Betrayed 11/?

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I woke up later with Chakotay curled up.  I sleep on my back, and he was
curled up to my side, a leg thrown over mine and his arms around my
waist.  Well, that confirmed it, my Captain was a cuddler.  I smiled as
I tucked an arm behind my head. I looked down and took in the man.  I
gently kissed his forehead and he snuggled closer.  Chakotay definitely
had a face to love.  He was a strong man, but there was a softer side I
had gotten glimpses of on the planet.  His shoulders and arms were big
and powerful, and I enjoyed the feel of them wrapped around my waist.

I was inspecting his oh-so-tight butt, when he shifted against me.  Now
that brought another part of him into play as he rubbed his cock against
my leg.  He groaned, shifted and did it again.  In the rare playful
morning mood, although it was really about 2:30 in the morning, I ran my
hand down his side, and then to his cock.  I stroked what I could reach,
only to be rewarded with another groan, and Chakotay shifting to allow
me more access.  He snuggled his head closer on my shoulder and, even
though he was still mostly asleep, began to push into my hand.

I rolled him over and pulled the covers back.  I was going to replay a
kindness.  Slowly I moved and took Chakotay's cock in my mouth.  The
groan and his hands lazily breezing over my face told me I was doing
good.  I tongued the head, while running my hands over his belly and
upper legs.  Then his hands tightened in my hair.

"Tom?"  His voice was so sexy first thing in the morning.  I went down
on him and sucked hard.  I was rewarded with a deep groan and he arched
up into my mouth.  "Spirits, Tom, yeah."

I kept it up, handling his balls, teasing his cock, until with a groan,
Chakotay pulled me up to him, and kissed me.  His tongue demanded entry
and there was something abut him getting so strong that was exciting.
He was pushing himself against me.  His hands traveling over my face and
chest.  He pinched and twisted one of my nipples and I hissed.  When his
teeth began to chew on my neck, I arched up against him.  He growled an
answer.  Then his hand closed around my cock and I was his.  There
wasn't anything he couldn't do to me.  He continued to bite and draw on
my neck, and stroke my cock.  My hands curled into his hair, as the
other gripped at the sheets.

"Chak,"  I cried, twisting and pushing.  He laughed and went for broke.
Soon I was bucking up into his hand, making noises as he found spot
after spot that made me twist.

"How you feeling today?"  He whispered low and deep in my ear.

"I'm fine, go," I replied and as he released me, I rolled over.

I was expecting him to get down to business, instead he pinned me down
with his bulk and began to explore my back.  Now I knew my back was very
sensitive, but as he dragged his fingers up and down my back, using his
lips and teeth, I thought I was going to explode.  I hunched against the
sheets, desperately wanting to finish this sweet torture, when one of
his big hands pinned me down.  For a moment, he reached off to the
side.  Then I learned the meaning of the word torture.  Chakotay not
only opened me, but continued to use his teeth and lips and hair on my

"Chakotay, please," I panted.  "Spirits, do something."  He massaged
that spot inside me and I almost came.  Then he did something in a
position I had never tried before in my life, which by the way, was
saying something.

He took his hands away and shoved pillows under my hips, freeing my cock
with a firm stroke.  Then he completely covered me, literally pinning me
down with his weight, using his body to hold me motionless.  It didn't
hurt, it was just restrictive.  Anytime I moved, all I felt was
Chakotay.  Then slowly he pushed into me.  Gods, it was so freaking
hot.  To feel all that weight, that muscle.  To feel his stomach and
legs flex as his cock slowly stretched me, I wanted to move, but I
couldn't.  He wrapped his arms beside mine, holding my wrists.  Then as
I relaxed to his invasion, he nuzzled into my neck and began to torture
that spot where my neck and shoulder met as he pushed deep inside me,
encouraging me to relax to him.  When he was inside me, I shuddered.

"Yeah, Tom.  That's it, let me in," his voice caressed my ear.

"Oh, gods, yes," I panted, absolutely helpless beneath him.  He
continued the long torturous slide in, attacking my neck until is was
writhing beneath him.  "Chak, please."

"You like that Tom?"  He asked.  I could feel the heat and the sweat
mixing on my back, as he pulled out and then pushed back in.

"Fuck you, Chak.  Finish this."

He chuckled.  "Wrong answer."

He blew a breath down my spine and I shivered and it did nothing but
impress how deep he was inside me.  He pushed my legs wider apart,
shifted himself and pushed that little bit deeper.  When he rocked from
side to side, moving himself that way, I nearly screamed.

