Betrayed 3/?

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From that moment on, Chakotay was taken to the pits during the day, and
returned to Shetar at night.  Shetar quickly figured out that without
Tom there to be punished; Chakotay was much slower to behave.  There
were some nights she seemed to take great satisfaction in watching
Chakotay take a beating, or twist as he was punished.  However, on other
nights, she ended the game quickly.  Tom writhing in pain or being
beaten  brought almost instant obedience.

One night as they bathed in the communal bathes.  Chakotay gently washed
Tom's bruised back.  It was a common practice for the male slaves to
bathe together.  And after what they had been through in the evenings,
there was very little for them to be embarrassed about.  Chakotay
frowned at the deep black and green bruises, that showed so vividly on
Tom's back.

"I'm sorry, Commander."

"For what?"  Chakotay asked, taking in the skin that had broken under
the strap and the bruises that were incredibly deep.

"Letting them use me to make you behave."  Tom's head was down again.

"Tom, I don't really see where you have much choice in the situation.
It isn't like Shetar asked either of us first.  Or are you going behind
my back and asking her to do this to you."

"No," Tom said.  Chakotay could hear the smile in his words.

He was really surprised he was teasing Tom that way.  Guess Paris is
rubbing off on me.  He finished Tom's back, putting some ointment on the
cuts and deeper bruises.  It seemed to help the bruising heal faster and
kill some of the pain.  Tom flexed his back.

"Thanks.  Hey, when do you think the Captain will get to us?"

Chakotay felt himself go pale as his stomach dropped.  He turned Tom so
he could see his eyes.  He didn't know.  Spirits, Tom had passed out
prior to Janeway's admission.  Shetar hadn't told him.  Chakotay
swallowed deeply.  This was going to hurt Tom, he had trusted her.
"Tom, the Captain traded us for the supplies."

Tom laughed.  "Very funny."  Then Tom looked up and met Chakotay's
eyes.  "You are kidding, right?  The Captain wouldn't have done that to
us."  Chakotay heard the panic in Tom's voice, the desperate plea for
Chakotay to admit he was lying.

"I'm sorry, Tom.  She admitted it to me herself."

"Why me?  What did I do?"

Chakotay squeezed the cloth in his hands as he understood what Tom was
saying.  He could see her dumping Chakotay this way, but not himself.
Chakotay deserved it, Tom Paris didn't.  He almost struck out at Tom in
anger, but then he remembered his own shock.  He sighed.  His answer
wasn't going to make Tom feel any better.  "She said your whoring was
holding the women back."

"My...  My what?"  Tom asked, turning around in the waist high water.

"She called you a whore, Tom."

"She called me a...whore?"

Chakotay could see the pain in Tom's face.  He cursed Kathryn Janeway.
Tom Paris had been nothing but loyal to her and she did this to him.
She used him, and he saw the exact same thoughts spread across Tom
Paris' wide open expression.  He saw the hurt, and then the shock then a
deep seated anger set in.  Chakotay grabbed Tom's arms and shook him.

"Tom, no.  The device will punish you.  Don't.  Just breath deep and
don't get mad."  He could see the fire in Tom's eyes.  "Don't focus that
anger, Lieutenant.  Think about me.  Get angry at me.  Just let it go.
Remember how I bitched you out in front of everyone on the bridge.
Remember how I took you down when you were acting like a traitor?  Think
about that, Tom."

"She sold us for fucking supplies?"  Now tears flooded Tom's eyes.  "How
could she do that?"

"This isn't over yet, Tom.  Remember, *my* crew is up there with her.
They won't let this go."

He saw a spark of hope in Tom's eyes, he also took in the bright fire of
rage.  "They better damn well leave something for me," Tom whispered

The next day Chakotay was taken to the room with the chair.  They hooked
the leads back up to him.  He was almost becoming accustomed to not
fighting them, but every once in a while, one of them would put their
hands on him and he wanted to shake them off.  In all honesty, he wanted
to deck them, but he wouldn't.  They may have control of his body, and
to some degree his mind, but they would not break his spirit, he would
not give in to this.  He promised himself, somehow they would pay for
what they were doing to them.  He kept his thoughts vague and unfocused
as to who 'they' were.

Shetar came in with Tom.  She walked up to the chair.

"And how are you today, Chakotay?  Still wanting to fight?"

