Betrayed 2/?

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He woke in a chair and glanced around still very confused and
uncoordinated.  He was held in place with a series of webbed restraints
running from his forehead down to his ankles.  There were what looked
like bio feeds running from his skull and body.  He had been stripped.
A plastic piece of tubing was attached to a clear plastic bag and into
his arm.  He flexed his arm and he felt a small twinge of pain under
where it attached to his arm.  Chakotay realized it was an old fashioned
intravenous system.

Movement caught his eyes.  One of them was sitting in front of a
computer terminal.

"What are you doing to me?"  His voice was rough, his speech slow.  He
pulled at the webbed restraints holding him, twisting against them as
best he could.  He struggled until he realized he was only exhausting

"Who are you?  What are you doing to me?"

She got up, stopped at a tray, picked up a needle and inserted it into
the IV line.

"What is that?"

There was no answer.  Slowly, his eyes closed.

He became aware again, but this time on a table with bright lights
blinding him.  It was cold, the table, the air, but he wasn't focused
enough to understand what was going on.  Vaguely, he tried to move, but
once more, he seemed to be restrained.

When he woke up a third time, he could move and when he did, he groaned
at the stiffness that prevailed.  Whatever he was laying on was rough,
and warm.

Slowly his eyes opened, and he looked around.  A cell?  He tried to sit
up and finally made it to semi-upright leaning heavily on his arms.  His
entire body was lethargic.  His eyes didn't want to focus on anything,
his head felt like it was made out of lead, or gravity was higher here.
All he wanted to do was lay back down and go back to sleep.

He rolled to the side of the bed and tried to get his feet under him.
He looked at his arm where the tube had been and there was a bruise.  He
struggled to standing, pulling himself upright and staying there by
holding onto the bars for support.  He put his head against the metal,
breathing hard.  What had they used on him? He tried to move around, but
soon sat back on the cot, only to collapse onto his side, and sleep.

The next time he woke up, he was very aware of pain.  Most of his body
ached or hurt.  This time when he sat up, he felt normal, and reasoned
whatever they had used on him had finally passed through his system.
Chakotay sat up and rubbed his face.  That was when he noticed the bands
of metal.  It appeared to be gold, but he doubted they would use such a
fine metal in this fashion.  One on each wrist, and one on each ankle.

For a moment he thought.  He remembered Tom's noticing the lack of men,
he vaguely remembered the chair and the table.  He remembered Kathryn's
smile.  That bitch, if he ever got his hands on her, he'd kill her.  He
put his hand to his temple as the headache increased.

He looked around.  Three sides of the cell consisted of metal bars.  The
floor was rough concrete, there was a cot with a blanket, a small area
for bodily functions and that was it.  The bars went from ceiling to
floor, there was a door with a lock towards the center aisle.  The cot
was bolted down, and nothing else.  Probably about an eight foot by ten
foot area.  The cell right next to him was the exact same, blanket and
everything.  He tried to categorize the different parts of him that

As he calmed down the pain in both of his temples reduced to a dull
ache.  His groin was distinctly uncomfortable and his throat hurt.  He
had some sore muscle groups, but he could have caused that when he
struggled against the restraints in the chair.  He rotated his head and
found a very sharp point of pain at the base of his skull.  Everything
else seemed fine.

He looked up and down the line of cells.  There was a door beside his
cell.  It was between his cell and another one making a short hall, then
the hall extended in either direction 5 cells either direction.  There
were men in some of them farther down the hall, but most of them were
asleep.  He looked for weaknesses, and found nothing obvious:  no
windows, no lax guards.  The pain in his temple became sharper again.
He looked down at himself.  He was in loose cotton trousers, and nothing

He paced for a moment, clearing his mind.  What to do?  Basing his
decision on Shetar's reaction and his present circumstances, he and Tom
were slaves.  Tom.  Where was Tom?  Why them?  Had Kathryn offered them
or were they requested?  That could make a real difference in how they
were treated.  He couldn't help but wonder what the reaction of his crew
was.  He was sure that sooner or later, Kathryn Janeway was going to get
one rude surprise.  The Maquis would not put up with it, and the last
time he checked, they outnumbered the 'fleeters and were the main
security force now.  He smiled to himself.  Yes, Kathryn Janeway and he
would meet again.  The only question was when and what was going to
happen to them in the meantime.

He sat back down on the cot and cleared his mind.  Meditation was a good
way to remain calm and pass time.

Chakotay woke up as he heard movement.  He opened his eyes and found
three women standing at the door to his cell:  Shetar, Reigh and another
he didn't recognize.  He met their gazes calmly.