"Okay, you win.  Fuck me, Chak.  Please."

I was pulled back and up and the all rational thoughts escaped me as
Chakotay began to drive that gorgeous cock up inside me.  I was just
about to reach for my own aching cock, when his hand closed over it.
Then I heard him.

"Come for me, Tom.  Give it to me, Poocah."

His words, his tone, his actions, he needed me.  Chakotay needed me.
He'd let me in on the planet, I'd let him in.  He had to know it was
real.  His strokes were driving me insane.  I shifted completely opening
myself to him.  I heard the groan of pleasure.  I was usually quiet when
I made for love, but I let myself talk, and I told him.

"Gods, Chak.  So good.  More, give me more."  and I felt myself begin to

His thrusts were hard, almost punishing, his hand was strong, and I was
so close.  I was making all sorts of noise.  I began to drive back to
meet him.

"Finish me," I cried, and I felt like he was going to drive me through
the mattress.  I lost me, I lost him, the only thing that mattered was
us.  The point of meeting between us.  Then I screamed as I came.  I
poured everything out, white hot fire erupting from me.  I heard him say
something and then his cry as he filled me.

We stayed together, both breathing hard.  I was covered in sweat.  There
was no strength in my arms, but when I felt Chakotay's lips, and the
whispered, "Poocah."  I decided I would stay just like I was until I
fell asleep if necessary.

Then his arm came around my waist and with practice, he lowered us both
to our sides.  Those big arms held me close and I stroked his arms.  I
wanted to say something, but I couldn't think of anything to express
what I felt, so I wrapped my arms around his and snuggled back against
him.  I fell back asleep to his lips on my shoulders.

I woke up to the smell of coffee.  I slowly opened one eye.

"Morning, sunshine," Chakotay said with a smile, waving the coffee under
my nose.  Damn, he was already dressed.

"I have a rule, being cheerful before my first cup of coffee gets you
shot."  I sat up and leaned back against the headboard, taking the cup
of coffee.  I sniffed the aroma deeply as I took my first sip.  Chakotay
chuckled at my long drawn out groan of appreciation.

"Shall I assume you are not a morning person?"

"You could say that," I said, as my eyes finally began to operate in
tandem instead of independently of each other.  "And how are you this

"Fine," the word wasn't just spoken it was caressed and made me feel
warm and cuddly.  "And you?"

I smiled as I took another sip, then I winked at him.  "I'm fine.  Very

"Glad to hear that.  What would you like for breakfast."

"Nope."  I said, sitting up straight, crossing my legs under the
covers.  "You got dinner, breakfast is mine and I guarantee you will
like it."


"Just give me a few to wake up."  I took another sip of coffee.

When I finally managed to get semi-dressed, I approached his
replicator.  "Computer, debit Paris account, double order specialty
breakfast no. 2, with only one order of sausage.  Do you do eggs, Chak?"

"Basic rule of thumb, if I may have to look it in the eye and apologize
for eating it, the answer is no."

"That would be a no then.  Computer, one order of eg...never mind, no

I started unloading stuff from the replicator.  Orange juice, one order
of sausage, a large platter of blueberry pancakes.

"Chak, you got syrup?"


"Computer, eight ounce container maple syrup at twenty-five degrees
celsius, and one-quarter cup whipped butter, and two small fruit
salads."  I set it all out on the table.  "Breakfast."

We plowed through that meal like we were both starving.  Then we sat
back like two sated pigs.

"That was good," Chakotay said, as he refilled out coffee cups.

"A favorite of mine.  Used to eat it as a kid."

"Okay," Chak sat back and looked at me seriously.  "Today's business."

I sighed heavily.  "What do you want to do with her?"

"We're putting all three of them off on the next planet that will
support them.  I'm not going to try her.  I think the most prudent thing
we can do is get her off the ship.  Anything else is asking for

"I agree.  I think if we put them off with some supplies, and...well
sort of like we did with you two on New Earth, it would work."  When I
realized what I was saying, I looked over at him.  He was far away.

"New Earth," his voice was kinda ghostly.  "That was an eon ago".

I touched his arm after a minute.  It scared the shit out of me, but I
had to ask.  This one I had to know the answer to.

"Chak, I'm going to be really honest here about something.  If putting
her off is a problem, say something now.  We can erase her voice
authorization from the systems, lock her out.  Maybe...."

