Betrayed 12/12

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Towards the end of the next night's shift, Tuvok, Tom and I sat in my
ready room.


"All the preparations are in order.  We have scanned the planet
thoroughly, there are no unusual tectonic activities, the temperatures
are well within normal, the area we have chosen is the best terrain
available.  I have checked and rechecked all of the supplies.  They are
as prepared as they could be for this situation."

"What about weapons for protecting themselves?"

"They have 4 phasers among them, with a hand held recharger.  With
prudent use, it could last them up to 12 months.  Assuming they work
towards the survival of the group and set up the supplies we have left,
they shouldn't have any problems."

"Is there any way for them to make contact with anyone off world?" Tom

"Yes, if they decided to do so, they could contact a ship in orbit or
close by.  However, we have not made it an easy accomplishment.  It
would take a large portion of their power to be able to do so."

Tom looked at me seriously.  "They could contact the Kazon and tell them
what we're doing."

That was something I hadn't wanted to think about.  Kathryn Janeway in
league with the Kazon, that was more frightening than Seska.  I looked
at Tuvok.

"I don't see how we can prevent it, Captain.  The basics components are
there as part of the usual survival gear."

"What if we took their comm badges," I suggested.

"The hardware is also in a large portion of the equipment.  The comm
badges would almost be secondary to put a transponder together."

I thought about that for a while.  "Would we endanger their lives
unnecessarily by removing those specific components?"

"In my opinion, yes.  They only have approximately 4 months to the
seasonal change.  For their survival they must start planting
immediately, and to take some of the technology that contains the
components would include some of the farming equipment as well."

"What's the most vital part they have to have, Tuvok?" Tom asked.

"The generator."

"I mean besides power.  The components that they have to have."

"That would be the universal translator in....  That would be feasible.
All of the equipment has translators, but it can be hand programmed as
well.  I will see to it."

Tuvok stood up and left my ready room.  I leaned back in my chair and
rubbed my forehead.

"You okay, Chak?"

"Fine, just forgot about the headaches this shit brought on."

Tom came up behind me and began to rub my shoulders.  I sighed loudly.

"That is so good, Tom."

"I know something that's better."

I smiled as I remembered the night before.  "Wild, monkey sex.  I need
to remember that phrase.  Was it monkey sex because of the noises we
were making or because of the positions?"  Sometimes Tom's terminology
confused me.

"Both, big man, both."   He leaned over and kissed me.

"I want you to know, it has been a long time since I let someone else
take the top with me."

"I never would have guessed, Chakotay."

I tried to swat him, but he deftly moved out of the way, with a wide

"Come on, I need to talk to the crew."  I got up and headed for the

"Hey Chak, have you thought of asking if anyone else wants to stay?"

"I didn't really think anyone else would want to.  Have you heard of
anyone else?"

Tom sat with one hip on my desk.  "No, I just thought you might want to


"Well, if someone is unhappy, wouldn't you want to not only give them
the chance to get off, but also weed out any malcontents at the same

"That's not a bad idea.  Can you think of anyone who would want to

"No, not really.  Maybe Neelix."


"He's always been a little sweet on her and besides, this place is
heaven to him.  Think of all the Leola root."

"I'd rather not."  I sat down in the chair by the desk.  Neelix.  I
really didn't want to loose him.  I'd gotten pretty fond of the little
Talaxian, not particularly his cooking, but he served an important part
on Voyager.  Then again so did Seven and Vorick.  The thing with Seven
was really starting to get to me.

"Do you think Seven is dangerous to us?"

"No, I think...I think she wants to belong somewhere and feel what she
felt with the Borg, and the only way she thinks she can accomplish that
is through a bonding with Vorick."

I looked up at Tom.  "What about someone like Tuvok?"

"I don't know.  When's Tuvok set to enter Ponn Far?"

"I don't know, and I don't know if that would be an acceptable solution
to Tuvok."

"Have you thought about asking him?"