"He is a magnificent creature, isn't he."

"I couldn't believe she was stupid enough to let him go.  Although from
her own story she missed her chance to control him," Shetar explained.
"He offered himself to her and she was too worried about what it would
do to her."

"How foolish."

"I don't think she was strong enough for this one.  He's like the old
ones," Shetar said with distaste.  "Barbaric male."

"If you mean I'm stronger than her, and would have taken advantage of
her, you're wrong."

Two of the women gasped as he spoke, but Shetar met his gaze levelly.
"No, you're wrong, otherwise you wouldn't be here right now, would you?"

Chakotay nodded that she had a point.  "Perhaps.  Where is Tom?"

"Don't worry about him.  I would worry about yourself."  Shetar turned
to the woman he didn't know.  "Train him."

A week later, Chakotay was returned to his cell in heavy restraints.
His back was on fire from the beating he had received, and his anger was
almost beyond his control.  At least it was just a beating instead of
the control device.  When they had used that on him as a punishment, he
had woken up hours later with a blinding headache remembering only
writhing on the ground in complete agony.  It wasn't until they had
turned the device off that he had been able to pass out from the pain.

He had learned a lot in those seven days.  He had learned that the
reason he had a headache when he first woke up was they had place a
subcutaneous control device there.  It could inflict a myriad of
feelings:  pain, sexual excitement, unreasonable anger, sleep, and it
was extremely effective.  The reason his groin ached was because they
had taken a "sample" and had made sure he was genetically "pure".  They
had run brain scans and decided he was too "base" to be allowed near the
women, but because of his "beauty" and high sperm count, he was not
relegated to the work crews.  Even now, the information made him
seethe.  They claimed to be so advanced, but they were worse than most
of the cultures they had come across.  This was enforced subjugation.

They had him trained as a pit slave, a man who fought for their
entertainment, and with the control device in place, he couldn't stop
it.  He also suspected he was going to put to stud soon.  Although he
wouldn't father any children.  He was too wild for that.

At first he had laughed at the idea.  They couldn't make him have sex
with anyone.  He thought that was impossible, but he was wrong.  He knew
what they were capable of in that department, it had been vividly shown
just how much control they had over him.

When he had first gone into the pit, he had watched the fights.
Chakotay hated to admit it, but he had seen similar fights.  In fact,
he'd been in one or two.  It was a raw, bare knuckle type of fight,
sometimes with simplistic weapons.  What he saw hadn't upset him until
the fight ended.  That was when he saw the winner rape the looser.  It
had sickened him to the core.  Another slave saw him blanch and laughed.

"Better get used to it.  May be the only fun you have."

But he knew he wouldn't do it, and so far he had been able to avoid it.
But that was why his back was covered in bruises.  He won his fights,
between his boxing background, his fleet training in hand to hand and
his time in the Maquis, he hadn't been bested yet, but he refused to do
that.  He refused to be forced into raping someone.  They had tried the
control device.  He couldn't believe what happened.  His body just
started to react and fill with a raging lust that almost anything would
have served his purposes.  The man he had just beaten was trying to get
to his feet.  Chakotay had nearly lost control, but he had turned away
and held onto the bars of the pit, moaning as his cock screamed for
release.  He reached for himself, determined to deal with it without
raping someone.  The others had laughed at him for doing it.  After
that, the guards had either lost patience and beat him with the strap or
changed it to punishment.  But so far, he had managed to avoid that
degradation.  One of the few small victories he had won.

He also found Tom.  Or a better way to put it was Tom had been paraded
in front of him.  It had been on the second day in the pit and Shetar
had come to the edge of the pit.  It had made Chakotay sick to see it.
Tom's head was down and he could understand why.  Where he had covering,
Tom was displayed.  They had taken the pants and put him in something
out of some old gladiator vid, a leather wrap around his waist.  Tom had
no clothing, only ornamentation.  Where Chakotay could stand and fight,
Tom knelt slightly behind Shetar.  Where he was beaten, Tom was slapped
and jerked around by a collar.

Shetar smiled at him coldly and he knew this had been well thought out.
Chakotay called his name, but Tom wouldn't even look up.  When Shetar
lifted his face by his hair and Chakotay saw the gold in his ears, he
had reacted.  That was when he learned about punishment.  He had
screamed and rushed at Shetar, and found himself screaming, digging at
his temples trying to ease the pain.  To attack a woman brought on
immediate punishment at the most severe levels.