Chakotay started laughing.  "I don't want that bitch on board anymore
than I want a Vidian Doctor."  He looked me straight in the eye.  "Tom,
she sold us.  I never did any of the stuff I said yesterday.  I don't
love her, I never did."

I couldn't help myself.  I laughed.  "I'm glad to hear that," Tom
sighed.  "Because, Chak, I really care about you.  I dream of you at
night, holding me and your touch and stuff like that."

I sat quietly for a while.  "You want to hear something funny, Tom.  I
dream about you too, but, I just feel it, because I was blind.  I dream
of your smell, your touch."  I took his hand.  "Tom, I wasn't going to
push you after the thing with B'Elanna.  I wasn't going to push you
after what I pulled yesterday, but I want you to know, I knew on the

"Yeah," I said gently.  "Me too, I guess."

"I can't believe this happened, and I really can't believe I am in
charge of a starfleet vessel."

"Speaking of which, you need to check with Tuvok."

"Good idea."  He opened a comm line.  "Tuvok."

"Yes, Captain."


"I believe you would say everything is fine."

"Good.  Would it be within regulations, considering she admitted she was
trying to retake the ship by force, that she planned to kill Tom and
myself, that she, Vorick and Seven be put off on the next planet?"

"Yes, Captain.  That would be within regulations."

"Start scanning for an M class, capable of supporting them, that isn't
inhabited and gather the same supplies for them that you put together
for Kathryn and I on New Earth."

"Aye, Captain.  May I ask when you are returning to duty?"

"I believe considering what we have been through, Commander Paris and I
need to take a day to reacclimate ourselves.  If you need us we are
available, but until tomorrow, we will be taking administrative leave
and working on reports."

"Understood, Captain."

I watched Chakotay throughout the day.  It was strange how comfortable
we were with each other.  I very quickly discovered Chakotay had a sense
of humor that was wicked.  His smile appeared readily, his wit sending
me off into laughter on many occasions, and his presence exciting.

We went to our respective offices and gathered reports up and then
retired to *my* office, but I sat on the couch and Chakotay took the

"Okay, let's sift through these," he said, picking up a padd.  "Okay,
this report is from B'Elanna.  It's engine statistics, fuel
consumption.  These we need."  He quickly outlined what he wanted.  Take
the pertinent information, condense it down and transfer it to another
padd which was a recap.  He went through a few others.  Then he laughed.

"This is the one.  This is report dealing with waste management.

"Sure," I said with a smile.

"What I want you to do with this report is this."  He took the padd and
threw it over his shoulder.  "I never want to see that report again
unless there is a problem."

I started laughing.

"Here's another one.  Neelix's weekly report on crew morale."  It went
over his shoulder.

"Oh, here's the report on holodeck energy usage."  Over his shoulder.
"In my opinion, the holodecks are important.  As long as no one is
abusing them, let it go."

"What's abusing?"

"More than 8 hours a week.  That's fair don't you think?"

"I rarely use that much.  I think we ought to check and see how much and
when Sandrine's is running.  Then we can make an open program night.  We
run it on "Ship" time.  That way anyone can enjoy it."

"Good idea.  Oh, speaking of which. I would really like you to quit
hustling credits."

"Hey, I don't hustle."

"The hell you don't.  Come on, how many credits have you won off Harry."

"Harry asks for it.  Next to that it takes the fun out of it."

He sat back for a minute.  "Okay, you can play Harry and the regular
people you gamble with, but back off on taking everyone, okay?  But it's
not something I would have put up with in the Maquis and I don't think a
senior officer should hustle."

"Okay, from the looks of it, I'm not going to have much time to do it
anyway."  I looked at the fifteen padds strewn on the couch around me.

"You better believe it, Poocah."

"I hate reports, Chakotay."

"I wasn't talking about the reports keeping you busy."

I looked up and caught the fire in his eyes.  I smiled again, and lifted
an eyebrow.  Chakotay stood up, came around the desk, and held his hand
out to me, I stood up. He put his arms around me.

"My turn," he said gently.  "When we were on the planet, I realized I
cared about you.  But I had already thrown B'Elanna in your face and so
I knew I had shot myself in the foot.  When we got back up here, and I
found out what had happened, my heart hurt for you, Tom.  Then when we
finally start talking and getting past the crap, Janeway decides to free
herself, I had to get you out.  Really I was trying to get both of us
out, but I was afraid if I made a dive for it, we wouldn't make it."  He
brushed his lips over mine, I leaned in for more, but he pulled back.
"I really do care for you, Tom."