I hit my comm badge.  "Tuvok when you have a minute, come back to my
ready room."

When the tall Vulcan came in.  Tom and I had talked about how to
approach him on this subject.

"Tuvok, what do you think about the idea of Vorick and Seven."

"I am not pleased that Kathryn would use something like that to
manipulate them."

"You think Vorick is being manipulated?" I asked.

"To a degree.  But I also believe that putting Vorick off is the best
possible solution.  He and Commander Paris will be adversarial and he
will re-enter the burning, soon."

"What about Seven?" Tom asked.

"I am not at all comfortable with that situation."

"Tuvok would you find Seven to be an acceptable mate?" I asked.

The Vulcan was quiet for a moment.  Then he looked me directly in the
eye.  "Yes."

"Do you think Seven could be trusted to rejoin the crew?"

"Yes, and if I were to bond with her, any thoughts that might be
considered dangerous would be easily discerned."

"How much longer before you..."

"I could form a link with her now if that is an issue."

"I don't want to force you to do this."

"It is not a matter of force, Captain.  I had considered the possibility
for some time.  I also thought changing your mind regarding her
involvement in your slavery would not be possible."

"Don't ever do that again," I said sharply.  "Tuvok, I value your
opinion.  If you have an idea, bring it to me."

He nodded in a stately fashion.

"I guess we're going to sickbay again," Tom pointed out.


This time when she appeared, she went to parade rest.

"How can I be of assistance this time, Captain?"

"Do you want to leave Voyager?"  I asked bluntly.

"No, but I do not wish to be alone either, therefore, I will leave

"What if we could provide an alternate solution?"

"I would listen to your proposal."

"Tuvok," I said and Tom and I left the room.

"I hope this works.  We have more Borg technology on this ship than I
care to think about."  Tom said, when we cleared the doors.

"That's true."

A few moments later, Tuvok came into the hall.

"She is agreeable to both a mind meld and a link being established
between us until I enter my cycle."  He looked directly at me.
"Captain, I would like both you, the EMH and Commander Paris present
while I initiate a mind meld."

"I was going to insist."

Two hours later, I opened visual communications across the ship.

"May I have your attention please.  Since most of you are aware of the
situation, I'm not going into great detail in this matter.  Kathryn
Janeway has been accused and admitted her own guilt regarding her
violation of several Starfleet regulations.  The first is attempted
murder, the second is disregarding the welfare of her crew and
intentionally putting her crew in harm's way in a attempt to further her
own personal goals, and the third is actively participating in slavery.

"There are several different punishments that could be handed down for
these crimes.  I have decided that a broad application of one will
suffice in this situation.  I could have the former Captain of this
vessel court martialed and stripped of rank and ejected from Starfleet,
and that is basically what I am doing.  Kathryn Janeway will be put off
this vessel onto the planet we are now orbiting with enough equipment to
see to her needs indefinitely if she applies herself.

"In regards to Vorick.  He has been charged with attempted mutiny,
insurrection and attempting to use Starfleet equipment for his own
benefit.  He is also being put off with Kathryn Janeway.

"The final matter is Ken Dalby.  Crewman Dalby filed false charges
against another crew member, and put his hands on another crew member in
an unwanted fashion.  I have discovered this is not the first time
Crewman Dalby has done this and under the circumstance, I have decided
that he too will be put off on this planet.

In regards to Seven of Nine.  It has come to my attention that she was
manipulated by Kathryn Janeway.  She was manipulated to the point that I
do not feel her actions were freely made, therefore, with certain
provisos, Seven will remain on board Voyager.

"Now, I am making an offer to the crew.  I know this situation has been
unsettling and, perhaps to some of you, unwanted.  The facts are these.
I am the Captain of this vessel.  I will do my best to get us back to
the Alpha Quadrant in the way I see best.  That may not be the Starfleet
way.  Therefore, I am making this offer:  if you do not wish to continue
on this Voyage, contact myself, Commander Paris or Commander Tuvok.  You
will not be harmed in any way, shape or form.  You will receive the
necessary supplies.  You do not have to stay where we put you down, it's
just Mr. Tuvok believes that location to be best.  There are files
regarding the planet, supplies that you would receive.

