick that
took him completely off his feet.

"Lady...," Tom began.

"Shut up, you insufferable piece of flesh."  Chakotay assumed that Reigh
was in a bad mood.  He returned to his previous position of being on one

"Fine, you think you are so high and mighty.  Come with me."

Chakotay felt her hand at his throat and he panicked when he realized it
was a leash.  That was until she started to drag him.  Reigh was not
weak.  He had a choice:  walk or be dragged.  He started to stumble
after her.

He cried out when the world disappeared from under his feet, and he fell
down the low staircase.  Reigh never slacked off, not even when he
bumped into several pieces of furniture.  In fact, she pulled harder
when he slowed down.  Finally, he found himself with one hand around the
leash and the other out, trying to at least miss the big stuff.

They burst outside.  Chakotay could hear voices, feel the sun on his
face, the rougher surface under his feet.  He was caught as the door
swung back shut and got knocked into the door frame.  He would not beg.
He wouldn't even ask.

"Steps," she called, but she didn't slow down at all as Chakotay
stumbled his way down them.  At one point in time, he considered yanking
the leash away from her, but he got a warning.

Then he felt dirt and rocks bruising his feet, voices got louder and he
felt more people bumping into him.  He tried to picture where they were,
but he didn't even know which exit she had taken.  He was turned around
and could only follow the leash that was making the collar around his
throat bite into the back of his neck.

She swung him around and when he met a wall forcibly, he was stunned.
It was at that moment, she jerked his hands behind him and bound the
manacles.  What was even crueler was when she ran the leash between the
cuffs and jacked his arms up behind to the extent it was painful, and
the collar was close to choking him.  He head was yanked back by his

"Now, Chakotay, if and when you make it back to Shetar's quarters, she
may consider letting you live, but remember one thing.  You wander
outside this city and you are a dead man.  Until you make it to the
compound you are on your own and at the mercies of the women of this

She released his hair and Chakotay felt her presence leave.  It was then
he heard the laughter and the twitters from around him.

Oh Spirits, Chakotay thought.  I'm in the middle of a market.  I'm in
the middle of a market, trussed up like a turkey.  He pressed himself
back against the wall, but felt a hand on his chest.  He tried to pull
away, but the damned device started to go off.  Then someone pulled the
covering from around his hips and there were appreciative murmurs.

"No," he said quietly.  "Don't do this to me.  Damn it, I can't even

He was pressed to the wall by many bodies.