"Then show me, big man."  I leaned down and kissed him.  Now I knew I
had an inch or so on Chakotay, but when he put those big arms around me,
it felt so good.  Just as things were getting pretty intense, his comm
badge went off.  I sighed heavily deciding we had to do something about
that ASAP.


"Captain, I believe we have found a planet suitable for our purposes."

"How far away, Mr. Tuvok?"

"54.3 hours at our present speed, Captain."

"And that would be?"

"Warp 5."

"Call a Senior Staff meeting, Mr. Tuvok.  A half hour, my ready room."

I gave him a pained look, but he swatted me on the butt.  "Come on, work
before pleasure."

I sat there and listened to the reports.  I began to believe whoever ran
this universe had a real warped sense of humor.  This planet was good,
it had reasonable temperatures, it had soil that was fertile, a few
carnivorous animals, but not to many, and one very prolific type of
vegetation.  Neelix wanted to know if they could harvest some of the
leola root while we were there.  Chakotay said no.  I could have kissed

"I want to know why Seven went with the Captain," Harry said.

"Can we open a comm link?"

"No," Tuvok said.  "All voice sensors have been disabled."

I watched him, and I realized he was back where he belonged.  Chak
should have been in command all along.  Kathryn Janeway had been a good
Captain, but she was just too rigid to do this as well as Chakotay.  If
it wasn't in the books, it took her forever to make a decision, and
there was too much in the Delta that wasn't in the books.

I also noticed how handsome he was.  The dark smooth skin, his eyes
were, well unless you got close enough, you didn't notice how dark and
inviting they were.  Every time you got around him, you were reminded of
his physical strength.  It was about then B'Elanna slapped me under the

"What?" I whispered

"You just got asked a question," she whispered back.  Harry had that
smile on his face, and I looked back around the table to see everyone
staring at me.

"Oh."  I blushed when I met Chakotay's eyes.  I had been caught staring
big time.  Chakotay had a very mischievous look on his face, and his
dimples deepened as I felt my face get hotter.  There were some days I
hated being fair skinned.


"Would you care to accompany me to sickbay to ask Seven some questions?"


"Yes, where we are going to beam her into a containment field, so we can
talk to her."  Chakotay's smile became broader.

"As long as you give me a phaser this time."

"I assure you Commander Paris, there will be a full retinue of security
there," Tuvok said.

"I don't care, I want my own phaser."

"Don't be insulted, Mr. Tuvok," Chakotay said, as he stood up.  "I want
one, too."

When she was beamed in, she looked around.

"Why am I here?"

"Because we have some questions," Chakotay said, leaning against the

"I will not answer your questions."

"Why, Seven.  Why did you do this," I asked.  Seven and I had spent some
time together.  I thought maybe we could talk.

"You would not understand."

"Did she promise to make you first officer," Chakotay asked.

"Yes, but that is not the reason."

"Seven," I asked.  "We were friends.  I tried to help you.  Why did you
let Kathryn Janeway leave us on that planet.  Isn't it kinda inefficient
to leave a pilot behind?  And why did you go along with it?"

There was a moment of silence.  The Seven met my gaze levelly.

"You are right, it was inefficient, but we have other pilots.  The
Captain promised to...Vorick is about to enter Ponn Far and she said, if
I assisted with this plan, she would allow me to bond with him."

There was stunned silence in the room.  I was shocked, confused until I
realized why.  "The collective?  The voices?"

"Yes, although you do not understand the collective and how alone I have
felt since I was separated.  I have no wish to return to the Borg.
However, I also do not wish to be alone either."

"And so, if I told you we were going to leave you on a planet with
Kathryn and Vorick that would be acceptable to you?"


"Do you want to stay on Voyager?" I asked.

"I will miss certain members of the crew, but if I have a choice between
being on Voyager alone and bonding with Vorick, I choose to be put off
the ship."

Chakotay sighed and then nodded.  "Put her back, Tuvok."

"I guess that answers that question," I said, after she was gone.

"Yep," Chakotay answered me.  He handed his phaser to Tuvok. "Tuvok,
I'll be in my quarters or Commander Paris' office."

"Understood, Captain."

We walked out.  I could tell Chakotay was thinking.  I matched his
pace.  The light teasing mood of earlier day was gone.

"What's up, big man?"