"If you aren't sure, I ask that you think long and hard about this
decision.  Talk to other members of the crew.  You know that I am a fair
man.  I am a good Captain.  Again, if you have any questions, my door is
open.  We will be leaving orbit tomorrow morning.  Until then contact
with the surface will not occur.  You have until we leave orbit to make
your decision.  If you are on board when we leave, I will expect 100%
from each of you, so that all of us can get home.

"Chakotay out."  I looked at Tom and Tuvok.

Tom nodded.

"A wise decision, Captain."

"I hope so.  Let me know if you hear of anything."

That evening, my door chime rang.

"Come," I called looking at Tom.  He shrugged.

"Ch..Captain," Neelix said quietly, as he entered my quarters.
"Commander Paris."

"Please, Neelix, I have always been Tom to you."

"Uh, thank you." He turned to me.  "Captain, I wish to request being
beamed down with the...with Kathryn."

"Are you sure, Neelix?"

He studied the carpet for a moment.  "I don't want her stuck down there
with those two men."

"You should think about those two men, Neelix," Tom said quietly.  "She
chose one of them to do her dirty work."

That took a little wind out of his sail.

"Did she talk to you about her plan, Neelix?" I asked watching him
closely.  "Would you like something to drink?"

"No, Captain, thank you.  And no, she didn't tell me about the plan, and
if she had, I wouldn't have gone along with it."

"Neelix, I know you like Kathryn, but I want to tell you some things
that you may not be aware of.  If your decision stands, I won't argue
anymore.  Is that acceptable?"


I told him the truth about what she had done to Tom and me.  The world
she had left us on and her words in the brig.  It's hard to tell whether
a Talaxian is pale or not, but I could tell, he didn't know the whole

"I can have Seven verify most of what I've said."

"No, Captain, that won't be necessary.  She really sold you for

"She sold us to a culture that used men as slaves for their personal
enjoyment.  Tom and I both had to have surgery to remove the control
devices from us.  And she knew that.  She called Tom a whore."

"I'm sorry, Tom.  I know you had respect for her."

"That's why we want you to think, Neelix.  She isn't who you thought she

"I believe you may be right.  I withdraw my request, Captain."

I tried not to smile, but nodded.  "You have until tomorrow Neelix.
Think about it."

The little Talaxian left and Tom and I looked at each other and sighed.

"They should be about finished down there," Tom said.  We had shuttled
the supplies down due to the amount of stuff.  Batehart was flying with
Greg seeing to the set up.

"Yeah," I said looking out the viewport.  "Tom, what do you think about
me facing her one more time?"

"I think you would be trying to prove something to yourself, and I think
it's pretty stupid."

I tensed at that word.  "Stupid?"

"Stupid.  It's like when I was being transferred from Starfleet to
Auckland.  I wanted to see my father one more time to prove to him, I
wasn't the failure he thought I was.  Just one last chance."

I thought about how bad it would be to not have your father approve of
you.  My father, although we didn't see eye to eye, I knew he respected
me and my decisions, he understood them.  He loved me.  I was pretty
sure Tom had never experienced that approval.

"He came.  He came just before I was transferred.  He came when I was in
full body shackles and under an armed guard.  When he walked in,
Chak...When he walked in, I knew there was nothing I could say that
would ever change his mind.  Tom Paris was no longer his son.  Tom Paris
was not worth his time.  Tom Paris was an embarrassment to him.  It's
the exact same thing with Janeway.  She won't change her opinion.  Don't
put yourself through the same hell I put myself through."

He came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders.  I leaned back
into his narrow frame.  He met my eyes in the reflection, and between
the view and the tremor in his voice, I knew I wouldn't go.  He wrapped
his arms around me.