Chakotay kept his eyes focused on the ceiling.  "I will always fight

She sighed and walked over to the control panel with the other woman.
Chakotay looked at Tom, who gave him a smile of encouragement.  They had
begun to share this with each other.  Chakotay had spent his evenings
trying to give Tom something to hang on to, and Tom had spent his time
trying to talk Chakotay out of black rages.  Chakotay nodded.  He was
glad Tom was there with him.  He had been right about him though.  Here
under these circumstances, Tom was proving himself very trustworthy,
level headed and a friend.

Then Chakotay looked at him, maybe for the first time since they had
gotten here, he saw golden earrings, the single gold ring through one
of his nipples, the hard planes of his chest, the ridged belly.  Now,
Chakotay knew Tom was a handsome man, but he had never seen this much
of Tom Paris before and he had to admit he liked it.

Then he heard the woman running the machines laugh.

"Shetar, look at this."

Shit, Chakotay realized they had leads hooked up to him, they were
monitoring his brain waves, and he was sure they had just registered his
momentary attraction to Tom.  Shit, shit, shit.

Shetar looked at the screen, and they discussed the results.  Tom looked
confused.  Chakotay, despite the fact it might get him punished for
speaking, said,

"I'm sorry, Tom."

"Thomas, get in that chair."  Shetar pointed to the one across from

When he was strapped in, the woman positioned them so they were staring
at each other.  Chakotay was furious with himself.  That had been so

Shetar walked over next to Tom and asked, "Thomas, did you know Chakotay
finds you attractive?"

Chakotay could see the confusion give way to surprise.  He nodded as
much as he could when Tom looked at him.  Damn, Tom was straight this
wasn't...  Spirits, what if Shetar wanted to...  Chakotay felt his
stomach sink as he imagined what she could do with the device.  Then Tom

He laughed and winked at Chakotay.  "You know what?  I think he's got a
fine looking ass myself.  Rest of him ain't half bad either."

Chakotay didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  He took great joy in
Shetar's confusion and anger at the unexpected response.  He settled for
smiling darkly at the ceiling.

Soon they were both released from the chairs.  Chakotay was taken back
to the pits, and Tom was taken by Shetar.  That evening, when he was
delivered to her quarters, he was shocked at what he found.  Shetar sat
in a chair, Tom was restrained on the couch with his cock hard and
purpling.  Chakotay stared at Tom.  He almost took a step towards him,
but remembered himself.  He went to his knees.

"Pretty like this isn't he, Chakotay.  So needy."  Shetar moved to Tom
and sat beside him on the couch.

*You scurvy, wench.  You vile fucking female.* Chakotay thought
furiously.  His worst fears were about to be played out. She was going
to do it.  Chakotay wanted to scream, to fight, to be free.  To get Tom
and get the hell out of this city.  Rip the freaking control device out
of his head, but instead all he could do was watch.  The pain in his
head barely phased him

Shetar blew on Tom's cock and he cried out, pulling at the chains.
Chakotay carefully kept his face neutral and didn't look directly at
Shetar.  She was in a cruel mood and he knew the slightest misstep on
his part would probably result in Tom spending the night just like he
was.  He forced himself to calm down.

"Do you want to help him, Chakotay?"

Chakotay struggled with his tone.  "Yes, Lady."

"Would you like to fuck his ass?"

Chakotay heard Tom groan.  His only choice was to do as she wanted.  If
it were only himself, he would push her, but not with Tom like this.  "I
will do whatever you want, Lady."

She slid her hand up and down Tom's cock.  He jerked up into it as much
as he could.

"It's tempting to continue this way, but I want to see you two
together.  Your Captain was a fool.  Come, Chakotay.  Come suck him

Chakotay rose to his feet and knelt at the base of the couch.  It was an
awkward position, he couldn't reach Tom well.  He moved to the side of
the couch and without any further preparation, he took Tom in his
mouth.  Tom's entire body arched to him.

"Gods, Chakotay, yes."

Chakotay pinned Tom's hips down and began to suck and tongue Tom's
cock.  His only desire was to relieve Tom's distress.  He felt his own
cock rise and knew Shetar had nothing to do with it.  He used one hand
to stroke the bottom of Tom's length, and soon Tom exploded in his
mouth.  Chakotay sucked him dry.  Tom collapsed back to the couch
covered in sweat.