"Seven, that was pretty low of Kathryn to do that.  I wonder if Vorick
knew what he was being used for?  I wonder if Seven will be happy."

"Chakotay.  I don't think Vorick will mind.  In my opinion though, I
think when Vorick and Seven bond, she may get more than what she
bargained for.  They are both very strong, very intelligent people."
Chakotay shrugged.  "You want to finish reports or do you want to do


And so the afternoon went.  As we sat in the mess, B'Elanna and Harry
joined us.  With Chakotay sitting beside me I could smile at them.

"We should be getting to the planet tomorrow evening, Chakotay,"
B'Elanna said.  "What do you want to do?"

"After looking at some reports and reviewing some records, I think we're
pretty much okay on most of our supplies.  So basically, I plan to put
them down and then start for the Alpha.  How are the new power sources

"Very well. in fact, it took me a day to get them installed but we are
at a higher power percentage than we have been at in a long time."

"Can we replace those as we need to?"

"Yes, easier than we could the gel packs."

Later, Chakotay and I split up.  I went to my quarters.  I knew we still
had to straighten all this out, but we had a good start.  I scanned my
computer terminal, cleaned up a little and then got ready to go work
on... reports.  I sighed as I walked out into the corridor to the

I had the unfortunate luck to get on with Dalby.

"So, let me see if I got this straight.  To be a first officer, you have
to be willing to fuck the Captain?  Or is it you get to be first officer
if you fuck the Captain."

"Shut up, Dalby."

I wondered if we could dump him on the planet, too.

"So, I've heard Chakotay is good in the bedroom, real strong.  You like
taking his cock, Paris?"

Now that made me mad.  I just kept my mouth shut.

"Maybe if you and I got it on - I could be Captain.  You got a
reasonable ass.  I could do you."

"You touch me Dalby and I'll kill you."

"Ah, ah.  Remember the regs, Paris.  You fight, you go to the brig."

My eyes narrowed, but I couldn't believe it when the fool actually
reached out for me.

"Tell Chakotay, and I'll say you're just back to your old whoring ways.
Everyone knows you can't be trusted to keep it zipped up, Paris."

The next minute Dalby was laying on the floor of the turbo lift, his
nose bleeding profusely and my right hand hurt.  However, I felt better
than I had in months.  I calmly stepped off the turbolift and went to my

I sat at the desk and was about to hit my comm badge when Chakotay
beeped me.

"You want to tell me why Dalby just brought you up on charges for
assault and battery."

"Because I just nailed him in the turbo lift for putting his hands on me
and calling me a whore."

Come to my ready room."

"On my way, Captain."

I stood there with Chakotay, Tuvok and Chakotay and told my side of it.
Dalby made the stupid mistake of jumping up and saying,

"Come on, Captain.  You believe him?  I don't think there isn't a person
on board he hasn't fucked."

"Wrong Dalby, I haven't fucked you."

"You're a whore, Paris.  That's why Janeway put you off.  You've fucked
your way to first officer.  I bet you even did Janeway in this...."

Anything else crewman Dalby had to say was silenced as Chakotay swung
him into the bulkhead.  Dalby wisely decided to be silent as Chakotay
snarled at him.

"Add Crewman Dalby to the list of people to be transported down to the
surface, Tuvok.  Erase his voice recognition and put him in the brig
with the others."

"Aye, Captain."

"No, Cap.  Don't put me off with them."

"You know the rules. Dalby.  I don't put up with shit like that.  You're
being put off."

"Shit, Cap, maybe in the Alpha, but not out here with them.  Please, the
two most frigid bitches on board and Vorick?!  That's cruel and

"Should have thought of that before you made false allegations,"
Chakotay growled and then pushed him at Tuvok.

When it was only him and me in there, Chakotay looked at me and smiled.
I however didn't return the smile.

"What's wrong, Tom?"

"I don't need you protecting me like that."

He stiffened up for a minute, then sat at his desk.  "Tom, let's go back
to the Crazy Horse for a minute.  If you made a false allegation to me,
what was the punishment?"

"You got beat up or put off."

"Beating Dalby for what he did would only have reinforced what you just
said.  Dalby's been a pain in the ass since day one, but I'm using him
to set an example.  He put his hands on you, made false allegations and
basically is a sorry son of a bitch, so he is off my ship."

"You sure that's why?"

"Yep.  Now if you want to take a shot at him, I can arrange that."

"No.  Dalby has been one of the biggest problems I've had."

"Good, the chain of command has been restored."