"Chak, I wanted to know why I was never good enough for him.  No matter
how good I was, how good I did, it wasn't enough, and that is the same
thing you'll find out.  It isn't you, it's her.  Don't let her hurt you
again.  Don't let her rip you apart again.  I know she can do it.  I
know she will do it."  His lips touched my cheek.

I turned and kissed him, holding him close.  "You're right.  I won't."

The three of them appeared on the planet.  We had beamed down a

"Kathryn, Vorick, Dalby," I said firmly.  "You have been charged and
found guilty of several charges.  Your punishment is this.  You have
enough supplies individually and as a group to survive the first season,
after that, it's up to you."

"Chakotay, you sorry son of a bitch.  You can't do this.  I am the
Captain of that vessel."

"No, Kathryn, I am the Captain of this vessel.  You have been stripped
of rank, you actions logged and sealed by the security officer, so if we
ever make it back to the Alpha our actions will be reviewed.  We
followed your beloved regs on this one."

"Where is Seven?" Vorick asked angrily.

"In reviewing Seven's actions, we deemed she was manipulated and
therefore has received another sentence."

"EMH to the Captain."

I turned from the screen.  "Chakotay here."

"In doing my final examinations of the people being beamed down, it
appears that Vorick was much closer to his cycling than I thought."

"How close?"  I asked looking at Tuvok.

"Already entering it.  His hormone levels will cause..."

That was when I heard a scream from the communications port.  I looked
and watched amazed as Vorick went...insane.  He slapped Kathryn to the
ground, and I could tell from how she hit the ground, she was
unconscious.  He turned and had Dalby pinned against a tree, his hands
digging into Dalby's face.

"No, get out of my head," Dalby screamed.

"Tuvok?"  I said, standing up.

"There is nothing you can do at this point in time.  Vorick being the
only Vulcan male present will deal with anyone he considers a

We all turned back to the screen as Dalby collapsed to a Vulcan shoulder
pinch.  Then Vorick screamed, and turned to Kathryn.  He moved to her
side, and touched her face.  It was with a sick amazement as I watched
another mind meld take place.

"What's he doing, Tuvok?" Tom asked.

"It is my opinion, that Vorick is violating every known Vulcan law of
privacy and linking with Kathryn Janeway and Ken Dalby by force."

"And that will do what?" I asked, as Vorick's fingers shifted and
Kathryn twitched.  Her eyes came open and although there was nothing she
could do, I saw the terror in her eyes.  Then Vorick began to rip her
clothes from her.  It was at that moment, I cut the transmission.

Everyone sat there stunned, myself included.  People turned to me.

"I...why didn't anyone...What in the fuck just happened?"

"With an aborted breeding cycle, the next cycling is usually
unpredictable and...very violent."

"Will he kill them?"

"It would be prudent, to monitor life signs.  We can beam the EMH down
if we need to."

"How long until this is over?"

"Approximately a week."

For a week we waited.  Although Kathryn and Dalby were both weak and, in
fact, hurt, Vorick proved to be an apt medic, even through the haze of
Ponn Far.  At the end of the week, I conferred with the Doctor.

"None of them is in any danger of death.  Vorick has tended to their
injuries in an adequate fashion.  However, he does seem to be taking
better care of Dalby than Janeway."

I know my jaw almost hit the deck.  Tom started snickering, until I
slapped him in the arm.

"Excuse me?"

"Do you think you are the only male to find a male attractive, Captain?"
the EMH asked.

I blinked.  I was shocked, and then I looked at Tuvok, and he raised an
eyebrow at me.

"It would appear that Kathryn is...second wife."

That poker face came back into play as Tom started laughing whole

"What may be more pertinent is the fact that Captain Chakotay is not the
only person on board who stopped taking their contraceptive shots."

"Oh no, you aren't telling me that..."

"Kathryn Janeway is pregnant."

The End