Shetar stared at Chakotay and his erection.  Then at Tom.  She smiled
again and instructed Chakotay to bathe Tom and prepare them both for
dinner.  Chakotay gently released Tom from the couch and lifted him into
his arms.  Tom sighed and whispered,

"You're good at that."

Chakotay blushed and smiled as he took Tom to the baths.

When they came back in the door, Shetar was smiling brightly.  Both he
and Tom slowed down in their advance into the room, watching her

"Come on.  We can't be late for dinner this evening," Shetar said with
the smile of a snake.  They followed her to the dining area.

After all of them had eaten, and Shetar fed both Tom and Chakotay,
another act that Chakotay swore someone would pay for, they found out
why she was so happy.  She pointed the device at both of them and pushed
the button.

"Oh, shit," Tom hissed.  "Not here."  But it was too late, and they both
knew it.

Chakotay hands became fists, as he hardened.  "No."  He tried to fight
it until Tom's hand touched his arm.  He looked over at Tom and was
surprised when Tom kissed him gently and said,

"It's gonna happen.  Go with it."  He looked into Chakotay's eyes.  "It
can be good.  Just forget about them."

"Tom," Chakotay whispered, "you're straight."

Tom smiled.  "Not by a long shot.  Just stop fighting or it's gonna get
worse.  We'll sort it out later."

Soon, despite the women watching them hungrily.  Chakotay was covering
Tom.  They were both soon rubbing against each other on the floor like a
bunch of teenagers.  Their lips meeting over and over, as their sweat
slicked bodies rubbed together.

And for several moments, Chakotay forgot they were the evenings
entertainment.  All he knew was Tom's lips.  The feel of his hard body
sliding against him.  The aching hardness in his cock and Tom's
answering hardness.  He pushed against him and Tom answered.  It was
good, so good. Chakotay reached between the two of them and stroked
Tom.  More blood raced to his groin as Tom arched and groaned,


Chakotay firmly stroked him, watching Tom's face twist.  Tom put both of
his feet on the ground and started driving up into the hand.  Chakotay
kissed him and felt Tom's hand wrap into his hair and pull him closer.
The man could kiss that was for sure.  Tom's other hand joined his and
increased the pace, and soon Tom came for him.  He cried out and
Chakotay blocked out the gasps and whispers from the tables around them
and slowly brought Tom down.  He stroked and kissed until Tom opened his

He watched as Tom stiffened and looked past Chakotay, presumably at
Shetar.  He saw Tom's face stiffen, and Chakotay understood what was
about to happen.

"Tom, I won't do it."

He slowly leaned up and kissed Chakotay.

"It's been a while for me.  Use my cum."

"Tom, I won't do that here for them."

"You either do it willingly or Shetar is going to drive you to raping
me.  She'll push you until you loose it."

Chakotay twisted as he felt his temple's throb slightly, and the fire in
him get hotter.  How long could he stand this kind of pressure?  Tom's
eyes met his.  Then Chakotay remembered, Tom would be punished, not
him.  He leaned in and kissed Tom.

Chakotay, closed his eyes as Tom rolled over onto his hands and knees,
Chakotay began to open Tom.  Everything in him screamed to stop.  Yes,
he was hard.  Yes, he wanted Tom.  Yes, he loved to top, but not like
this.  His entire being screamed this was wrong.

Shetar obviously didn't like how long Chakotay was taking, because
suddenly he was driving himself into Tom.

"Spirits," he growled.  "Good, so fucking good."  He looked down and saw
blood, but it was nothing compared to the fire burning inside him. He
drove and pounded into Tom until he screamed his orgasm.  When he
collapsed, he whispered brokenly.  "I'm sorry, Tom."

"Not you, Chakotay," Tom answered him.

There was a smattering of applause from the surrounding tables.

Slowly, they returned to Shetar.  She smiled at Chakotay's embarrassed
and angry demeanor.  Someone was going to die for this, he vowed to

Two nights later, he and Tom were in the baths.  Chakotay was beginning
to show the effects of what was being done to him.  It was completely
against his nature to be controlled.  On board Voyager, he made
decisions and went with them and that he could deal with, but being
forced was killing him.

To see Shetar's face every time she made him do something, to be forced
to respond to her attentions or be forced to touch Tom, or even being
forced to get her wine was more than he could handle.  The pit was the
only thing keeping him sane at this moment.  He was beginning to look
forward to the fights, to using the energy and anger that was building
inside him.  He almost hoped he died there.