He leaned against the wall of his cell still breathing heavily.  The
wide stiff leather bruised deeply, but caused no damage.  He thought it
was hard to control his temper around Kathryn, she was a breeze compared
to these women.  He had never felt so out of control in his life.  The
door leading out of the cells opened and Shetar came in with Tom.
Chakotay grit his teeth.  Control was becoming his mantra.  Stay in
control, Chakotay.

"Punished again?" she asked lightly.  "I thought you were more
intelligent that this."

"No, I'm a barbaric male, remember."

"You had best watch your tongue, slave.  You can be punished in other

"Do your worst to me, Shetar.  I won't become what you want me to

He cried out and fell to his knees as the device was activated.  He
pressed the heels of his hands to his temples.  He heard voices, but he
couldn't focus past the pain.  It was unimaginable.  Then it stopped.
He stayed there breathing heavily.

He looked at where she still stood.  Tom was holding the bars of his
cell, his blue eyes full of pain for him.  Chakotay started the arduous
task of climbing to his feet.

"Stubborn, stupid male.  You should learn from Thomas. He learned

"What you have done to him is unconscionable.  He is a human being, not
some lap dog."

"Oh, now there you are wrong.  He is a very good lap dog," Shetar
laughed, and Tom dropped his head and blushed.  Chakotay paused as he
reached his feet and realized Tom was already being used that way.

"I'm sorry, Tom."

Tom didn't even answer him.  Shetar looked at him again.  "If you learn
your lessons, Chakotay, perhaps we'll let you out, too."

"I would prefer to die in the pit."

For three more days the war continued.  They had to use the control
device to get him to do anything.  That evening, however, he was brought
out to the dining hall, still in chains.  He was led to Shetar.

"Listen to me, Chakotay.  If you behave, everything will be fine.  If
you don't, Thomas will pay.  Do you understand?"

He glanced at Tom who knelt beside her chair, his eyes widening in
shock, but he held his tongue.  It was probably one of the most
difficult things he had ever had to do in his life.  He suspected the
only place she could see the rage that boiled inside him was in his
eyes.  For a moment, he could see himself ripping her throat out with
his bare hands, and that one thought was enough to trigger the control
device.  When it released him, he lay beside her chair.  Tom's head was
down, but his hands were in fists.

"Stand up," Shetar ordered casually.  Chakotay struggled to his feet,
and met her eyes angrily.  She took a sip of wine and looked at Reigh.
"Ten strokes for Thomas."  Chakotay took a step as Reigh grabbed Tom's
collar and began to drag him away.  "Fifteen."

"No," he said in dismay.  Shetar lifted the device, pointed it at Tom
and pressed the button.  Chakotay watched as Tom writhed helplessly.
Reigh never stopped dragging him by the collar.  Shetar released Tom as
Reigh fastened Tom's hands through a ring and lifted him to his feet.

Chakotay's hands were in fists as he watched Tom take fifteen strokes of
the wide stiff leather.  Chakotay had taken twenty before, but he knew
just how painful it was and winced with each stroke.  When she finished,
Tom hung limply from the ring.

"Why was he punished Chakotay?"

*Because you are a sadistic bitch.* he thought, but instead he spoke
with barely controlled rage.  "One, because I looked in your eyes; two,
because I took a step towards you in defiance; and, three, because I
told you no.

"Learned your lesson?" Shetar asked, still eating.

Chakotay pulled his jaw back in, lowered his eyes to the floor, and
nodded.  The only thing he could do to keep from attacking was repeat
'don't think about it, don't think about it.'  As he controlled his
breathing, he realized sooner or later he was going to blow, and now
they had a weapon to use against him.  Tom.

"Take your place."

He moved to where Tom had been, and slowly lowered himself to his knees.

"Very good, Chakotay."

She sounded as if she were praising some pet for a trick.  She was, he
thought bitterly, she had gotten him to behave.  It was the most bitter
moment of his life.

Later that night, Shetar continued his lessons.

Chakotay had followed behind her tamely.  When they entered her
quarters, Tom was forced to follow her farther into the room, but
Chakotay had gotten used to staying off to one side.  He stopped inside
the door and as much as it irked him, he went to his knees.  He couldn't
bring more punishment down on Tom, so for now, he would behave.  Shit,
he thought angrily, was it some stupid coincidence that they brought Tom
down here with him.  Of all the male crew members, why him.  Why not
Dalby?  Chakotay could have watched him be tortured without a twinge of

He glanced around at the opulence of the room. The floor was a polished
stone a lot like granite, but this was black.  White, silk draperies
hung everywhere, separating areas, as curtains blowing gently in the
night air, and just as decoration.  One area was for bathing, another
her sleeping area with a raised platform and a multitude of pillows and
the like, and still another that looked like an office.  Although it
looked very soft and inviting on the first glance, Chakotay also saw
several rings bolted heavily into the floor, a short handled whip on a
side table and a divan with chains at the top and bottom.