He knew he was swinging wildly between uncontrollable anger and a black
depression.  He also knew this was when he was at his most dangerous
moments.  This was when he killed people with his hands, this was when
he drank to much, this was when people should leave him alone.  The last
time he was like this was when he realized what Seska had done, and the
time before that...when Tom had been captured.  Chakotay wondered about
that for a minute.  Why had he gotten so upset about that?  It wasn't
the loss of the ship or the cargo, it had been Tom taken by Starfleet in
a Maquis uniform.  He remembered thinking he never stood a chance.  He
would be marked as a traitor by both sides.

"Hey," Tom called quietly.  "Can I do anything?"

He shook his head.  "What can you do, Tom.  As long as these devices are
in our heads, we have to wait.  Wait until we can get off this fucking
planet or out of this city."  He twisted his head as the device
activated.  He had discovered through some carefully schooled thoughts
that thinking about escape was punishable, violence towards any woman
was punishable, and thoughts of direct disobedience were punishable.
However, it seemed the device was not able to determine what non-gender
related pronouns meant.

"Chak, no.  We can't run."

"Why not?" Chakotay asked.  "When they get back, they can track us

"And they'll beam up a set of corpses."

"What are you talking about?"

"The implants."

"They'll kill us?  How?  I thought they weren't supposed to be able to
inflict actual damage."

"Not the control devices.  The ones at the base of our skulls."

Chakotay did not like the sound of that.  He remembered the sharp pain
in his neck when he had first woken up.  "What're you talking about,

"When they did everything else, they implanted a small explosive
device.  If we pass the barriers of the city, or if someone tries to
remove them, it explodes.  Chak, it's set where...not only will it kill
us physically, it'll kill us mentally."


"Well, it's set where it will severely damage the brain stem."

"Why didn't you mention this before, Tom?"

"I just found out about it today.  Shetar took me outside and I...well,
I thought about running, and she explained it to me.  Those columns all
around the city that we noticed, they're some sort of trigger.  Chak, if
B'El beams us up, we are dead."

"The transporters are set to remove things like that.  Foreign organisms
and dangerous mechanisms.  That would be considered a dangerous
mechanism, wouldn't it."

"I don't know.  I don't know what they're made of and I'm not a doctor
or a transporter tech."

"Oh, shit."

"That's kinda what I thought."

That night, Shetar was at a late meeting, which left Tom and Chakotay
alone in her quarters.  Chakotay stared out the window onto the city.
He could see the column.  He was trapped in a beautiful cage.  The city
was actually very pretty, it was just the people that were ugly.  It was
well lit and graceful and non-intrusive to the world around it.  The
forests beyond had been beautiful, and he wanted to go into them and be
free.  He wanted to...He sighed as Tom's hand touched his shoulder.

"Stop torturing yourself, Chak."

"I can't help it, Tom.  I was never wired to be caged."  He felt Tom's
head on his shoulder and an arm wrap around his waist.  Three weeks ago,
he would have hit him for that, now it was comforting.  "I'm sorry for
the times I've hurt you.  You know I wouldn't do that."

"I'm just glad to find out you don't hate me."

"I never hated you.  I just wanted you to be different."

"And how exactly did you want me to be, Commander?"

"More respons...  No, you are responsible.  Maybe...less of a smart ass
all the time."

"I'll admit, I'm guilty of goading you, but I had my reasons."

Chakotay turned away from the window.  "What reasons?"

"Chak, have you ever really wanted someone's approval and felt like you
couldn't get it.  That you just weren't what they wanted?"

Pictures of his father flitted across his mind.  "Yeah."

"So do I.  First with my father, and then with you.  How did you deal
with it?"

"I did exactly what I wanted to even though I knew they wouldn't

Tom smiled.  "Got it in one, Commander."

Now that made him feel guilty.  He was the hold on.  Tom had
to accept accountability for his own actions, just like Chakotay had.
He had accepted going off to Starfleet wasn't one of his most brilliant
ideas.  However, he probably could have backed off on how hard he
rode...Shetar flashed through his mind.  Chakotay sighed as he decided
he could have been nicer to Tom.

"Shit, Chakotay, would you quit torturing yourself.  So we didn't get
along, it happens.  Look at me and B'Elanna, who would have thought we
would end up going out together."

"I know, but I feel like I should be able to do something.  Like I
should have done something before this happened."

"Look, Janeway's obviously gone off the deep end,"  Tom put his hands to
his temples.

"If you think more vaguely it won't hurt."

After a moment, Tom nodded.  "Anyway, no one saw this coming.  B'El and
I had a date the next evening."

"Mountain climbing?"

"Klingon Battle techniques."

"Ooh, sounds like fun."

"It can lead to some pretty intense sex.  Only holoprogram I pack a
regenerator for."  They both laughed.  "I did make it level 7, once."

"I made it to 8."

"How do you get past the three Klingons at the cave entrance."

"I used a phaser."

Tom looked shocked and then laughed.  "You aren't supposed to use a
mechanical weapons."

"I know."

Tom laughed even harder.  "Finally after all these years, I find out the
truth.  The great Chakotay cheats to beat a holoprogram."

"Three Klingons is a little one sided.  I won't even face three
Cardassians without a phaser."  Chakotay went and got a piece of fruit
and ate it.

"Oh, will B'Elanna ever be heartbroken when she hears about this."

"B'Elanna's tough.  She'll survive."

He caught Tom staring at him.  "Talk to me, Paris."

"I wish to hell and back that you had a last name."


"So I could say it with the same disdain you say mine with."

"You do.  You are the only person I know that can make Commander sound
like 'You Cardassian slime'."  Chakotay smiled and threw him a piece of

Tom smiled.  "I do try."  He took a big bite out of the fruit.  "So I
guess our little secrets are out."

"Kinda hard to lie when you're hooked up to a EEG."

"Not really.  You just start by concentrating on something else and keep
your mind firmly fixed on that while you answer.  How do you think I
ever passed the entrance evals."

Chakotay paused, and then shook his head.  "You never fail to amaze
me."  He got a drink of water.  "so, now that we know we have the hots
for each other, what do we do."

"Is it just the hots, Chakotay?  Or is it something more?"

"I never let myself feel anything for you, Tom.  I didn't want you to
think I was going to..."

"Let me breeze my way through on the Paris smile?"

"Something like that.  I think you could be so much more than what you
have been."

"I make a pretty good slave."  Chakotay frowned.  "Joke, it was a joke."

"Maybe that's why you're dealing with it so much better than I am."

"Oh, don't believe that.  I'm just better at ignoring things than you
are.  You aren't the type of person that can delude themselves.  Me?  I
do it all the time."

"Tom, you sell yourself so short sometimes."

"Not really, Chakotay.  I know where I'm good and where I'm not.  I know
I screwed up on Caldick Prime.  I knew I was screwing up with you and
the Maquis, but there are times, not even I can hide the hurt.  So, I
get sarcastic."  There was silence for a moment.  "Chak, did you really
think I was going to turn you over to...her?"

"At first, yes.  Then I thought about it and I did a little digging into
Auckland, and the convoluted flight you all took through the badlands,
and I realized you were just trying to get out of that hell hole."

"I will never forget the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I
realized you were coming on board Voyager and what it must have looked
like to you."

Chakotay chuckled.  "I bet that did get to you.  No more than when I saw
you sitting at her helm."

Tom got real quiet.  "You never answered me, Chakotay."

He sighed and walked around the room.  "Do I love you?  No.  Do I like
you?  I never would have spent a moment on you if I didn't see some
qualities that I could admire."

Tom sighed.  "Better than you hate me, I guess.  Of course after seeing
me like this," Tom gestured to himself.  "I guess I should be glad you
don't see me as a whore."

"If we were back on Voyager, what's the first thing you would do?"

"You mean after taking revenge?"  Chakotay nodded.  "Get this shit off
me and put on some old blue jeans, crank some blues up and get drunk.
How about you?"

"Long shower."

"Water?  Steaming hot."

"Just short of burning."

"Sounds good."  They both sighed.

"What about you?"

"I told you..."

"No.  Do you just have the hots for me?"

"You do have a fine ass,"  Tom said and they both laughed.  "I want your
respect, Chakotay.  I want to maybe be the person you want me to be."

"Well, that's too bad, because in the last two weeks, I've found out I
like your smart ass mouth.  Yes, Tom I like you.  Above and beyond that,
I don't know, but the fact that the first thing you would do is strip
every bit of this planet off you, tells me a lot.  She's wrong.  You
aren't a whore."