Tom was still weak from the beating and punishment, but when she had
ordered wine, Tom went and filled a cup for her.  Chakotay caught the
side long glance, but he couldn't read it.  He thought it was somewhere
between pity and warning.  He watched as Tom knelt and offered the
goblet to her.  She lifted his face, laughing at his blush.

"Don't worry, Thomas.  Soon Chakotay will be doing the exact same

"Please don't, lady," Tom had whispered and Chakotay wanted to scream
that he not beg, until he realized Tom wasn't begging for himself.  Tom
was asking she not embarrass him, she not make Chakotay serve her.

"You want his respect don't you, Thomas?"

Tom looked down, and nodded mutely.  Chakotay realized she had misread
Tom's statement too.  She caught a quick glance between the two of them
and she laughed.

"You don't want to see him doing this?"

"Lady, he...he's my commanding officer.  He shouldn't have to do this."

"You're wrong, Thomas.  You're both just men, controlled by hormones and

She had walked up to Chakotay, warning him that the slightest
misbehavior would bring great pain down on Tom's head.  Then she had run
her hands over his body.  Chakotay wanted to scream, to slap her hand
away.  He felt the warnings of the throb in his temples.  The device was
warning him his thoughts were unacceptable.

He focused on a statue on the far wall.  He removed himself from the
situation until he felt an intense sexual desire building in him.  He
glared at Shetar and took a hand across the face for it.

"Did you forget your lessons so soon?  A slave never meets a woman's
eyes," She hissed angrily.  Chakotay averted his eyes as his cock began
to ache.

"Please, Lady.  Don't do this to him."

"Shut up, Thomas."

Shetar cruelly pulled the leather from Chakotay's hips and handled his
cock.  He shivered, keeping his eyes on the floor.  It means nothing, he
told himself, absolutely nothing.

"Such a large man," she purred.  She ran a finger up the sensitive
foreskin and Chakotay could not suppress the groan.  "Go to the couch,

He remained still, he couldn't do this.  He could not offer himself up
this way.  She pointed the device at Tom and her fingers caressed the
button on it.

"Commander, don't!  Don't do what she wants."  Then he cried out and put
his head to the floor, with his hands at his temples.

"As soon as you lay on that couch, I'll stop."

Chakotay stood, keeping his mind as blank as possible, and began to move
across the room, but as he came even with Shetar, he took a swing.  He
may have hit her, he may not.  As soon as it was a thought, he was
unaware of anything except pain.  He remembered it went on for a very
long time.

When he woke up, he was secured to the couch by chains at the top and
the bottom.  He was gagged.  Tom was secured by a chain to a ring bolted
into the floor.  Chakotay jumped when Shetar came into view, and
understood the gag, when she said,

"Shall we start again."  She pointed that cursed device at him and he
groaned as he felt himself harden.  He pulled desperately at the chains,
and shook his head no, but that didn't stop Shetar.  She casually put
down her cup of wine.  Tom looked away, as she mounted and rode him like
some sort of animal.

Chakotay suffered a slow death.  Her words of gloating, cut through his
fog of excitement, and began to slowly cut his soul apart.  He bit down
hard on the cloth as he spasmed inside her, but Shetar wasn't finished
with him yet.  She did it again and then she left him that way.  She
left him chained down and hard for the rest of the night.

The extended excitement became painful very quickly and sleep was
impossible.  The anger became uncontrollable and he found himself being
punished several times, jerking helplessly at the chains as vengeance
filled his mind.  He was not an animal!

The next morning, when she woke up, she walked up to him and smiled.

"Sleep well?"

Chakotay glared at the ceiling.  If he had been able to, he would have
spit on her.  She picked up a cup of coffee that was waiting on a table
by the door.  Someone had opened the door and put it there earlier.

"Are you ready to behave yet?"

Chakotay shook his head.

"Stubborn, stupid male."  Shetar moved out of his range of vision, but
he knew what she was doing.  He heard her laugh as he shifted
uncomfortably.  He fought against it, but soon, she had the device so
high that with a cry against the gag, he convulsed and came.  Never had
an orgasm been so painful or so embarrassing.  As his cum covered his
chest and belly, Chakotay turned his head away, to hide the moisture in
his eyes.